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Sources: Slain Pittsburgh Rapper Jimmy Wopo Investigated For Ties To Other Homicides

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Police sources tell KDKA slain rapper Jimmy Wopo is being looked at in two other homicide cases; KDKA's Marty Griffin reports.
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Ricky Donatelli (2 days ago)
We all got skeletons in our closest nobody talking about how he paid for the Hill's peewee football squad an all the comunity work he did in the Hill he gave alto back to the Hill an the 412 in general its sick to disrespect a dead man period he may have done dirt in his life but nobody in the world is squeaky clean I've been in the ACJ I've put in work in my life I know these steel city streets first hand as I got older I walked a different path he was also on a difficult path his was a path to greatness an it was takin from him smh #fuckthemedia #onlygodcanjudge
Jay Tova (5 days ago)
“We hope we can clear a few cases now that he’s dead” smh they some hoes fa saying dat lame ass shit
kittenlover (5 days ago)
Let him RIP
Rocket The Racoon (6 days ago)
Nobody was checking for dude until he died smh
PlanetofMarz (6 days ago)
So the police decided that they’ll turn a murder victim into a criminal. The police are clowns and this system continues its systematic racism.
nick tardif (6 days ago)
he good boy, i knows muyy boy!! hes alway kind n helpin out folk. hes jus a poor ol' black man, das all, hes jus tryin ta go ta school, das all, hes friendly n kind, hes dindu nuffins, yous feel me??
Bbc 3.0 (7 days ago)
So they're gonna sit on their ass assuming he's a murderer while his murderer is Going Live bragging about killing him. Disrespectful af
Josh Anderson (8 days ago)
Rip wopo rest in tha clouds
Ren Stimpy (8 days ago)
With a wrap like that the cops gotta be trailing him
Ren Stimpy (8 days ago)
Sounds like his lines were tapped and he got shot by police before he made it
Trenton Ditello (9 days ago)
Shut the fuck up and let that man rest in peace
Michael Brown (10 days ago)
Man crackers killing these boys
Thug Asassin (10 days ago)
He was an asshole. He robbeddealers and his campaign was finesse and backdoor everybody he earned it
jay vee (11 days ago)
We wuz Vikings n sheit
kingogkingswoodz (11 days ago)
His community is much safer now and so is America. Bag of shit should have never been born. Sadly evil morons like this should never even be considered for a record deal. Nor should anyone in the public space buy his records if he were signed to a contract. Black peoples worst enemy is black culture. Worship sex drugs violence and hip hop . So worst murder rate in the nation by far compared to any other ethnic group, worst std rates by far then any other ethnic group. Literally half of all adult blacks have genital herpes. Every std known to man is infested in the black community in America. Single mothers at almost 80%. They rape rob kill and steal more then any other group in the nation by super far and it's not even close. So ya keep celebrating your own destruction at your own hands.
Captain Freedom (12 days ago)
Live by the sword, die for my amusement.
LordKlek (12 days ago)
wow....charging a dead man with a crime. I didn't know the guy personally but there's just something about that which erks me
Wilmrbadguy (13 days ago)
I do hiphop, if U spit certain things get ready to be judge, get ready to be hunted, it's just like that....Wilmrbadguy
Tiyana Huggins (13 days ago)
Trash music sorry bout death but seems like he helped kill ppl
Joseph Smith (14 days ago)
The Police killed Him.
Fuck This (14 days ago)
fuck Jimmy! he was killing our kids with his demoralizing music
You Hoesmother (14 days ago)
This was the most disrespectful segment on a death I have ever seen in my life. Smfh
Madame Logicbomb (14 days ago)
k (14 days ago)
can America Stop the killings already!! stop the violence! stop killing other people's babies!! Everyone is here because of Someone!!
k (14 days ago)
Fuck This Excuse me, you are Rude and Disrespectful!! it's not about being Any FUCKING COLOR, IT'S ABOUT the Senseless Violence needs to Stop. Gun Violence, Domestic Violence, Child Trafficking!!! We the People make the World around Us!!
