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Text Comments (4443)
Mone't Barfield (14 days ago)
Lmao she said no muther fucker I already seen the Fucking 📷
нєηנιη qυαу (22 days ago)
i miss these genuine pranks .. i love d&b but nowadays they'll be forcing it ..
MINNIE (25 days ago)
Kai Dyer (26 days ago)
Back when they had some great videos
Lanainha Campbell (28 days ago)
Lol 😂 that is Bianca always team Biancaaaaaaaaaaa
Lilzay 300 (1 month ago)
Dinah Lett (2 months ago)
Savannah Green (2 months ago)
she said"it doesn't even feel like a ring...I smushes the fuck out of my finger"😂🤣
Volante Hudson (2 months ago)
team bianca all day every day and d im sorry to say this but you is suck
Curtis Long (3 months ago)
Who here in 2018?
NIKKI BELLA (3 months ago)
Curtis Long meeee
Its Cece Tho (3 months ago)
Lmllll she said no😂😂😂😂😂😂
Makiera Deneice (3 months ago)
Who's been here ever since? 2018!!
Juanyae Johnson (3 months ago)
Team damien all day everyday
Mireeyy (3 months ago)
Officially. Klhoie (3 months ago)
Do a cracked screen prank get a screen protector and break it and put it on her iPhone
Amel Amoula (3 months ago)
blaze Campbell (4 months ago)
I saw her when she looked at the camera to
King Corey (4 months ago)
Money changes people, it’s sad. They seemed so much happier when they were poor.
JAYS CHANNEL (4 months ago)
Proposing to someone and pranking them thats not right
Rihanna Navy (4 months ago)
Terrible omg that's why I'm on team Bianca
Ana Floyd (4 months ago)
D you suck
Hailey Olmo (4 months ago)
Aubrey Mack (4 months ago)
team biannac
Quavo Combs B.M.G SQUAD (4 months ago)
D&B team all day everyday
SephoraSephora (5 months ago)
They sound so weird cursing
Maggie Linville (5 months ago)
Team beannca
Nova Williams (5 months ago)
Plzz respond
Nova Williams (5 months ago)
Plzz resins
Emoji_love Fam (5 months ago)
Kyrie? I thought they found out they was getting kyrie wayyy in idk but yea idk
Marlie Beckles (5 months ago)
the prank was dume
Marlie Beckles (5 months ago)
biannca is funny and team biannca
Cheyanne Needham (5 months ago)
Team Bianca!
Lynia Battle (5 months ago)
It seem like people just marry each other because of rings, tbh.💯
savage girl (6 months ago)
Team biannca
savage girl (6 months ago)
Love you biannca
David Gregory (6 months ago)
ML Socool (6 months ago)
Lol biancca funny
mam squad (6 months ago)
SHE Saw the camera
saskia osbourne (6 months ago)
trem dime
Delores Biddings (6 months ago)
she is so pretty
Comment Police (6 months ago)
Back when pranks were real
Sarmaria Washington (6 months ago)
I know she seen the camera dummy
Sarmaria Washington (6 months ago)
That is not funny Damian I hope she don't believe you the next time.stupid a**
XXXMEMEGHOSTXXX - (6 months ago)
Man when d&b nation was alright but now it’s all garbage
Natalia Simmons (6 months ago)
team binaca
Volante Joyner (7 months ago)
team Bianca😗😗😗😍
Volante Joyner (7 months ago)
you need to quit cussing
Akayzia Rutling (7 months ago)
Love you guys
Miracle Lynch (7 months ago)
She funny asf!!!!!!
Miracle Lynch (7 months ago)
ApexPredator (7 months ago)
chalette roland (8 months ago)
team b d stop tring
Kaelie Campbell (8 months ago)
Nessa Paul (8 months ago)
Team damian
Destiny Wilson (8 months ago)
roasting time (9 months ago)
Bruh what the fuck ,she going to eat it b u funny af
Jessica Dagner (9 months ago)
I dare you to BRAC up with her
Jamirah Brumfield (9 months ago)
Biannca you s trying to do the Work.😄😄
Kayla Cadogan (9 months ago)
Team Bianca
Karah Bergman (10 months ago)
No mf😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😒😒
patty_love flowers (10 months ago)
Love you guys ❤
Golden Exotic (10 months ago)
Biancas Boobs are big
Kaboosh Slime (11 months ago)
Who propose to someone with a ring pop
Gabby Turner (11 months ago)
Gabby Turner (11 months ago)
OML 😂😂😂😂😂
Gabby Turner (11 months ago)
poor poor biannca
Rashae Gallardo (11 months ago)
When you get no likes so you like your own comment:((
Mildred Chew (11 months ago)
she don't want to get married
Karen Lyde (11 months ago)
team b
Angela Burton (11 months ago)
Lola #teambiannca all day everyday love you guys 💓💓❤❤💜💜💙💙💛💛💚💚💚💋💋💋💋💗💗💬💬💬💙💙💛💙😀😀
Jeanelle Norris (11 months ago)
Brandon Campbell (11 months ago)
I love u guys
I knew she saw him do it
Lil Bagg (1 year ago)
Wow she is rude!
Jade Bryant (1 year ago)
Lmao aww now yall actually married...... Biannca so pretty 😂😂😍😍
Baby Julz (1 year ago)
3:58 DAMIEN -biannca will u Marry me 4:00 BIANNCA -no mf I know it's a prank😂😂😂
3 Grillz (1 year ago)
I lowkey feel like she don't wanna marry him
Kaye Hinds (1 year ago)
team biannca
Adlin Malcolm (1 year ago)
what the fuck is Ron whth he😮😨
Miya Washington (1 year ago)
Y'all got my favorite sirile
that was a fail😶😑😑😑😑
lowkëy.kennedy 2x (1 year ago)
Team Bianca&Damian
zeba max tallk (1 year ago)
you are really nice parson and very good human being
zeba max tallk (1 year ago)
hi D you are amazing
Belinda Hawks (1 year ago)
Isaiah Auls (1 year ago)
Isaiah Auls (1 year ago)
Isaiah Auls (1 year ago)
Shafeqah Earl (6 months ago)
Bianca do the water prank on Damien
Emani& Chaces world! (1 year ago)
# team B
Briana Baty (1 year ago)
Who proposes in a kitchen any damn way. I'm glad she did say no lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Norma frost (1 year ago)
team beanncia
Alex galvez (1 year ago)
just started Youtube. can I get some subs🙈
Nature Mia (1 year ago)
4:00 omg I laughed so hard!😂
Maria Garcia (1 year ago)
it was fail😂😂😂😂
BiggyG (1 year ago)
lol she so dying doenst know how to do the west side sign lol
StreetMoney Polo (1 year ago)
B was so nervous lol cute as hell
kamari boynton (1 year ago)
why she keep srugging her shoulders
Shayma Mariey (1 year ago)
lmaoo "you didnt even look that way"- ikr?!?!
Kitty Bush (1 year ago)
Team Biannnnnnnnnnnnnnca all day every day
Trisha (1 year ago)
Jodi Wicker (1 year ago)
wow Damien that fire craker is not cool and the cheating prank you made her cry in both

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