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Biggest Supplement Scams - Nitric Oxide

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In this video we continue the discussion on biggest supplement scams. Today we discuss NO products, specifically those containing l-arginine or AAKG. See my original supplement scams video: http://youtu.be/kQ9N8ur10og Best supplements - Bang for your buck: http://youtu.be/QbMeaUQN8iw Arginine intravenously: http://circ.ahajournals.org/content/93/1/85.full Arginine and weight training: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21813912 Arginine and muscle endurance: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21399536 Check out a good summary at Examine: http://examine.com/supplements/Arginine/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/campbellfitness Shirts: http://campbellfitness.spreadshirt.com/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CampbellFitness Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/campbellfitness Fitocracy: https://www.fitocracy.com/profile/BrandonCampbell
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Text Comments (1799)
Mud and Chocolate (22 hours ago)
the one thing i have experienced with l-arginine is that i have way less muscle soreness
Brandon Campbell Diamond (19 hours ago)
Michael Ie. (5 days ago)
Drinks can Of NO suplement. Goes to the gym. ..😲...😣 Quickly rerurns home with "headach from Hell" 🤕
Bored Fish (14 days ago)
Not first
Bored Fish (11 days ago)
Brandon Campbell Diamond damnnn, not first in your pants? 😢😢
first in my heart.
catering wafa (1 month ago)
Just use your brain and medical facts please, don't spreading shiiit around
I did, I suggest you do the same.
Terence G. (2 months ago)
I'm just here to read the comments
Brandon Campbell Diamond (2 months ago)
Good luck lol
Jeb Myers (3 months ago)
Dude I take citrulline or arginine I get a huge huge pump
Brandon Campbell Diamond (3 months ago)
huge pump =/= doing anything for your training
dick Longflop (3 months ago)
I don’t feel like you understand what you are supposed to get out of L-arginine and how your supposed to use it. This is a pretty good video if you care to watch https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IPd2NB9mjaM
Brandon Campbell Diamond (3 months ago)
I actually understand quite well.
Adam Casper (3 months ago)
I responded great to aakg other than it started giving a rash on stomach and chest so had to stop
Adam Casper (3 months ago)
Brandon Campbell Diamond “great pump and vascularity”
Brandon Campbell Diamond (3 months ago)
What do you consider "responding great"
Al Abdel (3 months ago)
Good grief with these videos from ppl who have zero idea what they're talking about..lol.
Brandon Campbell Diamond (3 months ago)
Yes... science and research hold no value what so ever... lol
Kyle (3 months ago)
Citrulline converts to Arginine in the kidneys. Thats why most modern pre-workouts have L-Citrulline, especially with malic acid. The absorption rate is much higher with citrulline. I rarely see L-Arginine in pre-workouts anymore, and for good reason.
Kyle (3 months ago)
Brandon Campbell Diamond that’s unfortunate. It’s been shown to absorb at 30-40%. Throwing money away. I’d recommend Black Market’s L-Citrulline raw, or Kaged Muscle fermented citrulline
Brandon Campbell Diamond (3 months ago)
I'd prefer cit mal, but arginine is still very prevalent in a lot of supplements.
terrance m (4 months ago)
I have been on and off a product called Sheer NO for a very long time, I have been through many bottles of the stuff. I can tell as a fact that when I take it my blood pressure drops for about have the day and even the smallest amount of activity has my veins popping out like crazy and the days I take it before I go to the gym I get a way better pump. This is not a placebo effect folks. Having that said, I can not say that it has or has not help to build any extra muscle, all I can tell you is it will in FACT cause vasodilation and I love it !
Brandon Campbell Diamond (4 months ago)
Thanks for the feedback
Mark Jones (4 months ago)
Brandon Campbell Diamond (4 months ago)
MR.SINISTER (5 months ago)
He's gay
Brandon Campbell Diamond (4 months ago)
Shut up and kiss me already.
Dennis Ramos (5 months ago)
Bitch Nitric Oxide worked on me and I have a bigger lean muscles using that product for 6 month compared to you! Just because a certain product does not work on you doesn’t mean it don’t work! Stop YouTubing!
Brandon Campbell Diamond (5 months ago)
No you don't.
chuck clingan (5 months ago)
“If you take 10 grams of Xsupplement you’ll get stomach cramps and mud butt”... NO SHIT! 10 grams is way too much for any amino acid
Brandon Campbell Diamond (5 months ago)
That's kind of the point, you'd have to over do this.