Fuck This (14 days ago)
k a black killed him.. blame them you sjw bitch
TraRob-EastSide (15 days ago)
Dont care... fuck him.... we need doctors, nurses, engineers, teachers.... not fuckin rappers who glorify destruction of our people. Im a black man in south central los angeles..... fuck ppl like this
MW3 KINGDOM (15 days ago)
Dindu Nuffin Tribe member...🤓
MrBlytheville (15 days ago)
In other words we’re not trying to find his killer. Smdh. These mfrs are ridiculous. People were afraid to come forward. Mfr please! Snitches are out here at an all time high. Those were just excuses to NOT do anything as they saw him as a menace and saying good riddance
West Side (15 days ago)
Plum Creek (15 days ago)
Brian (15 days ago)
Criminal becomes the victim
Ross Stone (16 days ago)
Fuck this dirtbag. He aint gonna be a famous rapper now.
bonafied ogee (16 days ago)
Sounds like the PoPo killed Wopo
bonafied ogee (13 days ago)
Fuck This uhhh im a white guy buddy
Fuck This (14 days ago)
bonafied ogee riiigggghhhtttt blame whitey! dumb nigger
Big Boi (16 days ago)
Fuck niggers
Bettersack (16 days ago)
i thought he stoped with gang life after getting shot the 2nd time
MZ MZ (16 days ago)
LMAO akind working hard man huh then why did somebody want him dead lmao 😂
matthew rittenhouse (17 days ago)
#oneless 😂
yves dust (17 days ago)
Wow!!! Fuckin really? You see how they do us? I hope everyone who matters realizes what the fuck kdka news was doing with that story. The disrespect is real.
CEDAR 1500BLOCK (17 days ago)
Tammy Franklin (17 days ago)
N this is how speak on this man after his death, trying to make him look bad? N u wonder why they don't trust police.
Tom Ramirez (17 days ago)
A drive by??Those are some pussy ass nigga!z!They we're scared!Hopefully The Lord forgave Wapo.His shit Go!
Complete Controll (17 days ago)
Hahahaha cops about to close some unsolved cases to fuck his name off. Dirty.
TonY T.ReaLah (18 days ago)
I don’t believe he was involved in any shootings himself 🚫
Shayona Collins (18 days ago)
like for wopo
Ryan Stanfield (18 days ago)
wopo 🌎
drplanet59 (18 days ago)
it will be some s*** if it's like police really killing these young rappers be that would really be some f***** up s*** if everybody find out it's police killing these n*****
dezz nutz (18 days ago)
Police said fuck him ,, in so many words
Roni Smith (18 days ago)
Man they make me sick!!!!! He said a reminder he was on probation for drug charges 🤦 shakin my mother fuckin head... the man is dead and your worries about some homicide cases from how long ago and him being on probation basically trying to paint a picture that he was a criminal MAN FUCK ALL THAT LET HIM REST IN PEACE!!! YOUR ON THE STREETS TRYING TO SOLVE PAST CASES SOLVE WHO SHOT AND KILLED HIM!!!
Chelblanco (18 days ago)
Chris Larusso (18 days ago)
They really gotta do these niggas dirty when they die.
nam tombot (18 days ago)
drugs is a non violent offense crackas
Derek Bain (18 days ago)
Police crooked as fuck on this one. Calling a dead man a terror and putting bodies on his name
Soon he sign the deal they put the hit out satan pulling all his souls faster his time is coming to an end
RTG RICO (19 days ago)
He died a real nigga that’s wassup💯💯
David Jones (19 days ago)
You dirty ass no good bitch ass 12. Yall aint shit for that. Wopo😈💯. If anything yall bitch ass 🐖s mad cause he was makin yall look like the absolute 💩💩💩 you are. Shame on yall hoe ass muthafukas. RIP Wopo😈
Isaac Howard (19 days ago)
Long live jimmy wopo
orlanduce (19 days ago)
Manuel Romero (19 days ago)
rip wopo
red red (19 days ago)
live by d sword dye by d sword
Stringer Bell (19 days ago)
Wopo driving a Mazda...must didn't get the bag yet
Sugar Nevius (19 days ago)
Putit Aldownithro (19 days ago)
These (good)guys be straight up losers...trying to get on is all...& doves cry like they killed “King”..when the past(karma) catches up..
Julio Gambino 2x (19 days ago)
He was puttin work in ...... RIP
Big D Davis (19 days ago)
You have to love life to want to live.
This shit hurt my soul dude I’d kill whoever did this for free if I knew them
Ashton Lancaster (19 days ago)
Y’all all a bunch of fucking peices of shit that dude right there I met home 3 times my brother was friends with him and that dude is one of the nicest guys you could meet and y’all going to disrespect a guy who was shot to death what the fuck is wrong with these fucking cops FUCK 12
Numbkak 9 (19 days ago)
Why dey doing this to a man that’s dead , that’s out mane
The Purple Owl (19 days ago)
Boss Gleesh (19 days ago)
Set up by feds
Boss Gleesh (14 days ago)
Fuck This people were afraid now he dead we can pin murders on him etc that's really what they was saying
Fuck This (14 days ago)
Boss Gleesh hahahaha
Justin Carnes (19 days ago)
I know people from Pittsburgh!!!!! This guy was a thug and a menace to his community, has been robbing people since he was a teen,karmas a bitch
DIRU lowks (19 days ago)
Be afraid of his killers not him REST UP WOPO
CitizenMC21 (19 days ago)
If you get shot once....shame on the shooter. If you get shot a second time...shame on the shooter and you. But when you get shot a 3rd time...shame on YOU....you were obviously asking to die.
