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Major cut Cycle | S4 / DNP / T3 | Enhanced Athlete

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LOVES 2 Smooch (7 months ago)
dude I joined the army at age 17 (Infantry) , you got your head in the gutter just do push-ups run and sit ups , no need to do no DNP and all these t3 things . Right now I'm getting ready for SF selection , don't depend on supplements or drugs to help you , you need to be physically and mentally strong on your own .
gary smallwood (8 months ago)
Dude you need to bulk up not cut.EAT!
LOVES 2 Smooch (7 months ago)
i trained for 5 years in the army and still train to this day , this dude looks like he just started training and he's already talking about DNP and Dbol ... Jesus this guy needs help

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