0713mas (5 months ago)
So what causes the extra pump feeling that I get when I use to take the old N.O. Explode or Super Pump or even the Wal-Mart SixStar N.O. product
Brandon Campbell Diamond (5 months ago)
There are ingredients that will aid in getting a pump, however they do not translate to more muscle gains.
Flexies Mohamed (5 months ago)
What about Redwood from thuruthnutra? Is it as good as they say it? Safe?
Brandon Campbell Diamond (5 months ago)
Never heard of it.
Ken Wright (5 months ago)
Ive been using no2 17 years and it DOES work. Not every supplement works for every person....
Brandon Campbell Diamond (5 months ago)
It doesn't do anything for increasing hypertrophy.
TheDano1947 (5 months ago)
I took NO for my health only, the jury's still out.
Brandon Campbell Diamond (5 months ago)
Albert Nothnagel (6 months ago)
You can use Viagra or extenze 30 mins before your workout. It sounds funny but you get a serious pump and can lift more and longer. if your pump lasts longer than 4 hours call your doctor. lol
Brandon Campbell Diamond (6 months ago)
MARZOSIRUS (6 months ago)
You really dont know what your talking about. You should have titled this arginine in pill form may be a scam. You titled video nitric oxide is a scam which is totally false. Plenty of studies show that an increase in nitric oxide during training increases blood flow therefore improving the pump.
Brandon Campbell Diamond (6 months ago)
which has no correlation to hypertrophy gains...
WC (6 months ago)
We can't help ignorant people like this man and his presentation on this video. He's just making a dam fool out of himself.
Brandon Campbell Diamond (6 months ago)
Sounds like someone's mad they've wasted money ;)
Gintas Rekleys (9 months ago)
stfu f this guy video
Brandon Campbell Diamond (9 months ago)
Good one.
Brimstone Helix (9 months ago)
Use a carrot under your arm pit while you workout. Thank me later.
Brandon Campbell Diamond (9 months ago)
adityabeatz (9 months ago)
if i take citruline mallate, creatine, l carinitine and some coffee would that be enough good supplements?
Brandon Campbell Diamond (9 months ago)
I'd say so
JuWo Gaming (9 months ago)
is scitec 100% creatine monohydrate a good supplement?
Brandon Campbell Diamond (9 months ago)
if it's made from creapure
Escape From NY (9 months ago)
Thank you!
Brandon Campbell Diamond (9 months ago)
Thanks for taking a look
Rand U (10 months ago)
thanks for posting this; as the old saying goes, a sucker is born every minute
Brandon Campbell Diamond (10 months ago)
You know it.
Kevin Kennedy (10 months ago)
Test 180 from Force Factor. It is just full of caffeine and other things they claim that will boost Testosterone. Used it for two years it made me very sick.
Kevin Kennedy (10 months ago)
I'm not a big fan either any more. Any company like Force Factor that signs a person up for automatic auto ship with out telling you when they offer you a free trying I now am very leery of now.
Brandon Campbell Diamond (10 months ago)
Sorry to hear. I'm not a big fan of anything from Force Factor.
Mud butt! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Brandon Campbell Diamond (10 months ago)
you know it.
flyinlow919 (11 months ago)
Brandon Campbell Diamond (10 months ago)
best way
Ben Joseph (11 months ago)
Any heart patients getting lower cholesterol results from this? Just starting it as a suppository for best absorption to fight cholesterol...but mainly inflammation in my body...the more newly designated bad.
Brandon Campbell Diamond (11 months ago)
I think there are better alternatives than these OTC weight training supplements
Maxi Walter (11 months ago)
Brandon Campbell Diamond (11 months ago)
Bro science level 10
Brandon Campbell Diamond I rather not and I'll take my personal experience instead.
My points here are supported by the available research, feel free to check the research linked in the description.
Sunny Blamba (1 year ago)
so you are smarter than the nobel price winner that came up with nitrix oxide production in the body...you are a moron...and dont know what the fuck you are talking about. The only supplement that gives you a pump..other than anabolic steroids is Largenine...all the pre workout packs are bullshit..full of caffeine and other bullshit..but one ingridient thats always present is Largeening...why are u spreading propaganda and missinforming people dude? fuxk u
The study done with NO that won the nobel prize was in regards to heart health when administered intravenously, which I mention in the video. Do your research next time.
