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Building Your Physique - THE #1 Ingredient

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No matter your physique or fitness goal, the number one ingredient remains the same, and those who identify with that and apply it are those most guarenteed success.
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WAYNE RS4 (2 months ago)
love the videos fella, especially as I'm older too and getting near 50 in a few years BUT, as a new subscriber, all I ever hear in all the videos ive watched so far is how big you are, and how no one can match upto you and on and on it goes. I'm not knocking you because you give great information and are of course huge but do you have to keep telling us how big you are ????? its a bit off putting, we can see your size mate, and I wish I was your size but please stop telling us how big you are in each and every blogg.
channel1800dumb (4 months ago)
It was Bruce Lee said it :)
rokmin (9 months ago)
great advice, I always tell people you'll get results depending on how important it is to you...if you don't care about being big or having low bodyfat then you'll never achieve them 'cause this shit aint easy! good luck hitting your goals
Ron Rafalzik (9 months ago)
Love your videos!
G Coy (9 months ago)
Unfortunately in bodybuilding it's how many drugs are you willing to risk taking to get to the top level.
Olek_Gannon (9 months ago)
you were old 10 year's ago it's time to train naturally and not commiting suicide infront of you're wife unless you think that old heart and kidney's can handle extreme hormone level's, you will join piana at this rate and i could stand over you at the gym never talk shit without genetic's to back it up.
Julio Smith (9 months ago)
Focus plus steroids. Yeah, that's it.
resdalhogal3 (9 months ago)
“The consciousness of self is the greatest hindrance to the proper execution of all physical action.”- BRUCE LEE
Scott Steacy (9 months ago)
Forget a note book. I train on instinct and what is lacking and or what isnt soar !💪💪💪💪👍😎😎😎
sirbrad4 (9 months ago)
Age is not the reason Testosterone lowers usually it is a health reason. So most are taking it for nothing, and may suffer health issues sooner or later with other organs getting larger you don't want getting larger. It is BS and overdone and all in your head, and is used to make millions of dollars by Doctors prescribing to patients who don't actually need it. https://www.healthstatus.com/health_blog/wellness/age-reason-testosterone-level-drop/
Jj Kk (4 months ago)
sirbrad4 yeah... they are taking it for nothing... show me a man this size whos natural then come preach to others that they’re taking it for nothing
sirbrad4 (9 months ago)
And consistency.
Blades 22 (9 months ago)
Agreed must have incredible drive and an old school work ethic
Charlie M (9 months ago)
jim man , 54 is not old. youre in best years.believe me . greetings from serbia.europe 😄😄😉
john sandberg (9 months ago)
rock on james
Andrejs Sumarokovs (9 months ago)
just stop crying ppl
Tommy Sargeant (9 months ago)
cmo butts (9 months ago)
👌 love ure vidz james alwayz tellin how it is no bull jst str8 talk 👍
Charles T (9 months ago)
Great Video. Some interesting points made particularly the differences in physiological responses between beginners and more experienced lifters.
Eric Latten (9 months ago)
C'mon, tiny vest say it! ....STEROIDS! What a joker u are. Heart of a 70 yr old. smh.
Atrix xira (8 months ago)
Eric Latten not really man. I’ve seen dudes on gear in the gym that look like shit. Over developed chest front delts forward rounded shoulders but no back definition(only traps)and no legs. Looks like they went in the gym as noob and jumped on gear right off the bat from day one. Also usually have all kinds of water retention. They upped the dosage to compensate for shitty diet and shitty training routine.
nguyenxuanmai (9 months ago)
Black chicks who love James Tiny Vest :)
Dan Stennis (9 months ago)
James, I hate that you have to expose yourself to all the negativity that is on the YouTube's. You have a great thing here. Have you considered having a pay channel? I think you would be surprised at how many people would pay for your videos.
Buck Mountain Taxidermy (9 months ago)
That just motivated this wanna be!
Manny Mar (9 months ago)
"The consciousness of self is the greatest hindrance to the proper execution of all physical action." -Bruce Lee
Prze Mek (9 months ago)
THE #1 Ingredient -> GENETICS!
doubanjiang (9 months ago)
I wish Jim would link to the videos he references, but luckily I was able to find it: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=20N0CqGk1UU
Burl - (9 months ago)
doubanjiang hey just wanted to say thanks for linking vid bro. I really appreciate it. Stay healthy everyone!
princess lauren (9 months ago)
Do you sell those cool shirt you wearing
Evilbones76 (9 months ago)
I'm focused, I train hard - I do everything correct. Most of the people in my gym think I'm ignorant and do their best not to make eye contact, hell even the gym owner seems sketchy round me. I go in to train and not chat, but I'm still not getting good results. I suffer from low T, not low enough to go on TRT though, not that I would - tried it, but too many variable to go through. High E2, High Hemo etc.. Sucks, but I will keep plugging away.
