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How the U.K. police stop someone with a knife

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America's Lawyer Mike Papantonio, Ring of Fire Radio joins Thom Hartmann.
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ectopudding (3 days ago)
In the channel islands every police officer is issued with a standard issue ‘board with a nail in it’
Dave Gilleo (13 days ago)
no training for these cops they should be vetted before being released on the streets with a gun...guns should locked in trunk
Wilson Alves (18 days ago)
Fuck the police, dawm pigs i hate cops.
Cilcito 62 (25 days ago)
If children see police armed, they'll grow up thinking guns are good. Alot of police work is dealing with children, so guns aren't necessary. Why teach children guns are good?.
jhoran246 (1 month ago)
US police are so fucked up! I live in England and the police here are amazing compared to the US
Sympa (1 month ago)
Mon the UK
Nietzche Preacher (1 month ago)
you have to wonder why about three shots were fired even after their initial shots had put him on the ground
docbar (2 months ago)
I would have shot this violent thug instantly. Many lives were saved by exterminating this predator.
Cilcito 62 (25 days ago)
docbar a British police officer could have asked him to behave, gave him a little lecture, then let him go on his way. Because I never saw a knife and the man didnt do anything wrong. If he did have a knife, he'd have been tazered.
docbar (2 months ago)
Are you fucking kidding me? This was absolutely a justifiable shooting. What the hell is wrong with you people?
No it was not, police should only use guns if the criminal has a gun not a knife
Robin18us (2 months ago)
The man was about 6.5 ft away when he was shot. If he was holding a knife and didn't drop it and was approaching the policeman, the police have a right to shoot. A man with a knife can move very fast at that distance, BUT, after one shot and the man fell, the police had no right to continue firing. If the man had a gun in his hand, yes, but being down on the ground with a knife can't hurt the police. He wasn't just shot to be stopped, but murdered after he was down
STFU 3 (2 months ago)
Shoot the guy in the leg and stand back if they have a knife if they feel threatened if they have a gun then no quarter given.
STFU 3 (2 months ago)
What did he expect was gonna happen? The point that his hand was over his head or not is irrelevant if I have a knife by my side I'd stab you just as easy if not easier than over my head. The guy was bent on committing suicide by cop. The cops weren't Rambo etc stop the bullshit rhetoric. The cop doesn't have to put his life in jeopardy for the selfish wishes of a knife wielding Moron. Calling the police freaks negates the behavior of the guy with the knife. How does it have anything to do with the color of his skin fucking Race baiting fool.
police should only use guns if the criminal has a gun not a knife
johnnybgoodeish (2 months ago)
American snuff movies from the land of the free -a real contrast to what happens in the UK!
DA REAL Johnny Appleseed (2 months ago)
This guy loves saying 9-11
The Loyal Stormtrooper (2 months ago)
The only thing that will stop a bad guy with a machete is a good guy with a wheelie bin
Stanlley Pajdak (2 months ago)
Oh no a innocent black kid shot for no reason
Frank Stein (2 months ago)
I always love it when the cops continue to shoot at the body after they have dropped it with bullets. That is absolutely shameful. And there are lots of police video showing them do it. It's disgusting. And these two thugs are such bad asses that they can show up and get out and start firing. What is this Gunsmoke, or America?
P.M. (2 months ago)
The U.K. killed 52 people from 1900 to 1999. American police killed 111 people in March, 2018.
cactus (2 months ago)
Ok chaps this guy is too much, deploy the wheelie bins!!!!
Benjamin Addison (2 months ago)
It seems that the idea of being a public servant to protect people and life is lost in the usa.
UNHOLY PRIEST (2 months ago)
american cops are a bunch of cunts no one likes them not even their own people trust them' they are mostly corrupt and racist to fuck and bullies they have shitty people skills they don't interact with the people shoot first and ask questions later
Daniel Price (2 months ago)
Do what other U.K. cops did to a guy with a machete and just throw a wheelie bin at them then taser them not unload about 12 rounds (I know, it’s quite a small amount but I don’t see why not) into some guy they don’t know has a knife.
Daniel Cox (2 months ago)
US Police = Mobile Firing Squad
Beta250trials (2 months ago)
Police lay down 3 seconds bang done next.
DNA GENETICS (2 months ago)
Sickening, i hope a nuke kills us all.
Andy Andy (3 months ago)
Those fukin stupid Amercan police twats! That's not a "police shooting" it's a execution! Brit`s THINCK FIRST!
NonstopGriffin1216 (3 months ago)
don't they have tasers???
junior demus (3 months ago)
any one can know that these people are incompetent
Gary Mcatear (3 months ago)
Maybe it cost more to charge a taser than it costs for 10 bullets, save some money and just fire 10 bullets at them.