Gilbert Moreno (1 year ago)
this dude sounds like a hater....all that talk but users of this product say otherwise ..including me. I get the best workouts when I'm using NO...bigger pumps, more endurance ..stfu
Gilbert Moreno (1 year ago)
just because you didnt get results or wasn't satisfied with a product it doesn't mean the next person had the same experience as you ..... but carry on. tell us how water is a scam too 🤔
I'm glad you enjoy the placebo.
Reno Simpson (1 year ago)
Muscle bound, tatted up with hat on backwards. Are we supposed to take you seriously ?
BallaRepublica (1 year ago)
dude lots of scum around the world but on this u are totally wrong. arginine and l-citrulline rule!!
Markos Paris (1 year ago)
when he made this video, nitric oxide supps were probably a scam, he's right. nowdays you have things like citrulline malate, agmatine sulfate and beet root powder which have been PROVEN to increase nitric oxide at proper doses. in 2013 no one knew wtf they were doing. get your facts straight before talking shit.
That's not true. I made a video talking about the benefits of citrulline mallate back in 2012.
jay devore (1 year ago)
In 1998 someone received a noble prize for , hey guess what " a study of l arginine "
I discussed this in the video. Next time watch before commenting.
Will Todaro (1 year ago)
lol it's a huge part of my workout and it does work I took no2 for three months and saw huge strength differences
Not b/c of arginine.
Ankit Sanyal (1 year ago)
30gms...??? WTF Just 3gm 30 mnts before workout in oral form... arginine is good suplement but overdose Will spoil ur body
That is incorrect. You're misinterpreting the data.
Ankit Sanyal (1 year ago)
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22251130 . well u need to visit linked research of what u provided. IT clearly say that blood flow did encreased but no effect on muscles growth. Thats what pre worout do, they dnt help u in gaining but gives u that strength to lift extra being untired. The sole aim of Arginine is to expand nerves, thus help in increased blood flow and supplying additional nutritious required.
Actually it's been researched. I linked the studies in the description.
Ankit Sanyal (1 year ago)
Its ur advice that oral wont work...U shld go and get some basic certification before claiming urself as 'Fitness Expert'
Even if competing you would not inject arginine. You should spend some more time researching before posting such comments.
LAW AND ORDER 33139 (1 year ago)
lol.. coming from a skinny underdeveloped know it all.... must be a liberal !
LAW AND ORDER 33139 (1 year ago)
Yeah, go with that wannabe boy!
LAW AND ORDER 33139 (1 year ago)
Yah , go with that skinny boy !
LAW AND ORDER 33139 sounds like someone is upset about their placebo powder :)
joe klicman (1 year ago)
straight bro science. I will tell you that N02 supps are much more effective on people with some form of hypertension. so basically, if your a skinny jean wearing kale eating bitch like this dude, then it may not do much. however, if your a meat eating iron devouring big bad son of a bitch. Then this supplement might add the blood flow needed to accomplish superhuman feats that piss of those with lesser genetics. some of the N02 supps I've taken have a measurable and highly observable effect. unless of course you don't think blood pressure and heart rate effect your body's ability to deliver oxygen and nourishment impact your training regimen.
You either: a) didn't watch the video b) are an idiot c) both.
Mark Roop (1 year ago)
you lack experience.
freddywayne (1 year ago)
This video refers to people that work out like wackos. But, L-Arginine has many benefits.
freddywayne (1 year ago)
And...any idiot believing what this non-doctor is saying in this video, would be wrong too. L-Arginine by itself probably has little training benefits for people with healthy endothelium tissue....but, others with low nitric oxide due to damaged endothelium tissue, will benefit from it. But, it needs to be taken with L-Citrulline.