King Ak (20 days ago)
Bro police are some bitches for those comments and that bitch ass reporter
who caught that attorney's name? 😂 Owen Semen 😂😂 they be wildn on the news lowkey, I swear... Sad for the young brother tho smh we continue to take ourselves away..
Pouring Codeine (20 days ago)
Let the man Rest In Peace
Rare Babe11 (20 days ago)
So basically the xops(polize ) did it. They not even investigating his case. They more worried about his past
Moonsquad Ent (20 days ago)
You see the light they tried to paint that man in 😕 RIP Big wopo 🤘🏾💕
Jugg Season (20 days ago)
Fuck the police they out here doing the same that mfs on the street doing
Fredo Valley (20 days ago)
They not got investigate his murder they gone let the killer slide shit sad they rather investigate some shit they don’t know if he did or not
Torey Storey (20 days ago)
these things aint rappers.THERE Mummies mumbling the same identical shit.. kill kill kill..SHOULD these Drama QUEENS love there children instead of streets.. Survival wouldn't be as complicated. 🤧 THE title should be ..when selling out your own race backfires* Investigation closed**Gang Gang .
cleveland mitchell (20 days ago)
R.I.P wopo from The Land
cleveland mitchell (20 days ago)
piece of shit media they never defame mass shooters who are white aftet they kill a bunch of people but wopo
kasper 918 (20 days ago)
Jesus Wept (9 days ago)
You look innocent too. Thug.
Igor Amaral (20 days ago)
Fuck them wht u gonna do lord forgave him for his sins
lilleep (20 days ago)
Dirty mutha fuckas ! Smh...
Chiraq Cmoney (20 days ago)
He is dead instead of looking for suspects you guys are sitting here talking about him being under investigation by the cops. Americas such a wonderful place. NOT
Know Who You Are (20 days ago)
. My theory is 12 knocked him off and now they trying to pin the deaths of some other mfs they knocked off on him cause dead man cant talk.. Js. Rip wopo
Diamone Fowler (13 days ago)
Fuck This ...You ok.... What's wrong with you.
Know Who You Are (13 days ago)
tell ya bum ass momma to die first bitch
Fuck This (14 days ago)
Know Who You Are go die
Diamone Fowler (19 days ago)
Know Who You Are ..I was just thinking that..Or paid someone to kill him especially based off that malicious statement they released..
Katie Ulinski (20 days ago)
Rip Jimmy wopo
Louie Baby (20 days ago)
They just trying close sum cases smh..
Juan Da Savage (20 days ago)
Y'all niggaz talk all dat street shit y'all claim in dem raps til a real street nigga catch you lackin & pull up with dat hawk stick!!! Go to school nigga get a job shut ya mouth & stay in da house nigga!! A real nigga in da field lives his life knowing he can die at any given time!! I DONT FEEL BAD 4 THESES NIGGAS!!!!
Plum Jade (20 days ago)
these fucking pigs are involved in shootings of Black Men
Hair Hat Exterminator (20 days ago)
but he was a good guy huh black ppl
Drue (20 days ago)
Typical peasants trying to make a man seem worse than what he is, watch his interviews. You’ll see what type of guy he really was, they will do ANYTHING to tear somebody down. None of these lying cops or you keyboard warriors will provide facts that he killed someone
Drue (20 days ago)
Fr33 Worker it’s a tweet though....millions of kids out here tweet song lyrics or some shit they’re not really doing. Thanks for not coming with any proof like I said😂
Fr33 Worker (20 days ago)
His last post was I only raise killers, and he been shot multiple times...?
The giant Troll (21 days ago)
FUCK 12 And the dead ones
FOR THE BY&BY (21 days ago)
Play with fire you get burned. And let me guess, he was killed by another black man/men. Crime doesn’t pay. You end up in prison or die young.
VaporGodz 420 (21 days ago)
Rip wopo😭😭
Kay Whitley (21 days ago)
..... SOME of these cops is something else. Smdh!
Bill Rocha (21 days ago)
Marty that suited fooling anybody you look like a psychopath
i Benacio (21 days ago)
Black Lives Matter?
Louis Chew (22 days ago)
Why are you trying to pull up some old bullshit that motherfucker was going to be a superstar then you want to talk about his past and y’all looking for him fuck you 12 you should be doing your shit anyways long live Wopo 💪🏿

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