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Tried Yoga Yesterday - Good or Bad Idea?

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sirbrad4 (1 year ago)
Try P90X Yoga and Pilates, "It will leave you crying like a little baby."
DIESELMAN8V92 (1 year ago)
LOL my wife wants to be a yoga instructor, and I want to be the hulk lol
Breakneck (1 year ago)
My friend once told me he was thinking about doing yoga and henceforth we referred to him as a female. Anybody who has worked out for a long time should easily realize that ANY workout you're not doing is going to be hard when you try it. Go take a judo class and after getting tossed around like a rag doll you'll say the same thing ha. Go run a half mile. I bet you can't run the whole time. It's not magic it's just that you can't do what you don't train for easily.
Jacob smith (1 year ago)
James Tiny Vest, What do you think of cold exposure as a fitness thing?
Jeffrey Dotulong (1 year ago)
Zhu Zver (1 year ago)
James, I'm so glad you're experimenting and pushing yourself in so many directions. I'm doing serious weight training for 1 year, and I do calisthenics and a bit of ballet work. I want to grow as big as you some day and preserve myself as best as I can. Truly, your experiences, your daily videos, your research, I read and watch most if not all of what you do lately. I'm so proud of your growth and shifts. You're a great resource James, I can't wait to see what you'll find out about yourself.
lford44 (1 year ago)
I was having a little back pain.....a friend said to come to yoga with her and she guaranteed id feel 100% within five days.....went to Bikram yoga on Wed....half way through I had severe pain and got up to leave and everyone said.."no no tough it out"....Thurs I don't remember because I was drugged up on pain killers...Fri I had an MRI....Sat I had surgery...Mon I felt zero pain and was walking around.   Bikram wasn't the core cause, but it was the straw that 'broke' my back....moral of the story...listen to your body...get cleared by a medical doc.....Bikram is a cult IMO....I was stupid to jump into hot yoga...they were irresponsible in their vetting/workup procedure.  id be willing to try cold yoga for flexibility....emphasis on COLD.   I'm in SW Florida.. at the time I was 42 yo...6-1 235 worked out 4-5X week.
TJ Mendoza (1 year ago)
Yoga comes from Hinduism. It's of the devil!
Chandan M (1 year ago)
TJ Mendoza No wonder people are leaving Abrahmic cult which teaches hatred towards others faith/culture .
Valerie B (1 year ago)
Hi TJ, No need to get defensive and rude. To each their own. You can believe what you want. I've researched and studied yoga before I started my practice and I've never came across anything that was of  the "devil". Can you please send me some references where it indicates yoga is of the "devil". If you would like I can send you some book titles they may change your opinion. Yoga’s ethical and moral codes YamasAhimsa (non-harming)Satya(truthfulness)Asteya(non-stealing)Aparigraha(non-possessiveness)Brahmacharya(maintenance of vitality) Niyamas Tapas(purification through discipline)Santosha(contentment)Saucha(purity)Svadhyaya(self-study)Ishvara Pranidhana (devotion to a higher power)
TJ Mendoza (1 year ago)
I don't just blurt something out as if I only had a clue of what I'm talking about. I know EXACTLY where this came from!!!
TJ Mendoza (1 year ago)
You NEED to do your research!!! I have had done this and you need to realize what you're talking about!!!
Valerie B (1 year ago)
Yoga is a philosophy not a religion. It does not come from the devil. Trust me if it did I wouldn't practice.
Ever Burning (1 year ago)
Yoga in between your weight lifting sessions will heal you faster and make you stronger in the gym. It is awesome. Glad you've been exposed to it properly.
jim dandy (1 year ago)
Jim- Yoga will humble your inability to be flexible IF you aren't and doing even some of the most basic moves will bring tears to your eyes--- But yes in 12 months and doing enough stretching and flexibility training you'll see big improvements if that's what you want.  I will be 62 in December and changed my training style, much more into cardio like treadmill and cycling and that's heart healthy
iZZyBVaPn (1 year ago)
your smart ,I've never thought about it like that ..I'm tempted to try yoga
Leo Harju (1 year ago)
I had a stroke about 6 years ago and had to relearn to walk. I started doing Bikram Yoga 3x a week shortly thereafter. I'm now 110%, perhaps if I hadn't been doing it, I would be dead.
TheMaharishi (1 year ago)
Yoga is a HUGE all encompassing thing. It's public perception has been thoroughly distorted by tons of masters, instructors and everyday Joe misconceptions. Even the bare bones thing they teach to the public is great though. Every human has the blueprint for it in their DNA. You don't really need a teacher although it can speed up the process but it's equally likely to move you off the right path. What you actually need is to get away from the distractions that keep you from automatically inventing it for yourself.
ArmaRes (1 year ago)
People gave me alot of shit when I told them I go to yoga. It's legit, as you age you...flexibility and range of motion are the first things to go. Especially for those who are inactive or to the other extreme people who are super tight from lifting all those years. I probably spend just as much time if not more on stretching as I do working out.
