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Cop confrontation goes viral

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The mayor and city manager in Rohnert Park, California, say they are investigating an incident where an unidentified officer drew his gun on a man recording him.
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Text Comments (45469)
Infinite Beauty (21 minutes ago)
I hope this cunt lowlife pussy bitch pig gets killed by a nigga
John (26 minutes ago)
Dragonball Antiverse (1 hour ago)
Ok if im understanding this video the man is hooking his boat up when he had the nerve to take out his camra and film a cop basically beging for attention while the cop gets out of his car pulls his gun out and says take your hand out of your pocket first of all both of them are wrong even if you do have a right to film a cop why WHY would you now you know you just want to start some shit and get famous now the cop he has no authority to tell anybody to take your hand out of your pocket unless he has a warrant or people around the area has called 911 saying "pleasr send help i think someone has a weapon there both completely wrong the guy with the camra was wrong first tho
Mike Lopez (2 hours ago)
another fracking pig that needs to be shot
catracho morazanico (3 hours ago)
Fuck the police
Ben Galetto (3 hours ago)
I know the cop shouldn’t have pulled his gun, but at that point do t move away from him just comply honestly.
David Presley (3 hours ago)
Of course cnn posts this lol
Miss A (6 hours ago)
Bro, take your hand out of your pocket.
Sexy Hero (6 hours ago)
OMG. Did the cop had a bad day. There is nothing wrong saying how is your day and what are you doing, is there. Of course not.
Ryan Jones (9 hours ago)
Piece of shit white old cunt!!!!
Kim Honkaniemi (9 hours ago)
So. 2018 and cops are bullying even the whites?
223 -gang (9 hours ago)
EWEDIN (10 hours ago)
he should've pulled taser or baton instead of gun, and if he grabbed the baton: hit him one time on the leg if he doesn't take out hand
quincy whitaker (10 hours ago)
Stupid people. I back the cop on this one. He asked him to take his hand out his pocket. He didn't, cop didn't know if he had a weapon or not. If he was black, most likely would of been shot. He got off easy. People resists arrest and shit escalates. If they just resisted alot of shit wouldn't get out of control. Sometimes. Not all the time. Some shit is uncalled for by crooked cops
YAK KEEGAN (10 hours ago)
How come when cops break the law on camera they don’t get introuble but when pedestrians do they get in a ton of trouble
English Gent (11 hours ago)
Sack that a-hole
Frankie Bones (14 hours ago)
CONSTITUTIONALIST? Is that a crime or am I free to go?
Garrison, Ross Henry (14 hours ago)
These are the cops that deserve to be shot.
Mr. Chihuahua (15 hours ago)
Idk cops seem to have alot of anger lately. I have a friend that was really cool, business minded once he joined the force hes always pissed and looks at us with anger and acts like a prick now. Did they steal his soul or is it all that damn coffee they drink lol
DOE PLATFORM (16 hours ago)
policeofficer; just relax while i walk around with my gun out like im about to shoot you #haha
Sub Zero (16 hours ago)
If he is a cop on active duty, you can record him, that's the law. P.S. If you think he's going to aresst you, ask him if you're being detained. If he says no, then you are free to walk away.
George Coutermarsh (17 hours ago)
Makes my stomach turn
MegaBoeboe (19 hours ago)
Stupidity on both sides.
Phoenix Michaels (1 day ago)
Wait... a cop who took an oath to defend the constitution asks this man if he's a "constitutionalist, some kind of crazy guy"?!
pat baron (1 day ago)
I would have been tempted to run inside my house.....and I might have got shot in the back.
Roy youdontneedtono (1 day ago)
CNN have you done a follow up on this story.
Ere Hache (1 day ago)
Cop pulls a gun on someone taking a picture, gets a paid vacation. Welcome to the Bizarro world (USA)
Jamie West (1 day ago)
Tell that stupid racist Democrat liberal Liberals are for the KKK and slavery and letting the killers and druggies Go free and women killing an unborn children
sandro (1 day ago)
U r a stupid fucking cop🖕
Brian Barton (1 day ago)
The cop should have shot his liberal lame ass
Tom Hammar (1 day ago)
The blue brigade will protect him. They always do.
david lane (1 day ago)
no reason at all to draw his gun
Lucazwill (1 day ago)
He should have just taken his hand out of his pocket
Brad Carpenter (1 day ago)
Put your gun away child
Chris Knight (1 day ago)
Fuck cops.
Jose Luis Caceres (1 day ago)
Hopefully he is on permanent unpaid vacation
katherine diaz (2 days ago)
constitutionalist More like REALIST. jajajajaj fuck that cop
Dr Alchemy (2 days ago)
He is old, and paranoid, definitely shouldn't be a police officer.
