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Facts You THINK You Know About "Gear"

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so much misconception out there - gets worse every year. I am seeing some outright bad information being offered by guys who present themselves as knowledgeable but much of what they advise is actually wrong. I seldom speak about some of this stuff but a few things need to be considered - just to pry open a mind or two.
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Igus Fox (1 day ago)
May i ask, for how long have you been on when you came off?
billy bierbuik (6 days ago)
james are you going to stay off or perhaps going on?
luckjan1 (6 days ago)
Yes you can get very big naturally. Food! I’m 6’1” 245lbs, it’s all about the food and heavy training.
Peppa Pig (14 days ago)
Best experience and wisdom I've heard in years ❤️❤️🙏
Justin Mitchell (16 days ago)
This is my first summer off gear. The longer I am clean the more dumb I think gear is. No matter what research you do before taking drugs everyone’s body reacts differently. Trial and error
Matthew Powell (25 days ago)
Realist guy on YouTube!
Ryan Leach (28 days ago)
The amount of gear people are using is crazy. Looking around my gym there are countless guys with huge bloated guts sticking out with no real gains. Genetics is a huge part of it almost feel sorry for the money they wasted and damage they are doing to their body.
Est Cruz (1 month ago)
Still a beast. Keep gettin after it James, and take advantage of your body in a confused state to keep bringin the shock factor. Nothing but new challenges for you but that keeps it intersting-new challenges to crush and keep these haters hatin. I enjoy your videos, and I really enjoy reading some of the dumb shit people write from the hate seat. So many experts ....why don't they post some vid's and show us all how great they are?
Garfit Gar (1 month ago)
Age 60 personal trainer specialist sports nutrition started weights in the 70s now 2018 still lifting great videos james
sirbrad4 (1 month ago)
You lost more like 20 pounds of fat, 10 pounds of water, and 10 pounds of muscle. You did not lose no 40 pounds of muscle in that short amount of time. You do not look that drastically different just slightly leaner. You just have body dysmorphia.
sirbrad4 (1 month ago)
You can't take credit for that size and say that you are "natural" as you still have about 30 years of gear in you. Stay off a few years then we'll see how you look naturally. You don't lose that much muscle that fast either, it takes years to lose muscle and you do not look like you lost that much yet.
sirbrad4 (1 month ago)
So you took all that gear all those years only to get off and be natural eventually anyway? Lol. Pretty stupid really, and no one cared anyway and the only thing that came out of it all was health issues and less years on earth most likely. You should have just stayed natural period, and not worried about being huge and getting attention. Nothing is more important than health.
Inthe Garbage (1 month ago)
Its about ELEMENTS and how they are played.
Inthe Garbage (1 month ago)
If you dont do anything right nothing is maintainable. If you got your shit down good your boddy will ceep what it needs to maintain.
Jim bob (1 month ago)
Who's he on about who's had heart problems and hospitalised?
Steve A (1 month ago)
Good info as usual.
capoman1 (1 month ago)
I love James, but this rant was premature. He's been off for just months and he is talking like he's been off for years.
sirbrad4 (1 month ago)
Every "gear expert" on here never did any gear. They think they are experts because they watch YouTube videos and read comments.
fred dangerous (1 month ago)
Not about the gear so why did u do it so many years guys like u and Jerry Ward who say there off the gear problem is u guys can't handle being small and weak so u always on some kind of gear just stop the lies
Marcus Bryan (1 month ago)
DAM those arms I'm jealous because I have the worst genetics in the world for arms. Sure I made it But the first place I lose size is arms. James what can I do like what you are doing?
Chosen Won (1 month ago)
You ruined your heart with steroids. What's this ' gear' bullshit. If you're so fuck'in honest name the roids you took; the brand name, the amount and for how long. Cut the bullshit for once and all. You're so full of shit it's coming out of your ears. You need a guerilla to kick you right in your fuck'in lying ass. Nutrition? What would a druggie like you know about legit nutrition? Shoot up with steroids then talk about what to eat...............you're fuck'in nuts. WTF?
