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How Metformin Prevents and Treats Autoimmune Disorders | TRT Revolution

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Alexandre Carvalho (7 days ago)
What a good amount of metformin for already have been diagnosed with auto imune?? I take 500mg /day of time release metformin... thanks
silkhead44 (11 days ago)
Berberine does the same thing...it's actually just as good with no side effects
TRT Revolution (11 days ago)
No it doesn't. Stop coming on my page with your idiocy. The only side effects Metformin causes are for people who eat like shit and have massively infected Gut Biomes. https://www.endocrineweb.com/professional/type-2-diabetes/metformin-alters-microbiota-improving-insulin-sensitivity
muk wattana (11 days ago)
Since you know so much about metformin can you answer this. Why does metformin cause serious feet/lower leg edema in some people taking only 500mg a day? i am talking about people who eat clean and had no problems with fluid retention at all. Then they add just 500mg metformin and after a couple of days their feet swell up like crazy. Takes about 5-7 days to get rid of the fluid after stop takinging the metformin.
muk wattana (10 days ago)
Nothing to do with metformin? It is the only change and teh edema comes with in a few days. Stop the metformin and it goes away. Clearly it is because of the metformin sicne that is the ONLY change during this period. No change in diet at all or other things.
TRT Revolution (11 days ago)
LOL. Has NOTHING TO DO WITH METFORMIN. Is completely related to your diet and a likely an infected gut biome.
Anthony Llabres (11 days ago)

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