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Police pull over state attorney

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The Orlando Police Department released bodycam footage of two officers pulling over Florida's first black elected state attorney, Aramis Ayala.
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BedsitBob (1 hour ago)
We have ANPR, which runs constantly in police traffic cars, and flags up un-taxed, uninsured and un-MOT'd vehicles.
TheAntipedy (4 hours ago)
The wanker shit himself when he found out who she was.
Houston Texas (5 hours ago)
Lmfao they bowed down quick.
Genesia Superstar (10 hours ago)
“I’m the state attorney.” In your face btch! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH
ARIEL ENRIQUEZ (13 hours ago)
C'mon Ma'am. Everyone knows they ran your tag because you're a black woman. And then the cop gives you a hand-written note with his name. How lame is that?
amere720 (16 hours ago)
She literally pulled their card. Lmfao
OCDetailing ocd (16 hours ago)
Even she was quoted saying it was a legal stop in the video.
Roi B (20 hours ago)
Is "state attorney" a god in the U.S ?
Susan Kennedy (1 day ago)
Serves u right u racist pig n the bullshit excuse fuck off pig just b honest i only pulled u over cos ur black n i was hoping to shoot u dead when u show me ur id n i can pretend i thought u were goin for a gun
Mike Meusz (1 day ago)
State attorney, so what? Not above the law!
RUEDA 75 (1 day ago)
So its illegal for a police officer to pull over a black state attorney? What if she passed a red light?
HawkErino (1 day ago)
i think he meant the person driving was too dark
Visda58 (1 day ago)
Are cops not allowed to pull over the State Attorney or something?
Ryan Ayala (1 day ago)
My last name ayala too!! My girlfriend black. She way too dumb to be an attorney though.😂😂😂😂😂
Carl Kenny (2 days ago)
Of course she assumes she got pulled over because she is black...seriously get over yourself.
Natalie Panaro Stack (2 days ago)
Love seeing the cop shit his pants and kiss butt get nervous and lie. Cops have serious power issues I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't experience it . When I was a kid the really scum baggy ones used to hit on me abdf my 21 year old friends trying to impress us they were cops lol. Trust me if UR a white girl or white mom with kids they are very different . I really don't like how cops behave . But I guess the majority if men were geeks and picture that geek with a badge who now can make UR life miserable scary. I also was alone and tired and this psycho cop a used me of being high and treated me like a piece if shit once I moved to a Podunk town. Also when a girl threatened to kill me in a bar and spit on me which is assault I had the bar owner as a witness the cop was an old burn out and refused my compliant bc we were "rich white girls who should kiss and make up I'll call her and give her fatherly advice . I believe if it was two black girls the appropriate charges would have been pressed . Bc she and I were 21 and lived in our parents Jones in nice areas he didn't take it seriously.
Jon Doeringer (2 days ago)
What an entitled jerk. There are all sorts of cameras that harvest tags. In cop cars, on buildings... But boo-hoo - she gets stopped by the nicest cop ever, and she thinks it's because she is... black. It doesn't seem like the cop did anything wrong, but she wants to make a case of it. She should be looking into why her tag isn't registered. And get it fixed.
Gabriel Arañez (2 days ago)
Yan matalinong abugada alam talaga ang batas ibinigay agad ang lisensiya di tulad sa na viral na prosecutor
MiraMeowO0 0 (2 days ago)
Bet those cops felt like idiots 😂
Carlos De Amaro (2 days ago)
He was doing his job. What is the problem? He checked the plate and couldn’t verify so his job is to go ahead and make sure if it is fine. There is nothing wrong in doing precisely his job
jakeworld (3 days ago)
she looks like she wants to bust out laughing
Jamesito (3 days ago)
Yes if you are black
Bub Zilla (3 days ago)
Yawn, .. nearly EVERY car in the UK is scanned by a comp in the cop car or a parked van on the side of the road,... the title of this video is fishing for racebait
Adam Garza (4 days ago)
86 the bananas
Adam Garza (4 days ago)
He pulled her over because she is suspicious. Typical niggerism
asdf ghjk (4 days ago)
The police officer did nothing wrong and that Black, female state attorney no doubt got her position through affirmative action policies.
Obscure Fragments (4 days ago)
Police: your license plate runs as nonexistent (probably fake) Comments: it was because she was black I always can tell a persons race from driving behind them
Jim Nasticks (4 days ago)
how would he know to question what agency she was with by supplying her drivers license
Eric Kruckenberg (4 days ago)
The bullshit coming out this boys mouth the sexond he hears State Attorney... Your free falling dude stop reaching for something that aint there and maybe you might enjoy the feeling of flying before you sink
Chaos (4 days ago)
She was the state's attorney, but it didn't stop her from getting pulled over, for driving while black.. Lying ass cop, trying to explain the shit away with her tags not coming back to nothings shit, his racist ass never seen that before (and you didn't see it now). Then tamahu knew that was weak so he had to throw in some lame ass tints but he don't have his instrument to measure the tints. foh... Her sellout BGLO, masonic ass let him pass with that she acknowledged the stop being legal.. coon ass, riding the goat, first black woman state's attorney in Florida.. Guaranteed you didn't get there being a real black woman with a real black man at home.
netjunkie9 (4 days ago)
I don't understand the relevance of this video. is she supposed get special privileges because she's a state attorney?
blackham7 (5 days ago)
You can pinpoint the exact point in his voice where his soul left his body lmao
hummingnectarbird (5 days ago)
Classic. Love her calmness. She knows he's full of it but she doesnt let him off the hook. I can imagine the laughter at the station after this, especially him walking sweating bullets!