KOBD 613 BODYBUILDING (1 month ago)
Agreed, with everything.
FitLife (1 month ago)
Did you not have heart problems? never took estrogen blockers? Lets see your blood work? I would love to see your estrogen level will taking test...
madz kev (1 month ago)
If it was all about the gear u wouldnt had retain the half of what u got now .
Damian Voulo (1 month ago)
awesome video. always learn something!
Brutus 632 (1 month ago)
While I usually love what James has to say......the statement..."This is me at 55 yrs old NOT on gear" when referring to building muscle NATURALLY isn't exactly being truthful to be quite honest...….when in fact a fair amount of that muscle was built while on gear for decades. The only 55 yr old who could say "Look at me at 55" in THIS discussion is a LIFETIME natty. Sorry, but when he says "Look at me, it can be done"...….that isn't fair …..at all. Bottom line is James would look nowhere near as big as he currently is at 55 NOT ON GEAR if he had been a LIFETIME natty.
Brutus 632 (1 month ago)
I am VERY curious to see his numbers because everything I've ever learned (went to Chiropractic school …...then PT so I understand anatomy) says that once production had ceased for such a long time, the odds of the body producing ANY significant amount (of testosterone) after stopping the usage of gear is slim to none. Especially not after decades of use. Bare minimum he'll need TRT for the remainder of his life IMO.
Chris James (1 month ago)
While it’s true that some cheap raws may contain some impurities, i do not believe that it is to blame. Heavy metals are present in many protein powders, supplements and other things we ingest.
Erfan Eisa (1 month ago)
James have you done deca only cycles ?
Range Titan (1 month ago)
Once again, as a young guy who is 21, I can not explain to you how much this helps out. Thanks brotha, also looking great.
kenneth seekford (1 month ago)
have you done any videos on fasting bro?
Vinnie James (1 month ago)
Great video
Kyle Studebaker (1 month ago)
No disrespect here, but you are 100% an outlier if you have used gear all these years, and your natural testosterone came back.... Have you had a blood test to see we’re your T is since you stopped???? Are you ever going to consider a TRT dose??
Walter Maul (1 month ago)
Also you forgot to mention the structural change to your body when on gear for a long time it gives you an advantage for life
Walter Maul (1 month ago)
Will you let us know ypur levels when you get tested
Igus Fox (1 month ago)
LoL! I think you mean Seth Rodriguez who ran 3-4grams a week of test. No disrespect to him, he's a nice guys, but he's gonna bump into trouble after a certain point...
Anthony Lodge (1 month ago)
They’ve done studies on this which I’ve seen(unfortunately I cannot cite) in which it was demonstrated that roids have some lasting effects on musculature
Anthony Lodge (1 month ago)
That scenery man. It’s like Eden
choppertj1 (1 month ago)
I have an email from this dude a couple of years ago. I told him I was gonna add 250-375 mlgs of deca a week to my 500 mlgs of test that I was already doing. His response was to up the deca to 500. What a hypocrite. I used to love to listen to this dude and do just about anything else he said. It wasn’t until he started to talk about other bullshit religions that saw he himself is lost!
The guy offering the worst advice ever, go ahead and name Boston Rob
Scott S (1 month ago)
Train hard and eat. No need for gear.
Jpm King (1 month ago)
the thing is there were guys that were huge before people ever started using gear, so it is entirely possible to have huge muscle if you put in the work
Jpm King (1 month ago)
god damn the comments are filled with a bunch of noob haters. I bet most the hate comments are from people who don't even know how to shoot up
Aaron Blossfield (1 month ago)
Looking good man!
assistantto007 (1 month ago)
do you suppose you could have got to your current size naturally? I'm not a hater, but since you quit the gear,you have started to come across as a born again body builder. There's no shame in getting old. Just accept you ain't what you thought you could forever be.
Mr Bob (1 month ago)
All the smart guys are downsizing...fewer peds and less food for health
Jared Jordan (1 month ago)
Uncle James always dropping knowledge. Thanks alot you have a ton of experience and thanks for sharing with us.
