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This Is 200 Calories

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From Broccoli to Big Macs - All of your favourite foods, shown as 200 calories! More examples at WiseGEEK: http://bit.ly/16uAiWg SUBSCRIBE - it's free! http://bit.ly/10kWnZ7 Follow us!! FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/12fEcFg TWITTER: http://bit.ly/16mYsWW Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).
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Xxbheej (4 hours ago)
I want to lose weight but i feel dizzy even if i eat healthy food :(
Berry WOKE (11 hours ago)
Wait an average person eats 2000 calories a day? I only eat 200-400 calories a day to lose weight. Is that healthy?
Blue Peacock (10 hours ago)
Berry WOKE well you are simply not going to successfully lose weight with that many calories....and if you do its going to come right back. So theres no point. Plus your metabolism is quite essential so you ought to eat more. At least try and get in 1000 calories? And i know how that feels....but i got over that eventually. Now i lose weight much better and my mood is better.
Berry WOKE (10 hours ago)
Blue Peacock I wish I could eat that amount of calories but I’m really self conscious about my body. I always feel I’m fat when I’m with other people. Since I have chubby cheeks and thick thighs. Even 500 calories is scary for me
Blue Peacock (10 hours ago)
No. Definitetly not. If you are female, you should be consuming 1500-1800 calories a day to lose weight, if you are male 1800-2000. Of course if youre on the taller side you might want to comsume more. Thats a dangerously low amount of calories to be eating. Especially if you are working out! You need calories!! The reason why consuming such few calories is because your body goes into starvation mode, which actually makes you GAIN weight. This is because your body thinks its starving so it holds on to fat easily. This not only leads to weight gain but improper digestestion, muscle loss, mood swings, a low metobolic rate, and an overall bad health. So please, do yourself a favor and eat more calories!! Hope this helped :)
Sage Torrisi (14 hours ago)
It’s said most people east 2000-2700 calories a day? I usually eat like 1100-1200 i thought that was like the norm...
Xtrone (1 day ago)
for gender wise. What If I sexully identify as a attack helicopter?
Buzz Fear (1 day ago)
Unfortunately healthily food is expensive
If the calories are the same, I dont care about the nutrients. I'm not eating a pound of broccoli when I can eat a pint of icecream
Aaa Aaa (2 days ago)
What healthy fats in milk are you talking about xD ehat are you smoking
Sarmad Saad115 (2 days ago)
Thank you for this information, how much calories I will eat ? Age 19
Blue Peacock (10 hours ago)
Well, it all depends. Are you planning to lose weight? If so the average male needs around 2000 calories, give or take depending on height. You should also increase that intake if you are excersizing as well. For females its around 1800 on average, with the same circumstances. Hope this answers your question :)
metal wellington (2 days ago)
this is all dumb.
Clorox Bleach (3 days ago)
But.. but chips is made of potatoes :c
Iceland Angela (3 days ago)
2:42 how dare you make that green
Gamabunta (3 days ago)
Damn, ive been caugth slackin
Thiccboi282 7 (3 days ago)
Shut up nobody cares
RandomThingsFalling (4 days ago)
It was Kcal....
Llamacorn Fairy (4 days ago)
How do I grow taller? TELL ME BEFORE ITS TOO LATE
Fucking weaboos (4 days ago)
This is America
Secret * (4 days ago)
شكرا على الترجمة ❤️
bronypony 276 (4 days ago)
Calories arnt bad if you have good calories you won't become fat
NiftyTheLynx (4 days ago)
This nigga drew on a piece of bread
Nick Singh (4 days ago)
What the hell! I didn't realise rum had so many calories!
Zujairy Del Orbe (5 days ago)
We might as well eat nothing. 😠
Lojjik Braughler (5 days ago)
Good vid but you need to make the distinction between calorie and kilocalorie (which is how food is measured)
Joe Bob (5 days ago)
Please don't try to tell people that whole cow milk is good for you. It has an insane amount of saturated fat and cholesterol. The diet soda is probably actually healthier. Especially if it's made without aspertame. That shit made me cringe.
