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Increase Testosterone Naturally with Testro-X Test Booster

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I want to talk to you about how to increase testosterone naturally so you don't experience issues like Low Testosterone and ED. If you're interested in trying Testro-X testosterone booster supplement today, you can learn more here - https://www.truthnutra.com/testro-x-yt How to increase testosterone naturally so you can get rid of issues like Low Testosterone and ED so first off, who am I my name is Christopher Walker and when I was a teenager, I have problems with low T. Now. These were very serious problems and my mighty was actually at at 11 grams per deciliter and over the course of uh, about 18 months of self-study. I learned how to naturally raise testosterone up to just under 1200. For desolator, which for those of you who know is above the medical reference range. It's very high. That's kind of the top end of where men can naturally get their testosterone. So after that, I had a lot of people asking questions I ended up writing a book which actually sitting right here. I wrote a book on the subject, uh, and you know taught how to naturally increase your T. So. That turned into a website which now ends up its anabolic and I want to talk to you today because in the supplement industry a lot of people go you either go toward toward the pharmaceutical gels like Androgel you go and you look for a testosterone booster supplement. That was good. Like there was literally nothing was a Barren landscape, so. We would recommend things from the book and a lot of other natural tactics and strategies eventually we had so many people asking about it just became such a need that that people wanted something they could take on a daily basis that actually worked that actually contain minerals and herbs and vitamins that that will that have human research showing that they increase Testosterone naturally so we set out to make the perfect formula. In our mind, what was the true testosterone booster? What we came up with was actually, uh, it's actually testro-x. It took us over a year to make this to do the all the manufacturing. We have organic herbs in it. We have amazing minerals in it and all every single ingredient in this supplement has human research in men showing increases in testosterone. First off we have magnesium and zinc in it. So magnesium and zinc as many people know. These are the some of the first things that people point to to increase testosterone naturally with compounds but magnesium and zinc almost everyone statistically in the Western World almost every man is deficient in magnesium and zinc. So one of the issues that causes low testosterone is deficiencies in certain things and magnesium and zinc deficiencies are rampant cause of low T men. So we wanted to include not just any type of magnesium and zinc but the exact most bioavailable form of it. So it's easy to absorb in your body but also at the right dosage because if you're taking just a tiny tiny bit, it's not going to really do much for you. So we found the clinical dosage and that's what we included in. Just relax. So we have magnesium and zinc. We put organic ashwagandha KSM 66 ashwagandha. So just so you know educated on this there are different types of ashwagandha KSM 66 is the version of ashwagandha that it has double the with analyze content from the other ones which means it's more potent twice as potent with analyze of the active the active ingredient in ashwagandha that gives you the benefits so in all the human research in men showing increases. Levels, uh was because of it was studied on the KSM 66 variety. So we got the best organic source of KSM 66 put it in here. Uh, next up we have for Scott. Forskolin is another route that is very good for your body and a lot of people think of it, you know in terms of weight loss and that sort of thing but it's actually got good testosterone boosting benefits from that. So we also included, uh, now the next three inositol Glycine and alanine are actually what they do. Especially when they're when they're group together. And this is why we did it they help with the signaling from the hypothalamus to the pituitary gland to tell your pituitary gland to produce more LH now for those of you who don't know luteinizing hormone or LH is what signals to your body to produce T. So the more LH you have signaling, uh, the more you're going to naturally produce more tea or actually going to produce so we included those ingredients because. They are great for inducing that signal and now the last ingredient is boron and there's a lot of good research showing that Boron as a mineral when taken in the right dosage. You can click through on the next page and read more about it.
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Text Comments (98)
Kody Kapetanis (19 days ago)
Does this help with preventing hair loss?
HUB GOBLIN (30 days ago)
Hey Chris I’ve recently started my journey with testro x & just ordered some redwood, I’ve been taking mega man sport multi vitamin also, and it has great benefits but contains soy bean as filler, is this safe to take since it’s just 2 pills a day or do you advice I stop. Will it work against the natural production of T levels ?
Supaket (1 month ago)
My Test was borderline so a doc gave me androforte for months and then reandron ..Its a curse have a boner a few times a day .People think that would be great but when you wake up in the middle of the night with a rock hard mongrel ,like a mad manic in your pants ,like i said its a curse .It drove me mad .Plus for most of it i was single and couldnt find a good one nighter i would settle for anything i didnt give a toss .The fkn thing had a mind of its own .Come to think of it now ,they say testosterone builds muscle , the first muscle is right at the doorstep of your nuts .I am surprised it didnt gain and inch even on the slack after that year on the stuff
Mike D (1 month ago)
There's no such thing as a test booster. There's TRT and that's it. Go see a doctor if you need to substantially increase T.
