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ICY HOT PRANK ON BIANNCA **she freaked out**

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Text Comments (4701)
D&B Nation (5 months ago)
Kaelob Sizemore23 (2 days ago)
Jordynn Poole (4 days ago)
D&B Nation team Beyoke
Ricardo Narcisse (4 days ago)
D&B Nation Team Damien
Brianna Kimble (9 days ago)
D&B Nation Team Damien
SneakPeak Sha’Ron (11 days ago)
kurizma hobbs (1 day ago)
She just gonna keep them on like who does that but im still team biannca
Ezra Hines (1 day ago)
team d
Rere Nation (2 days ago)
she should have took them off
Rosalba Garcia (2 days ago)
Team biannca and team damien
sincerelymajestik (3 days ago)
Lol she so cute
TyplayzzYT (3 days ago)
You use icy hot for back pain and stuff like that
Joe Hernandez (6 days ago)
She is singing "This vaaagiinaaa is on fire"!!!!!!!
Ormynei Kelly (7 days ago)
Team bianna
Chantél (8 days ago)
That's what you get bianca you should NEVER didn't the icy hot prank on Damien so it's team Damien
zaria bennett (8 days ago)
It a pain reliever
JAY_DA_38 SAVAGE (9 days ago)
Lele honestly Jones (10 days ago)
Team Biannca
Godof Sniperz (10 days ago)
Y’all pranks are really good and stuff but y’all need to let it play out more and see her or ur reaction like DDG and NATE them cuz y’all say prank to fast
Mille Bankes (10 days ago)
teen Bianca
Tina Logan (12 days ago)
Team Damian I love you Damian
Talan Fuller (12 days ago)
Taylor kazemba (13 days ago)
Team Damien
Daishun the GAMER (13 days ago)
Her crying is funny
Money Williams (14 days ago)
jasmine martin (14 days ago)
Damein 120% biannca 140% team biannca
Aniyah McNary (15 days ago)
Team biannca
Tyson Skeete (17 days ago)
Sebastian Dozier (17 days ago)
Dang it look like that icyhot hurt
karyssa poole (18 days ago)
You are nasty damion
Derply Derp (18 days ago)
She's like, its not regular fire. it's supa hot fire.
Patricia Randolph (19 days ago)
Your disgusting biannca
Keith Williams Jr (19 days ago)
rachel forlife (19 days ago)
Why she putting in makeup if YALL doing water activities
rachel forlife (19 days ago)
rachel forlife (19 days ago)
Lame for doing the same prank Damien
Adysyn Searcy (20 days ago)
Yo team bianncaaaaaa and yo stared at her being naked yo didn't take her to the doctor they have a lil juicy juice in tha bed
De'Ronshay Garland (20 days ago)
Team damian all day 😜
Keolandria Blue (20 days ago)
team biannca
MAVERICK (21 days ago)
LMAO she threw it at ya face
Shlonda Franklin (21 days ago)
WTF LOL he put to much she going to know🤐🤐🤐🤐
Kyla Wilson (22 days ago)
Team biannca
RecedingHairline T (22 days ago)
Poor Bianca
Krysteena Mitchell (22 days ago)
Could could at least censoeres some parts
CrazyLlamaz (22 days ago)
Poor Bianca,I would never put the <3 of my life in pain for a prank.xD
lil dj (22 days ago)
Team Dam all de way do you know de way
Matilda Sanders (23 days ago)
D&b national team Bianca
shamiyah cheatham (23 days ago)
that thang ha
Kalista Wagemann (23 days ago)
It’s team Biannca
ZENDAYA FAN FORVER (24 days ago)
Why put it on that dirty table though 😒
Lebone Alexander (24 days ago)
"I'm sorry"...aww lol she really feel that😩😭😭😂
you got her good bor
Winters Msp (25 days ago)
when she tried to punch him
abstract Soul48 (25 days ago)
He was just displaying her panties lol
Selly Rey (26 days ago)
she didnt not notice that white creame on her panties, what the heck you could fell cold
Rebecca maria (27 days ago)
Dayumm Daimen put bare cream wtf😂🤣😂 shit biannca dhats y u should never Prank Diaman
Miguel Salazar (28 days ago)
She said "u dont understand" when the whole purpose was payback for the same thing 😂
Sydney Moroz (28 days ago)
I hate the way bianca screams and wines, I wanna punch her face in
jazzy kristen (29 days ago)
"what did the counter ever do to you" lol
Natalie Evans (29 days ago)
Team B all day every day ❤️
Jolee Hammie (1 month ago)
Thomas McLeod (1 month ago)
rayne denae (1 month ago)
Damien why u did that that was t fair if u was gonna do a prank do a Diffrrent prank.If u put to much she can die
Team b
Twan Flex (1 month ago)
Team damein
Tamera Brown (1 month ago)
Yall are cute why you do that😂😂😥
Dirty Apocalypse (1 month ago)
Dat ass thoe
Ranelle Alberts (1 month ago)
U don't understand what that will do to her she could get a yeast infection from that dummy and ur still playing about it i would have been beat yo ass
Ranelle Alberts (1 month ago)
Team biannca
Ranelle Alberts (1 month ago)
Bianncas version was more funny yours was lame
Camryn Crain (1 month ago)
Good 👍👍👍and I love 💘you too much
Camryn Crain (1 month ago)
Good 👍👍and I love 💘💘you too much
Wil_I_Am 314 (1 month ago)
Team Biannca
trenton toothman (1 month ago)
trenton toothman (1 month ago)
trenton toothman (1 month ago)
Desi Mccloud (1 month ago)
He don't understand girls can get a infection
Jeremiah Nash (1 month ago)
When she felt it she should of gone ahead and take them on.
patrica word (1 month ago)
shawnya6 (1 month ago)
Team Bianca
Carol MP (1 month ago)
These icy hot pranks are just abuse...
Billy Petty (1 month ago)
She said team b
MacKa Strayt Aych (1 month ago)
Emmanuel Duncan (1 month ago)
That is not cool!😭
yaheim the meatball (1 month ago)
Team Damien
21 savege baby (1 month ago)
team b
joel santana (1 month ago)
It is not fair Damien because you put a lot of icy not and on the icy not prank on you Brianna didn’t put a lot of icy not she put like three drops or something
Julian Carrillo (1 month ago)
Bianca sounds so sexy moaning like if u agree
Pierre Plumer (1 month ago)
People saying this video game it is she should have noticed the cream and be like what is this
Kaylyn Cabral (1 month ago)
i am a hawiian i love u and your shirt team bianca
Fatoumata Issaka (1 month ago)
Team Denmein
Jake A (1 month ago)
That ass tho
Andy Boyce (1 month ago)
She deserves it
Jordon DeLeon (1 month ago)
Damian you want to burn out her vagina
Daishia Payton (1 month ago)
Daishia Payton (1 month ago)
why would he do that that her stuff team
Morgan Montante (1 month ago)
theres no way she put those on thats hella noticable lmao wtf
Tina Johnson (1 month ago)
Team biannce
Zack Craver (1 month ago)
Hot water takes the cool an hot sensation to go away
Armelis cool (1 month ago)
That is waaaaaaaay to noticeable and why would you put that manny thats mest up how she dint notice
Lilliann Fee (1 month ago)
•Clowwny• _ (1 month ago)
You playin' wit panties now?
Moyo 3370 (1 month ago)
Always team Damien
Holly Bernhardt (1 month ago)
Omg when he couldn't figure out the outside from inside had me dead😁😁

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