Joshua M (1 year ago)
Off topic, but a while back you briefly spoke about dirty bulking and how it had its benefits. You said you may make a video about that topic in the future. Do you think you'll still do it?
JustBea Yoga (1 year ago)
It is so great to hear this. Yoga is not just a work out, ~but a work in~ as I am sure is weightlifting. Just a different, transformative experience I think. And it will compliment any fitness regimen you will decide to stick with. I am looking forward to hear more about it. Namaste shanti.
Caveman Dan (1 year ago)
I started BJJ last year after 10 years lifting weights and after trimming down and doing cardio daily I feel great, thinking about starting yoga after watching Dorian Yates and now you 👍
Big R (1 year ago)
For what its worth...(and I know Mr. Vest knows what he's doing....but since he put the question in the headline, I'm going to state my opinion), I think its a big mistake. As he gets older, if he keeps lifting hard that muscle will dwindle very slowly, but if he doesn't keep hitting it hard but smart, that muscle is going to fall off like sweat on a hot day, and along with it a lot of bone strength as well. Its a lot easier for an older guy to stay limber than it is to stay strong...I know several older martial artists who are almost as limber as they were when they were young. Hell, look at the old masters on the kung fu movies. I think the yoga should be in support of the lifting, not the other way around. But I respect the guy regardless, of course. I will watch his stuff even if he balances himself upside down on his head during the video saying "ohm".
richard blackcloud (1 year ago)
@James tiny Vest, How old are you?
Jay Man (1 year ago)
richard blackcloud 28
Really Riley (1 year ago)
Things are getting really interesting dude...Glad your sharing your journey so viewers can get some perspective.
fish 9017 (1 year ago)
all the best brother
RJ M. (1 year ago)
Tiny a cool dude😊
Danniel Palacios (1 year ago)
I'm not near the size you are, but pretty good physique and find yoga helps my training. try hot yoga. I don't like it before a leg day but after is amazing. get my joints feeling great and body not so tight. I don't like it the day before legs because I almost feel too loose and just not right and ready to squat but hot yoga is amazing. and great time with you thoughts. kudos for an open mind brothah
Truther 416 (1 year ago)
Your best rout when you get older, is cross fit, yoga, more raw veggies less meat, distilled water
Havibi Loveisgod (1 year ago)
i advice u to look for Sadhguru ( yogi ) the founder of isha creation and watch some of his discussions and lectures on yoga
SHAZBAT414 (1 year ago)
I have studied both weight training and yoga for about 30 years. There are a lot of things about yoga that are misunderstood by the general public. It's not all about flexibility, it's really more about building power. The body is an electrical system that requires free moving fasciae in order to reach it's highest capacitance/inductance potentials. Disease begins when tension obstructs that freedom in the system, something proven by cadaver studies. By increasing one's power this way, one will go through many changes. The mind will improve in all possible ways and the body will follow suit. It's pretty exciting to see somebody who has already acheived so much physically just now coming to explore this amazing skill. Enjoy the trip!
Aldo M (1 year ago)
yoga..pilates! nice slingshot.
Dani Filth (1 year ago)
hey James you caught me off guard thought it was a rich piana video I clicked on!
Chris O' Toole (1 year ago)
Good luck on your journey James. You seem like a good man.
Now drop the gear and eat a normal amount and the yoga as well as other activities that require true strength will get easier.
John Lucas (1 year ago)
Tiny Yoga is great! I healed my back and hips doing it for two years. It really gets you into shape. ALmost like posing with gravity. It will for sure get you in fighting shape and 10x increase your flexibility. It makes me feel younger and lighter after.
My wife is also a certified yoga instructor. Weight lifting, power lifting and yoga are incredibly complimentary towards each other. Glad you gave it a try man. I just do yoga at least 2-3 times a week especially after leg day. Excellent for recovery.
W Davo (1 year ago)
Dorian Yates also rates yoga very highly, ill give it a shot, apparently it can be pretty brutal as a workout, cheers mate
iron life (1 year ago)
only way I'm doing yoga if it helps me reach my peaker for a hummer 🍌😁
EmbodyMalika Zitouni (1 year ago)
Get few classes under your belt then you won't be able to live without it. Your workouts will greatly improve as yoga will give you a deeper awareness with that muscle-mind connection. Also you will get more in tune with your body.
Jay Downey (1 year ago)
awesome! it's great for my Cerebral Palsy.. keep us updated!
Eric Edwards (1 year ago)
this is so amazing... promoting plant based diets and yoga. you're a real positive member in this community thank you for what you do. focus on the breathing
Patrik Alkell (1 year ago)
Sounds like a good idea. Body and soul.
Jonathan Zappala (1 year ago)
Hey James I would love to come on Sunday's to retro fitness and come workout and learn more about health and fitness I really enjoy your channel and your gorilla with a cause I would love help and donate I live about an hour away and some change in Delaware/ Pennsylvan from your gym would like to know if it's okay for me to come down and work out
Brick (1 year ago)
Glad you discovered something good. I have done it in the past and want to do it again. Bodybuilding can be good for the body but every now and then I just feel like an old man. Yoga will help with that for sure.