Mike D (1 month ago)
Asschested Muthafuqa sounds like you're the one who is brainwashed. Testosterone can not be increased in any meaningful way without injection. By judging me based on some of my music selection you're only showing how ignorant you are. Test boosters are snake oil. My levels are at 1000 and it couldn't be that high from any bottled pill supplement.
Asschested Muthafuqa (1 month ago)
Some people excel at being livestock. Considering the garbage music you feed your brain, I'm not surprised. The brainwashing is working as intended.
Kevin PETERSON (1 month ago)
Another amazing herbal that is in the same league of Ashwaganda is Rhiodola Rosea. Both are amazing herbs that kind of do the same thing but much more.
Deleen c (1 month ago)
It works, age 60 and kicken A--.
SgtFitnessOnline (1 month ago)
Just another dude selling snake oil. The golden rule of health is: Whole and unprocessed. "Supplements" are made by man (processed).
Asschested Muthafuqa (1 month ago)
If you think about it. Cooking is a form of processing. Extracting oil, is olive oil bad? Smoothies are a form of food processing. Is there any merit to this philosophy or just a weak new age religion that you adhere to?
Andrew Dunaif (1 month ago)
Hey Chris! Not sure if you will see this. Very interested in the product. Was wondering if you can take it and also continue to use a multivitamin such a RAW one a day. Didn't want to take in too much of one ingredient. Let me know!
Paul Kelly (1 month ago)
Are you in Colorado? We should lift and do some trail running.
Michael Himself (1 month ago)
What about a dairy free option? Ingredients list milk!
Michael Himself (1 month ago)
Asschested Muthafuqa (1 month ago)
You've made your own life difficult and you want people to make it easy for you. Just how arrogant can you vegan fanatics be? Where did my reply go btw?
Michael Himself (1 month ago)
+Christopher Walker Get a dairy free option up mate as I'm sure you have a lot more people than just me requesting that would love to try it,,,,people read the ingredients! Cheers
Asschested Muthafuqa (1 month ago)
Michael Himself (1 month ago)
good comment
MrZillaman73 (1 month ago)
Try DHEA, works better..
Lovetron Lawrence (1 month ago)
Taking pills & naturally boosting in the same sentence °¿°
Hello World (1 month ago)
Your next move Thyroid.... complex topic. tons of people on synthetic hormone.
xrcrx ftfghjg (1 month ago)
guys get control over your behavior when all pumped up.
Mack Jones (1 month ago)
1,200 ngdl??? Where's the bloodwork. That sounds like bullshit
We are getting there. (2 months ago)
Chrisotpher i really apreciate all the knowledge youv´ve been spilling lately but could you do a video on how to treat IBS,SIBO and a candida overgrowth without quitting fully carbs?
Asschested Muthafuqa (1 month ago)
Chris Kresser talked about this.
Robert (2 months ago)
Why don’t you get 20 men volunteers. Test their T (total and free), and estrogen levels. Give subjects your product for 60 days, then re-test their levels. Nobody ever does this, that would sell me and a lot of other men.
Ludvio (1 month ago)
Erik Tails (1 month ago)
Robert agree
Brandon Medcalf (2 months ago)
I’ve been on 100 to 200 msg of Test Cypionate for the last 5 years. It keeps my test levels normal however I worry that ED and testicular cancer could be in my future. I’m 40 year old male who would consider myself to be a “gym rat”. Wondering if this supplement could replace my prescription and still see the same test levels and results?
Asschested Muthafuqa (1 month ago)
It depends on the underlying cause and whether your gym rat behavior among other things is actually contributing to that. I recommend you buy the book because it'll teach you how Chris managed to reverse his own condition without TRT.
D C (2 months ago)
Mask u sumthin, Rick
Jonay Perez (2 months ago)
You need to ramp your cholesterol, LDL levels, most of your hormones are made of cholesterol. Keeping your carbs low or no “carbagge” will keep your triglycerides rock bottom and your LDL high 💪🏽; 6 pasture raised egg yolks a day is doing it for me
buba ba (2 months ago)
If you have a healthy diet you don't need zinc,magnesium or boron..the other herbs might help boost your immune system but only for the amount of time you take them.Without a a diet that's rich in micronutritiens no amount of supplemnents can help you
buba ba (1 month ago)
I eat nuts,seeds,veggies and did the testing..not lacking zinc or magnesium.
