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Police pull over state attorney

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The Orlando Police Department released bodycam footage of two officers pulling over Florida's first black elected state attorney, Aramis Ayala.
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justin jones (5 hours ago)
fake news race baiting hoping people see something negative and project that onto society...…. fuck you CNN
Gord Haasz (7 hours ago)
Hahaha omg
K Jay Medina (11 hours ago)
Oh wait this isn't my car.
Zain Ali (17 hours ago)
She played that scenario like a boss
Michael Giovannangelo (17 hours ago)
How dare that racist white cop pull over a black person? Doesn't he know anything about the almighty race card, and black privilege? At least now she can sit down with the Chief and explain to him how it's racist for a police officer to pull over a black driver.
Remskii (19 hours ago)
They should ship this guy to Bushwhack Alaska and make all the stop he wants.
He didn't pull her over because she is black it's not a fucking race issue, I have been pulled over a few times for how dark my tint is and it's probably as dark as her tint, and when I had my license suspended I let someone drive my car and they got pulled over because police ran a tag on my car and it came up that it belonged to a suspended driver, so do not think it's a race issue
Deal It (20 hours ago)
Good job by the officer.
The Wall (19 hours ago)
Deal It constant victim culture by blacks. No everything you get stopped or blamed for is because of your skin color. It's like blacks think collectively than individually.
Longjohnson Shagwell (20 hours ago)
good thing those brave cops pulled her over, you can never be too sure with those types
Yoda Google (20 hours ago)
The bich using powers against Law.
Yoda Google (20 hours ago)
Fake news from...CNN
Höhö (21 hours ago)
If she happened to be a regular citizen, those cops would not have been so friendly.
Richard Bailey (23 hours ago)
pig, shit himself
TheMachoTaco isBack (1 day ago)
So police pull over woman ... who cares
Höhö (21 hours ago)
The law
I’m offended
Chris P (1 day ago)
She was stick acting entitled
The pixel pro bros (1 day ago)
She tried to start something blacks 19 white 2 and yall here xxxtentacion is dead rip x
easy 123 (1 day ago)
I know this bitch
Trey Ward (1 day ago)
The cops was terrified you could hear it in his voice. dumb ass!
BlkTexn13 (2 days ago)
You know when’re coos want to pull you and have no VALID reason they claim the tag didn’t show in the system. That’s bull. We got stopped in Florida because I was in the front seat with my wife. The cop went 3 blocks so he could turn around and stop us.
John Phillips (2 days ago)
Absolute bullshit that everyone thinks people in "high places" are somehow beyond the rest of us she's no more a public servant than those guy's in uniform and she sure as hell has no right to us her position to retaliate against them in fact the higher you are or go in public office the more scrutinized you should be always being watch for your actions and held accountable at a strict level for them
Foxtrot Florida (2 days ago)
So her tag didn't come and the cops pulled her over, lol. Good job officers and F'k CNN
V Tru (2 days ago)
Yea they ran from that black women with power!
Subaru sti (2 days ago)
Cops just don't know who there messing with sometimes
DCstrong13 (2 days ago)
I like the comments saying the only reason she was pulled over was that she was black when the officers had to be behind her to run her tags and with the tint on her vehicle had no way of knowing what race she was. It was a legal stop. Not every police officer is out to get you contrary to popular belief.
TheNoobius (2 days ago)
Fake. If thoose were actual cops they would have shot her atleast 12 times before asking questions
David Curry (2 days ago)
Olympic-class backpedaling
adaboy4z (3 days ago)
Police now have cameras on cars that can run dozens of tags at a time. Welcome to the new world order!! Just finished nursing school bought a brand new Chrysler Sebring Touring coupe 06. Got pulled over 7 times in one mnth. One Cop asked me whos car is this!! Where do I work, what do I do for a living? Never a ticket but I always fit the description smh
DeathsHood (1 day ago)
adaboy4z 'can run dozens of tags at a time' - Citation needed.
Tony Nguyen (3 days ago)
This is very satisfying to watch and all the white people are salty as fuck lol saying “ they’re just doing their jobs” fuck outta here. “ the tint windows was too dark, but I don’t have a tint measure” smh
Blue dust (3 days ago)
Arrogant black cunt.
Imri Murphy (3 days ago)
Say goodbye to your badge
Gunnie Two genders (3 days ago)
This woman is above the law as our queen Hillary is! #stillwithher
Sheila Galvez (3 days ago)
Could not get his lies out without stuttering. This is why no one trusts them, playing racist games instead of doing the job their paid to do as public servants.
DeathsHood (1 day ago)
Sheila Galvez His reason for the stop was legal and legit. Get over yourself.
nerk twins (3 days ago)
Officer Craka don't you know I is Srate attony Mo Fo !
Neil (3 days ago)
sad so she abused her office to bully a police officer doing his job interesting
McFlySwatter (3 days ago)
Believe me, cops will always come up with a reason to justify pulling you over whether you did anything or not. They'll say you swerved, didn't come to a complete stop, failed to signal, dark tint, etc. Everyone needs a camera in their vehicle today.