Ginger Hamura (3 months ago)
Yep, we need to screen the police. In all fairness, we should also screen anyone who wants to buy or owns a knife or other deadly weapon.
jerry baum (3 months ago)
Play stupid games and you win stupid prizes
Dylan Mckerley (3 months ago)
well he did ask them to shot him sooooooooooooooooooooooooo
darkninja636 (3 months ago)
15.6 seconds to kill a man.... 😣😣
darkninja636 (3 months ago)
21 weeks or 820 -840 hrs training for a Police officer in the USA ...Compare that to Europe TWELVE MONTHS to TWO YEARS training for police officers who can be dismissed within that time if they are not fit or come up to scratch and are usually in company with an experienced long serving officer .....for that time ..........Google it ........just saying !!!!!
😨 May God live with me!
Carpe Diem (3 months ago)
This show and everyone that respond are a bunch f-ing morons. There needs to be a class in school that educates you in reality, so the police don’t have to keep explaining the same things over and over and over again.
Chad Chad (4 months ago)
I think all US police should have mandatory training in UK. And stop gun loving idiots joining the police force because all they want to do is go shooting especially people.
S A (4 months ago)
British police aren't perfect but they're still amazing compared to many. US police need to catch up to the times and stop living like cowboys where guns are so important.
Aurelian Spodarec (4 months ago)
The UK should have something better than tazors anyway. Perhaps a super strong rubber bullet gun. Tazors don't always work, the instance there in Buckingam Palace might have ended the police getting stabbed. It happen in fact, 3-4police officer with a K9 unit tazered a guy that had a hammer, but it didn't work. Police got hit on the neck, miracle that waasn't on the ehad and miracle the officer survived. When I think about the UK, they are doing great job on not killing the civilians, but them you have criminals that could kill the UK cops because they aren't just armed well enough. I'm not saying guns is the solution, no, but you have other stuff such as riot shiled... how many times I saw UK cops run from a knife... they have no cover! They go into a tube or something with a tazor, the tazors don't work... and what next? Run for your life!
DSLeicester (4 months ago)
If his knife was a gun.. officers would not be standing there..shots would be fired, people would be injured and killed.
Vivien kitten (4 months ago)
Why can't you say 911
Z'Nyce London (4 months ago)
As I do have feelings for the death of the brown boy...... Looking back on the videos that have been shown since this happened.... He was in the convenience store... Very...veeeeeery disrespectful to the store owner and workers... Trashing the store displays..... Grabbing a man by the neck..... Sooner or later he would be incarcerated... And if returned to society... Even worse than before he went inside. He was shown as being a “ good “ boy.....this he was NOT. Yes a life that has now expired.....will no longer be with his family. IJS. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
STEVEN.L.1987 (4 months ago)
I'm so proud that I'm from England and not from gun crime US.
Bear Jew (4 months ago)
Three feet ?
IAmClass 483 (5 months ago)
There no uk in the vid
Ian Woodfield (5 months ago)
if the USA stopped selling guns to the public and banned guns then you would be like the UK the uk cops arent as scared of being shot because there arent many guns on the street so they can be more calm when confronting someone, thats the difference between our countries...
The Phone Troll (5 months ago)
Hey he did say shoot me, you get what you ask.
Keyser Söze (5 months ago)
The wheelie bin ahahahaha
richard howard (5 months ago)
In Britain if an armed response officer uses his fire arm then a major investigation gets started into whether the use of deadly force was needed or not. Plus any armed police in the UK have to get authorisation from a commanding officer before they are allowed to use force. And police do get prosecuted here for some killings.
Tyrant (6 months ago)
Yeah the cops are all on edge and you Brits seem sort of clueless as to why. Let me break it down for you so you can stop trying to teach us how to non violently take down 5 cartel members with machine guns. There are so many fucking guns here, that cops are scared shitless and think everyone has a gun and they do stupid shit sometimes as a result. Certain parts of cities, are literal war zones. I don't think you can draw a comparison here. US cops could learn to stop being trigger happy for sure, but the UK is a lot nicer of a place from what it seems, but I'm almost 100% positive your best men would ne shredded by our worst criminals.
dread kev (6 months ago)
American cops are lying and the culture rewards their murderous intent.
Omar Luatia (6 months ago)
Glad they shot him
Why didnt they use tasers..
EnigmaDrath (6 months ago)
5:29 -> "Why can't we be rational like that in the United States?" 1) The legendary stiff upper lip of the British does not allow for theatrics, not even on the police force 2) Theatrics is as American as apple pie
Robert Cathcart (6 months ago)
''How we screen these Police Officers'' -- they must be brainless psychopaths to pass the screening test.
