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Nixon with no expletives deleted

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Highlights of a 1982 CNN Crossfire interview with former President Richard Nixon, including uncensored comments during a commercial break.
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jphatd (9 hours ago)
if he liked john kennedy why did he kill him
Marcus Knull (2 days ago)
I'm not a crook !
Fredo Coppola (2 days ago)
Endlessly fascinating.
alterdestiny (3 days ago)
This shmuck was a traitor !!…he cut a deal with Chairman Mao .. opened up trying at the screw us.. who made Millions $$$
fuckyourmother1960 (3 days ago)
Back in the day I used to fuck, now I just fuck brah
Carlos Danger (4 days ago)
MAGA bitches ! FUCKING MAGA !!!!!!
Ninja k (4 days ago)
The real republican party. Now its a circus.
Erik's Videos (5 days ago)
Brilliant man. Utterly corrupt. Both things are true. His accomplishments don't get enough attention. But don't overlook all of his wickedness. Watergate was a small example of it. He was self-serving, paranoid, and willing to use the levers of government, including the FCC, the IRS and the FBI to attack political opponents, unsympathetic media organizations and assorted critics. And he's responsible for hundreds of thousands of innocent lives being needlessly destroyed. He's not the only one responsible, of course (JFK, LBJ, McNamara, Nixon, etc.) but he has a lot of blood on his hands.
SabreChris18 (6 days ago)
crazy how even one of the worst president's in history can still seem likable compared to Trump
Bigfoot (7 days ago)
Nixon actually did a lot of good. The watergate scandal now Is cake. But he screwed up. History will be kind to him
supernumery (7 days ago)
He was the boogey man in the 70s. Everyone cursed him but compare him to Orange face and Nixon comes out as a consummate, compassionate statesman. I'd take 1000 Nixons before I'd have one Trumpet.
Matt Wise (7 days ago)
17th century Jesuit priest ; very interesting statement for a comparison
skooky Dook (8 days ago)
LBJ was nothing but a mouth price a fill in until Nixon after taking care of Bobby Kennedy finally hot into the Whitehouse. A vice president does not ride in the same motorcade as the president even back then for obvious reason his the next in line. But in Dallas the wanted vice president Johnson to be there. To hear those shots and see what happens when you font do what your told..he may have been a great leader in the Senate but he. Did what he was told as the boss. He knee Nixon had to win. He knew bobby would win if something wasn't. Done so he pulled out.
skooky Dook (8 days ago)
One of the evilist leaders in the modern era. Responsible not directly for the deaths of civil rights leaders, rock stars and great leaders. He hated the Kennedy's nothing that comes from his mouth van.be trusted.
RICHARD GORDON (8 days ago)
RICHARD GORDON (8 days ago)
President Nixon was so intelligient.
windstorm1000 (8 days ago)
I agree with Nixon about the 3 best politicans about the century...
Thomas DiPaolo (8 days ago)
Watergate was Nixon's attempt to hide his links to the CIA-Mafia plots; which later resulted in JFK's assassination!!!! Get all these details and much more at tommyd357@mail.com today!!!!
Steven Yourke (10 days ago)
He used to beat his wife. No surprise there.
maciej wrotek (11 days ago)
Who thinks about opinion of this scumbag
Alan Alsløw (15 days ago)
Ramin Khajavi (16 days ago)
That's why it's difficult to trust politricktians, "warm on the outside, and cold hearted ", superficial, able to make tough decisions like Truman, who made America the only country to drop two atomic bombs on major civilian populations, incinerating 100,000+ There may have been an excuse for Hiroshima although debatable, but Nagasaki totally unnecessary, except to see the effects of a plutonium based atomic bomb, rather than an uranium one, used in Hiroshima three days prior
Rick Chalek (16 days ago)
nixon was a brilliant guy....for a piece of subhuman excrement. I'll never challenge his intelligence. Did I mention he was a total POS? hahahaha
Animation Frontiers (18 days ago)
“I’m not a crook, I’m not a crook’ I’m not a crook” - Nixon in call of duty black ops zombies
Robert Lavrakas (22 days ago)
How did we ever vote this mentally unstable man as president??
firetheho (22 days ago)
"Of course he was...…………"
John Quinn (24 days ago)
A priest you killed him Nixon and his brother
Rob M (25 days ago)
greatest president of the 20th century top 5 president of all time.
Tricky dick!
Try Hard (26 days ago)
Nixon was paranoid.
cro4591 (27 days ago)
Frankie Baker (28 days ago)
Compared to what is going on now the guy was a saint.
Super Dude (29 days ago)
Nixon was scum, but he still makes current candidates look like idiots (which most are). Why can't we just have good politicians?
Adam Baxter (29 days ago)
Nixon was evil, but at least he wasn't cartoonish, supervillian evil, like Fat Donnie.
