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How I have staved off addiction

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An update on how quitting is going and how I am starting to feel better without drugs. Update: Its been like a year now and I really miss halucinogenics, I feel a relapse coming in time 12/03/2016 patreon.com/akromajones
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Stalker (2 years ago)
would like to know more details on what drugs did u do and for how long and in what intervals. and do you think u call quits forever ?
Akroma Jones (2 years ago)
+stalkerlohh I can't just reel the details of my head, last five years, pretty much everything other than heroin (Or everything well know) and various research chemicals. Hit it hard for a few months and have a couple weeks recovery, did this the entire five years. I actually think I will call it quits forever. I relapsed alot but this time I don't feel any need for them or any want for them ( I often didn't feel a need but did feel a want, this time they are pretty much out of my mind). My drug use has been very hard and fairly long-term. started 8 years ago as light use and then from five years ago onwards became heavy-heavy use.

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