Vanneker (1 year ago)
can you see him doing yoga??
Shane s (1 year ago)
hey james its cool your getting into yoga if u havent seen the film (behind the shadow) i believe thats the name its about dorian yates his life n all that but towards the end he explains how he found yoga but you should check it out if u havent seen it
Martin Hertz (1 year ago)
Wow, that's not what I expected to hear, but cool for you James. If you're going back to fighting(karate, was it?), then do you plan to downsize? Well, I guess so, since you're gonna tone weight-training down and since I would think it wouldn't be optimal with such a high weight/size for such activities, though what do I know? :) Do you think it will be hard for you, in being so big for so long and then go lighter? I know you're already lighter now that in your heyday, but nonetheless... For me, I think I would have a hard time with such honestly(if being your size I mean)...
Banana Bandana (1 year ago)
From my experience yoga is cool but it's time consuming and depending on what your goals are it could be a waste of time and distribution of energy. However if you're trying to find a girl. The ratio there is greatly in your favor. Walk in that joint with a vegan t shirt on and you'll walk out with a phone number. Ayeeeee
David Finch (1 year ago)
From Mass Monster to yogi, next you'll be meditating and talking about Light bodies. Wonderful---there is hope for humanity yet
cuchulainn1967 (1 year ago)
yoga is great if not taken to o far.....then u become tooo flexible and lose strength and balance..... i do it on lower intensity days for healing,s tretching, and only a few minutes works for me...... especially if ur a heavy guy and train ahrd like Bud Jeffries u become flexible very quick adn gain strength because of engaging the smaller stabilizers from different angle without risk of injury... my next approach : buy a 70 lbs weight vest , and add resitance slowly instead of doing endless minutes.... and also kettlebell work, and throws,a dn rock carry's are fun..... swim, sprints, HIIT bycycle riding, and liss 10hr bycycle rides, uphill... etc... there is so much more u can do for excercise then just in a gym.... it becomes a addiction.... and can make u miss out on other fun.... try skeelers, skatin, acrobatics, trickin like JujiMufu , Rings, Taichi, they can all complement and prevent Overuse injuries and overtraining.... also u will need less food and the organs can chillout a bit from constant foodprocessing.... ur size will be only the msuclemass which is functional and really used intensely for the activities then just extra mass which outside the gym is not fully used but just for show.... rope climbing... handstand pushups, levers...... for a heavy guy this is a great challenge and difficult and u dont need high reps.... or breakdancin moves... bap bap , skeet skeet my nugga
Gary Sellars (1 year ago)
I don't like yoga. I feel it's boring. Basically yoga, without totally getting into the breath work 100%, is just stretching. David Swenson, the Ashtanga guru, says that. To me working a calisthenics program along with your weight training would be better. But hell what do i know? Everyone's different. Main thing is if YOU enjoy it.
Zalute (1 year ago)
yoga and bodybuilding goes hand in hand I think
Terje Oseberg (1 year ago)
BTW, my GF says that yoga sucks for flexibility. If you want to become flexible, she says you have to take ballet.
Terje Oseberg (1 year ago)
Pilates, no?
2kanchoo (1 year ago)
I don't agree with that at all. We ALL have some level of spine mobility naturally, some more than others, and each can do powerlifting just fine. If you're spine flexibility is coming into play while deadlifting, you're doing it wrong, plain and simple. No matter ones spine flexibility you tighten and stabilize your core the same.
CB (1 year ago)
Spine flexibility is a bad thing if you want to deadlift for example. Way more injury prone
CB (1 year ago)
Yes but Yoga and Powerlifting is a nono
Kevin Jackson (1 year ago)
James, you're "jumping the shark." you're running out of ideas.....
BroBeans 1979 (1 year ago)
I've tried yoga...its not for me. Yet. Can't wait to see how you feel after awhile of doing yoga. keep it up brother.
Astral Apophis (1 year ago)
Phenomenal work, yoga is. So deeper than the physical
David (1 year ago)
yoga is awesome
srg914 (1 year ago)
What are the new physical activities you mention that you will use lifting to supplement? I'm guessing martial arts but I could be wrong.
Chris Ross (1 year ago)
srg914 Dealing with all the busters😀
Guy Graham (1 year ago)
You will feel so clear on yoga mate plus great flexibility and mind benefits.
Michael Wallis (1 year ago)
Doric Apella (1 year ago)
Do you know the origin of yoga?
it came from kama sutra and tantra and was used to keep the body flexibel, healthy, and stamina to be able to have hour longs of sex without cumming and gettin tired to activate certain brainphases like most ancient practises... when used with heavy ganja/opium herbs mixtures it can be very powerful.... many people get high the first few times they do yoga.... finally they fully relax and let all the unconscious ingrained tension patterns go....

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