Michael R. (1 month ago)
Young fellows.....to all of the young guys that are just getting serious about the gym.. this is THE guy that you want to listen to. James is the guy that will not feed you ANY BS. He is a total, 100% straight shooter. He doesn't tell you what to do. He gives advice and guidance from his own experience and research. He isn't going to read a book and then recite what he read to you. This dude knows what he is talking about. I liked what he said about estrogen control. He isn't tell you not to take an AI or anything for estrogen. He is telling you to find out what your estrogen levels are like before you start taking something to control your estrogen. As guys we need a small level of estrogen for 'gains' and sexual function. Young fellows, listen to James.
ZOMBONA (1 month ago)
Two things James. First: This is waaay to soon to give a knowledgeable opinion on how it really is to be off the gear. Try it for 3 years at least. The gear will be gone from your system relatively quickly, but you will still have ghost benefits for a long, long time. These benefits allow you to still build muscle easier than if you'd never touched it. Second: Actually you'll never be able to escape the benefits that the sauce has brought you. It brought you to a level that you obviously won't be able to replicate as a 'natural', but sure as hell you'll always be able to gain muscle easier and way bigger than a life-long natural. I appreciate your efforts at being truthful but I feel you will never truly give it up. You'll be drinking at the ole' fountain sometime soon.
Peter Walsh (1 month ago)
Great video jim👍
Karthik Venkataraman (1 month ago)
I have been following your videos. You got smaller when you stopped the gear but have definitely put size on now. Totally surprised. Good work ethic pays off!
john rambo (1 month ago)
i have done couple test cycles ... been off for years ... still a lot bigger than was before cycles.... i think it can fast-track you to your natural potential
Breakneck (1 month ago)
Thought he was definitely taking about "Formula Secrets" yt channel until he said the guy was tall. Anyways this guy is all about taking half a gram a week first cycle, can't pronounce simple things like 'Anastrozole', doesn't know hcg can be used on cycle to prevent shutdown from ever happening etc etc etc.  https://youtu.be/doyh8Wj_Tr4
Brian Russell (1 month ago)
I REALLY like this guy but it is about the drugs. If he truly is taking nothing he will keep shrinking until he levels out he will not lose it all. He still has a very good physique but he should he earned it training hard many years with many drugs. I would really like to see him with nothing. Testosterone is a drug so being on it is not totally off. Chances are if you are at 220 at 10% bodyfat you are taking something. The elite naturals that get polygraphed and drug tested are at the 200 lb bodyweight. Im not a buster been in this game for over 30 years naturally.
Operation Truth (1 month ago)
JTV you have been on Steriods for over 30 years. Glad you decided to get healthy
Jamie Giguere (1 month ago)
Lo.... what a fuckin hypocrite... on gear for years and completely lying about it saying he was on TRT, even showing a video going to his female trt doctor, then it comes out later he’s on 500mg.. supposedly, which I bet is under.. don’t believe a word this ass clown says except yea, a newbie doesn’t need to start at 500mgs
Brack Slaughter (1 month ago)
It has been interesting to watch where the lower T has made a visible difference in Mr. Vest, noticeably the traps less so the arms. My TRT I could never walk away from after finding its effects on energy, mood, confidence/assertiveness (not aggression!) so desirable, but of course, know what you're doing. In my mid 50s, I feel there is no benefit to feeling my age.
Simon (1 month ago)
That’s why I don’t take gear any more. All this underground shit is well dodgy. When I trained back in the day in the early 90s the gear was all legit. Miss those days. I’m from the UK by the way and most of the gear here is underground.
toby32163 (1 month ago)
I am 55 as well,take 100mg of test per week, been on over a year..never looked better or felt better,and would never go back, 6'2 220 ..15 % body fat.. You DO NOT need 1 gram a week..crazy.. Keep up the grat work tiny, love you videos!
hoghogwild (1 month ago)
"I came off cold turkey, initially."
fsufan (1 month ago)
nothing wrong with a TRT dose of testosterone. it just keep us older guys testosterone level high normal
Iron Man (1 month ago)
Steroids add temporary gains to an already good physique. You dont get to keep the gains. Otherwise RC and DY wouldnt look like regular joes.