John Martin (5 days ago)
Sorry ma'am your tinted windows make you look black so I had to pull you over
FraankIeroo (5 days ago)
The cops were being nice and doing their job i don't understand why this needs news coverage
Michael Jason (6 days ago)
Want to see a grown ass man shit his pants keep watching
Jonathan oQo (6 days ago)
I like how she was holding back that grin, cause she knew she had them. Professional
Nickolas Abbott (6 days ago)
if i was her id be mad too ,it's embarrassing
Paul Charles (6 days ago)
I don't have a tint measure......lame!!!
Paul Charles (6 days ago)
Obligation4 Intellect (7 days ago)
Aramis Ayala, we need so many more people like you! The way in which you handled that situation could not have been better. Great tact, grace and character!
Toni Suurnäkki (7 days ago)
Isnt this a routine police work? In finland the cop cars have an automated system that runs any plates the cars camera sees. It gives the officers the information when plates are blank or something wrong. Then the cops check it. No big deal. For example if i dont pay my car taxes it is shown by the automatic plate running system and i get pulled over, cops give a reminder and show goes on. I did not see any racism in this video. I think the cops were friendly like they should be.
Gerald Keys (7 days ago)
shingshongshamalama (8 days ago)
For once, everyone seems to be just getting along fine here. Makes a nice change.
Home Sweet (8 days ago)
all white cops are devils.
Obligation4 Intellect (7 days ago)
Home Sweet, policing us innocent "angels"
kummer45 (8 days ago)
I'm satisfied with this video.
He could have played it off if he has said he stopped her to ask her on a date. But cops aren't that smart.
You can just see the moment he shit his pants.
Coach Annette Brent (9 days ago)
That one come to Jesus moment that changes everything for you!
George Butcher (9 days ago)
Bexar county probation needs to be overhauled such as the FBI and fire all workers that are misusing the guidelines of there job state standards ... now !
Nilly K (9 days ago)
He gave so many explanations to her..if it was any other black woman asking for explanations on why they pulled her over or asking for their card, they would have been so rude to her. I can't be sure though, this cop could also be one of those nice guys.
hamza sajjad (9 days ago)
this girl is actually definition of word 'beautiful'
Keanu James (9 days ago)
Epic fail reasoning
Teh Hootie (9 days ago)
I dunno why this is surprising to anyone. If a cop is riding your ass, or is stopped behind you at a light or sign, chances are they are running your plates to see if its stolen, tags are valid, etc. It is pretty routine. The tint thing I can't say since her front windows were all ready down, but yes given how dark her back windows were tinted, assuming the front were just as darkly tinted(The windshield looks fairly tinted), valid reason for a quick stop. It was pretty funny to watch him bitch out when he realized it was the State Attorney. But it also saddens me that this shows people in office get held to a different standard than normal citizens. If this was me or you out there with tinted ass windows and a janky tag that didn't come back valid it would be a lot worse than just 'Ok yeah ok that was weird. See ya later then'
Selma Kelly (10 days ago)
darkcloud (10 days ago)
the stop was legal, so i don't see why people "praise" the attorney so much like if she's doing something "unique"...
pete smyth (10 days ago)
'do you guys have cards?' implied threat there,having identified herself as state attorney..arrogant bitch.
pete smyth (5 days ago)
She had no need at all to know who these officers were..asking for that is an implied threat; just read many of the other comments suggesting the cops career would be damaged..
Obligation4 Intellect (7 days ago)
pete smyth - she couldn't have handled it better. They realized her (court) ID. She wasn't arrogant at all. I'm confused as to how/why is asking for contact card or (police) ID "a threat"? Her job usually is supportive of the police as both the police AND State's Attorney "prosecute" cases (citizens).
Haider Safraz (10 days ago)
She's so class someone love her
Michael Smith (10 days ago)
*rubs fingers together* "you guys have cards"? INO: You're going to be spoken to severely.. you pulled over the WRONG black lady
Jared Jackson (10 days ago)
Cops run tags all day every day that is why we have tags on our car. But only CNN can turn a simple traffic stop into a race issue. But could this go any other way? Remember black people have to stay poor and hobbled because as we saw in 2016, wealthier blacks voted for Trump (15%) compared to the general black population (8%). If 15% of the general black population voted rep, Reps would never lose the Senate or Presidency again. Dems have a vested interest in keeping blacks poor. Remember that next time they tell you about manbearpig/ racism.
Jared Jackson (10 days ago)
Btw, was driving my wife's car and was pulled over for this exact reason. White guy here.
