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Is Masturbation Good For You?

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Text Comments (21804)
Jai Laruna (5 hours ago)
Who's masturbating while watching this?
Imma jerk off after this
RandomRamtin 3459 (13 hours ago)
If you haven’t developed sperm and you masturbait at that age will you still develop sperm?
Alexander Cheong (19 hours ago)
90 days no fap challenge? Get the F out of here! By the way, what are those 5% of men never masturbated in their life doing with their life??? 😰
King Kenny (21 hours ago)
Ok so it good to DO IT
DARTHASH PIE (23 hours ago)
OWL SQUAD (1 day ago)
The word masturbation is funny
BEGONE THOT (1 day ago)
Ummm my stomach hurted after.
Australian Mapper (1 day ago)
Teacher: Masturbation is bad *goes home* Me: watches this *Fapping alot*
Enduro Pro (1 day ago)
Only 72% of women have masturbated
E A (2 days ago)
0:34 I jacc it to sleep so thats true,,
Cobra Abhishek (2 days ago)
Guys believe me masturbation is dangerous
thatone 26 (3 days ago)
I don't want to here this!!!!!!!!!!!!
thatone 26 (3 days ago)
I'm in the dark weeb again :_(
Your God (3 days ago)
Jacking off Beating your meat Polishing your pearl Wax on wack off Slapping the salmon Rubbing the rug
Viara Tamashī (3 days ago)
Me: “ I fap too much..” ( watches video) Me:(faps for 30 min)
Deja Blue (3 days ago)
I want to cut back on doing my thang because I have noticed that after I finish doing my thang, I start to get really itchy everywhere around my no-no squares, even in spots where I didn’t even put my hands on; so I was wondering, is it normal to feel itchy? And also, what can I do to cut back on twiddling my no-no squares?
Satangel Hellish (3 days ago)
Don't forget to massage your prostates at the same time
Sub thai
Dom1n1can _Swagg (4 days ago)
Who actually went and smoked their meat after watching this?😂😂😂
DONZz Hd (4 days ago)
Lol the only men who wouldn’t masturbate are the ones who can’t
Florentin (4 days ago)
I reccomand this video to the Nofap Comunity
Alex Hallim (4 days ago)
Say what
Alex Hallim (4 days ago)
Danish (5 days ago)
So masturbation is good-???- Well I'm good start mastrubate my self now
JLER (5 days ago)
I fapped after watching this video.
Nedim Hodzic (5 days ago)
I knew it
EricxEpic XxxX (6 days ago)
Now I want to know how many times masturbating a week is healthy
khaledking1019k2 (6 days ago)
**deletes history and doesn't click the like button in fear of mom discovering it**
solomon stephens (6 days ago)
So jerking off is good for you I’m going to do it all day
Com Truise (6 days ago)
1:50 I thought it was a bat-version of a exhibitionist
Chazza playz (6 days ago)
Who actually lights candles and plays music when the masterbate most people just watch porn
Music life Forever (7 days ago)
I can get pregnant if i masturbate?
Ejaculation is good for me
Finn Davies (7 days ago)
It burns when I hold sperm In as hard as I can. I’m pretty sure I let it free when I fall asleep right after words and my body is saying “HAY STOPE DAT!”
Finn Davies (6 days ago)
Yah. Seems reasonable. XD
Galaxy Fall (6 days ago)
Don't stop it from coming out if it burns.
MYST1C_8 (7 days ago)
I thought it was bad but now that I see it reduces cancer im all like...hmmmm
Edith Gonzalez (7 days ago)
Girls: Rub Guys: Tug If you know what I mean 😏
deeptotop (7 days ago)
Muslims plz dont bilieve this this is funded by missionaries
DON'T WASTE TIME (7 days ago)
My hands got tired.. I used my mouth to finish it off zzz.
MOHAMMAD Armaani Jaan (7 days ago)
Gonna subscribe you, only for this STROKING video! ;-)
kid gangsta (8 days ago)
I release sperm everyday
GamerChickenJMF (8 days ago)
its weird when u realize what ur doing
SameezYT (8 days ago)
How was your first time masturbating? Tell me
Towel done (1 day ago)
SameezYT (I hope that is private) I ran through my house, singing
O Mortals 😒
Nicholas lazaroo (8 days ago)
I will stop i dont want cancrr
Bay Alps (9 days ago)
wtf you guys are wankers. weak people and insane minds that masturbate like a mentally disturbed no control. crazy.
King_Abel (9 days ago)
Well now I have to use my left hand more
Citizen of UK (9 days ago)
Well here go raound 3
Jay Stevens (10 days ago)
Video:”masturbation relives stress” Me:*takes pants off*
|JonTtu| (10 days ago)
Umm...where i can delete my history
billwarrior (11 days ago)
This guy talking shit, go type up NoFap
Mike Foster (11 days ago)
99,100 change hands! Easy lol
͚ ͚ (11 days ago)
what about NoFap?
