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Arrests made in anti-ICE protest in Brooklyn

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Arrests were in made in Brooklyn during a protest of ICE's detention of Pablo Villavicenio. Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/nydailynews Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/nydnvideo Friend us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thenewyorkdailynews Follow us on Tumblr: http://nydailynews.tumblr.com/
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Text Comments (94)
paul is love (20 hours ago)
John Rodriguez (3 days ago)
Trams Am (5 days ago)
Hire more ice.
Ali Van (6 days ago)
gina falica (7 days ago)
Deport deport Pablo!
gina falica (7 days ago)
Baaaaaaaaa Baaaaaaaaa Night of the living dead. I'm ashamed to say that I came from Brooklyn.
RoyalZarak (7 days ago)
Daily News = daily rag.
praetorx ian (7 days ago)
"No hate, no fear... *LEGAL* immigrants are welcome here!"
John A. O E (10 days ago)
They're all getting payed to do this they're all retarded where will they go to Mars if all these filth came here what makes tham so special because they'll attack and kill tham also that's why there's country's we are all supposed to be separate segregated
citizen23606 (12 days ago)
No hate no fear LEGAL Immigrants are welcome here, illegal immigrants go home
Wysel '70 (12 days ago)
Bunch of pretty useless people protesting wrong cause.
MACE And Tasty Play (13 days ago)
do you want crack heads walking in the streets.....people,please welcome modern day americans
Kyle Grindle (13 days ago)
These idiots actually make me sick do non of them have a job?
Carlos Brown (14 days ago)
Jew York Daily News. Rag paper.
Carlos Brown (14 days ago)
Go home Commies, losers, and Jews. We are going to make ICE Bigger and Bigger to deport all your little Beaner pets. And, if you are illegal we are coming to get you too. HA HA HA!
Healthnbeauty1 (14 days ago)
They need to chill out because that is where ICE turns up at.  And there is an expression-if you speak up you get picked up!!
PaniacThrilla (14 days ago)
Killing socialists is a proud, American tradition.
most liberal don't really work 9 to 5 job like republican fans who are the workers lol so you will see more liberal not working slave hours like republican fans
J T (18 days ago)
"Immigrants are welcome here" Well, what about the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS who ICE is catching? You know, the felons, rapists, pedos, murderers, gang members? Are they welcome?
Kondels Dunami (20 days ago)
I have a feeling that the president will lose his patients and use Marshall law to restore peace
Mark Stengel (20 days ago)
When a family member is killed by criminal gang aliens. They will think differently
Timothy Michael Carter (21 days ago)
The moral equivalent of toddlers having tantrums
Darkturtle (21 days ago)
Occupy a job.
MrzRedbadger (21 days ago)
..arrest them all...Their BS is annoying...
wandering spirit (25 days ago)
BUILD THE WALL-Problem solved saving tax payers billions $$
trader025 (25 days ago)
NYPD doesnt fool around with fools.
Daniel Purdy (26 days ago)
Good luck getting a job with a record
JackSevasTra (29 days ago)
Remember when they called them "Illegal Aliens"...Instead of "Immigrants"...Pepperidge Farm remembers...
kl316 (1 month ago)
I see a lot of dumb white liberal douchebags in this protest. The same white liberal douchebags who argue with the illegals and tell them to go back to their country when they get their orders wrong.
praetorx ian (7 days ago)
kl316 Same with feminists. Bunch of entitled, upper middle class, suburbanite, (mostly) white girls railing against "the patriarchy" that has provided them with the best standard of living in the history of mankind. No protests about female genital mutilation in sub-Saharan Africa, or honour killings and oppression under Sharia Law and Islamic doctrine. Just a bunch of Starbucks sipping, hipster Tumblr types b*tching about first world problems.
sizigi13music (1 month ago)
Look at the liberal nutcases, ( crisis actors) we can't turn this country into a third world country, there is a reason they left where they are from.....
Ed Bighead (1 month ago)
Why aren't they at work?