Ricardo R Garza (2 days ago)
Any officer that cares for his or her own life will not allow for somebody to keep their hands in their pockets. QUESTION: If you were an officer, would you know if the person you're making contact with would pull out a weapon from his pocket and thus hurt or kill you. Think about it. NOW.......... why this officer was making contact.... I don't know. Maybe he was looking for a suspect or something. We need to know all the facts before judging.
HUMAN VOICE (2 days ago)
SHAME to USA police department
crzykoment (2 days ago)
thats dirty harry cop
Doug Austin (2 days ago)
Cops armed and dangerous.
Fakjuol (2 days ago)
where is black lives matters? ..ooh, its okay, its a white guy
Chi-Kan Wan (2 days ago)
Lol. You need to relax says the one who drew his gun.
Maged Saeed (2 days ago)
Hahahah I cant believe that’s happening in 2018
Analog Human (2 days ago)
Are you one of those crazy people that believes in the Constitution says the cop with his gun pulled.
Gucci2Tone (2 days ago)
Power hungry piglet
J J (2 days ago)
Just another piece of shit cop who cannot handle any situation without his weapon. Open season
TheHispanicAlucard (2 days ago)
"Take your hand out of your pocket" "No" Thats how you get shot.
TheHispanicAlucard (2 days ago)
Bear agreed, i hope his behavior was addressed and rectified, if he wasnt just outright fired.
Bear (2 days ago)
I agree with this statement. I am pro cop. A cop murdered my best friend, but I still support cops. Most cops are good. Cops like this don't need to be on the street.
TheHispanicAlucard (2 days ago)
Bear yes well, its important to not view all cops in that lense. We dont know why this officer chose to act this way, but it certainly does not portray how all officers would have acted in this scenario.
Bear (2 days ago)
In this video, the officer and the criminal is the same person.
TheHispanicAlucard (2 days ago)
Bear officer*
Eric Bland (2 days ago)
This is why we HATE and dont trust cops!
john wayne (2 days ago)
Are you some constitutional. Lamo
William Hughes (2 days ago)
The cop should be in prison.
janice lee (2 days ago)
He's lucky he is white and living in a white neighborhood. He would have been shot and dead by now
The Spy (2 days ago)
If this guy was Black, That cellphone he put on the hood of his car would have been "mistaken" as a gun and the guy would have been swiss-cheese by now.
eagletwo24 (2 days ago)
You shouldn't have been recording the cop.
why760nitro (2 days ago)
David Fields (2 days ago)
so nothihng happend to the cop for doing that .... this is america
Joan Mc Grath (2 days ago)
Fuckin wankers , the American cops need to seriously clean up their act, they shoot and kill black people and white, they are assholes, I wish some of them had been here I Northern Ireland in the war we had, they would not have been so shameless and cocky, disgusting American cops , land of the free ...... No Way are these American citizens free, not with these asshole police.
Thomas Royse (2 days ago)
Its time to retire dumb ass cop...... Before you get yourself killed.
Mika Lemalu-Fereti (2 days ago)
Mika Lemalu-Fereti (2 days ago)
You should be on your deathbed stupid old asleep
Mika Lemalu-Fereti (2 days ago)
Stupid cop
Jordy Aprilio (3 days ago)
Bob Quattrini (3 days ago)
Hopefully someone shoots this chump In the head then Savagely Rapes his wife.
Shon Borneman (3 days ago)
Oh, so Constitutionalist are crazy people, huh? So, if you stand up for your rights given to you in the Constitution, then your some kind of crazy person. The reason the Constitution was written was to protect citizens from tyrannical officials like that. This complete POS needs to lose his job and be prosecuted. I hope you filed a complaint, but I'm sure it did no good because these Blue ISIS gang members back each other, right or wrong. I bet this pig was bullied all throughout school and had his shit stained underwear pulled over his head a time or two. Now, he tries to be a tough guy who hides behind his badge because without that badge, heis still that poor little momma's boy who gets his ass beat.
Lucky Falcon (3 days ago)
RobbeeBoi (3 days ago)
Small little cop needs to feel powerful 🙄
Cody Parsons (3 days ago)
"crazy for being constitutional" shows exactly what they think
brakes 3500 Bruno (3 days ago)
Typical fucking dick head pig abusing power
Daaveed Seth (3 days ago)
These police are extremely crossing the line, and what they're doing is extremely illegal and unlawful. Listen and listen carefully everyone that's reading this post go to family Guardian download various Publications. Publications like: Government burden of proof, de fecto government scam, developing evidence of citizenship and sovereignty, government instituted slavery using and why is it illegal for me to request or use a taxpayer identification number. Also Google creditors and their bonds. It explains exactly was truly going on in the court system and how to navigate through it by way of Contracting download it is free. Download a publication entitled why we are in Admiralty Jurisdiction, also a good read is: the nature of remedy, lastly: the duties of the corporate debtors to its creditors. Some of these publication is going to take a while to wrap your head around and comprehend as a result of to the years of being deceived.. Some of these Publications you will learn and understand is how these governments tacitly deceitfully routed you in a federal territory that gives them jurisdiction over the American people. This is a territory only for government officials judges politicians and police those who took an oath of office reside in which is a federal territory.. Outside that Federal territory they have no jurisdiction, because we keep saying that we are United States citizens all United citizens fall within the territory of federal regulations... keep this one basic principle in mind if you don't have a oath of office file or on record you are not a United States citizen that falls in the federal territory. Peace!