Micheal Cotas (1 month ago)
Tiny you looking good brother ... God bless you An the team stay positive an fuuuuuck the busters ... 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹stand up lol
strecharmstrong uk (1 month ago)
I’m sorry James but what built u your mass ?? U can’t say u can get really big natty look at me I’m on nothing now and 55 years old lol u built yr size with lots of gear.... maintaining size is a lot easier then building it a hell of a lot easier
rusty rosas (1 month ago)
100% true.
5%CMON (1 month ago)
if what you say is true then how come 0 naturals are your size?
Rene Jakobsen (1 month ago)
James: pleasure to folllow your channel. When you stopped trt i started. I’m 53, have trained since 1982 with all it took. Stopped drugs in 2004 and became smaller and fatter, but trained 2 - 4 times a week still. The last 3 years i’ve felt tired, lazy, joint pain, no sex drive and even depressed. My heart pressure was 150/85 and began having high morning blood glucose. I’m now doing 250 test e and 200deca weekly and a little aromesan. It is a god send!! I’m feeling great, training is on point, confidence very high - i’m a lot more friendly to other people too. Best is my BP is 130/75 and blood glucose is spot on. I think we need it when getting older. The extra muscle is a small benefit in the bigger picture!!! Gods speed!!!
reddiamondxiv (1 month ago)
Rene Jakobsen thats awesome bro I didn’t think it affects us that much as we get older. I’m coming up on 45 and in starting to feel it.
Jody (1 month ago)
Bro bro bro... You still look great. We,the true Guerrillas are down for. You no matter what. Preach it brother!
John Davis (1 month ago)
Another sad, delusional steroid abuser. Looks horrible too, like a deformed insecure fool.
Charlie M (1 month ago)
David Gilliam (1 month ago)
You are absolutely correct on the body after usage at our age & and training back up. I thought I was going quit but hung in there just like you and figured it out. Never did PCT neither during usages. Thanks!!
brett bradley (1 month ago)
hey bro love your vids have given this video a thumbs up before i made this comment yes you got big nateral then got bigger on gear. but my question is, you have nucli or whatever it is called in your muscle {musle memory} so you should be able to pump back up to that size nateraly ? the question is can you and me get bigger now nateral. so please let me know when you achieve that i would apreciate it. skippy down under
HeartPiece4u (1 month ago)
I think because you worked as a mechanic your muscle memory is based on that and not the weight lifting. your foundation is built on hard labor.
paddy mcginty (1 month ago)
Dont worry about the losses sir....just be healthy and clean..all the best
Sean Madill (1 month ago)
James tiny vest you look really good my brother , a large percentage of men will not look like you at age 55 .
Sam Graves (1 month ago)
When u said 500mg 1st cycle and weighs 215 i knew exactly who u were talkin bout. And offering how to homebrew and the sources for the raws. Im glad im not the Only one who thinks hes a Fn moron
Sam Graves (1 month ago)
reddiamondxiv formula secrets.
reddiamondxiv (1 month ago)
Sam Graves who was it. Lol
David Hintz (1 month ago)
I was never on anything and when I turned 40 I started dropping mass big time and I was dragging ass big time as well. I bet I dropped 20% of my muscle due to low T. I worked with my doc and I started dropping weight and behaving myself better. It took almost 3 years, but I finally started putting on muscle without doing much other than doing house and yardwork. It can be done. Obesity, stress, ETOH, bad diet. Those things will all work together to put your T in the toilet. I would expect that for guys who have been on shit, it is even a worse problem. I chose not to do TRT because it was the safest choice for me, and I improved by making improvements in my lifestyle. Your mileage may vary.
raplinepossitive (1 month ago)
Name names. And for the rest of you Chumps...Don't run tren.
Deathheads69 (1 month ago)
Look what happened when Ronnie coleman went into surgery for a couple months , lost all his size and mass cause he went off the gear Lol.
