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The TOT Revolution Podcast Presents The TOT Doctors Roundtable

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Joe Lescano (4 days ago)
How much 7-keto dhea to take instead of dhea? I use dhea 50mg and it puts me on top of my range and I feel great but it gets my estradiol high.
william flynn (7 days ago)
These videos are amazing.......I have learned so much from Jay and these progressive docs.....thx
Jim Dandy (7 days ago)
How do we get the chemical disruptor list from Dr. Nichols he said he was drafting?
Keith Nichols MD (7 days ago)
I am in process of researching and gathering that information for presentation. I takes a lot of time to get access to some of the journal articles (some have to be purchased) and the information is in various journals of toxicology. The information is there but not in our typical medical journals. It has been so overlooked but you will be surprised by what we have all been exposed to and the effects of those exposures on our endocrine system.
Dan smith (7 days ago)
Why are they trying to reduce trt? Are they trying to feminize society. In Australia its almost impossible to get TRT and all its doing is pushing guys underground to get TRT. Its like they want to keep guys on antidepressants, viagra, pain meds, diabetic drugs, cholestetol and hypertension etc.
Ryan Comstock (7 days ago)
Jay Campbell has amazing energy.
Ryan Comstock (7 days ago)
Anytime Jay and Jim do a video, I watch. They are the BEST of the BEST.
Avies48 (7 days ago)
video at 1:14, i grew up in colorado at between 5000-7600 ft levels, never had high h&H, never had low test, until i moved to cali and levels plummeted and have been on test now for over 16 yrs...
Todd Marr (8 days ago)
Dr. Rob, are you not concerned with high estrogen levels and cancer? I had read that it increases chances. Thanks
Keith Nichols MD (8 days ago)
I have to answer this so apologies if you are waiting to hear from Dr. Rob. High estrogen levels are associated with increased risk of multiple cancers in both men and post menopausal women...high BASELINE values that is. That means that men with high estrogen levels not on testosterone therapy do have a increased risk of cancer. The reason for this is that their high estrogen levels are secondary to their obesity or more specifically their visceral body fat. Visceral body fat causes a increase in inflammatory cytokines as well as insulin resistance. It is this pro inflammatory state that leads to the at least 12 different cancers related to visceral body fat including breast, prostate, and colorectal cancers. It is the visceral body fat not the estrogen although a lot of people hear and read it is the estrogen... it is not...estrogen is just a passive bystander getting blamed. In every study showing the positive effects of testosterone since the 1930s there was no control of the estrogen. All of these positive effects were also seen in all studies that included obese men with high baseline estrogen levels. The T decreases the visceral fat and insulin resistance which protects against above mentioned cancers. In every study where estrogen was blocked it showed harm. No study to date giving testosterone without blocking estrogen has caused harm (except a few highly flawed studies discussed in this podcast)...only benefit. If a man on testosterone gets symptoms of high estrogen (I’ve not seen one in my practice) then treat with a lose dose AI until symptoms resolve and then discontinue the AI. There is a big difference between and man having high estrogen from obesity (harm) than from a high level of estrogen while on testosterone (no harm). Mine is 80 or so by the way. I could go into a much more detailed explanation including the benefits of estrogen as well as the physiology if you would like. Just email me a wellness@T1institute.com Best regards, Keith
D&R (8 days ago)
Testosterone resistance? Wow...that is very interesting. I was unaware of such a condition and I highly suspect that was me. Been on TRT for a year and half. I pay out of my own pocket...best money I every spent. We are all biologically unique so, after experimenting with your doctor (prescription and protocol) and you get "dialed in"...your quality of life will improve so much. Do it smart, under the care of a doctor, do your blood work, eat clean(er), exercise and enjoy your life.
Keith Nichols MD (8 days ago)
Yes it completely explains why you can have normal levels in the serum but all the symptoms of T deficiency because the problem is the interruption of signal translation by affecting receptor binding, transcription, and or translation. Medicine has bee so focused on trying to simplify treatment with guidelines based on numbers that have no correlation with symptoms that we have forgotten that we are dealing with complex organisms that require a deeper understanding of all the processes that can cause dysfunction ..not just a number outside of the cell. I did not spend my life training to be a medical chef following cookbook guidelines that are most of the time based on politics and economics and not what is best for the patient. In the testosterone world medicine is completely ignoring all the processes involved in testosterone exerting it’s effects and how endocrine disrupters affect those processes even though it is in the medical literature.
f rad (8 days ago)
TRT saved my life. My levels was at 235 and my doctor at Kaiser P said I was in normal range and thought I should see a psychiatrist and wanted to put me on a anti estrogen which is retarded because my E levels were already tanked. Instead I decided to try TRT and went to a cash clinic and I cant put into words how much better I feel. I'M RELIEVED OF ALL MY SYMPTOMS AFTER 6 WEEKS! Chronic Fatigue cured Brain fog cured Depression cured Libido amazing Energy amazing Motivation is back Sex drive fantastic Fat loss improvement Muscle gain improvement Mood improvement Confidence is back Should I keep going?
David Kamnitzer (8 days ago)
Thank you and kudos to all of you! I am so grateful that you guys are so caring and competent and generous.
Happy to see Dr. Keith back as well!! Appreciate all your info, guys! Greetings from Belgium!
Walter Maul (8 days ago)
When's your next podcast I really wanna know about the varicocele
Walter Maul (8 days ago)
Keith Nichols MD btw being 27 I know about the infertility I have the ability to freeze sperm if needed
Walter Maul (8 days ago)
Keith Nichols MD I'll probably buy it and check it out when it arrives but at 27 yeah my t is low ish with symptoms my lh is always mid to high it's shouldent be so low when I'm clock in at 8.5lh sometimes btw thank you.
Keith Nichols MD (8 days ago)
If you have access to TOT bible it is answered on pages 529 - 530. I would strongly recommend downloading it from amazon. I live with my iPad so it is always available to show my patients a good reference text and I find myself reviewing it quite often myself even after reading it 3 times. If you have any trouble downloading it let me know. I can summarize those pages on varicocele for you if you can’t get access
Walter Maul (8 days ago)
TRT Revolution didn't you start at 28 jay?
Walter Maul (8 days ago)
TRT Revolution I'll tune in to ask...um is it not in the manual? I have the manual not the bible
panbuffman (8 days ago)
Great round table. So much good info. Any suggestions for a knowledgeable TRT physician around So Cal? I'm near Burbank.
panbuffman (7 days ago)
Avies48 (7 days ago)
i see dr raj in the antelope valley, he is a great doc, he is an endo....

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