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MCA Towed Rodney Walker's Mercedes 80 Miles For Free PROOF!!!

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Rodney Walker - Sales Associate, MCA Roadside Assistance (800) 796-7710 EXT. 213 - Need Roadside Assistance? Try MCA's unlimited coverage today! http://www.MCA247.com/RodneyWalker - MCA will protect you with the Total Security package for only $19.95 per month. What is MCA? A company that benefits you and your family. MCA sales great benefits such as Unlimited Roadside Assistance, which covers you for 100 Miles of towner (per incident) (per day). With the MCA Total Security package, you never have to pay anything out of pocket for services, and you're fully covered for lockout services, towing, tire repair/replacement, battery charging, and fuel delivery. MCA also covers you for legal fees, bail and arrest bonds, credit card protection, accidental life insurance, discounts on rental cars, hotels, RX, dental, and vision. Keywords mca, motor club of america mca 2015, mca motor club of america roadside assistance, mercedes s550, mercedes benz of tampa tampa bay, florida, rodney walker the mcaking, mca total security, Share this video https://youtu.be/GV7I0Vdprb4
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Text Comments (25)
Glenn Mcgollie (8 months ago)
U said u drove the loaner vehicle a benz back to Tampa but the steering wheel had a chevy sign on it at the gas station
Jonelle Dulin (9 months ago)
I have had coverage with MCA for years. 5 months ago I had car trouble and needed tow service. I was pleased with MCA service to get my vehicle home.
Rome Monroe (1 year ago)
I used to have a condo near Champion's Gate. I'm joining under you for that alone.
4 ReverBlessed (1 year ago)
10% will go to local charity 10% will be giving church 25% will be invested back into business (marketing ads, etc.) 10% random homeless person 10% for emergency fund 10% self (dinner date, movie night) 10% graduation gift for nephew 15 % mother (pocket money)
Marlene Jimenez (1 year ago)
is mca unlimited miles
Sean Donovan (2 months ago)
Marlene Jimenez 100 miles per day
kidkato (1 year ago)
100th like ✊
Carmen Bond (2 years ago)
Hi! I went to the shop and did not see post cards. I did see all the other products. Thank you for your inspiration and pointers.
Rene Rubio (2 years ago)
What's the response time?
tamia Neal (12 days ago)
he never respond to me , I ordered a download , never got it all he's contact info is invalid , I dont if someone is using he's pictures on this site, the site was MCA stop shop
Shawn Field (3 years ago)
Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success – Proverbs 13:11
Rodney Keith Walker (3 years ago)
+Shawn Field WOW amazing
Jean's Channel (3 years ago)
I think its the Rims that doing that
Rodney Keith Walker (3 years ago)
+Jean Mery Could be
Rodney Keith Walker (3 years ago)
Only a loser would thumbs down this video. True haters
OreliaLatrice (3 years ago)
Rodney Keith Walker (3 years ago)
+OreliaLatrice Yes it is. mca motor club
Kevin Gadson (3 years ago)
great Video Rodney I use the services a lot also MCA is the truth keep the video's coming
Rodney Keith Walker (3 years ago)
+Kevin Gadson Thanks man
Jernard Griffin (3 years ago)
I appreciate what you do for the people. Keep on being encouraged and stay real.
Rodney Keith Walker (3 years ago)
(800) 796-7710 EXT 213 thanks
ricky mlawa (3 years ago)
A auto mechanic told me this "if you put big rims on your car, your car would most likely have transmission problem due to the car bearing the weight of the heavy rims"
Justin Rakestraw (6 months ago)
ricky mlawa not true. Depends on the type of car an s550 cam easily handle that weight.
Rodney Keith Walker (3 years ago)
Really? Didn't know that

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