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How Metformin Prevents and Treats Autoimmune Disorders | TRT Revolution

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Alexandre Carvalho (2 months ago)
What a good amount of metformin for already have been diagnosed with auto imune?? I take 500mg /day of time release metformin... thanks
Vinutha M S Green (1 month ago)
Alexandre Carvalho did you get auto immune disease after taking metformin? Because i got myasthenia gravis after taking metformin for 9 months for pcos. After i stopped taking metformin gradually i started getting symptoms of myasthenia gravis and finally i was diagnosed with MG. I was very healthy before that. Now I wanted to start metformin again as it was good for my pcos. But yesterday i came across a website where i read metformin disrupts gut health. Then i read in two more forums where some people got myasthenia gravis after taking metformin. Now i think metformin is the possible culprit behind my disease. And i have decided not to take that tablet again. If it was so good for gut health and had improved gut flora, i was not supposed to get an auto immune disease.
silkhead44 (2 months ago)
Berberine does the same thing...it's actually just as good with no side effects
TOT Revolution (2 months ago)
No it doesn't. Stop coming on my page with your idiocy. The only side effects Metformin causes are for people who eat like shit and have massively infected Gut Biomes. https://www.endocrineweb.com/professional/type-2-diabetes/metformin-alters-microbiota-improving-insulin-sensitivity
Anthony Llabres (2 months ago)
Anthony Llabres (28 days ago)
Maybe this will ease that issue: https://www.nature.com/articles/srep31072
JaxDemon (29 days ago)
Anthony Llabres See that I can believe because if you've bad but bacteria it will send a signal to your brain to state your hungry so you eat. Metformin makes alot of people not hungry. It suppresses appetite and by changing the bacteria in the gut the guts no longer needing to send signals to the brain to get fed to clear out the bad bacteria. Metformin does have it's good points but the main one for me is the IGF1 inhibition.

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