Born2succeed (1 month ago)
Been off for a few months. Stay off for a few years and he’ll lose 90% of his gains. He’ll never be able to maintain what was built on enhanced levels.
andrew 66769 (5 days ago)
St.Fiacre yea they plateau bc they hit the new physical limit of their dosage, if we're going to throw anecdotes. I'm naturally a tall an skinny person. In high school I was 6'2 and weighted 135lbs. I'm now 18 and no longer in school. After studying fitness for 2 years I decided to get started. went from 135 to 160 in about 6 and a half months.( no, none of it was fat, I can see the fibers and separations in my shoulders And chest) And got into calisthenics regardless of the fact that my height is a big disadvantage for me. But I did my homework with eating right and went from a 0lb weighted pull up to 60lb in 1 month or slightly under. I don't feel like I need a lecture on the power on eating correctly and training correctly. I understand what you're saying. But your anecdote said it. Even those shitty roids made my gains that from what I've seen were very good, look like shit. It doesn't seem like we disagree on much. Alot of what you're saying is what im preaching or living.
St.Fiacre (5 days ago)
Its not as black and white,as your making it out to be.Ive never done steroids,but i have 18 and a half inch arms,400 pound bench press,230 pound bodyweight, naturally with the exception of taking creatine. I knew this skinny dude in high school that took an oral steroid that he ordered from a magazine,his bench went from 130 to 200 in a week,his personality changed from a jovial joking person into quite and brooding with an intense stare.But then his eyes turned yellow and he had to off,and he went back to himself in a matter of days. And even the professionals that inject, eventually hit a plateau,then they are fucked,because they have to continue just to maintain. So you are better off learning everything you can do naturally. There all kinds of things you can do to alter your test levels other than doing steroids....and yes,nutrition is one of them.
andrew 66769 (5 days ago)
St.Fiacre if your experience shows that eating right and proper training gives you more progress then PEDs you are injecting something that's not a PED. Hopefully you are speaking off of your experience and you're not a gullible ass kid who watches the six pack shortcuts type YouTubers. At least you got the fact that roid gains are less permenant that natural gains right. And once again, I've had 0 shortcomings with my progress. It's just a fact that people on PEDs are on a completely diffrent level.
andrew 66769 (5 days ago)
St.Fiacre Arnold had a combo of good genetics and roids. You can slack so so much on training and eating and still destroy naturals. There's studies that show that people on a cycle and don't work out gain as much as a natural eating right and working out 2 times a week. You can deny facts if you want. But at the end of the day they will still be facts.
St.Fiacre (5 days ago)
Steroids are the icing on the cake,not the cake itself. If you don't have training knowledge,haven't trained for at least five years and made gains naturally which isn't that hard if you are methodical and consistent.Know how your body recuperates and how long it takes to recuperate.Know how to harness your natural pituitary feed back loop. Then go ahead and do a cycle.But don't bitch to me that you don't look like Arnold...Steroids are temporary...what comes up must come down... Hard work and knowledge is more permanent,even given the fact that we all age,so nothing is really permanent,we all die regardless of steroids. Even though some like to use steroids as a scapegoat for all gains and failures...
Danny Nun-ya (1 month ago)
No way you are off “everything”. So sick of people touting lies. I was deceived as a kid by these people until I found out it was all steroids and enhancers. I wasted thousands of dollars buying their snake oils and fart powders. Come on tiny. Stop the lies.
COLA FIZZ (1 month ago)
Danny Nun-ya fart powders 😂
reddiamondxiv (1 month ago)
Danny Nun-ya hater number 4
strecharmstrong uk (1 month ago)
He had lost a gd bit of size also He didn’t build his size natty he built it with lots of gear but maintaining it is a lot easier then building it a hell of a lot easier so probs is off everything
Bart fox (1 month ago)
Danny Nun-ya. tiny brings the truth. He has always brought the truth . He has no reason to lie. Always offers the best advice he knows and what's worked for him . He does this channel to help others .
