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Pa. Auditor General: Legalizing Marijuana Would Create Jobs, Generate Tax Revenue

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Next year, medical marijuana will be available for purchase across Pennsylvania. So, is legalizing recreational pot soon to follow? KDKA's Andy Sheehan reports. FULL STORY: http://cbsloc.al/2muP9Ba
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Curt Walter (23 days ago)
Sucks that many state employees are veterans with ptsd and chronic pain issues but they can't use even in legal states because their state receives money from the Feds so they fall under the drug free workplace policies. States need to take this fight to the Feds now. Obviously this issue is not limited to just state employees but it's a solid example of the major issues created by the Feds not legalizing.
Felix Bruyns (25 days ago)
"The use of drugs inflicts very grave damage on human health and life. Their use, except on strictly therapeutic grounds, is a grave offense."- Catechism of the Catholic Church, Part 3, Section 2, Chapter 2, Article 5, Subsection 2, Paragraph 2291
pghdave420 (5 months ago)
legalize it already.let me grow 4-6 plants of my own its just a plant .i dont drink never liked alcohol
chris wassil (5 months ago)
ALL about $$$..smh..$200 mill found $$..PLAIN N SIMPLE
Donald Rodgers (6 months ago)
The reefer madness people had fun scaring everyone with there lies.Its time for a better change.Leagalize.
TastyCritters (6 months ago)
People smoke and drive now. I have yet to hear about other states having an increase of car accidents after legalization.....!
Jason Resides (1 year ago)
Dr Peter Luongo is from the reefer madness generation. He is already brainwashed, his opinion is invalid on the matter.
New Jack (1 year ago)
It should be the peoples decision on whether its legalized, not any government party.
theBald1 (1 year ago)
well look at it this way..#1.. How many people have you seen that died from an overdose after smoking marijuana?.. Zero... #2.. how many people has had a total blackout like you do and can get when drinking alcohol from smoking marijuana? Zero again... #3 how many people has died from liver failure like you can get after drinking alcohol and pain medication for a long time when smoking marijuana? And that would also be a big fat ZERO again.. The big problem you have with marijuana is the fact of that stupid freaking movie called Reefer Madness, that was put out during prohibition.. I don't care what kind of marijuana you smoke that has been grown naturally that would cause you to have elucidations.. That does not exist in any form of marijuana... the only way you can tell if someone in your area has been smoking marijuana is if they were arrested and you read it in the news paper... also if two people were walking side-by-side down the street and only one of them was totally drunk and the other one only smoking marijuana.. The only one that would stand out is the drunk.. I'm 51 now and I don't drink nor do I smoke marijuana.. But!! I did both of them in my passed and I do believe that would qualify me 100% to know which one is worse.. So thank you and have a nice day..
theBald1 (1 year ago)
superheavymetaldemon Wow what a retard you are... I have you know I framed houses for a living.. and I also framed for one of the best Carpenters in the state of Virginia.. you know the ones that take pride in their freaking work..
superheavymetaldemon (1 year ago)
theBald1 doy reefer madness doy. wow your 51... just wow. I invite you to join the rest of us in reality. You should do dabs and operate heavy machinery you the authority on all things marijuana. doy freaking doy.
superheavymetaldemon (1 year ago)
on one hand it's not safe to buy pot with synthetic drugs around. on the other hand weren't we supposed to be the generation to stop smoking? then again it will stop cops from filling the jail with potheads. but still there will be a massive problem with illegal distribution to neighboring states. I would love to see decriminalization FIRST.
Truth Seeker (10 months ago)
superheavymetaldemon never stop cannabis use!! We have a system as big as the central nervous system called the endogenous cannabinoid system and it regulates health and normality. Bodies with lots of cannabinoids are in a state much more healthy
superheavymetaldemon (1 year ago)
theBald1 you don't even smoke weed remember?
theBald1 (1 year ago)
I had to come back one more time.. you talk about kids and marijuana and about them ending up in emergency rooms.. Gee what about the word alcohol being posted on numerous products that is not drinking alcohol.. you know like rubbing? or a bad batch of homemade wine or moonshine... Wow I can go on and on.. places like Oregon that has made it legal.. they sell it in stores and it's controlled.. no matter where it comes from, Spice will always be there for kids just like homemade moonshine... you talk bad about something and you don't even educate yourself
theBald1 (1 year ago)
superheavymetaldemon oh.. I get it now... you must be still blind now from that day because you posted it two times.. I'm sorry about that.. So sad
theBald1 (1 year ago)
superheavymetaldemon well you didn't go blind from smoking marijuana.. and if someone can't tell the difference between spice and marijuana.. why don't you do a little research on Oregon and well they are doing their with it? Lol.. blind

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