HUB GOBLIN (1 month ago)
white tiger not only that there are no trace minerals in the soil to begin with
Sant Shabda (1 month ago)
That comment made me erupt in laughter!
buba ba (2 months ago)
ok mr "brains cells" :D
David Jones (2 months ago)
buba ba TAKE IT EASY on both your brains cells ok u loose one more & u could be in trouble good lucK
Charles Dance (2 months ago)
You should back this product up by doing your own studies on it.. Would be interesting to see the changes it could make, and I bet it would make it way more successful.
Alistair Higgs (1 month ago)
All of the ingredients have been chosen because they have been clinically proven to increase testosterone
Mardini7v Gaming (2 months ago)
International shipping?
Asschested Muthafuqa (2 months ago)
Roberto Rossi (2 months ago)
Please show some scientific proves this works
David Jones (2 months ago)
the Superior Inferior (2 months ago)
Blk Palms yeah...and they charge in here like they know.
Blk Palms (2 months ago)
I can tell all of you asking for scientific research are new to this channel lol
Asschested Muthafuqa (2 months ago)
Roberto Rossi (2 months ago)
Asschested Muthafuqa that's same content of this video. Not a scientific proof with research on humans this product drastically affects testosterone production in men.
Dan Carpenter (2 months ago)
Do you have studied or blood tests to prove t works ?
Dan Carpenter (2 months ago)
Asschested Muthafuqa LoL. Thanks AM.
Asschested Muthafuqa (2 months ago)
Daniel Tomlinson (2 months ago)
How do we purchase your product???
Asschested Muthafuqa (1 month ago)
Daniel Tomlinson (1 month ago)
Asschested Muthafuqa wat I don't get what wat u saying
Asschested Muthafuqa (2 months ago)
yo dawg wut up click on da uh deshciprishun wid uh link to da truf nutra aight
Le Cobra (2 months ago)
7mn long ad :)
Meek Rodriguez (2 months ago)
I love your videos
Meek Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Good morning chris
channelin (2 months ago)
What happened to the last video how I lost 30lbs without suffering
Christopher Walker (2 months ago)
Nothing happened to it - it's right here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kat_iCvvbos
Maestro (2 months ago)
Jeff Marland (2 months ago)
If you want us to believe this stuff works and is different than other T boosters... put out a small study with before and after blood work with 10 healthy men or so showing increased T levels and then I’ll become a life long customer.
Jeff Marland (2 months ago)
Man Texas awesome thanks man I’ll check it out
Man Texas (2 months ago)
Jeff Marland I hear ya, and that would be cool. Not what what you asked for, but here's https://www.anabolicmen.com/testro-x-review/ a link with lots of clinical research into the (isolated) ingedients.
Asschested Muthafuqa (2 months ago)
That's a reasonable concern.
Jeff Marland (2 months ago)
Man Texas Man Texas I don’t doubt that, so it shouldn’t be hard to show blood work of increased T levels right?.. see there is no study showing all of these ingredients working together to boost T levels. Maybe one ingredient negates the affects of another? Who knows I just want to see consistent blood work and i think everyone elts does as well
Asschested Muthafuqa (2 months ago)
I second this, not out of skepticism but out of curiosity. It would be interesting to see how they perform in synergy. I understand it's a heavy risk.
Stue TheClue (2 months ago)
I guess it´s your own product...? GESCHÄFT!
Erik Miller (2 months ago)
Everything is business (geschäft)
Asschested Muthafuqa (2 months ago)
Envy is a mental illness.
Sobhraj Sandhu (2 months ago)
How can I buy this in India
Asschested Muthafuqa (1 month ago)
Jestin JACOB EAPEN They ship to all countries except: Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, North Korea, Nigeria, Sudan, and Cuba.
Jestin JACOB EAPEN (2 months ago)
What abt in qatar ??
David Jones (2 months ago)
Sob i cant believe a west indian doesnt how to make internet purchase i thot w Indians were mostly digital geniuses
Christopher Walker (2 months ago)
Yes, lol you buy it like any other website checkout
Asschested Muthafuqa (2 months ago)
You go to the vebsite, vhere the product is, you put in cart, you enter your address, checkout, woila.

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