Sean Madill (1 month ago)
A lot of these younger guys don't want to work for it for very long I've noticed it they aren't big in one year they are on gear ! Dam did that just rhyme . If they aren't on it they are looking for it .some of the older generation worked out for years and years having major muscle memory before they ever "pinned" .
shortlinet (1 month ago)
Your speaking the truth brother! Not to mention all these Sarms and what the long term effects might be!
supertroll (1 month ago)
What is a lot ? Getting your natural levels to under 1200 only takes 100/150 a week. Are you talking about Bostin loyd
supertroll (1 month ago)
I’m better without it. I’m shredded and have determination without it
Dave S. (1 month ago)
Dang it. I'd like to know who he is talking about.
Chris Robinson (1 month ago)
Great video mate I am soon to turn 50 an took a few cycles of gear in my mid 20 s I done a 10 week course of 1 mil a week of deca 50 which is only 50 mg a week in conjunction with stanozolol 50 at 2 injections a week of 2 mil I put on 10 kg of ripped hard muscle no side effects you don't need high doses like they all tell you to do
Jamie Giguere (1 month ago)
There all liars, even James...
Nick South (1 month ago)
You are definately a genetic outlier! Going from an average looking dude to a 300 lb monster is insane!
madz kev (1 month ago)
Nick South thats what we call discipline and thats what 80% of the population lack off. True genetic freak wouldnt have been a 140lbs stick.
Bradley Miller (1 month ago)
Sorry bro I have just come across your channel but are you doing a proper pct eg clomid novadex etc??? Have you had your blood work done as well to see if you are back into your natural range for your age?? I watched Dave palumbo and he said he is producing natural test after doing a major pct so he could get his girlfriend pregnant. That guy is blessed. By the way I'm liking your channel already. Keep up the good work bro. Hope everything works out for you 👊. I'm gonna watch all your videos seems like you're talking allot of sense in this short video 👌
Adolf Oliver-Bush (1 month ago)
Bradley Miller He doesn’t do any PCT’s, or take estrogen blockers. He usually doesn’t get much blood work either. He got off around 400 mgs of Test for many years without anything as an experiment after a health scare. I like him, but things like not getting bloodwork very often are just idiotic.
Jbsk111211 Msj (1 month ago)
U can't say this is u at 55 no gear.. when you just came off gear that made you that size! Good video tho !
doubanjiang (1 month ago)
No buster here, but it definitely is mostly about the gear. I defy Tiny Vest or anyone to show me a so-called lifetime natty who has developed the same degree of thick musculature and can walk around lean year-round at 270+lbs. And if your reply is Mike O'Hearn, you've proved my point.
Matt Wandrey (1 month ago)
Yao Ming lol
rusty rosas (1 month ago)
wizard 423 (1 month ago)
hey tiny when are you doin the no bullshit big chest video. i loved the no bullshit big back video
Mrb Drm (1 month ago)
Maybe there is still some effect present that scientists still cant or know how to measure.
Matt Clark (1 month ago)
You are correct!! Eat big and train big! Only get on the Gear if you absolutely need it when you hit late 30’s or above!
PaulBodyBuilder (1 month ago)
Thought about taking it. Never touched the stuff
Guy Graham (1 month ago)
Ti ny did u end up getting any further clarification as to the chest pain u had that gave u the health scare .
Guy Graham (1 month ago)
Tiny did you end up getting any further clarification as to the chest pain u had that gave u the health scare
Kelly Jordan (1 month ago)
No PCT at all?
batman (1 month ago)
U got scared after rich and dallas
reddiamondxiv (1 month ago)
batman who wouldn’t that was crazy.
Chosen Won (1 month ago)
Face it, you're an old man with his best days behind him.
Bonez X (16 days ago)
Chosen Won lol you won’t ever look like what he looks like at 55
Joshua Guerra (18 days ago)
Chosen Won lol he looks better than your fat ass lol
Bunghole35 (1 month ago)
To all the guys that backed James Tiny 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 big respect!!! The people that write hate about someone else's journey wish they could look as good as he does at 50!!! That's the truth and one will only deny it!!!
John Do (1 month ago)
week1coin _ (1 month ago)
Chosen Won jealousy should not make you bitter. Use it as fuel to better yourself, not be a whiny little bitch.

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