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How Complicated Should Nutrition Be?

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Tailor your nutrtion to fit your goals. Do you want to build muscle? How much muscle? Do you want to get lean? How lean? Do you want to flounder endlessly trying this and that or make your daily diet/food intake a huge chore? How do you know what details matter? Is there a basic, more streamlined approach? Check out this video and get a better idea of how to prioritize the intrinsics of your approach.
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John Smith (1 year ago)
bro you have a fucking needle mark on your vain right above your elbow in the beginning of the video I don't think I want any advise from you, you have no standing, no credibility, some foundation, followed up by short cuts... GTFO
Jackson C (1 year ago)
James, what do you think about counting calories? Is it necessary to gain mass/lose fat like so many internet gurus claim? I have been counting calories for a while, but I feel like it may be turning into an eating disorder for me...
Randy Gentry (1 year ago)
Thank you for your information ....lately adding in the idea of the thermal effect of food has been a game changer for me.
test bear (1 year ago)
If it ain't broke don't break it? Ricky moment lol
illLighted SunatNite (1 year ago)
Take da journey.... first step here... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_U2iOznDKPs ...FWM
QueensNative (1 year ago)
I have seen some big muscle bound dudes that have had very limited knowledge and their training routines were a disaster waiting to happen.. I mean some big guys have horrible workout form just throwing and swinging weights around in all directions.. Meanwhile I have seen some small dudes workout with perfect form and everything about their routines seem to make sense, though they never seem to gain any muscle mass, probably due to poor genetics rather than a lack of knowledge
Tyler Fukuda (1 year ago)
I have got even deeper respect from the fact that you listen to Yngwie!!!
Carter Sanders (1 year ago)
LMAOOO, James ik you're talking about Jason Blaha 😂😂 luv ur channel man
Matthew B (1 year ago)
Bro you are a scientist don't sell yourself short.
Tassos Moustakas (1 year ago)
I understand what you are saying, but not all good coaches are muscular (Joe de Franco, Mark Rippetoe) and not all gurus are shreded.You can give good advice as a coach or a diet guru even if you havent competed in any show..You can gain experience by training others only and still be very succesful.. thats my oppinion..
Macwarri (1 year ago)
I was thinking James, i eat 6 meals a Day with 2 whey pro shakes (2x25g in 1- 2 scoops) Per meal 80g meats and 40-50g carbs, i went from 95kg to 108kg. Im not on gear.. just taking in loads of food.. my main point in this is that you describe these kind of plans useless and yes im 18 been training since 14 but i do my stuff on my own experience, i love to experiment with my own body and mind to develop i just Think about sleep, i get around 8 hours a day but i sleep laate night and i really dont know How much it stresses my development cause im on a standstill atm do you have your own exp with sleep like i never feel i get enough!... Sry for my bad english withoit ., hope you Can help
DIESELMAN8V92 (1 year ago)
Kick ass vid big man :)
Sean Ward (1 year ago)
My meals consist of pretty much, whey protein , chicken, rice, broccoli, eggs and Greek yoghurt. Im a chef so I really don't want to be over complicating things food wise when I'm not at work.
Infested Turd (1 year ago)
Bro, started on 2gram of l argenine now I'm on 10 gram and I'm starting to get the pumps, tried it 4,times now with insulin manipulation thanks thanks thanks
Jody (1 year ago)
Bro... I'm chasing you.. better not be slacking!! LOL If I can just get a little bit of your tree trunk legs.. Ill be in there! Again.. I will say this.. My diet is on point for what I am doing! This might not be ideal for some, but it works for me. 3-3 1/2 pounds of chicken a day, 4 cups of rice, and odds and ends thrown in the mix divided into 5-6 meals a day. Ill add more into it later once I see how this is going.Cleanest diet I have been I have ever been on my life.. very basic at that! IT WORKS! 8 lbs of lean body mass put on in a week.. yes that's correct..8 lbs! Its on full blown now. KEEP EM COMING BRO,WE ARE LISTENING!