David M (9 months ago)
Most articulate Guerilla on YouTube. Awesome
SHELBY MUSTANG (9 months ago)
Gotta have Heart.
Arizona Animal (9 months ago)
Exactly , i never had GYM membership , i still get it done every day.Where there's will there's a way !
D Neff (9 months ago)
Damn he motivated me to go hit the weights right now!!!keep the motivating videos coming and keep it real. I'd also like to see more workout videos from you!
34freesmooth (9 months ago)
This is Rich Piana type advice without the cursing
jerry ce (9 months ago)
Well said, i agree , lots of good advice
Breakneck (9 months ago)
Steroids. You watch all these guys online and in real life that use and their training is almost always horrible. Without gear at his age Tiny wouldn't look one percent what he is without them.
1vw4me (9 months ago)
He may or may not be on Gear (probably legal Test Therapy at his age) but I can tell you this: I've personally seen him working out next to me at Gold's (South York). He's 100% all there, a freakin' beast. Never seen him very "sloppy" at all.
Jason (9 months ago)
I would have said Mindset, but focus will do.
Rob Phillips (9 months ago)
Love this vid keep up the awesome content brother
toodyface (9 months ago)
Thank you Jim.
Alberto Rodriguez (9 months ago)
Thank you. Love your input and the straight talk
Richard Buggs (9 months ago)
The realm :)
cod4champ101 (9 months ago)
James, I love your channel and I think you have some great content on here, and you seem like a great guy yourself, but you need to stop downplaying steroids. If my goal physique necessitates steroids, then it necessitates steroids. I can't force-of-will my way to looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger just because I'm "focused". And no one who is taking more gear than you can stand next to you because even with steroids, it takes time to build muscle; it takes time to tread new ground. You're going where you've already been. You're closer to maintaining than building even when you're building, AND you've been lifting for decades, AND you have testosterone on your side, and you can act like it's "bullshit" to make a point of that, but it's not, and if you truly thought it was negligent, you wouldn't be supplementing it at all, and you wouldn't have this much muscle. Go ahead and totally get off for a couple of years, stay "focused", and see where that leads your physique. Hell, if you did that, then you'd probably actually inspire a lot of people (not that you already don't). I understand and agree with wanting to send the "right" message regarding steroids, and you generally do so very well, but when you act like they're something to scoff at and people are ridiculous for emphasizing their use, it loses people, because we all know that it's not true. Focus is undoubtedly majorly important, but that doesn't mean that the drugs won't be a necessity depending on one's goals.
Astral Apophis (9 months ago)
I also think this is geared towards guy wanting to get into lifting. No pun intended with the gear. Lol
Astral Apophis (9 months ago)
cod4champ101 he probably wants us to put in the work and learn alot of things before the juice, so that way when we hop on, we know what the hell we are doing lol
Tence One (9 months ago)
cod4champ101 Agree. It all comes down to Genetics, no way you can look like Mr. Olympia with or without drugs unless you got the genetics for it. It's unfair because people are mislead that supplements build those dream physiques yet it's their genetics. If you don't have genetics, your screwed. You took all the drugs away the top 5 Olympia guys would still look better than 95% of the general population.
generalsoul1 (9 months ago)
James I have a very serious question that I hope you can answer here or make a video about. Why is it that at your age you're still able to maintain the size you are right now? What's different between you and other bodybuilders who have won Mr Olympia and years later lost all of their size? Bodybuilders such as Mustafa Mohammad who within 3 years lost just about all his size and looks like your average guy. And Dorian Yates who still trains but also lost all of his size. Tom Prince and even Ronnie Coleman. What makes you different? You are still massive even without taking these outrageous doses of steroids and growth hormone.
generalsoul1 (9 months ago)
jayme mok there are a few guys who still juice and train and aren't big like James. And although James still uses steroids, he's also said he doesn't use near the doses he used to. Which was why I asked. A small amount of any steroid and training wouldn't be enough to maintain a large physique. I feel that even if he hopped off any gear he would stay around this size. Because at his age just a little gear and lifting won't hold onto this size.
jayme mok (9 months ago)
generalsoul1 dorian yates said in his interviews he isant trying to be big anymore and ronnie broke his back
jayme mok (9 months ago)
generalsoul1 hes still on steroids amd still trains those other guys u memtioned got off and stopped training
Jason Kings (9 months ago)
Not relevant (9 months ago)
ok i can`t keep my mouth shut.......... i will ask it this way........................ guys this large and heavy....... who are heavy on the weights and low on cardio who breathe like they have 10 percent lung capacity...................... is it the feeling of i don`t need to ever run 10 yards................ i don`t need to do anything fast....... i simply do not mind operating at 1/4 speed of the average guy.......... so it`s a trade of health and performance for looks and strength period ????????........BEFORE THE ARSE HOLES SAY I AM HATING I AM NOT ! genuine question.............. for me i get so big and i slow and find it hard to breathe i`m losing some weight and upping the cardio and lowering the muscle building........ serious answers or don`t bother... trolling me for asking is just plain negative.....
