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Eric Wojo Vegan Spiderman Owns Course Under 2 Mins.

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Support Brother Eric as he kills it on American Ninja Warrior!
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Text Comments (35)
test bear (2 days ago)
id love to try this..if i was 60 pounds lighter lol!
jim dandy (17 days ago)
Wow, great to be YOUNG, limber and in fantastic shape, lets see him at age 62
Jeffrey Dotulong (20 days ago)
Hey james! I might have finally found out what caused your panic attack and probably everyone else's here.
Rob Moffit (20 days ago)
Way to go Eric !
Phil Leyland (20 days ago)
Great effort and a very good time. What amazes me though, is people can watch that and then the best they can do is post a negative comment. What the hell is wrong with people that they have to belittle someone's effort?
jim dandy (17 days ago)
They're simply jealous and probably couldn't walk up a flight of stairs ,,its GREAT to be young and in amazing condition
Trapletes Fitness (20 days ago)
Mediocre at best.
Trapletes Fitness (18 days ago)
Eric Wojo I stated my opinion and all you guys are coming at me for it, hatefull? Dude I do not care about you playing on a giant play ground, I don't hate you in any way,...and I'm just stating facts hommie...I have a job i don't work construction, I can't do that. It is mediocre. Facts...
layney boy (19 days ago)
Trapletes Fitness And I can go out and buy a 2003 jaguar too and put some gay chrome rims on it. It looks like you live in a basement apartment with 6-foot ceilings. Not what I would consider balling. Maybe you should up your days at "the tattoo shop."
layney boy (19 days ago)
Trapletes Fitness Lol ya I'm 350 pounds with 5% bodyfat. Fun to lie on the internet isn't it?
Eric Wojo (19 days ago)
Trapletes Fitness HATEful, not hurtful.
Eric Wojo (19 days ago)
Trapletes Fitness I’ll give you the props that you’re in comment sections looking for.
Peyton Sotor (20 days ago)
Awesome job
Burl - (20 days ago)
That is amazing to watch! I want some!!
Thomas Jensen (20 days ago)
Why is it important to mention he's vegan?
toby (12 days ago)
check out Jonathan Irizarry, Nimai Delgado, John Venus. Some jacked vegans.
layney boy (19 days ago)
Thomas Jensen You're not looking hard enough. They're out there.
Thomas Jensen (19 days ago)
James Tiny Vest I get it. Then again I look at peoples form and don't really care what they're eating. This is gymnastics though and I'm yet to see a vegan monster.
James Tiny Vest (20 days ago)
Because he is a wealth of knowledge for anyone interested in plant based nutrition - I have a great deal of respect for him and he actually inspired me to make huge changes a few years ago in my own diet.  His knowledge in this area supercedes mine.
Charles Gusto (21 days ago)
Your such a cuck now tiny.
Emulator m (21 days ago)
I would like to see James do that...🚑
Eric Wojo (20 days ago)
Emulator m I might have to get him to try some variation of It 😆
Riker Good (21 days ago)
Great to see more and more empowered vegan athletes.🌱💪🏼
Nicholas Maddalena (21 days ago)
1:51:8. give that man a steak!
Trapletes Fitness (19 days ago)
Nicholas Maddalena he needs some milk
Nicholas Maddalena (21 days ago)
Trapletes Fitness (19 days ago)
Nicholas Maddalena noise,noise! Noise!!!

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