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Overweight America

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Doctors say obese patients are more at risk for type 2 diabetes and even cancer. As Mark Strassmann reports, obese patients are spending much more on health care than the average American.
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Matt DeMars (6 years ago)
Yeah, sort of. But I never understood why guys would actually want to gain so much muscle mass.
Degu1 (6 years ago)
BMI's dumb if you work out. I'm 5'9" 180lbs but I work out 4 days a week. I lift heavy weights so I have larger muscles making me heavier. So, technically, I'm obese...that sucks...
jamesfan10 (7 years ago)
this is so sad i'm an american and i'm not embarresed to say i'm 11 and 165 lbs i'm going on a diet plus i'm 5 foot 5 inches so i need to be around 105 lbs i'm going down to my cellar every day excersiseing for around 5mins-2hours so i'm working on it and i'm probably less than 165 right now i'm guessing around 155 so i lost a bit
Judy Rocket (7 years ago)
@YonOtto yes, and i agree with you. and it's embarrassing because i'm a Californian. born and raised here...seeing all this is repulsive, and it sucks nowadays that parents can't control their children...ugh, this country is dying..so, what country do you live? lol.
YonOtto (9 years ago)
...its all about not being AMERICAN.

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