Sackfullofbadgers (4 days ago)
So let me get this straight, he pulls her over because the tags come back, then just walks off and is one his way??? Really this is pretty unbelievable, it would have been a thousand questions if she wasn't a VIP.
DeathsHood (1 day ago)
Sackfullofbadgers It would have been a thousand questions because no regular civilian has a reason to have tags that come back blank. She does. Her tags are registered in a gov't database, not a public one.
David Restrepo (4 days ago)
Are State Attorneys not allow to get pulled over?
Mike769 (4 days ago)
Police run tags every time and State law says every vehicle must be registered in order to operate such vehicle on any public roadway. We love to make a big deal out of nothing and make everything black and white or "police misconduct". One day there will not be any police around to save you and society as a whole will regret the stupidity that we're living now. I'm black and this is just ridiculous! Your tag didn't come back to anything, so the officer is going to see why. Simple!
MsBarelythere (4 days ago)
Lol some “dark windows”. I could clearly see there was someone or a dog in the backseat. Umm...truly “illegal dark tint windows”? You can’t see through. Idiots
Coringa Gamer (4 days ago)
So now you’re complaining that police are too nice and friendly like the officer in the video? He handled that situation perfectly. Her tags weren’t coming back on the system, so he pulled her over and they sorted things out. Why is this a whole fiasco? If her windows were heavily tinted like he said, how did the officer know she was black? I guess now there’s an unspoken rule that you can’t pull over black people anymore. So with the officer sees a car commit an infraction, and when he goes up to the window and sees that the drivers black he’s just supposed to say sorry and turn around back to his car? That’s a great idea. I even have a name for this law: Police MUST treat people differently because of the color of their skin or they will be fired. Is that what you want?
blahblahlablah (4 days ago)
Officer is shitting himself while trying to play it cool
As soon as the officer handed her ID back to her she should have just drove off as soon as he said thank you. But she had to keep asking questions. He was ready to walk away and get back in this car but her questions led up to the window tint and then further from there. Next time just take your ID back and drive away.
WalterV (5 days ago)
State attorney . We are good now. Lol bitch ass cops.
Woody Woodlstein (5 days ago)
Cop should be fired.
Supaket (5 days ago)
seems soon as the cop knew who she was he detracted just on that .Obviously he felt he would rather kiss ass than continue to open her boot and look for weapons or a dead body ,maybe drugs and the like as he would for any unknown civilian ,but no she can give him headaches so he backed off ,typical coward going after easy targets
orouba14 (5 days ago)
The guy is tripping over himself. The tension n fear rolling side by side wth his words.
Justahumebeing (5 days ago)
You stopped her because she was black in a nice car.. fuck your tags
Louis Cypher (5 days ago)
What's the p.i.gs or person in government name address and number?
PedroPablo (5 days ago)
I smell cops shit their pants. Buajaja.
Badger Fishinski (5 days ago)
Completely legal to run tags on a vehicle. If the officer finds probable cause, then it's legal to pull you over. This applies to everybody who drives a car. The situation was handled professionally.
MūdfísH+ (5 days ago)
Ho Lee sheet😀😁😂
She cant do anything to them.
EradicationX | Today (5 days ago)
but shes black..
Mika Daily Vlogs TV! (5 days ago)
Manners where are you (6 days ago)
Oh come on Ayala. You called that 'a constructuve and mutually respectful relationship between law enforcement and the community"? How? By being a bitch? Honestly, white supremacy is definitely a problem in the US, but your attitude is another.
Christopher De Real (6 days ago)
Seems like a nice ploy idk
jt scott (6 days ago)
she's beautiful
Muhammad Shabazz (6 days ago)
They ran the tag because it’s a black women in a nice car
soulbrother61 (6 days ago)
Just because your state attorney doesn't mean you are above the law
Tom (6 days ago)
Black people are not allowed to be pulled over. Fact. If you are a officer of the law and you pull over a black motorist then you are a racist. Fact.
Androgen Idol (6 days ago)
Wonder if the SA is feeling regrets yet for taking a job working with these assholes
Chris Zepeda (7 days ago)
Dude just about shit his pants
Its J (7 days ago)
Fyr Werx (7 days ago)
Americans pay way too much in taxes and fees (city, county, state and federal), which allows all of these government entities to just keep growing and beleaguering citizens. Too much government, too many cops, too many attorneys ... it's gotten unbelievably crazy ... and Americans are just putting up with it. The sad thing is so many Americans still think that Canadians or Europeans pay more taxes than they do ... WRONG!!! Americans pay more, when you add up all of the sales and income taxes and fees for all of the overlapping government entities. The biggest business in the world is the US Government, by both revenue and employee count. Work for any government agency and you will always find there is an "us and them" mentality ("Us," the government employees ... and "Them," everyone else). It's a toxic psychology that is killing the American Dream.
mrk107 (7 days ago)
I know someone who works as a prison guard and was in the military, and he told us when he got pulled over by the police for speeding, to get to work on time, the police officer looked at his ID and said: Oh, I see you're one of us, and let him go without even a warning.
