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Andrew Zimmern Is Wearing Anthony Bourdain's Boots to Honor His Friend: 'My Heart Is Heavy' - News T

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Andrew Zimmern Is Wearing Anthony Bourdain's Boots to Honor His Friend: 'My Heart Is Heavy' - News T Andrew Zimmern,Anthony Bourdain,Chefs,Food News,News Andrew Zimmern is honoring his friend Anthony Bourdain by wearing a pair of his boots to work today. Bourdain, 61, died of apparent suicide in his hotel room on Friday morning in France, where he was filming Parts Unknown alongside his friend chef Eric Ripert, who discovered his body. “I’m so angry this morning. Life is f—— hard and crazy and Tony I love you,” Zimmern posted on Twitter with a picture of Bourdain’s beige boots. “I’m wearing your boots that I never wore because they were yours, and going to work. Everyone should hug some extra people today. My heart is heavy.” Zimmern tells PEOPLE he had much in common with Bourdain. “Not the least of which was the shared mission to learn about cultures around the world through food,” Zimmern said to PEOPLE. “Tony was the smartest, funniest of friends, perpetually curious and endlessly charming. There were few people with whom I shared more of myself with and I always relied on his sagacity and insight as a great barometer of whatever my next move would be.” The Bizarre Foods host says Bourdain’s life was recently “lightened” by his girlfriend Asia Argento, and also told Eater that Bourdain repeatedly told him how happy he was over the last few years. “Tony’s life has been endlessly chronicled and he was recently blessed with and lightened by a new love, making it all the more difficult to reconcile this devastating loss. My heart and profound condolences go out to Tony’s family, the three wonderful women in his life, especially his amazing daughter.” Zimmern, who says he has also dealt with his own mental health issues, revealed Bourdain was an “incredible sounding board” in his life. “I only wish a different ending could have been written for one of the world’s most gifted storytellers. Out of respect for all of his friends and family I think it best to leave it there for now and let’s remember all the joy he brought us over the years. I will miss him very much.”
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Text Comments (29)
Peter Michelson (2 months ago)
All these folks falling all over themselves for this vile crass Bourdain. Anthony Bourdain reaped what he sowed!
JP Stone (2 months ago)
thumbs down for robot voice
SURFER X BLOOD (2 months ago)
Veronica Salas (2 months ago)
He is RIP right now. Soon he will be resurrected to a life without pain or sorrow. I love Zimmern too. Take care please.
Johnny Wadd (2 months ago)
Honoring a Racist....
Vic C (2 months ago)
Anthony was one of a kind!! No one will ever replace him!! Wish he could have fought through this one!! RIP🙏
Zul Talib (2 months ago)
Two of my favourite TV hosts, Tony & Andy.
Edward Stack Sr (2 months ago)
A dead man's boots!
Michele Huffman (2 months ago)
So terribly sad. Thank you, Andrew Zimmern, for your kind words and feelings. There are a lot of heavy and broken hearts today. Prayers for his family and especially daughter, Ariane.
Jasmine S. (2 months ago)
Jocelyn Valdez (2 months ago)
Hi, This person is also one of my favorite celebrity, Andrew Zimmern who also travels around the world tasting and telling his stories of adventures of far away countries that I can dream of, some I have made come true. I hope he keeps going strong. We need to pray for Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, two gifted one of a kind people, gone too soon without any warning, even though their families and friends knew they suffered from depression, battling some demons of who knows what? sounds depressing to know Anthony is gone. I think we need to pray for both Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, the God and Yeshua a.k.a. Jesus Christ to forgive both of them for the act of committing suicide because God looks down on people who take their own life. The penalty, I don't know. I pray for both of them to be forgiven and that they got to know who Jesus Christ was, that he came to earth so w e can call on his name to be delivered from depression, oppression, repression, the evil eye, etc. God bless....
J Avila (2 months ago)
Jocelyn Valdez So you think they committed suicide!? Just because the Controlled Media sells us that story you really think they did that? Many people don't believe it, and looking into the Satanic people who could've killed them
Jaime Arango (2 months ago)
Kara Jones (2 months ago)
I loved him so much
Tamie Cervantes (2 months ago)
he stole his boots? hug them boots, lol. investigate this guy too
d M (2 months ago)
Tamie Cervantes ok u took the words out my mouth u see it too someone would say where reaching but I don't think that🤔😏😭🥃🥃
Nigel Thomas (2 months ago)
Well Andrew you need to carry the torch Bro!
baran songul (2 months ago)
RIP , the lost of this very gifted storyteller made me so sad, I will never forget the way that he used to use food through cultures especially once with Palestine when he asked an israili colon questions which would never asked by journalists before... simple questions about humanity...
Cincinnati Crusader (2 months ago)
Ha who cares coward
Ona Corona (2 months ago)
Jennifer Davis (2 months ago)
RIP ANTHONY BOURDAIN 📿 and TY ANDREW ZIMMERN 💜💜💜 you are also.one of my fave!

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