TK Throwback (10 days ago)
0:44 is the exact moment he realizes he just gave away his reason for stopping her. You can hear him inhale like he's cringing at his slip up.
discoonelove (10 days ago)
0:12 this is when Billy found out he FUCKED up
mrcleandoesit (11 days ago)
Still not sure why this video is even remotely relevant... Amidst all the bullshit going on nowadays with police, this was actually a legitimate stop and nothing remotely illegal or biased happens at all. Cops everywhere will routinely run tags to see if they're expired, if the vehicle has been reported stolen or involved in a crime, or to see if there is a warrant out for the owner of that vehicle. It'd be different if the cops were harassing Counselor Ayala or being disrespectful, but they were actually rather apologetic and clearly explained the legitimacy of the stop. Elected officials are subject to the same laws that the rest of us are, and thus will be involved in traffic stops and such... Really nothing to see here...
bruno h. pou (11 days ago)
is my drean la pd o ny pd im brasilian guy
Kent Jarvis (12 days ago)
Omg, this lady is a sweetie.
Chris Fountain (12 days ago)
White people so lame n scary..lmao
Jr Weedz (12 days ago)
When she had that devil smile @0:46 I knew that both of the cop were fucked up lol. That smile was authoritative. Thug life
The Product (12 days ago)
Jr Weedz *black privilege
Crystal Clear (12 days ago)
Orlando police surrounded my business truck at a gas station for no reason.. after realizing they were just harassing me the leading officer gave me his business card and asked me if I would do his wife's car
baddie nicole (13 days ago)
It’s like she wants people to die. fucking idiot
ChrisT4 Edwoods (13 days ago)
The I'm sorry tone in his voice. Priceless 😆😄😅
RubyRim (13 days ago)
They knew they fucked up
The Product (12 days ago)
RubyRim as soon as they saw a black female... they're a protected class of human with the highest of privilege. And he's a white male, so it's okay to attack him at will.
YahudahThe LionKing (13 days ago)
Yep they did that to me too in NC, not for speeding, not for a busted headlight, not for any illegal turns nothing and don’t have enough cops to solve real criminal issues??? 😬🤨🤭
Sarah Davenport (13 days ago)
So she has a bitch look on her face when he was polite.
Derik Murray (14 days ago)
They run tags on everyone like it or not she no different.
H2da - (14 days ago)
Click her fingers and said can i have your card. THUG LIFE
Silly Sally (14 days ago)
She's so calm. She gets it.
Think-A-Bell Bell (14 days ago)
They stupid asses and it’s too tinted gtfo
and he's full of Bull Shit about the tag not coming back, yeah, . .RIGHT. I live in the Orlando area, these cops are clowns, and i generally like the police.
Mikemike H (14 days ago)
Only why this was a big deal it was because she was black.
Doo Doo Clowney (15 days ago)
She is way too smug acting.
Edwyn Starr (15 days ago)
She looked a little booshy.......
三咲美香 (15 days ago)
The moment he found out she was a state attorney he got the hell out of there hahaha.
Cece Saint (15 days ago)
A cops kryptonite: Attorneys
dewayne scott (15 days ago)
She is using her power just how white people use their white privilege when they are stopped by the police. So get over it white people. Don't get mad when we use the power we have to our advantage, because you all have been using your privilege forever. Do your thing, girl. lol.
The Product (12 days ago)
dewayne scott eat a dick and get a job.
Travis Chandler (15 days ago)
Handled that like a Lady with Class 😚
Blob B (15 days ago)
Run a tag on my car anyday anything to help stop terrorists and drug dealers.
Igor Gomes Dutra (15 days ago)
i don't get the point of this video, what does this pull over have that's so controversial?
Treebird49 (15 days ago)
This has nothing to do with race, idiots. Do you see how dark the windows are? He pulled her over for the tags and windows. Every fucking retard has to bring race into anything with someone who is not white/caucasian.
SrAgri (15 days ago)
I don't think the officer was out of line in pulling her over when he ran her plate and something weird came up. However, the window tint comment seems like harassment to me.
Shelly Miscavige (16 days ago)
“Appeared to be legal” Um, shouldn’t the state’s attorney know that? Seems to me she thinks she is above the law and now wants a “dialogue” Um, no Sweetheart. You’re no different than anyone else
Louise Burton (17 days ago)
Black privilege
Blame Trick (17 days ago)
He wouldn’t be in trouble everything was legal he just got nervous because if he said anything wrong he’d get in trouble
frankie homer (17 days ago)
😂😂😂 busted
d (17 days ago)
Great video.
Im AWESOME.com (17 days ago)
Thomas Bowe (17 days ago)
He was shook, and with good reason. Priceless.
Cool attorney n cool cop.
oriel229 (18 days ago)
State Attorney. Hmmmmmm.......... Seeing the woeful record of most politically correct appointees, especially the female variety, I don't feel confident about this one.
Dee Bow 08 (18 days ago)
IVETTE M. FIGUEROA (18 days ago)
Soooo Let me understand Morons can't lie in a very credible manner😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 K9 kenel duties !!!!! Reassigned!!!!!😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

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