PhorriX (3 days ago)
Okay, why is it bad for your heart and arteries? What specific process does cholesterol go through before becoming a clot?
Joe Bob (3 days ago)
,it's bad for your heart and arteries
PhorriX (4 days ago)
Why the hell would you care about cholesterol?
urla TV (5 days ago)
200 calories look like 100 calories but twice
Fn Fy (6 days ago)
About to go to Pizza Hut anyone want anything?
WaterDrop AJ (6 days ago)
I eat rats everyday and I feel great
Aight Bradley (6 days ago)
Yo! You completely missed kilo-calories. So this vid is inaccurate in that regards.
Bo Moore (6 days ago)
Or if your anorexic none of this matters
Jacob Brooks (6 days ago)
Did anyone else get “oatmeal” confused with opium ?
ABK RAIDED (6 days ago)
My stomach acids would burn all that.
Blades and Flannels (6 days ago)
Cow milk is NOT healthy.
Tobi (1 day ago)
Blades and Flannels Milk is poison lmao
James Smith (1 day ago)
Tempo Bosh if you drink too much can get bone cancer so no
Frek (3 days ago)
Bla bla bla no one cares.
Blades and Flannels (3 days ago)
Dumbasses. Keep drinking hormones and pus. Last time I checked humans are not baby calves that need COW milk.
sugaa kun (6 days ago)
2:43 aww these are cuteeee 😻😻
Raffrix 99 (6 days ago)
"Milk contains healthy fats" wtf
Frek (3 days ago)
Raffrix 99 well it does we have been drinking milk since forever our bodies can handle the stuff just fine
PastaProductions (7 days ago)
Look at how much more cheese I can fit in my stomach
Amy Stone (8 days ago)
I eat about 500 calories per day
Jenna Winchester (8 days ago)
This makes me sad
Dak Dude (8 days ago)
People with eating disorders live for this video
NG productions (8 days ago)
The Jester (8 days ago)
Im on 800 calories a day, sometimes 1000 diet. Been like this for almost a month, I'm perfectly fine.
Whatever im getting cheese fries..
Yaro Reiners (9 days ago)
I always wondered why people are counting calories to not get fat. I always coutn my calories so I don't waste my appetite on shit with no calories, because I often don't eat enough.
Am i the only one who got triggered because he wrote on food?
Jason Henderson (9 days ago)
How would I measure out how many calories would be in cheese or brocoly or chicke red meat?
Nesse man (10 days ago)
I never cared how many calories i eat, but its probably a whole lot, considering how much i like to "live life", and i stayed thin and healthy my entire life. Worth to mention ive never been inside a gym or actively worked out just for the sake of working out either, so Im one of the lucky ones i guess. Probably because i live a pretty active life, with my job beeing pretty physical, and that i dont work a "9-5" job. I work til im done with what i planned and that sometimes takes me well over 12 hours.
Mya Baker (10 days ago)
Lol, I’m a competitive athlete. I began loosing weight quickly because I wasn’t eating enough. I went to a nutritionist and I was told that I need to consume at least 3,500 calories a day. If you are an athlete, definitely consider if you need to increase your intake. Great video!
Andy Mendez (10 days ago)
Did you really have to draw on the food
zhbvenkhoReload (10 days ago)
How much is the calories for eating girls out
Monica Mae (11 days ago)
Me: *reads title* Believe me ... I know *sips green tea*
Christopher Stone (11 days ago)
1:07 Factual Error You present the definition of a "small calorie", the original unit. But health information is in "large calories" or the energy necessary to raise a KILOGRAM of water 1ºC. 1000x more energy.
Jim Allyson Nevado (11 days ago)
what is the calorie you are pertaining to the big one or small one
Liill Thomas (11 days ago)
Who else remembers him, from big brother Canada 😂, I loved him on that show
Fight me. (11 days ago)
Fr living for your handwriting
Danne Fagan (11 days ago)
Too much carrots makes you very very hungry, at least for me
My mom.
Beast Gaming (12 days ago)
A youtuber does a challenge where he eats thousands of calories
TJ Ellis (12 days ago)
we do not "need" 2000 a day....
