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The Complete History of Chipotle, in 3 Minutes

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Chipotle was founded in Denver in 1993 and grew to be one of the most successful fast-food companies ever. This video explains how Chipotle founder Steve Ells turned his love of burritos into a chain of about 500 restaurants over the past twenty years. Like this video? Subscribe to Bloomberg Business on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Bloomberg
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Text Comments (119)
Jackem High (10 hours ago)
Yes we know guac is extra
Cole (2 days ago)
wow that was awesome, I feel like I got it all!
Mighty MLG Turtlez (5 days ago)
When chitpole Mexican grill isn’t founded by a Mexican. 🤨
TJ (6 days ago)
idk where u get that chipotle burritos are big. they are like chodes. local taquerias or authentic mexican restaurants give you more food for a cheaper price.
ThatGuyYouKnow (14 days ago)
E. c o l i
Federico Ameijenda (14 days ago)
Terrible audio quality
Sb Win (17 days ago)
Ah so Micky D's owns 90% of the shares? So that's why Chipotle is going down the drain with their shitty portion sizes nowadays
Rïtüål (25 days ago)
Why am I watching this in 2018 lmao?
Samhith Padala (25 days ago)
Finally something that describes that Chipotle’s Brown Bag
Alan Garcia (25 days ago)
Pretty much fake Mexican food made by a white guy that white people like as a Mexican I find this funny 😂😂😂
LostMySauce (28 days ago)
I still prefer Moe's.
First50seconds (29 days ago)
3 minutes and *18 seconds*
sonicmax (30 days ago)
slave labor ?
Riddick 4Ever (1 month ago)
Chipotle always my fav and most healthiest food!!!!!!!!!!
Joe Young (1 month ago)
I only get to Chipotle when I gotta take a large crap and I'm a bit constipated from eating too many carbs. Their food has almost no flavor.
Brent Lievense (1 month ago)
Key to this story, know wealthy people
Me (1 month ago)
I want chipotle now.
Arman Nemati (1 month ago)
I love chipotle
Spencer Barker (1 month ago)
Fuckin love chipotle
Melanie Romero (1 month ago)
White man making money off of Hispanic Culture... Great.
Shane Park (10 days ago)
You make it sound like the two are mutually exclusive...You can be any race yet still appreciate and understand another culture. And btw, Hispanic isn't a race.
Tony Zan (18 days ago)
He had the foresight to franchise his restaurants. Nothing was stopping successful Mexican American restaurants from franchising. You can't make billions in the restaurant industry off of one restaurant. To make the big money you need hundreds if not thousands of successful locations.
Raphael (27 days ago)
Melanie Romero *Latinos—particularly Mexican culture. He’s embracing it not stealing it.
eldelapresion25 (1 month ago)
Chipotle is 100% sodium filled garbage with a side of ass wiped lettuce aka ecoli
michaelcoco (1 month ago)
Chipotle gives u the worst bubble gutz.
Alexis Johnson (1 month ago)
Ew E.Coli food
Daniel Cox (1 month ago)
I died when he got to pret a manger XD
Buck Norman (1 month ago)
Chipotle is garbage
Angel Avila (1 month ago)
Mission style ??? You mean California style.
AndroidsDontDance (1 month ago)
Angel Avila it because popular in mission hills in San Francisco. So in Cali yes but not California style.
Van Litespeed (1 month ago)
chipotle sucks
Pappy Dobis (1 month ago)
no, they forgot to add MY history with chipotle, which is extensive. especially after getting high.
greg scott (1 month ago)
Mostly wet cold soggy $8 burritos!
yes (16 days ago)
greg scott true I buy the bowls
Breach (1 month ago)
Alexis Johnson Yes, because of an outbreak that happened three years ago? It could happen to any restaurant; it happened to Chipotle, and they did the best they could, and it worked out. There hasn't been a singpe case of E.coli from Chipotle since 2015. They ended the outbreak completely in all Chipotle stores. Learn your facts please.