Painkiller Jones (1 month ago)
Fact: every president up to and INCLUDING clinton sought ADVICE from Nixon from time to time.
rome ceaser (1 month ago)
THE GREATEST B-STAR ACTORS EVER, see what's happening now a real businessman is in charge.
Robert Walker (1 month ago)
Nixon was a choirboy compared to hilldabeast , bill Clinton hobama comy the list is to long Nixon must be rolling over.
Will Man (1 month ago)
Totally misleading title! This is a glimpse into the mind of a thinker. The title sounds cheap ant trite.
Bucky Brown (1 month ago)
A great president. Forget his one mistake. It was blown way out of proportions.
pesarirooni62 (1 month ago)
OMG I'm only thinking about Futurama now LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL
David (1 month ago)
Actually he was a great president.
FAWEXX (1 month ago)
can'T ever trust CNN.
lucrative lyrics (1 month ago)
given a 'nixon' choice; vote for cynthia, not tricky dicky
John Barone (1 month ago)
Nixon was a very good President destroyed by his own paranoia. He reduced American forces in Vietnam by 300,000 (saving me a trip there). He drew Egypt from the Soviet alliance. He sent immediate aid to Israel during the '73 War. He created the Environmental Protection Agency. And of course he established diplomatic relations with China. For this he received little or no credit from his implacable enemies in the liberal media and when he misplayed Watergate they fell on him like vultures. Things haven't changed except that the media is beginning to lose much of its clout,
JA Joyride (1 month ago)
Oh, yeah...... Prominent tribe members wanted him out of office, because he was a savvy goy boy..... Noam say-N..... Noam say-N.....
Joshua Heap (1 month ago)
"ARROOOOOOO!" but real talk, Nixon was actually a pretty decent and cool guy despite the Watergate scandal.
CheckersSpeech (1 month ago)
Interesting interview. Thanks for posting this.
Jon Bristow (1 month ago)
He wanted to nuke Vietnam!
Dan Stephens (1 month ago)
"Warm on the outside but cold on the inside and able to make tough decisions." A perfect description of President Trump...who I fully support!
Neptune 165 (1 month ago)
He was 69 at that time
NevadaBoss (1 month ago)
Well...Bigus Dickus is no longer the most vile human to ever be president. He has lost that title to King Spanky The First. Bigly.
Scott Brady (1 month ago)
i always felt secure, as a young lad, that the leader of our nation, was a no nonsense, family man, as well as politician. of course, another man i admired, hunter s. thompson, really disliked him. the only thing i disagreed with hunter thompson about, was richard milhouse nixon. as a very young man, he made me comfortable when i went to sleep at night. an incredibly violent, ruthless politician that sent our house a selection of jams and jellies with grapefruits from Harry and David every christmastime. he was singled out for overstepping the boundaries of a pre-internet era. men who could pick door locks.
Philo Jones (1 month ago)
LBJ = Lying Bastard Johnson (as most of us Vietnam era vets knew him).
4SCARECROWS (1 month ago)
" I'm not a crook!"
Wyatt Earp (1 month ago)
imm not a crook lol
Real UFO Videos (1 month ago)
Another criminal president who went out of his way to support Red China. And take our dollar off of gold. Forget the CIA "burglary" at Watergate Hotel? Nixon knew the Gulf of Tonkin was a lie. Vietnam wanted to surrender. And Kissenger talked Tricky Dick into prolonging the war for PROFIT! Wasted days and wasted lives!...Guess a bag of potatoes is worth more than a human life? All presidents, in my lifetime? SUCKED!
John Mclaughlin (1 month ago)
Nixon one great president. he was smeared by the synagogue of satin that still runs most media
Jason Giusti (1 month ago)
CNN actually putting out decent content....who would've thought.
John R (1 month ago)
CNN stinks
John Mclaughlin (1 month ago)
John R (1 month ago)
CNN sucks
A Republican President giving credit to FDR as one of the best politicians he had seen in his lifetime... It's strange to me. Today's Republican party is too goofy to compliment their opponents in any way.
MiSTaH bOmBAsTiK (1 month ago)
This was where Obama erred. Too soft "on the inside." I'm convinced that was his biggest mistake. Despite all the racism lobbed his way, if he'd have shown that he wasn't having it I think a lot of that petty opposition would've been minimized. Interesting that Nixon ranked both liberal leaders as FDR & LBJ so high, as neither one put up with that bullshit...#knockthesebulliesout
Exiledwest (1 month ago)
Daniel J (1 month ago)
Johnson was a total ass, thanks for Vietnam prick. Lyndon Johnson was the first president to borrow from the Social Security Trust Fund. He needed to pay for the Vietnam War.