Numero Uno (1 year ago)
AAKG - I find after using 3g twice a day on empty stomach, works after consistant use first few days not much effect, but after week or so get awesome pumps throughout the day not just working out. and downstairs noticable increase. Also when talking vascularity and pumps, DIET is most important, gud fats and carbs
Thanks for the response, I still haven't seen enough research to support AAKG
Richard Cadena (1 year ago)
I am 48 y/o plenty of experience. it does work. I feel great since taking arginine i feel difference within 2 min of taking also gives me a natural high I do have some stomach discomfort little nauseous for minute goes away I believe the older u are the more I will notice the benefit. and no mud but at all. there are multiple doctors and I know of 1 that has won noble prize on this subject and benefits
Ben Joseph (11 months ago)
+Brandon Campbell Diamond Oh good...i am a heart patient taking it starting this week in suppository form... to bypass my weak stomach...hoping it will fight inflammation above all...thnx!
I mentioned this in the video. It won a nobel prize for it's intravenous use and positive effects on the heart, not weight training.
PINHEAD GAMING (1 year ago)
bro have you taken the product before you made this video I don't know its just a question cause any research can say anything and I believe N.O. can help your performance amazingly as foretold a study Dr.OZ did on N.O. so if Dr.OZ and his colleagues agree that N.O. works my question is. What is the scientist or doctor's name that briefly said that N.O. components are useless and don't help your performance in weight training?
I don't take it as rude, but I linked the research in the description box, which you didn't take the time to read.
PINHEAD GAMING (1 year ago)
hey man not to be rude but the way you answer back to us it sounds like you have a stick up your ass
If you rely on a TV "doctor" for your information then you have more issues to worry about than bogus NO lol.
paradise1711 (1 year ago)
It's nothing but anti-establishment.
Doug Markwith (1 year ago)
3:58 "Not to mention other things that we don't want to mention." Very eloquent.
Hey now
Ali Alavehzadeh (1 year ago)
im a pharmacist and i disagree and i should say that the way you reached your conclusion is not scientific at all. my suggestion is to read more about it.
Ali Alavehzadeh yes bc referencing peer reviewed scientific journals isn't a good way to form an opinion lol. Don't quit your day job.
David Palomino (1 year ago)
This guy is full of shit
David Palomino I could say the same.
A P (1 year ago)
Bcaa placebo too?
Depends on diet and what type of training you do.
crosswire7777 (1 year ago)
bruh look at those pinner arms if i ever sae you on the street imma lay you down then bench you 6 reps 3 sets and give you a wet willy smack yo azz wink at u then call you sally ha ha faggit
cool story
atthetippy (1 year ago)
This guy is dumb, I have a 6 phd's and I'm about to get another, this guy is straight dumb, google it.
Glad to see you wasted your time on them.
JF R (1 year ago)
I can't tell you how annoying it is when people who have no idea what they're talking about try to do a review. I've been working out on & off since I was 14, over 20 yrs and am a certified trainer. Anyway I've tried pretty much every supplement there is & obviously wasted a lot of money over the years. However whatever research study you're citing Cleary used a shitty brand and they don't tell u what else is in it other than arginine but there's more & it just says proprietary blend. point being there are some good brands that work awesome. What u should know is the way a vasodilator such as n.o. works, it simply relaxes smooth muscle, which includes veins thus the increased circulation and intestines thus the shits. This is why they usually tell you to start at a lower dose like 3 pills instead of six if you're over 200 plds for at least a week then full dose. I can assure you from personal experience it goes away if you use too much too quick. I can also assure you 100% that a good one such as muscle tech absolutely works. Some of the stronger powders are so strong they create a tingly feeling & big red blotches on your back & chest and give you a skin tearing pump. Some of the better pills take a little longer & not quite as strong off the line but last all day after a few days of use and create that 24 hr pump. Trust me, don't just try taking arginine spend the $ for some muscle tech powder, little pricey, or even six star (made by muscle tech) pills, little slower than the powder but u will not b disappointed. Probably the only supplement I've used over the years other than a good protein shake that actually gets results and very quickly too
Yes b/c peer reviewed research with clinical grade ingredients should be overlooked in favor of someone who completed an easy CPT course and is giving anecdotal evidence....
Dave Kent (1 year ago)
Why the f*** do you think it is necessary to blast the music so loud at the beginning of this video??? I could not hit the stop button quickly enough to save my ears! So...I am leaving this comment, and will seek out other videos to get my answers. I have no interest in whatever you have to say, since you do not have sense enough to not lead in to a video this way, that MIGHT otherwise be a good and/or informative video. Thanks for nothing, and I am sorry that you gained a recorded "view" from this, my last foray into anything that you may offer now, or in the future.