Ray Dominguez (1 year ago)
Hello, I'm trying to get really lean. What type of digestive enzymes brand or bottle should I be taking daily to help break down my protein? I'm on a very high protein, low carb and fat diet. Lost 13 pounds in two weeks so far. Thank you in advance.
Guy Graham (1 year ago)
endomorph,ectomorph , mesomorph and Bowlingpinomorph hahaha good one JimmyT.
GetDaYayo. (1 year ago)
Great Information once again..
Mr. Jones (1 year ago)
Hit the nail on the head man, appreciate you sharing. It's amazing what you can learn from mistakes.
tim bow (1 year ago)
you are huge as fuck bro, do you only use trt or do you blast all kinds of gear?
Cobrakay2003 (1 year ago)
Honest talk though Jimmy, do you use clenbuterol when cutting?
Cobrakay2003 (1 year ago)
Ok james. I'm looking forward too see those videos :)
Petter Engman (1 year ago)
James Tiny Vest I'm with you on Clean, that shit is no good for your heart, it can give some extra reps on the gym but your not feelin good on that shit after a couple of weeks/days. It works but it's not worth it at all.
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
NEVER!  HATE the very thought of it!  Clen destroys heart muscle - tried it once back in '98 or '99 and did not like the way it felt - never went anywhere near it again.  I am not a monkey see monkey do type guy.  I have utilized T3 but not for about 10 years or more.  I am going to film everything from day 1 of my "cut" showing all of what I look like, including bodyweight and body fat measurements in two week intervals leading to the Arnold Expo.  Dietary thermogenesis and cardio will get the job done for me.
charlie domingo (1 year ago)
Hey James.   over 24K subs and 100-0 likes to no likes on this vid so far.   You must be doing something right brother and I'm really excited for you because you deserve it.  You are one of a kind.   Keep up the good work.
1 2 (1 year ago)
Steve Mata (1 year ago)
God look at how massive this man is, amazing 😶
James Osborne (1 year ago)
Amen to that James !!
saymehname (1 year ago)
What worked for me (natural so calm down) what he is saying 100%, but I took things differently. I overtrained everyday, aimed for 300 grams of protien and 200 grams of carbs and fats is as minimum as possible (all whole foods everyday not cheating). Results? Gained muscle and lost fat at the same time and I'm 220 at 8% .
Kelly Easter (1 year ago)
saymehname - Hey bro! so curious to hear mor about your knowledge on how to burn fat and build muscle at the same time?... I am currently in need of some guidance in that area.
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
That is awesome!  Big congratulations on your success!
dirkjan van nifterik (1 year ago)
First of thanks for this vid! Second, thank you for sending the t-shirts so quickly! Greetings from the Netherlands! Sadly though, won't be able to rock in the gear for a while. Thirdly, studying in Lithuania right now. Watching your videos has a comforting/home like feeling
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
Greetings to you, my primate brother from the Netherlands!  I am glad you find such comfort in our videos and brother/sisterhood here!
this one was to Jason Blaha
Maverick (1 year ago)
On the other hand u have people like the technician Chris Aceto, who looks like shit in the last 20y... according to that I shouldn't take any advice from him?
Maverick (1 year ago)
James Tiny Vest Thanks James..U are right of course and I should hv checked it out first, before writing..I started lifting in 2000 and didn't know, that he had reached such a physique..thanks for the informative vids..
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
baridudis - Did you watch the video to its end?  Aceto used to have a good physique - was a very popular competitive bodybuilder and even early on many of his dietary tips and meal preparations were featured in the magazines of the day.  Hence, he has been quite successful at building and refining his own world class physique; however, MANY people currently speak as expert on diet and nutrition and building muscle without ANY first hand experience or success in their resume.
baridudis it's Chis not Greg
Jarrod Kackley (1 year ago)
we want to look like james vest
At least you and I do... and I personally try to ressemble to him beyond the physical aspect...the muscles and the beard are great but it doesn't even compare to who he is as a person...