Marcus Charles (3 days ago)
This was a black man he's be fucking shot, there would be no back and forth dialog.
maximus (3 days ago)
Why video the cop? Looking for trouble??
eric debord (3 days ago)
spread the hell out of this video.
Debra Frakes (3 days ago)
Why talk to the police that way? The whole think would be over if you just backed off and let officer say whatever,
Christian Carinio (3 days ago)
Well, I hope he gets fired.
Eberhard (3 days ago)
Wish you could watch one of these "copfrontation" and actually read about the policeman being fired, and not just a suspension or "vacation" as they like to call it. Freaking suspension with a sugar coating...
L Wulf (3 days ago)
Its called "knowing our rights you Nazi" Fucking a... Not even white people in nice neighborhoods aren't safe
Molon Labe (3 days ago)
Not all officers deserve to wear a badge.
ANTI OPERA (3 days ago)
Clint Gibson (3 days ago)
The guy said his station was corrupt, he don’t know shit about the station.
Clint Gibson (3 days ago)
“K seriously,” *pulls out gun*
JD W (3 days ago)
If this cop is not sworn to uphold the constitution then he is an enemy of the people!
JD W (3 days ago)
This office was violating this Citizens Rights on many levels and needs to be educated on the fact the he works for us and not the other way around! Police all over this country have become arrogant and criminals. Not all but many! Clean up your departments!
Kyng Kraken (3 days ago)
If anyone else would have kept their hand in their pocket they would be dead 💀
TheRealPDizzle (3 days ago)
You can tell by the sound of the cop’s voice and his body language he is sadistic and enjoys inflicting pain and dominating others. I would not be surprised if he was a sexual deviant as well. Clear cut psychopathy.
Rachel Gibson (3 days ago)
Why would you refuse to take your hand out of your pocket? Whether you did anything or not. Officers ask people to keep their hand visible for everyone's safety! So word of advice don't say "No I did nothing". Just take it out!
DoUthinkB4Uspeak ? (3 days ago)
If he was a Black man....hed be dead. Shame isnt it...?
RE H (3 days ago)
I can't believe this asshat was never punished.
AuraS (3 days ago)
This man has to be fired. You only pull a gun if absolutely necessary, there was no reason to pull a gun on him.
Im Brad (3 days ago)
Cops like this should not be fired, They should be executed.
/// M (3 days ago)
what did the cop do wrong?
Sj Austin (3 days ago)
PLEASE give us an update. That man is a danger to citizens. He has no business having a law enforcement badge!
Auggie McKinney (4 days ago)
What is wrong with this wimpy looking cop? He's too old to be acting stupid. The guy is standing on his own property he can keep his hands in his pocket all day if he wanted to. The days of doing whatever you want to bc you're a cop are over grand dad.
Mitch Lee (4 days ago)
"Are you some kind of a Constitutionalist, a crazy guy". WOW. Hand em high for high Treason
Brandon Jing (4 days ago)
This Police is SOOO EVIL!!!
rstephe (4 days ago)
Do we always pull a weapon when no threat is present?
cmiller8492 (4 days ago)
Think he's been doing this for 30 years probably
Darryl Edington (4 days ago)
We are ALL now "Constitutionalists", bitch! We have had enough of Nazi motherfockers...
Darryl Edington (4 days ago)
Pussies should NOT become cops... it endangers the public. Always record... half are total crooks...
jay olson (4 days ago)
"Are you some kind of constitutionalist, crazy guy?" this cop is so corrupt that it's unbelievable to him that citizens have rights. he can't comprehend it, it literally offends him to the point of drawing his weapon. and for the record the cop said "I don't have to leave" actually, yes he did. he was on private property and wasn't called, wasn't detaining anyone, had no suspicion a crime was being committed. the only crazy guy here is the officer. how would he feel if the roles were reversed? officers can "feel their life was threatened" and use deadly force over a pregnant, handcuffed disabled woman. how about a citizen using the same excuse for a legit reason? say, a man in a SUV comes out with a gun pointed at him for absolutely no reason? that's a 5-10 year sentence. the cop? no charge.

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