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DL Indo (5 months ago)
Hcg and clomid should be the first drugs used to see if a restart is possible.
DL Indo (5 months ago)
Doesn’t make any sense that your free t is high and your total t is low. Something is fishy here. Also why in the hell would any doctor start someone so young on trt, hcg and arimidex as a first approach for low testosterone. The doctor doesn’t even know how much you are going to aromatize so you shouldn’t just throw arimidex before blood work is done after being on testosterone for at least six weeks. and hcg should be the first drugs used to see if a restart is possible. Find a new doctor.
Paco Aguilar (1 month ago)
yes thats true, i suspect that the high free t and low total t is an effect from sarms in higher doses. i have seen this in bloodwork from a couple of guys who used sarms. trt should be the last option and not the first thing you try, especially at that age. your doc is terrible in my opinion.....
Ben Bearden (10 months ago)
How long have you been on TRT
Hulk Fitness (10 months ago)
Ben Bearden .5ml /week
Ben Bearden (10 months ago)
Pump Inc. I've been on it for about four months. How much HCG do they have you running?
Hulk Fitness (10 months ago)
Ben Bearden tomorrow i get my 4th week of injections

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