Jarrod Kackley yeah but it ain't gonna happen overnight... the guy worked his ass off for a couple decades to achieve this amazing physique...but hell yeah we sure do
mtashn (1 year ago)
Vitamins are generally oddly structured organic molecules that interact with enzyme complexes(for the most part), there is a whole bunch of things they can do to the complexes depending on where and how and when they are used, from passing electrons around to holding onto hydrogens to stabilizing catalytic complexes, to detecting photons in the rod shape cells ofyour eyes, the list goeson. The best way to think of them are as components of functional proteins/enzymes that our bodies generally can not make. think of it as little unique looking percs/cogs you have to get from outside without which your machine can not run. To lump them all as "vitamins" the same way we do fats, carbs and proteins is a bit misleading. The word vitamin is a grossly over generalized category for thousands of structurally unrelated molecules. Im in the process of getting my masters in MBB ( molecular biology and biochemistry) and there is so much that Tiny is correct about. The only thing I stand to argue with him so far is his recommendation of milk consumption ( 1 galon/day). I personally think this destroys your gut balance if you have any sort of malabsorption issues
mtashn (1 year ago)
+James Tiny Vest I'm a HUGE fan! I feel like I have a very strong bullshit detector and so far it has not gone off with any of your videos. Also, I know people complain but I like the length of the videos...its great to put on, kick back and try to shove down the food! :)
mikedeek (1 year ago)
What stores has 2 for 5 ?wow I can't find it under 350 where I'm at
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
Well, actually, the ultra filtered lactose free Fairlife milk I drink is a Godsend.  Anyone who has tried it can attest to its gentle and easy digestion.  It really is amazing.  I could never go back to standard milk and consume anywhere near as much of it daily - I used to do it and it was much more horrible than I realized.  I get as much "bloat" from a gal of Fairlife as I get from drinking a gal of water - none, really.  Luckily, around here I can regularly purchase Fairlife  2 for $5.00 - that is a good deal.
Brian Pecsi (1 year ago)
Haha james I lost when you went earth shattering
Jarrod Kackley (1 year ago)
dudes arms are bigger than my head
BroBeans 1979 (1 year ago)
Very insightful video Jim.... What would your baseline blueprint on nutrition for beginners/ or returning lifters.
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
Keith, you can also keep it very simple - just get 200 grams of protein a day but be sure caloric intake from carbs and fats is enough that the protein is spared.
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
Macros percentages and total caloric intake can be GREATLY dependent upon the food sources you choose.  You can consider that when you orchestrate your diet plan, designing it to eat a lesser or greater volume of food to achieve the exact same results.  In other words, 1k worth of calories can be from sources which will leave you with more of those calories as surplus OR create a deficit - two different end games from the exact same overall number of calories - dependent upon the sources you select (TFE - how many of those cals will be burned in the digestive/absorption process).  Eat less overall grams of protein but get more of that protein to the muscle - or eat lots more protein and less carbs/fats and generate dietary thermogenesis to get leaner (all from the same overall totality of calories).
Os (1 year ago)
Good video man
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
Thank you.
Jarrod Kackley (1 year ago)
look at him. I believe
Jimmy McPhie (1 year ago)
Your shit channel is far better than other shit channels. And that's just my shit opinion.
Infested Turd (1 year ago)
Jody (1 year ago)
Jimmy McPhie. Now that's the shit!
I wish I thought of that
Jimmy McPhie hahaha!
Major Horn (1 year ago)
continous grazing so you have to be like a bull
Major Horn (1 year ago)
James Tiny Vest you need to stay anabolic isnt that mainly it
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
I think Jason bloho. is the best example of this lol
Brian B. (8 months ago)
Robert Ace I thought he was talking about Blaha the whole time.
Robert Ace (1 year ago)
100% lol
Ever Burning (1 year ago)
Yngwie Malmsteen lol.

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