Breach (1 month ago)
greg scott The person on the line doesn't know if you're eating a burrito for here or to go (with bowls and tacos they doe because of the lids). So they have to assume you are eating it for here, and if you are the dirty tinfoil doesn't get nasty that quick. And don't complain about the dirty tinfoil if you can just ask for a new one, and when told to ask for a new one, you say: "I don't have to". Also you try understanding someone who is mumbling behind a 2 inch thick sneeze guard. It isn't easy to hear people, and we ask twice to make sure we don' mess up the order. We meet a lot of different customers, and some totally flip out when their order is messed up. So to prevent that we ask twice just in case. Like there are so many simple things that you as a customer can do to make your experience at chipotle, or at any restaurant for that matter, better.
Brianna (1 month ago)
I’m 22 years old and I feel like I have never heard of Chipotle until I was about 12....year 2008
Europa (24 days ago)
your a little bitch and a faggot
maxwell10206 (1 month ago)
Well it only had 500 locations in 2005 so why would you expect to hear about it before 2008?
Ernesto Acosta (1 month ago)
I didn't hear about Chipotle until 3 years ago lol
Philip Bridges (1 month ago)
makes sense though considering them going public in 2006. prior to that that there was only 500 in the nation.
Philip Bridges (1 month ago)
East Coast? It was the same for me.
Danaya Divon (4 months ago)
Pret manger pronunciation was hilarious
Danaya Divon (4 months ago)
Pret manger pronunciation was hilarious
CourtneyDanielleAGym (5 months ago)
Just to be clear its not fast food which means if it were most of their food would be processed and chipotle has no processed food its all fresh and freshly made and prepared in hours not in minutes and the ones ive been to mostly in ohio mostly there is none that have drive thru's and it doesn't operate how like mcdonalds and Burger King etc. operate and its a fast mexican cuisine
Alexis Johnson (1 month ago)
And what about that E.Coli
Vegan Buddhist (1 month ago)
CourtneyDanielleAGym chipotles food is processed lol. Their salsa is made by the same supplier that McDonald’s uses. They make some things in house but some not. It’s technically fast food
Hiphop Head (8 months ago)
Chipolte is flavorless
John Chalco (7 days ago)
The brown rice is
derkgts10 (1 month ago)
Hiphop Head you're flavorless. Maybe stop smoking so damn much.
Tactical_ Dan117 (1 year ago)
YUK, ECK, BLA, PA-TOO-IE. I'm glad mc fucking donalds don't own chipotle.
Queenofweaves (1 year ago)
Wow I hear no idea the guy who started the company was from the bay area. I was born and raises in the Bayarea. And i love a mission street burrito. I live 2 hours from SF but whenever I visit that is one of the first places I stop at. There is a little hole in the wall burrito shop right next to the bart station on mission. That is my favorite spot. His burritos are very reminiscent of a mission street burrito.
Noah Marquez (3 days ago)
I live in the South Bay 408 for life
BigBenMK (1 month ago)
Queenofweaves very cool u lived in the bay me too 408 4 life
Cheyenne Higgins (1 month ago)
Queenofweaves I work at a store in the Bay Area and I had no idea either! Apparently Steve’s parents frequent my store as well, as we are one of the highest profiting stores in Northern California. It’s great to see locals strive to be the best as possible :)
Scott Wilkins (2 years ago)
Chipotle never impressed me with taste of their foods.  Quite bland and well, meh...  There's another growing chain making similar style food called Freebirds that I think uses a lot better ingredients and the staff always seems to be much more friendly.  There's a culture thing there I think.  Anyway, find one and you'll see the difference.
Slappy (2 years ago)
Chipotle is just Taco Bell for hipsters. It's overpriced, not very good, and the ones I've seen are dirty, which must be why hipsters love it.
hey its me (11 months ago)
idk where you live, but the ones in my area are very clean, very good food, and you get good amount of food for the price, and it isnt processed shitty food like taco bell, the food is healthy,
Alvi Ahmed (2 years ago)
this needs to be a whole series!! awesome video,bloomberg needs more of these videos
Ryan Matlock (2 years ago)
till everyone got sick!