Otis Tyson Boris (8 days ago)
Cause this happened in the evening after people get off work
Rusty Wallace (1 month ago)
Paid to be there fake news clip.
steve STAR (1 month ago)
How many pallbearers at Anthony's funeral? TWO ....... Because a garbage pail only has two handles. LMAO ....😂
terence sommer (1 month ago)
These protesters are so stupid. Send the pizza delivery man packing. He can take the wife and kids with him.
bobo jepeny (1 month ago)
Caffeine and protests don't mix..most r fbi and undercover cops
spacial tuber (1 month ago)
Stupid people ..those people have nothing to do ...put them in jail
LOL ¡¡Skip_TheRip!! (1 month ago)
PS ask these protesters if they would take one or more illegal immigrants into their home. Give them a roof over their heads feed them. I wonder what these people would say :-)
John A. O E (10 days ago)
They'll say every taxpayer haves a duty to take care of tham they'll never answer the wetbacks are probably mad that they're getting their filthy kids back they were used to being by themselves so the protestors didnt do anything that can benefit tham and ice worthless degenerates
Maui Caui (22 days ago)
gorillas213 what Israel is literally doing to Palestine in a nutshell.
gorillas213 (22 days ago)
Maui Caui I never said the house was unoccupied. People live there, but I want to live there too. So my family and I are moving in. No walls! No borders! No fences! No doors! Freedom!
Maui Caui (22 days ago)
gorillas213 you don't get thrown in Jail for squating, the house is just closed and they keep anything left inside. Heck, I watch videos about douche people occupying houses, they are given months to stay their. If you have a bill that arrives at the house for utilities along with some other paperwork, you could theoretically keep the house after years of occupation (varries per state). Most foreclosed houses draw too much attention, but there was a lady in mississippi of something that lived in an abandoned house for 8 years, she claims to not know that it was abandoned, but none the less, since she payed for utilities for 8 years without being noticed, she now owns it. The more you know.
LOL ¡¡Skip_TheRip!! (23 days ago)
Why do we need American law? I have a solution let's just throw the American laws out the window and let people do what they want to do cross the border open up all the borders and let everybody come in. Our school system is destroyed we are becoming the third world country.:-)
LOL ¡¡Skip_TheRip!! (1 month ago)
Leave the borders open for a month and see what happens. I'll tell you what happens then we sleep in the parks on the bench will be in front of your house with their blankets and Tents. Oh wait that's happening now we don't need no America's laws toss them out the window and let people do what they want. :-)
La Perez (1 month ago)
Great to see a show of support in Americas greatest city. Those folks at ft Hamilton can now bring brown paper bag lunches and enjoy that pb&j sandwiches,just like prisinors do.
Mr Fields (1 month ago)
Luis Perez fucking shit stain. Those “folks” are service men and women. I hope you get pussy cancer you piece of shit
Mr Fields (1 month ago)
Luis Perez wetback. Your illegal is showing
MonsterDump (1 month ago)
All the whites coming to America from Poland, Ireland and all other European countries should lead the way back home.
Byzantine (8 days ago)
MonsterDump Then we will take everything we brought with us including Rule of Law, Democracy, The Constitution and Bill of Rights, welfare, human rights, medicine, Capital, businesses, football, baseball, basketball and the fucking language, just for starters. You get grass. End of. As it was when we found it.
Rusty Wallace (1 month ago)
MonsterDump I agree kill some darkies then be deported awesome plan
GN GUY (1 month ago)
white liberals and hipsters
81coollambo (1 month ago)
These protesters are ignorant and think the immigration issue is a game.
Boardingbryan (1 month ago)
blond chick getting arrested is super hot
Boardingbryan (1 month ago)
stfu you pussy talking behind a fake account get blocked bitch!!
Mr Fields (1 month ago)
Boardingbryan you must like dudes .... faggot
Rusty Wallace (1 month ago)
Boardingbryan Raise the bar that's a tranny Skip that just noticed you're a plantation kid
secret (1 month ago)
Just take over Latino countries so every one is legal citizen and no need to cross border. They can just fly to the US. I see more tax increase
Armando7654 (1 month ago)
Throw those scumbags & haters of white people in the slammer for rebelling against laws which protect Americans. No, foreigners are NOT welcome here & neither are these freaks
Mr Fields (1 month ago)
Hannah Banana ❤️s sand nigger cock in her mouth.
Mr Fields (1 month ago)
Hannah Banana you can’t get your tongue out of my butt can you? Can you taste the pizza I had for lunch. Keep licking bitch.
Hannah Banana (1 month ago)
Chris Campos Someone's triggered!
Mr Fields (1 month ago)
Hannah Banana Hahahaha. Cunt.
Mr Fields (1 month ago)
Hannah Banana this will be you and I’ll be Lmaooo..... Hahahaha. Fingers crossed
Jack Payne (1 month ago)
Would love to go to NY to see a baseball game.

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