It's at a standard volume. But based off your long winded response I can tell you're sensitive to more than just volume :)
Pound4PoundNo1 (1 year ago)
snort a 5g dose before you hit the gym, gets into the bloodsteam quicker.....
thybigballs (1 year ago)
If the stuff gets destroyed in your digestive system how do you normally get it throughout your body?
it's naturally occurring within the body as well.
oleg maskaev (1 year ago)
talking head video
Murdermitten Michigan (1 year ago)
Not true I went threw a whole body with no side effects...I workout out 3 days with it an my arms got big as fuck......
Hundred (1 year ago)
for a couple of weeks i ve been taking 4g arginine and 4g citrulline 1 hr before workout and then 3-4 g of c4 20 mins before and i ve never been more productive in the gym, feeling great... but after watching this i guess its because of the c4 (idk, i started taking both at the same time) i ll take only the c4 for a few work uts and see if theres any changes... i hope theres no changes so i can stop taking arginine and citrulline, cuz it tastes like rotten sperm
Eyes Brah (1 year ago)
lol at taste.
davester32 (1 year ago)
Please share your results
Aceman2929 (1 year ago)
I wanna be veiny, but damn that thumbnail is just disgusting
Saint Mars (1 year ago)
Grow some goddamned varicose veins, if you want to be a freak!
a bit overkill lol
Olympian085 (1 year ago)
lol science says arginine increases blood flow. It works for muscular pumps and preventing erectile dysfunction. I don't know why you're denying it
I explained this in the video. Pay better attention.
roberto flores (1 year ago)
arginine it did work very good in my placebo effect mis huevos. I had a bonner every morning and I never expected that keep your placebo effect studies for you grandma
good luck with your penis powder.
E.O. G. (1 year ago)
Beets beat nitric supplements. I love drinking it with my Whey drink and works great.
Sevastion Aaron (1 year ago)
yeah no you only need 3gs a day the only thing is you have to take it everyday for a month or two and it makes you feel like a solid rock I know I took it when I was in boxing the thing about amino acids is your body has to be saturated with thim to get the full affects witch is why you need pure amino of one acid at a time the scams are in the supplement company's
Sevastion Aaron (1 year ago)
have you tried it out for your self it was worked vary well when hard intense although did seem to make it harder to run really maximized my pump after 3 consecutive months of hard training it has won a Nobel prize you know
unfortunately that's still not true for arginine
AreJayEss (1 year ago)
So what I'm hearing: No more Arginine supplements from preworkout, instead I should be injecting it straight into my bloodstream for best results!
lol pretty much. They are better alternatives.
Steven Ortiz (1 year ago)
Lol this dude don't know shit!! It works I'm a big guy with thick skin and since Iv been taking it Iv seen big difference I'm very vascular and I never had that b4 so I stand behind this amino acid! IT WORKS
Parental Guardian (22 days ago)
tth will be the EQ mate
catering wafa (1 month ago)
i agree with you. just talk with no brain at all
catering wafa (1 month ago)
Steven Ortiz agree with you...
Mike Jackson (11 months ago)
nioxhealth.com or morelyfe.com Sound fundamental science really
Leland Chumley (1 year ago)
+Love Aaniq
goodcat1982 (1 year ago)
didn't watch the video. Just came on to disslike the video because of the title. What a load of rubbish. Been taking NO for years. It does exactly what it says on the tin. What don't people understand? lol fucking retards byeeee
Justin A (1 year ago)
hahahahaha RIP
Tom U (1 year ago)
Is it just me or are a lot of the comments spoken in engrish? Either that or it's people who have suffered brain trauma..... look, this guy is correct. All research and evidence shows oral conversion of arginine to n.o. is almost non existent. Unless you have a SHIT diet or are over 50 you are wasting your money. Eat well (research it don't just assume you know what you need) and train like you mean it with purpose, intensity, and heart. Just don't over do it. There are plenty of foods that support optimal levels of n.o., and you know that fat gut and those cigarettes and booze? That will destroy your n.o. potential. If you want to smoke, vaporize. If you want to get a gaba buzz (alcohol), take phenibut instead. Even high doses doesn't compare to the internal carnage a night of boozing will do. Do not expect workout supplements to compensate for your lack of discipline to get the fundamentals right, they won't. I am not speaking from a place of ego or ignorance, but experience. I have made these mistakes and have tried what works and what doesn't. A quality protein supplement, creatine, caffeine, pre workout sugar, certain vitamins, certain mineral and herb supplements, steroids and hgh (to be used with caution) are the only things worth your money. The rest is up to diet, training and quality sleep. Also certain nootropics can help intensify your workout (phenylpiracetam is my favorite). The placebo effect is real, the supplement industry is largely unregulated! Don't let these cock suckers steal your hard earned cash!