Le rerpule dino La swag (6 months ago)
If that happened in the uk there would be mad rioting the police would of been getting their heads smashed in by flaming bottles. A guy got shot in London in 2010 I think and there were huge riots.
User (7 months ago)
But why is a man holding a knife, approaching police shouting " shoot me " expect to NOT be shot? Like c'mon, the man was literally asking for it. If he would of of obeyed with the officers instead of being a threat he wouldn't of gotten shot.
Vanessa Perry (7 months ago)
Dang, this is ridiculous! How many more ppl have to loose their lives because of ignorant cowards. The US gov is probably responsible for all this police violence and crimes. They just wants to get rid of criminals (including black ppl). It's so much cheaper and easier to kill and bury a criminal than to keep them alive in jail. It's all about $$$$. That is what this is all about.
B17NNS (7 months ago)
Police wheelie bin brutality!
chill chill (7 months ago)
social and ethnic cleansing is exactly what is happening in america
hauskalainen (7 months ago)
Why use a lethal weapon? Don't they have Tasers? The mentally disturbed victim falls at the first shot, so why shoot so many times? These police are clearly mentally unsuitable for mixing with the public. And yeah, I guess they must be racist.
Keron Smith (8 months ago)
America police is the wickest an shouldn't be put in a competition with UK that is a embarrassment to the UK
# SnoFootball (8 months ago)
The police over there think if it's legal for us why not
BILLHOVER (8 months ago)
when will they learn not to go head to head with the police, unless they want to die, a bit oneside news coverage is this CNN????
HappyAs Larry (8 months ago)
Kevlar magnetic suit,just walk up to the guy with a blade and take it off them. Or a high powered magnet and suck the dam thing off them. A medieval knight in armour would laugh and punch him in the head.
Dizzygangster (8 months ago)
It’s 911 not 9/11
MercyReaper (8 months ago)
America has twice as many people in prison than South Africa wich is a rough, failed place! Americans say there free when they have twice as many as the next nation on the list with more people locked up in jail!! It's mad! Every ex British colony is free and stands on British principles just like america does also. Nothing special about the American constitution! Every ex British colony has one, and the American one is based of the British one along with American law system.... Britain has far more claims than America to be free and have the best constitution.
Fin Zen (9 months ago)
American police officers are cowards
SGT Norgan (9 months ago)
Rumours say the wheelie bin is new chief inspector
McGlaghan (9 months ago)
Strathclyde Police in Scotland turn up to a incident in Kilbirnie Ayrshire with a man with a powerful crossbow threatening people.Do they shoot him dead, No!!! they shoot his Fucking arm with pinpoint accuracy and arrest the Fu**er.
Alexander Marshall (9 months ago)
How many times did they shoot him and continue to after he was down. Wtf He’s an idiot for doing what he did but that is not policing.
polygamous1 Sozou (9 months ago)
How can you compare Britain n america? can you compare Jesus n the devil? and we ALL know Britain is Not the devil
Ernest Valdez (9 months ago)
Defuse. My ass, Monday morning quarterbacks/ if this fuckers in the news can do better, then become police officers / and they have to make it racial too, I saw a individual in an other country where the police took too long to use his weapon and got himself kill, the bad guy put a knife in his chest.
UkeMania (9 months ago)
Donald trump needs to realise that guns are a problem
VIDYMAE (9 months ago)
Djelal niyazi (9 months ago)
brits cool
Adolf Shitler (8 months ago)
In Britain all British black people now where a come from.
MJHLFC0314 Youtube (9 months ago)
The Sun (9 months ago)
The uk police have killed 6 people in 10 years.
Dreadnought 1 (9 months ago)
i find RT to be the most respectable of all us news shows
rationalguy (9 months ago)
No, in the USA, cops are trained to shoot anyone to death if it's perceived that they may be even the slightest threat. To them, it's important to put as many bullets in as possible. He must be killed, as a wounded man poses a lot of bother. He can sue.
Richard Smout (9 months ago)
If you must shoot then why shoot to kill, shoot the guy in the foot or something if it's completely necessary
Charles Lan caster (9 months ago)
usa people shoot their guns on their b days the worst thing brits shot on their b days are fireworks
Mirjam OK (9 months ago)
I don''t understand why the police shoots to kill insteads of shooting just to take such people down??
Mo Yafai (10 months ago)
America sucks
Franco Walus (10 months ago)
us-americans get rid of their expensive veterans.
