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Technique: Bow Basics with Cam Hanes

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More tips from our pro. Extreme bowhunter and Under Armour–sponsored athlete Cam Hanes takes us through the basics of archery. In this episode, he teaches some of the best techniques when using a bow. ___ Check this out!!! http://ratedred.tv/youtube ___ For all of today's stories head over to: http://www.RatedRed.com Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/realratedred Twitter - http://twitter.com/realratedred Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/realratedred AC - Abby Casey; IG/Twitter - @acoutdoors JW - Jeff Winkler; IG/Twitter - @ThatWinkler PE - Paxton Elrod; IG/Twitter - @paxton_elrod RR - Richard Ryan; IG/Twitter- @RichardRyan ___
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Jeff (2 months ago)
Hi Cameron Hanes. Do you place your remaining three fingers in the wrist sling when you hold your bow loosely? I'm new to archery and am teaching myself to avoid wrist torque. I know about just holding the bow with your thumb and one finger, but watching your technique, it looked like you put your pinky, ring, and middle finger on the wrist sling to avoid wrist torque. Thanks a lot.
John (2 months ago)
How do you shoot with sunglasses on? I jack my shots every time wearing them
Stelus Studios (2 months ago)
I want to know how to use a real bow and arrow, not one that babies you
Doughnut Spaghetti (2 months ago)
Who makes those paracord slings?
IshGotGame (3 months ago)
Yesterday I won 1st place in my schools archery championships
carmel doge (7 days ago)
Good job:-)
Anticts Blog (5 months ago)
Now I’m just starting bow hunting and I’ve never really been taught how to shoot but if I were to bring the string to the corner of my mouth and my nose and release wouldn’t that snap my mouth?
Leah Hogan (3 months ago)
No worries! Anticts Blog better to have an idea why! Rather than no idea!
Anticts Blog (3 months ago)
Leah Hogan oh thanks for telling me lol
Leah Hogan (3 months ago)
No it won’t, the string alines with your nose and mouth so if the bow is being held correctly it won’t come into contact with your face. Other than when you are aiming! Look up some videos on how to draw and shoot or if there are any clubs near you, they should help.
ajfam871 (6 months ago)
What's up Cam. I first heard you in Joe Rogans podcast. I just subscribed. Thanks to you, Adam, and Joe I've been relentlessly researching bows. I'm in Northern California and I'm a gun guy but it sucks shooting out here, it's pretty limited. But I can shoot a bow a lot more places. I don't hunt but am considering it. Thanks you guys all seem like good guys. Thanks to you I also started waking up 1 hour earlier every day before work and run. My thinks I'm crazy. Lol.
Vinny Mac (1 year ago)
So smooth
Jimmy Ray Beagle (1 year ago)
youre such a fool cam you never helped me out
Nicholas Johnson (1 year ago)
Hey Cameron how you doing this is Nick Johnson can you give me your opinion on what I should do I am a left-handed but I'm right eye dominant and I've been shooting my bow for four years now. do you think it's worth it for me to switch to right-handed bow
Broken Arrow (11 months ago)
Then you'll have to shoot right handed
szoker (1 year ago)

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