Alain Smith (13 days ago)
I eat healthy
cupcake Macaroni (13 days ago)
I’m only eight and I’m going anorexic I’m to fat I can only have 188 or less calories it isn’t something I regret it feels right it is right....
amber devaul (14 days ago)
I only have 500 a day
Bethesda Boy (14 days ago)
Wait, did you say that milk has a lot of healthy fats? Even the dairy industry won't bullshit you that hard. Milk fat is very unhealthy. If it was so much as semi debatable that milk fat was not bad for you, dairy commercials wouldn't shut up about it. Sure, butter is better than margarine with transfats, but that is a very low bar to brag about. During the olympics, the milk commercials did their best with, 'milk, it contains essential nutrients.' A very low bar, yet again. That could be said about virtually everything. I'm sure the soda has sodium in it, an essential nutrient. It's hard to find anything with nothing in it that is essential.
Never realised it was in drinks
Is that cheese?
verenhimoinen (16 days ago)
MILK IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU! WTF?! Don‘t tell lies. Milk is poisen
SirSharkBite (16 days ago)
not eaten for 3 days now... not even hungry
angellovesBTS (18 days ago)
I only eat 200kcal a day...
chocco joy (18 days ago)
I like your voice
Bad true (18 days ago)
Deptifer (19 days ago)
if youre on a diet and you want a drink (like coca cola) get a zero version of the drink, which has a lot fewer calories and tastes almost the same!
A Human being. (19 days ago)
Eat mustard!
sweet stranger (19 days ago)
soooo if i eat fast food im fast?
januario brusas (19 days ago)
Sonny Dhown (19 days ago)
Toni Amor (19 days ago)
2000-2700 a day??? 😂 Yeaa nope
Valeria De Dios 123 (20 days ago)
Sarah CP (20 days ago)
I’d rather have the apples.
Gosia R Home Cooking (21 days ago)
AsapScience great video wow I learn sooo much :)
Heloderma (22 days ago)
sooo... im too lazzy and i even don`t eat... around 1 times per day. Yeah, one detail.... im chef
jrea424 (23 days ago)
Yeh I eat the whole bag.. "made for sharing it said" more like "made for me"
t h o t p a t r o l (23 days ago)
ill take the small mac thnx
Ehh (23 days ago)
"dont lie, you ate it all" just stfu, most of us do it anyways, so no need to say it dude.
ygolohcysp (23 days ago)
A spoon of mayonaise
Bobby Papoutsis (24 days ago)
2000 calories a day? I must be eating wrong then because I'm only consuming 1500 a day.
Jeon Homi (12 days ago)
Bobby Papoutsis it depends on the person tho, i have to eat around 1500 to maintain rn
Wales Note (24 days ago)
I only eat one meal a day, and not all that much in that meal, either. Maybe 1000-1500 calories at most. Keeps me going and I don't really feel hungry. How much sugar are in all those apples, though?
Victoria Leyva (24 days ago)
BTS_STAN/5504 (24 days ago)
sO yOUr SAyInG I nEeD tO eAT 2000 cALOriEs a DaY... I oNLy EaT 250 CalORIEs a DaY...
TheFutureKnight (24 days ago)
Kaja ukradła
Catzer Makes Stuff (26 days ago)
I got an ad for a giant pizza before this video XD
Bjørnar Frantzen (27 days ago)
Who the hell are taught to keep track of calories in school?
Youssef Mahmoud (27 days ago)
The only time I care about Calories is when it's Kalorie Karbdashian Williams
KittyMapletree (27 days ago)
YAS BROCCOLI!!! I freakin love broccoli 😂
So if I’m 158 cm and weigh 53 kg, I should not be consuming more than 2000 calories a day?
Laura Anderson (28 days ago)
Yeah I’ll just have the 2 glasses of wine
eee t0rro (28 days ago)
pretty much the definition of Quality is better than quantity
BigHill Gamer (28 days ago)
I should Not eat Chese :'v
Silver Queen14 (28 days ago)
And M&MS
Sophie CH (29 days ago)
I live with 800/1000 calories everyday and seems I eat very much
Love Key Haha (30 days ago)
Sometimes I wonder what they did with the food After making this video.

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