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Text Comments (14486)
Dylan Gde Guapollo (1 minute ago)
she didnt know who.21 savage was 😂😂😂
Jolie Text (2 hours ago)
Team Damien
Darrien Stapleton (1 day ago)
She dont say the N word as much anymore
Bianca teeth big as shit!!!
Apricot Noodle (2 days ago)
She favors Mila Kunis
Ansley Jean (2 days ago)
Do a reaction on Soldier Kidd - 100 Band Mafia
Trap Black Jesus (2 days ago)
Y'all faces got me to fucking dead, get mad and shit over a game you decide to play hahaha
Sharr sylejmani (3 days ago)
U a bitch u passed iggy azelae u dumd
Foh damien yuh sounding kinda gay g wtf 😂😐
Kyrie Irving<Stephanie Curry Lmaoo
wisguen (3 days ago)
she want to smash most of these dudes she is scare to answer honestly
wisguen (3 days ago)
yall get some trust issues. yall should breakup
dequan spruill (3 days ago)
Were they playin, cuz this nigga got mad
Muhammed Ibrahim (3 days ago)
Ugly ass phone case
Nathan Forde (3 days ago)
What kind of girl would pass steph curry
that part when he was yes im fucking her long dick style i was sleep
Erik McCall-Johnson (4 days ago)
What makes this funny is cause they are a couple lol....dude seems emotional though
Kazuma Desu (4 days ago)
Ngl. Me and my friends and our girls were chilling at apool and we played this shit and lebron cane up all us dude were like. Yeah. Nigga why wouldnt you?
addivt scars (5 days ago)
damien piss me off he smash everybody but then she smash one person and he get mad.
Rob Morton (5 days ago)
Bro how can you say will smith is ugly😫
Jaden Talley (5 days ago)
Damien how the fuck do you not smash Iggy Azalea
Bryan Martinez (6 days ago)
Bianca look like a baby 😂
Chris Rodriguez (6 days ago)
this dude said lebron is the best player in history, u just lost some respect srry fam
William KiNG (6 days ago)
Braden Whalen (6 days ago)
Why is Damien getting so mad. He sounds insecure when he is saying way more. But it's fine he says disgusting things but when bianca says smash he gets all jealous and stuff. He even got mad when she said pass. But he said smash to almost everyone.
Seriously there married he’s being too extra wtf...
Jaystaybeasting (7 days ago)
I miss the videos I go back n watch all the videos over
Dismumi 22 (7 days ago)
Why the fuck is she saying nigga and stuff being whity? Man this bitch needs to get fucking whoped
Ria Rolle (7 days ago)
She stupid asf she pass everyone she is let him abuse him he smash almost everyone n get mad they both don't make no sense I ain gonna lie I don't like them at all no more
Kodran Dalipi (8 days ago)
He gives all these fucking ugly guys tho wtf dj khaled
Martin Wyant (9 days ago)
this was SO FUNNY.
nuknuknuk111 (10 days ago)
Bianca can get smashed
Emily Felix (10 days ago)
Dang y he being like that to b she said pass to just about every one and he mad but he said smash to just bout every on
Damon bigsbys channel (11 days ago)
Y'all females are so dumb im glad I'm single😂
PrettyBoiJayy (12 days ago)
Damien got rlly personal in this vid it’s like dang it’s a game
BKanG BKanG bkang (14 days ago)
D you was tripping tf out
multipass23 (14 days ago)
how you gonna pass on Will MOTHER FUCKING Smith. wtf im a dude and i even go, "damn, he a handsome MF..."
Elliott Shorter (14 days ago)
The reason he was getting mad is because celebrities can pretty much get any girl
jah stee (15 days ago)
intense dude🤔🤔🤔
Kj Barnes (17 days ago)
How Bianca gon tell Damien not to do
Graham McV (19 days ago)
Damien you're annoying af
Rj squad10 Jenkins (19 days ago)
Damien gassin
davina barnieh (21 days ago)
Am i the only one who watches their cute introduction over and over?
Bad Kidz Club (21 days ago)
Why wasn't NBA youngboy I bet biannnnnnnnca would smash
I will smash your girl
Ricky Anderson (22 days ago)
Not a good look for dude lol!!
