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The Good, The Bad, and The Perpetrator

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Do we become what we consume?
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Cinder Cinnamon (8 days ago)
Respect and love your fellow men and women and you're going to get far. The negative people have their place in your life and it's called the past.
SHELBY MUSTANG (13 days ago)
Looks like you have Poison Oak just behind you next to the stairs...Careful ;)
Charles Gusto (16 days ago)
Jesus, your videos are getting depressing tiny.
FitLife (15 days ago)
Yes, this is very somber. most of them have been. I hope he is ok. Low testosterone is nothing to mess around with, especially at his senior age.Its the main hormone of the male body and can really mess you up. Your better off with higher Test then no Test.
Eduardo Gutierrez (16 days ago)
Mr. Tiny vest sir I enjoy these life chat videos. I wish you the best
superpunx (17 days ago)
They hate us cause they ain't us. Those who are envious and live a spiteful lifestyle are unfulfilled and should take steps towards rejecting a self defeating mentality. Wise words James and thanks for the call, it was great talking with ya.
rick harris (17 days ago)
I assume the down-votes are from people that can't face the truth in these wise words
Jim Kay (17 days ago)
rick harris They're just the begative people that he was referring to lol.
batman (17 days ago)
Looking a bit tiny tim
Tom Zerra (17 days ago)
Great advise Jim. Thanks for your perspective brother.
Heath Berna (17 days ago)
Dropping truth
Stylin andProfilin (17 days ago)
You are going to loose feeling in your arm if keep flexing it like that stop looking at it already it’s so weird otherwise nice video
SHELBY MUSTANG (13 days ago)
Holy Shit "Rick Flair" WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
Chad Breedlove (16 days ago)
I noticed in all his videos, he is constantly looking at the camera and flexing. Trying to make sure he gets a good angle, I guess...LOL It is quite annoying to be honest.
The Girth (17 days ago)
Stylin andProfilin I know right he’s trying to give this advice and he keeps doing that it’s so strange
Shelley Barbosa (17 days ago)
Wow!!! What a Green yard! I'm from California and haven't seen it so green in a long time! !...what a beautiful place for the great words of wisdom. Love your videos brother! !
Emulator m (17 days ago)
Your a smart man James.. 👌
Steve MacInnis (17 days ago)
thank you James, Happy Independence Day,. I try to never look down at somebody unless i am reaching to help them up peace from Steve from Cape Breton
Neil Shandles (17 days ago)
Great Words; I especially like the last minute.
Badger bush (17 days ago)
Ellooooooo :) When people ask me "Are you an optimists badger? " I say "I hope so"
SKYZTHELIMIT514 (17 days ago)
Thank you for the good word brother. Thank you for giving us your healthy honest righteous contribution of health and wisdom.
ThinkSimply (17 days ago)
youre the man
Bull (17 days ago)
Good words brother. The noisier the river the shallower it is.
Jody (16 days ago)
Bull damn.. true statement!!!
John seven (17 days ago)
I like that.
ckyrooster (17 days ago)
Have a great day, Brother. Enjoy listening to your perspective.
Jason Shults (17 days ago)
Happy Independence Day, Jim!
tom001ism (17 days ago)
I enjoy your talks! Always keeping it real...Thank you
james francis (17 days ago)
Gentle giant I should say
james francis (17 days ago)
Good guy, no doubt
Pretty Sure (17 days ago)
YOU ARE WHO YOU ASSOCIATE WITH.. take a good look around you guys!
Viking Strongman (17 days ago)
What the fuck is this airy fairy sentimental crap??? You estrogen dominant fuckstains need Thor in your lives! Fucking WIMPS!
first BOSS

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