Jim Morrison (4 months ago)
I don't see any breathing difficulties at all...None...now if you watched rich piana's old videos...he used to breath heavy...but this guy doesn't...plus, he keeps a very fast pace when he works out...and breathing heavy, doesn't mean you're going to die...it just means when your body gets to a certain size, the oxygen your muscles require become much more. and you breath heavier...
Wade Chroninger (8 months ago)
Wade Chroninger 1 second ago Lots of variables here. Also, each individual can have a hugely different result from the possible extremes in body development. I'm 315 Lbs., and I know that I don't breathe or move as easily as it did at 225. I've been told by a few Doctors, Trainers, etc. that once a body surpasses 250 Lbs., up to about 6' or so, is not structurally suited to weigh that much, and so things are harder to do, especially breathing. This is why Many bigger people, even highly conditioned athletes are now using a C-Pap, breathing apparatus. That being said, it's probably not fair, or accurate, to say that all, or even the majority of the Big Guys and Girls are like you've described. It's up to the individual's regimen and choices. I work on the Treadmill or do martial arts 6 times a week, and I'm in the rehab phase... I do a minimum on the treadmill of 35 minutes, up to an hour. I do intervals and sometimes to "hills" in which I have the incline at maximum and go for 10 to 15 minutes at that setting with my heart rate at 135 to 145. I'm "huge" compared to most in my gym, "fat" some will say, but I'm working on it. I know many skinny guys with zero muscle that can't do 5 minutes of any cardio activity. I also know MANY bodybuilders who are Mass Monsters, huge muscles and amazing physiques, and they can run, jump, bike, do whatever cardio.., for sustained periods, and with no heavily-burdened breathing. It Just Depends. So it comes to choice really. A trade of sorts, probably some for most. But I caution your thinking that all big guys cannot breathe well "just because..." Show less REPLY
Not relevant (9 months ago)
ok, so a couple of arse holes who pretend to not know what i am asking and being vile.. but the rest of u thank you........ so the general consensus is non of you think he is breathing dangerously heavily at all...... i see a heart attack in 3 years............ and i wish i didn`t........ but ok maybe i am wrong......... maybe its some breathing restriction that people have mentioned a couple of times injuries due to mma... i did ask about the mma and never got an answer...... when did he fight id love to see vids of it.......... and the one moron who said i ask this every vid......wrong..............i asked this once in this vid.......... i mentioned the breathing in another vid and got trolled for it............ even tho it was bought up out of concern.......... it is why i asked it here and i now have my answer...... the fact non of you hear what i do........... hopefully i am flat wrong and he lives longer than me... i`ve just been right about everyone i`ve picked up bad health on so far......... peace 2 all
somekindaguy100 (9 months ago)
I am not quiet sure exactly what question your asking that you have not already answered yourself.Personally i went up to 125 kgs and i thought that is what i wanted. Well i can tell you i was short of breath high blood pressure and problems with sleep and i just felt like crap .Yeah i was strong as fuck and and was huge but i have come down to 105 kgs and it is night and day.So many people say i look much better and look healthier and i feel heaps better .I am now 47 years old so sheer size is not a great idea however it is all up to you. Pros and cons ,weigh it up and decide what is more important to you and what your goal is.
Nick (9 months ago)
People get big and sometimes massive bc they value muscle over cardiovascular shape… I don't think its very hard to understand. Some people are prone to breathing heavy over others such as Jim's mma background. Even though i don't think jim has any shortness of breath. Its just what people what to do. Not sure why you ask this question every video.
Nick Rangel (9 months ago)
You're the realist Brother on YT! I've never subscribed to a YT channel b4. You're content is always top notch! This video was spot on.
Per Folkesson (9 months ago)
I see so many just wondering around in the gym...looking in there phone, take a selfie or two...traine a litte bit. 5 years later they still look the same. Train hard is not for everyone I Think..
alexander101207 (9 months ago)
WarriorZ ToyZ (9 months ago)
iZZyBVaPn (9 months ago)
I really enjoy and appreciate you telling the truth about life ..I've been subbed for over a year and watched every video 💪💪👍👊
Gowen Getter (9 months ago)
Great advise and
John Kolinoff (9 months ago)
Gowen Getter. ditto

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