AnthonyOMEGA (7 days ago)
Very odd but, notice how the other cop approached on the other side as if ready to start something shady... oh yeah STATE ATTORNEY... Suddenly I'm sorry let me wipe my elbow grease from your door kind lady😆🤣
Mk J (7 days ago)
For everyone and all their ridiculous comments. The cop racially profiled her and he knew it as well as her. Being black is not a crime and therefore is not a reason to be detained under any circumstance. I don't care what you consider good police work.
L Bo (7 days ago)
Factory tint now a days is either illegal or close to being illegal which is crazy to me but it just gives them another reason to pull you 😑
No Name (7 days ago)
Fucking pigs.
Sulah Monize (7 days ago)
neisha Lutchman (7 days ago)
he lied because its a black woman he pulled her across only to realised who it was. shame on u officers
DXEmpire (7 days ago)
Wait... so you mean... a black person.... didn't call him racist for being pulled over? Holy shit. She is... being.... equal...
DREE3267 (7 days ago)
She should've had those pricks fired.
Quentin Smith (7 days ago)
Liberals getting mad at that systems they setup, priceless!!!
Mainstream Mario (7 days ago)
A bunch of idiots in the comments. This is CNN though...so I’m not too surprised.
TheWatcher (8 days ago)
Officer~What agency are you with~ Black Woman~Im The state attorney~ (Name Change/ Black Woman: State Attorney.) Officer~Ohh...Welp Bye~ State Attorney~Hey Get Back Here~ Officer~😓😲~
kat kouch (8 days ago)
trying to make something out of nothing?
Kuro Neko (8 days ago)
Stupid pricks stopping people for no reason! I'd like to know if she made a complaint about these assholes later. She asked for their cards for a reason.
DeathsHood (7 days ago)
Kuro Neko Her tags came back unregistered. That's why he stopped her.
Nick (8 days ago)
You can hear them shitting their pants, lmao. Stuttering and shit. Obviously they didn't do anything wrong but his sudden change in tone was hilarious.
Billy Brothers (8 days ago)
I love how they throw black in their as if we can't fucking see for ourselves.
Alison Hilll (8 days ago)
some thing you never here are you pulling me over cause I,am white AND Microsoft edge needs to get its shit together if everyone complains on every comment maybe they will the Zionist bastards
Jane cooper (8 days ago)
Lol, when she asked him for a card he got nervous. Like oh shit, I'm in trouble now. ..
Melech Yahanan (8 days ago)
• https://youtu.be/8ZF2r8ExkeM
Fire that aswhole
Legacy (8 days ago)
O T T O M A N ¥ E M P I R E ₩₩ 2023 what did he do wrong?
crpsaiyan (9 days ago)
Wow! She handled that pretty well, given the circumstances. I'm sure that this will be brought up eventually, but at least she had the good sense not to debate it on the scene. Well done! :)
Rue U (9 days ago)
Lmao. Cops only fear people in positiobs of power higher over them. Their police chief, internal affairs, the mayor
Antonio Ingram (9 days ago)
I know he shited on himself
sionara11 (9 days ago)
why do we automatically assume this was racially driven? she doesn't fit the typical profile anyways which is usually men of color, just like you all are automatically profiling all white men of being racist..
m F (9 days ago)
literally nothing racist happened here. how is this news. she asked for their cards because she is a racist bitch herself and loves being a victim. fuck off.
m F (9 days ago)
fuck her. she is a racist
Adi Metallica (9 days ago)
and that's how it's done
madison rose (9 days ago)
He was going to screw her over then changed his mind real quick when he found out she was the attorney
Oscar Garcia (10 days ago)
All cops carry business cards, my girl is an officer 20 years in Compton Ca. All cops must be corrupted at some level. When this officer saw that goverment Id he knew he fucked up. My twin brother is a high goverment official. You don't fuck with government officials, especially a State Attorneys. These people were elected because of there education and intelligence. That cop knew to back the fuck off. The thing is he lied about pulling her over. She was too smart not to pick up on it.
mangaas (9 days ago)
Police do run tags all the time, to see if they're expired, or have any traffic violations tied to them, so.... if they run yours and get back nothing, (as in you don't exist) they will pull you over. The people focused on her race, are the racists. Good luck with that!
Mark Gorman (10 days ago)
Why this is news? Seems like a regular stop and a failed race baiting attempt.
Jex134 (10 days ago)
_"Do you guys have cards with you?"_ *REKT*
Anon Anonme (10 days ago)
If she really meant what she claims, we wouldn't had seen this video. Plates run and nothing comes back usually means a restricted plate, usually on certain judges, etc. She was actually confrontational
Suva Cirema (10 days ago)
I honestly love when people in positions of power are humble like this state attorney. She didn't even mention her job until he asked...the people she represents are lucky to have her
-Madmoe- (10 days ago)
Im sorry what did this guy do wrong? People accusing him of being all kind of shit here.

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