Quantumz GD (12 days ago)
*n u t*
RM (12 days ago)
If you watch pornography, can you get into awkward conversations during interviews or ruin your chances of getting into good colleges? Just wondering
Galaxy Fall (6 days ago)
I wouldn't think so.
r (12 days ago)
I have never masterbated in my life xD
Marc Houle (12 days ago)
Looks like im having a man to hand relationship tonight
Bogus Bozo (12 days ago)
the mind and body are connected.
Ooofed sama (12 days ago)
Well can you please answer this is this real or fake? https://www.quora.com/Does-masturbation-affect-height-growth-1 it alot downside that I found on this website they said "it like slowly poison when mastubate
Plazmabusta (12 days ago)
I'm 13 years old and my first masturbation is at 11. Until now, still, by watching porn. Often (1x masturbation / 1-2 days). Am I normal?
Suresh J (13 days ago)
It’s hard to follow anybody advice because it takes lot of guts and years to quit masturbation. You won’t have enough energy to perform any physical activities after you masturbate. Masturbation will cause vitamin deficiencies which causes you to become very weak. Whether you are a football player or Gym instructor, the effects of masturbation remains the same. Masturbation is a SIN in any religion, Period! 1. How to Overcome/Recover from the Effects of Masturbation (Masterbation) (https://sureshjonna.in/2018/06/19/effects-of-masturbation-masterbation/) 2. Masturbating is Injurious to health: Disadvantages of Masturabation (https://sureshjonna.in/2018/05/24/disadvantages-of-masturabation/)
Michael Aleksovski (13 days ago)
Use it or lose it , Giggity Giggity
McGamer (13 days ago)
I am 12 and I masturbate. Is that o.k?
Galaxy Fall (6 days ago)
McGamer yes
Edgy Boyy (14 days ago)
Is it good or bad?
Rayer (14 days ago)
Why can't I do this 8 in the row? I could be the healthiest person alive.
nosoynadaoriginal (14 days ago)
2 second video with a "YES" in huge letters.
vegankid123 (14 days ago)
The worst thing is *HIDING FROM YOUR PARENTS*
gouka saru (14 days ago)
How do you do without doing it.
JakamTM (15 days ago)
all 17 million of yall Are Disgusting 😂
Im left handed!!!! 😂😂
Leafy 126 (15 days ago)
I heard it is good and its bad but how do I know which one to trust?
Mr. Vain (15 days ago)
0:34 "Polishing The Pearl" did he just call a Clit a Pearl? Anyway *phew* I was worried maybe i jerked too much back when i was a kid
Mai Big Butt (16 days ago)
Not my proudest fap.
Alex GamingYT (16 days ago)
oh GOD I cam is that weird and is a 10 year old kid cum is that weird to??
Blerman97 Blerman97 (16 days ago)
Thats funny who said you can blond while masturbating
KING FERDINAND (16 days ago)
Is good or bad to do it
Santiago Hernandez (16 days ago)
I don't like masturbating because when i eyaculate it's just a matter of seconds to end up feeling unsatisfied, gross, guilty and feeling like something stole energy from me instantly. It's been a month since i last masturbated and i realized that masturbation is just an instinct and if you follow this instinct you are nothing more than a weak minded person and i don't blame you, masturbation might feel good on your body but in my body it feels like shit.
Kristen Cunningham (17 days ago)
MeIsMilkman (17 days ago)
What do NoFappers think of this?
Gerald Vounas (17 days ago)
People don't gotta lie that they never did it. Lol who cares? It's completely normal everyone does it.
nathan thangeshwaren (17 days ago)
i get it now but if i get watching porn and jerking off i get criticized and everyone tells everyone
Mahmoud Shabana (17 days ago)
how often should i do it
I masturbate myself since i was 12 year's old,
Edward101CD (18 days ago)
Da fuq did I just watch?
GTA Bray .B B (18 days ago)
It said decrease cancer so it won't happen
End Light Gaming (19 days ago)
Why is this recommend
Mahmoud Fat7eee (19 days ago)
I masterbate once a week is that good ?
Thanh tai Phanle (19 days ago)
My godd i have been showw v: this
Jehad Hamidi (19 days ago)
Me:am just going to watch porn no fapping 10 sec later cum everywhere
IceZZZ (19 days ago)
I thought masturbating would increase prostate cancer, turns out I was wrong :P
Frank Kennedy (20 days ago)
is masturbation addiction bad?
Frank Kennedy (17 days ago)
like what?
Michael Dromes (17 days ago)
Any addiction is bad, just like everything in live, even masturbation has to be done in reasonable amounts.
u failed the test ! (20 days ago)
Who is here and just wanna see the comment?
lil Humblee (20 days ago)
does it make us thinner??? or at least affect our body shape?
Michael Dromes (17 days ago)
It burns calories, quite a bit actually, so in a sense, yes.
Charlie Jablo (21 days ago)
Comment down if u want me to help you jacking off
Alingalan Paul (21 days ago)
Hmmmmmmm........... what did i just do earlier guess it
Laila Eam (21 days ago)
what about females?
Layla BTS (20 days ago)
Laila Eam What about it? We do it too but the difference is we never ever dare ourselves to be honest enough to admit it haha! Right?
Necromancer Nazi (21 days ago)
I fap 10 times a day.. The 10th is almost air nothing comes out 😂

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