I think too often people attribute success to what they're taking and not the actual work that's being done. When told differently most get defensive as no one likes to think they're wasting money.
Heather Browne (1 year ago)
Basically this isn't good for lifters but instead great for those who are heavy on cardio, is that correct?
Heather Browne (1 year ago)
I see. Thanks for the info 👍
Based off the research I've seen arginine has no benefits to healthy individuals. It's primary use is for things like hypertension. Citrulline malate would be more ideal.
Bruce Allen Smith (1 year ago)
N.O. aka Arginine, to my knowledge, has only ever been touted as something to improve vascularity during and shortly after a work out. Which it does. Now three points: 1. I never worked out while lying in a hospital bed with an i.v. in my arm so I can't speak for that, but I can speak for improved vascularity ( keep in mind- the lower the body fat the more noticeable it is ) during a work out; and 2. Maybe the "shits" is because you may actually be doing something to jack up your metabolism,aka burning body fat. 3. Anytime you add something new to the body, you risk stomache upset.
Arginine is touted for a lot if you look into it, sadly there's nothing to really support these claims.
Michael Gerlach (1 year ago)
Apply analysis to literally all supplements. Fin.
Def some good ones out there, but def more junk.
MoonGlow (1 year ago)
Great Video. I tried L-Arginine and L-Citrulline supplements in high doses. I thought it made a difference the first few months but then seemed like it stopped. Perhaps it was Placebo effect.....you believe something works so it does....lol I also read the scientific report as you stated the benefits people got were only when used intravenous and high doses. At this point I really think if it does anything at all its very minimal.
+Jeffry Nelson based off your response it's likely you have a misunderstanding of what it does.
I'd agree!
Anthony DeRosa (2 years ago)
and also thank u for explaining why pre workouts make me shit myself I thought it had to do with all the stimulants. definitely subscribing
Anthony DeRosa (2 years ago)
+Brandon Campbell do you have any videos like this on testosterone boosters?
Anthony DeRosa (2 years ago)
he's not saying it's bullshit. hes not saying arginine doesn't work. hes Saying it's not the fucking "legal steroid" they call it to newbies in the fitness world. awesome video bro. cheers
Thanks man
Kaibil Balam (2 years ago)
It helped me running, I felt less fatigue an more oxygenated. I had high cholesterol, wasn't that hight but it wasn't helping me run thats for sure. I began to take it and it helped me. One side effect you didn't mention was, well, a much fuller libido. My guess is that the cholesterol was really messing up my blood flow even down there were I hadn't had any issues when I was younger. I didn't mind that side effect at all tho. Lol
Julius Evidientes (11 months ago)
Andrew Lekmll nķysniach vhyu
Andrew Leach (1 year ago)
Hi what was the supliment you were taking ?
vivere militare est (2 years ago)
"i use N.O products and get a pump, what do you say about that?" christ almighty. have people forgotten you can get the most insane pumps without even touching a supplement lol. Volume will ALWAYS give you a pump ya knobs
Greg Guy (2 years ago)
I took Nitric Storm. First of all not only did it not help my workout recovery or boost energy or make me loose any weight, I was more tired and sluggish. They billed me twice for $94 before I ever got my order (besides the trial order) they billed me about a week after the trial expired, but you pay for that order, it is not a free bottle. there is NO FREE!!!. So having said that I had to pay a restocking fee of $9.99 and my own shipping to get a refund and they didn't even have my order to me by the time i had paid almost $200. it is a scam,it doesn't work, and they don't honor what they say they will do. I don't know if it is a placebo and they make there money on the restocking fee, because it is easy to stuff a capsule with something cheap. but I am telling you do not buy this product it is a scam they don't stand by what they say and they say the phone call are recorded but when I asked them to recall my original phone call tot hem, they wouldn't do it. because they lie. it is a bogus company who doesn't do what they say and if one of their executives want to call me or say that I am slandering them, go ahead. I may even start a class action lawsuit on principal alone. Not happy!!!!