Jad Sayegh (1 month ago)
"Cuz he was!" that cracked me up! I LBJ getting roasted, but you can tell that Nixon held him in high esteem anyway.
BackToConstitution (1 month ago)
There weren't any! The viewer was tricked! Thumbs down! #817
Rob Moir (1 month ago)
Ed Felty (1 month ago)
Lindon Johnson?! Traitor!!!
pat pat (1 month ago)
evil bohemian grove dweller
patrick young (1 month ago)
Never liked Nixon, and never will, but he was one shrewd S.O.B. He would've risen to the top of ANY political system he operated in, he KNEW what moved people, and had not the slightest hesitation to employ ANY tactic to get ahead. A truly ruthless man with an obvious love of the game of politics, and a deep insight into the human character......for better or worse!
Eduardo77 (1 month ago)
Back when CNN was actually a news network and not a puppet of the left.
Jay H (1 month ago)
I trash CNN often for their sensationalism and unprofessionalism, but I really appreciate this upload of history...thanks.
H F (1 month ago)
He seems to be uncomfortable in his mind and body. Go figure.
Yuck Foutube (1 month ago)
I AM NOT A CROOK! Yeah mate whatever. All US presidents are crooks though so don't feel too bad!
GOLDEN DRAGON (1 month ago)
Hey Dick!!!!
Scott Laux (1 month ago)
Now that Trump is president Nixon seems like a saint by comparison. Nixon was highly intelligent and believed his policies were right for the country. Trump is just an ignorant lusty predator who needs to be locked in a cage.
William Brown (1 month ago)
Does Richard Milhous Nixon really knows what really happened to President John Kennedy ? The Assassination of President John F.Kennedy was an inside job.
pbruc brooks (1 month ago)
"But I'm not a Crook, and I've always been innocent!" If you don't believe it just ask him. Trump is just sallivating watching this!
Tom Smith (1 month ago)
fuck Nixon... he's dead! ;)
Tom Hutson (1 month ago)
You were a crook and a liar, you pos!
sime vrancic (1 month ago)
....and wigs
lindy919 (1 month ago)
Sadly, this man is infinitely more capable and moral than fake president wanna-be traitor trump
James Dunn (1 month ago)
Very interesting interview. Nixon is, as always articulate and thoughtful, He was however in his political career his own worst enemy.
choctaw flathead (1 month ago)
Mr President Nixon was a very intelligent self made man. Its a shame it ended the way it Did
Guillermo61 (1 month ago)
He was a great man knew how to be decisive and play hardball. And don't ever compare Trump to him, Trump is an idiot. The Republican party rocked when Nixon was president. Reagan had to come along and send it in the opposite direction and forever ruin it.
JetMechMA (1 month ago)
GEEEZ.....look at him differently after seeing this. I looked at him differently after seeing him cry his eyes out at his wife's funeral. I would give anything to have Nixon back in the White House instead of Donald Trump. ....and I'm a Democrat.
BADGUY 1 (1 month ago)
I liked Nixon. The one thing Nixon regretted about his actions as President...was NOT Watergate...or "lying" to Congress...it was "ending the draft". The guy won the 1972 election with overwhelming numbers. I guess the Democrats just couldn't abide that....like they can't abide Donald Trump winning the 2016 election.
cole morton (1 month ago)
war monger
Judgy Judgerton (1 month ago)
Nixon trying to normalize himself after the fact.
bensdadfrank (1 month ago)
I think, and hope, that history will treat President Nixon , with more kindness , than he was treated at the time. The day , on which he resigned, I watched tv coverage with teenagers, as I was, late into the night. I remember thinking at that time, opening relations with China, detent, with the Soviets, and getting out of Vietnam , were probably greater, than anything he did wrong. I still think so.
liam niew (1 month ago)
Eric Stuart (1 month ago)
Bobby Kennedy was always angry and pissed off.
Ketro 98 (1 month ago)
China is what it is today because of this asshole!
michael brandt (1 month ago)
The best president since Lincoln. Trumph is next best.
Sir Billius (1 month ago)
Three best presidents of the 1900s? Two out of three, not that bad! Then again he hadn’t seen Regan yet.
lonnielrc (1 month ago)
these is major trickster, we still haven't undo is decision on certain American people
Arya Pourtabatabaie (1 month ago)
I can't help but imagine the Futurama character when he talks.
Ronny Sterling (1 month ago)
Can’t wait for the new Watergate scandal (wiretap and fake Russia dossier on Trump) to bust open all the way down to obama’s soft ass. MAGA
TONIOFSFV (1 month ago)
I'd rather kiss Hitler's dog than Hillary
Thomas DiPaolo (2 months ago)
JFK killed during failed CIA-Mafia plot!!! Get all these details and more at tommyd357@mail.com today!!!!!!

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