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DMT (smoked) Experience Report

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A DMT experience report. Take this part of my soul, when the rest of my soul dies I'll come to life through the parts I gave away :p patreon.com/akromajones
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Jacob Abraham (26 days ago)
cool video man
Idk man (1 month ago)
Love this video. But in other videos please don’t walk back in forth during it it’s very distracting
StabbyMcBlade (2 months ago)
Cool video mate, I wish it was easy to get hold of dmt in the UK, no.1 on my bucket list. Subbed...
Daniel Knapp (1 year ago)
lol seems like a pretty cool guy but if I had one question I would ask if he was already high in this video cause he's just walking in circles inside the house.
Albert Escamilla (1 year ago)
you need to dab it for full effect.
ChuckBoomBuck (2 years ago)
Mv. Valenvox (2 years ago)
Where can I find or buy dmt online? or
Akroma Jones (2 years ago)
+Mv. Shredz I cannot source Dmt, but I can say that people do extract DMT from different dmt containing plants with solvents such as d-limonene, and hexane.
Sherman Defillo (2 years ago)
when i first smoked salvia, I was in the headspace of a small dog on my grandfathers porch it was so simple and enjoyable.
Intro Specta (2 years ago)
+Akroma Jones The deepest places of hell which are real are a timeless eterinity of hopelessness and despair...Then on the other end of the scale where there is enlightenment is peace, love, joy for eternity...Salvia is a glimpse of Enlightenment but your experience may have been negative
Akroma Jones (2 years ago)
+Sherman Defillo The first time I smoked it was an awful experience, I felt like I was going to repeat the same three seconds of time for eternity.
lupsaman (2 years ago)
you look like borat.
Alyssa Macgregor (2 years ago)
ur a dick!
Akroma Jones (2 years ago)
+Alyssa Macgregor Perhaps I should consider being a paid spem-donor, if I am a giant dick my sperm count should be extraordinary.
Aaron Gentry (2 years ago)
The part where you said felt as though you were quite literally everything directly mirrors some NDEs I've read about it and saw and heard here on YouTube...which is mind blowing
KungFuChess (2 years ago)
Rehearing Mayans, they talk about elf like gods in the afterlife.
JazevoAudiosurf (3 years ago)
do you recommend it to people suffering from depression?
JazevoAudiosurf (3 years ago)
+Akroma Jones thanks for this long reply!
Akroma Jones (3 years ago)
+JazevoAudiosurf I cannot really reccomend it to people wth depression, and it depends on the thought cycles that people are having really, For example if I had severe depression it would probably work well for me as it kind of gives me a new appreciation of life and it is generally a really good experience for me, also when I have lost all the will to live and move I find that the intensity of the experience motivates me to go and live and experience all the joys of life, if it taught me anything it taught me to live life for anything and everything and to enjoy it, even the bad stuff.
Ty Waffles (3 years ago)
Holy shit I had a very similar experience! I felt like I was expanded and thought I would never feel the same but I did come back but it takes forever. I had really terrible body load at first as well which made it a bad experience. I think it could be caused by my high blood pressure? Its 138 over 65.
Akroma Jones (3 years ago)
+Ty Waffles I'm not entirely sure about blood pressure, I have no idea what mine is, but I do understand that body load but honestly it just becomes so intense for me that it no longer matters, like the level of intensity is so good to me that nothing else seems to matter. I feel like I came back, but I feel like it has definitely changed me forever in some way, but then again all experiences in life do. Regardless I find this to have been a particularly significant chemical and general experience over general experiences and it definitely gave me a new appreciation for the world.
Trip Tamine (3 years ago)
At wat dose do u black out?
Akroma Jones (3 years ago)
Its not worth doing too much as yu blackout at much higher doses as I have mentioned.
Trip Tamine (3 years ago)
that is quite high, iv never gone above 55mg myself
Akroma Jones (3 years ago)
+Trip Tamine Would say about 90mg for myself.
POLYMATICA (3 years ago)
good description fella
POLYMATICA (3 years ago)
that came across, its all adds to the bigger picture:)
Akroma Jones (3 years ago)
+frederickavery I am a bit loose with my words, but I try to be honest with the reality of how I percieved it.

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