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Is Surgery Necessary for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

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DOES CARPAL TUNNEL JUST GO AWAY? The symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome usually develop gradually. Some people opt for hand surgery to get rid of their symptoms. The operation used to treat carpal tunnel syndrome is called open release carpal tunnel surgery of the hand. This isn’t like a simple dental extraction: the surgery comes with a significant amount of risks and trauma because a 2-4 long cut is made down your palm. The success rate of this operation is approximately 50% based on surgical results and patient satisfaction. Thus, combining the low success rate with the high cost, extensive recovery & rehab time, and job loss rate, there’s no wonder this operation is falling out of favor with most doctors and patients. The good news is that symptoms often improve if you just stop or change an activity that is helping to cause the condition. Most mild cases of carpal tunnel syndrome get better with minimal treatment, like splinting. Usually there is no permanent damage to the median nerve. Surgery is used only in certain instances and by far, is most cases of carpal tunnel syndrome, surgery is not required or even recommended. IF YOU ALREADY HAVE CARPAL TUNNEL If you already have this painful condition, don’t worry! The CPR is the fastest and most effective treatment available to get rid of carpal tunnel syndrome for good. The CPR, which stands for Carpal – Pain – Relief, is not a dangerous medicine or crazy gimmick. It’s a brand new product DESIGNED BY DOCTORS to expand your wrist joint using a traction method. That means the CPR directly targets the problem inside your wrist by to give you fast relief from pain, numbness, tingling and other symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. The CPR is like a wrist brace and takes only seconds to put on. It fits every hand size (either left or right side) and comes in a variety of colors. You can take your CPR everywhere and use it whenever your symptoms flare up for quick and effective relief. You can even work while helping your hand feel better. The CPR is safe and simple to use. It’s simply the best and most economical solution to carpal tunnel syndrome. Stop your symptoms today. Get the CPR -- and get relief fast! http://www.CarpalPainRelief.com
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