Alex Carter (10 months ago)
The US Police Force infuriates me. "Forced to open fire"? Did he have a gun? No. In Britain this situation would not have turned fatal. Partly because British Police only use lethal weapons as an extreme resort and partly because British Police know only a baton and pepper spray are necessary in this kind of situation
Callum1 Scott (10 months ago)
Cannot believe the over the top reaction here,such a sad outcome. Police in the UK, I think the force was Strathclyde Police in Scotland shot a man in the arm who had a crossbow.He is stopped and survives.
Finlay Mitchell (10 months ago)
The american police needs to learn how to save resources.
Prince (10 months ago)
Got to love RT and if the cops didn't shoot the man and he ran for a bystander RT would be saying the opposite.Hindsight is a beautiful thing and makes people feel superior.
qwertyTech (10 months ago)
Coming from a UK perspective, the officers should have distanced themselves further, and should have fired one shot or a double tap to see if he went down. If he didn't, then they could have fired more. Here's the thing that people forget. US cops do not have stab proof vests unlike all UK police officers. They have bullet proof vests like our firearms officers. Bullet vests don't protect against knife attacks for the most part, because I remember when they were tested by UK police in the mid to late nineties. So there was quite a risk to them if they didn't shoot etc. However, there needs to be a programme in the US that issues all departments with Tasers. It's hard to justify this in any country.
Robin Pfeiffer (10 months ago)
wtf are they serious this guy said shoot me why they shoot him ?
Beppe Sapone (10 months ago)
America invented tasers for the British police to use because their own police prefer guns .... less paperwork. ( not many of them can spell )
Flem Hawker (10 months ago)
A few years ago I watched two Australian police officers dealing with a violent drunk who was waving a kitchen knife about. I thought at the time that they were far more violent towards the guy than British police would of been...but, they never touched their side arms, it didn't cross their minds, they whipped out their batons and piled into him.
ZadZadrack (10 months ago)
I think most American Viewers of this Video ought to know that: 1. In UK both the people and the police RESPECT each other, and therefore, there is no need for use of VIOLENCE by either side in any matter. 2. However, there exceptions when the Policed is faced with some serious Law-breaker that appears to be DIFFICULT to apprehend, and therefore, a Tazer is used. In Extrem cases Fire Arms are used ONLY BY WELL TRAINED ARMED UNITS each member of which is responsible for every single bullit he/she fires, and if there is a death occurring, then an Independent Police Investigation Authority is informed immediate, and it' s the Job of that independent authority to investigate and establish if there was any WRONG-DOING on the part of the Police Officer/s, etc. 3. As UK Citizens we always obey Police instructions, be it if get stopped in our vehicle whilst driving, or if we are approached by a Police Officer all most the majority of Citizens stop and show the Police Officer respect, and appreciate how the Police ALWAYS address the members of the Public as: "Sir", or "Madam". Of course sometimes some members of the public seem to be drunk, or down right rude, but our UK Police are well trained at TOLERATING such unsociable behaviour, and they know that after the arrest an offender, he/she apologises to the Police for being drunk, rude, and unruly towards the Officers. 4. Of course, on several occasions, our Police Force make some serious 'ERROR' of judgement, but no matter how long it takes, such Officers who behave outside the Law can be brought to Justice at anytime in the future to face their wrong-doing. 5. It's all about UK Citizens and Police work together for the safety of all. Of course, our system is FAR FROM PERFECT, but somehow, WE IN THE UK ARE MORE CIVILISED than USA when it comes to maintaining LAW & ORDER in general. American Police Officers are a bunch of WAYWARD AND WILD AND UNRULY BUNCH, and they should never be compared to our CIVILISED UK POLICE FORCE IN ANYWAY, SHAPE, OR FORM.
Cal H (10 months ago)
The interesting thing about the clips of the British cops dealing with knife wielding loonatics is that the second clip is the arrest of the guy who moments before being taken into custody he'd beheaded a solider called Lee Rigby in the middle of a busy street and the perpetrator was known to have links to 'home grown radical Islamic groups' prior to this incident! Yet our police managed to subdue him and bring him in alive and physically fit enough to be questioned, no guns used and yet there were armed units in the vicinity!
Steeleperfect (11 months ago)
Only cowards need guns.
SAJ ALI (11 months ago)
Amerikkkunt police are trained by israeli army scum
Savage Master Mc Flex (11 months ago)
This is footage of murder
svtlightning300 (11 months ago)
for god sakes they are 2 against 1 and your afraid of a blade?? if they were scared they could have both pulled out a taser and then pepper spray. any real man though would have charged at him and disarmed him with ease. he was just a young punk, they pulled out their guns so fast you'd think the suspect was a trained special forces killer. i think its a systemic problem though. american men are really becoming soft pussies. when you depend on a gun for your protection it makes you a coward.
eyebelieve3 (11 months ago)
I think I counted 9 shots, is it protocol to unload the weapon if you shoot it once?

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