Dylan Fridley (22 days ago)
My favorite smash or pass challenge video
Karizma & Chrissy (22 days ago)
When will Smith was younger hecky naw was he ugly sometime wrong with u
Divinefist 90 (22 days ago)
Damn damien take a chill pill bianca is loyal 😎
Amaya Warren (23 days ago)
This was posted right on my birthday January 1st
Heяø Flѧsн (23 days ago)
Bianca i love U but what you pass LEBRON the best PLAYER IN HISTORY AND RIGHT NOW IS THE BEST and CURRY..CURRY WHY BRUUUH😵😰😧😘
Jon'Tay Adams (24 days ago)
Michael Jordan the best NBA players of all time
Eddy Mcnally (24 days ago)
I know I’m a year late but Damien be a asshole
SwattyTaps (24 days ago)
“i would fuck her 😂 long dick style”
Savannah Bankston (25 days ago)
Biannca don’t care how much money they care
Tracey Woods (25 days ago)
you hurting your wife when you talk to her like that and when you say that you are going mash another woman that really hurts your wife you can see it all on her face
Tracey Woods (25 days ago)
Damien don't do your wife like that she a nice woman
Eric Wordlaw (25 days ago)
Beyonka not a gold digger
piewdisie (26 days ago)
No the most athletic player in the world is cristiano ronaldo
Lamia Gucci (27 days ago)
Damien said long d style but when biannca said smashhhh he mad
Lamia Gucci (27 days ago)
Damien the jealous type
Sparkle Peterson (28 days ago)
this is petty
Cha-cha Kyamba (28 days ago)
Yal sum else😂😂😂
This is why I’m team Bianca, Damien is disrespectful and a hypocrite he smashed almost all the girls and was being ma extra but as soon as Bianca say smash he get soooo mad and salty
John Bennsin (28 days ago)
You can do way better then that dude. Girl don't be a statistic and said I should of left but now single mama with Drama.
DRAGON - BLOB (28 days ago)
9 : 08 loll day said Shut the Fuck up u white piece of girl LOLLL. OMG I fucking dieing rn Day said he's nutting in Alisha Keys Fuckin Ass loll
DRAGON - BLOB (28 days ago)
2 : 37 LOLLLLL he'd smash Megan Fox Long dick style off the transformers LOL DEN LOOK AT HIS FACE LOLL. Loll this vid is funny af biancia said smash or pass Arianna Grande day said smash then B said Fuck a lil white girl huh the funny thing is she's not white she mixed
DWIGHT JACKSON (1 month ago)
He is all the way in his feelings makes the video a little awkward. Cool video tho
Rolando Valdivia (1 month ago)
whatever dude name he actin like a dumbass child . GTFO here wit all tha mad game . u got this game together & now ur actin like ah bitch u stupid dumb fuck
aleshia peterson (1 month ago)
He's horrible smh 🤦🏾‍♀️
Kamora Gallashaw (1 month ago)
Damien was causing so fucking much
Thomas McLeod (1 month ago)
Beyonce = Smash Megan Foxx = Smash Iggy = Smash Rihanna = Marriage Kim K = Smash Arianna = Smash Mariah = Smash Demi = Smash Alicia Keys = Smash
GaySpiders (1 month ago)
This is god awful😒
Blockhead49 (1 month ago)
You like perfect for him because you both have matching eyes
Blockhead49 (1 month ago)
Biannca you like perfect for Stephen curry
Alexander Grant (1 month ago)
She fire
Terrece Adams (1 month ago)
Biannca say so you gone the lil white girl😂😂😥
Dark Ghost (1 month ago)
Damine u can’t get mad at her bc she smashing jaquess u smashing all them girls
Israel Sanchez (1 month ago)
Damien is retarded
cody mazza (1 month ago)
most lop sided smash/pass hahahah she got robbed
JNT (1 month ago)
Damian low key would suck off lebron
Junior (1 month ago)
how old is bianca? and his boyfriend?
King Demetre (1 month ago)
Bianca gets prettier and prettier Everyday
Is ariana Grande white?
Lil Aug (1 month ago)
Damien you fucking hypocrite bitch
H o m l e s s b o y (1 month ago)
So u just gonna pass will smith and let that ugly monkey ass lookin like mf go balls deep in your pussy ?? , you trippin .
Anthony Pablo (1 month ago)
I came back to this video just say Lebum the so called best player in history got swept last night 😂😂😂💀
HTR17 (1 month ago)
Braaa how many of y’all can straight face ask ya girl if she smash or pass without getting any bit of jealous. Nothing insecure about it
Blacksnakebait21 (1 month ago)
i got shot with a nerd mini gun in my sleep
Terrell Wegmann (1 month ago)
janky marv (1 month ago)
If i was single yea ill smash😂😂
Isavion Thomas (1 month ago)
Damien eat pussy
Isavion Thomas (1 month ago)
Damien you are ugly eat pussy
Gabriel Ntumba (1 month ago)
You look great together
KAYLEIGH TRAN (1 month ago)
Damien did way too much stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nick Douglas (1 month ago)
He so salty bro
d Will (1 month ago)
LeBron is a bum Jordan is the best there ever was
Dick coming in through her throat
Kingmalix tv (1 month ago)
Damian’s so unfair 😂😂😂nigga be saying he smashing long dick style and gets mad at Bianca when she just say smashing 😭😭
JASHAUN AUGUST (1 month ago)
Biannca looks good

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