Sorry to hear that
ZBlacktt (2 years ago)
As with ALL supplements. They effect everyone different. NO works for me and I notice a huge difference when I've not taken it. I started down the supplement path in 1989. I've taken a ton and see it all in that time. First started creatine in 1994, etc... Anyway, take anyone's "opinion" as just that and try it yourself. Take it long enough to notice a difference or not. Then you'll know the correct path to take afterwards.
ZBlacktt (1 year ago)
I have.
ZBlacktt (1 year ago)
+Brandon Campbell If I wanted to sell you a product. I too would say yeah man. Tested and works like a charm. Now buy it, lol... Anyway, try it see if it does.
ZBlacktt (1 year ago)
+Michael Myers Try everything yourself. Some it will some it won't.
I put more faith in actual controlled research and analysis than a few random people say they know it works b/c they "feel" it.
bigmac macca (2 years ago)
this guys fucking boring
this is new and exciting.
Anthony Voskuhl (2 years ago)
I'm halfway through the video and he has yet to present any factual info, not a good sign
Sure I did.
Lo Key (2 years ago)
I got the mud butt lol
omaduskilas (2 years ago)
Me too it's alright, there are places you can seek help
I feel for ya
Shmu'el (2 years ago)
totally unrelated but why when I use l-carnitine I get really gassy?
Could be digestive issues from it.
Graphics craiz (2 years ago)
What camera do you use the quality is amazing?
For this video it was a Canon 70d
Arman Khalulyan (2 years ago)
Works for me
what other things happen with oral supplement. I need to know email me please.
+Julio Lerma Omni Salud y Dinero nothing
Daniel Scheidbach (2 years ago)
Helps my patients to feel better and lower blood pressure without side effects up to 5g per day. So yes it does work orally but not for building up muscle mass....
+Daniel Scheidbach nice
ANTHONY SOPRANO (2 years ago)
But does it make my dick bigger?
+jlb197736 nope
b dog (2 years ago)
Why does the opening music have to be so dam loud on these YouTube videos?
+b dog youtube requires it.
joshplusnina (2 years ago)
When I'm on a No2 supplement I am harder more vascular and leaner I prefer wha Agmatine now but I suggest people try and come up with there own ideas
MrMethadrine (2 years ago)
+joshplusnina whats "wha"?
+joshplusnina right on
Zoomb (2 years ago)
Can you do more videos about having the shits?
+flashtin166 that's what my whole channel is about.
mopar 2ya (2 years ago)
I use Arginine tablets in the morning and Citrulline prior to working out. Ive been able to add 2-3 more reps consistent basis and faster recovery. Im 46 years old and studies show that your natural NO reduces with age, from my personal experience its given me additional stamina to do those extra reps, I do see a better pump. I take 6g a day 2G Arginine in the morning, 2G of Citrulline pre-workout and 2g Arginine after workout. Im sure it effects age groups differently, but its inexpensive and Ive seen results... AND NO MUD BUTT.
+mopar 2ya Nice.
Saswat S Nayak (2 years ago)
would love to have such vascular arms like the ones in the thumbnail
Saswat S Nayak (2 years ago)
+Brandon Campbell lol i love that hilarious reaction which a typical chick would after looking at that pic
+Saswat S Nayak Hah I think most would find it gross.
Drew B (2 years ago)
Actually, it's Thanks BRANDON!!! Your videos save us $$$ and TIME
+Drew B all good
Drew B (2 years ago)
Thanks Brian, you saved me $ and time!
+Drew B Thanks Drew
PPR Darryl (2 years ago)
What has arginine got to do with nitric oxide? I take a nitric oxide product and there is no arginine in that product. It would be best to do another heading for this video as it is clearly misleading.
+PPR of Darryl House of O'Bryan arginine is the most popular NO product.
Leonardo M (2 years ago)
Who I believe? A doctor prize Nobel or this dude? Big dillema
Mitsubishi Hashimoto (1 year ago)
Leonardo M doctor who got nobel prize
+Leonardo M You should probably worry more about comprehension, as they're two different topics.

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