Ryan Matlock (2 years ago)
the chipotles in pittsburgh are like taco bells, kids and crappy people working there that dont care
Classical Penguin (1 year ago)
Ryan Matlock chipotle in a town in Ohio called Bedford. Might be the best chipotle I've ever been to. They put lots of stuff on the burritos, and had really nice employees. Even thud one guy that flipped the lids onto the burrito bowls. He was really fun to watch.
Amir Kazemi (2 years ago)
Labamba was the original Chipotle. It was invented by the Aguas brothers from chicago. Their first location was in Champaign Illinois. It became a huge sensation there. The Pepsi cola Rep noticed this & created a business plan, which he shopped to McDonalds HQ, in Chicago. That is how a made to order burrito giant was born. "Burritos as big as your head!"
Moonsabie (2 years ago)
imagine how much money someone made if they created the outbreak and knew the stock would dump it's not hard
Moonsabie (2 years ago)
I would be very sure that that outbreak happened intentionally the fast food infrastructure should have managed expansion so I would say someone did not like getting squeezed s airbnb has been the victim of paid harassment horror stories repeatedly sense it's rise as was eBay and PayPal these are facilitated chaos entities to discourage investment growth it's to easy to get away with and super inexpensive to payoff bad behavior
mookixox (2 years ago)
Shit-potle Grill, yummy E-coli in every bite :)
N R (2 years ago)
Chick in the blue entering the restaurant had a nice ass
Voodoo Child (25 days ago)
N R I would eat that ass the morning after she has a burrito .. lick lick slurp slurp
amanda correa (25 days ago)
1: 43, in case of you've Stumbled upon this comment section. Look no further.
SwaggerOnHundred (2 years ago)
please get back the GMO corn
o01q2w3e (2 years ago)
can most people borrow $75k from their parents? glad it worked out for him
o01q2w3e (2 years ago)
+NoToleranceForIgnorance what about you? can you go to your parents and request a large amount of money like that or can your child come to you with this request? furthermore can you raise $1.3M from your rich friends? im only asking because im gathering some statistical data
pretendcampus (2 years ago)
+o01q2w3e Most People in the Middle Class I assume.
bohnstube (2 years ago)
I wouldn't eat at any of this chain's places even if you put a gun to my head and threatened to pull the trigger. Obviously a damage control puff piece based on absolutely what...maybe *a month* without yet another sickening outbreak of disease and evidence of food supply chains that are obviously beyond this management's ability to monitor for cleanliness? If this piece was to be done at all, it should trumpet years of not making anyone sick, not just 4 weeks or so, or that "We were THE BEST!!!... In 1993!!!!".
Mr Explorer (2 years ago)
I need to try this place out.
Mr Explorer (2 years ago)
+bes loeq I guess I'll just go for the more bang for my buck stuff and see if its good first. Thanks.
ninuxy (2 years ago)
At least there is a slight attempt by this company to be more ethical, unlike Trumpesque [sic] style corporate fucks who try to fist fuck all the gullible consumers.
Peter Kolodziej (2 years ago)
This was a great video of a company's history condensed into 3 minutes. Do this with more companies please.
George Hennon (1 month ago)
I really hope he does Popeyes Chicken, or Jiffy Lube
leepakim (2 years ago)
+Peter Kolodziej had the same thought. Good for foreigners or people who dont live in the US
Peter Kolodziej (2 years ago)
+kel5944 That sounds equally interesting
kel5944 (2 years ago)
+Peter Kolodziej good idea, but not just companies, any interesting organization.
EyeAmSoul (2 years ago)
I used to live in SF and one of the things I do miss are the Big Burritos.
EyeAmSoul (2 years ago)
+Mr Hakido lol
Mr Explorer (2 years ago)
+EyeAmSoul LoL That's what she/he said.

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