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EP.1 | Raw Training | Peptide Injections

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Text Comments (2408)
Kuno Østergaard (11 days ago)
Shitty music..
Aerochalklate (14 days ago)
u are the next rich piana
andres Gomez (17 days ago)
You do what works for you, your not going to waste time on soemthing that doesn't so of half ass repping but slowly conttacting the muscle does it for you then go ahead for you pussies that bitch about everything that dont even lift or look half as good as he does
Kevin Areynolds (21 days ago)
This is a pathetic workout. And this dude looks like complete shit
Kevin Areynolds (21 days ago)
And he seems to have the IQ of a fucking coffee table
Philippe VV (22 days ago)
All the 70kg youtube bodybuilders postin about is fucking reps and range of motion. He has been training for years and looks like a monster, theres no way you can have such a back if you dont feel it in the back whilst repping, so he does it this way because its most likely exactly the way he feels it the best
alius strong (25 days ago)
If his cooler would get stolen he would got that mad that his heart would stop instantly there, nice video anyways,
james hallas (29 days ago)
That the shittest form I’ve ever seen no wonder he looks like complete garbage
Baby Bird (1 month ago)
this guy looks incredible I don't no why everyone gives him so much shit yeah he takes a lot of shit but half of it is probably fake or just don't react to him
Curt Park (1 month ago)
So.. that is what a man is suppose to look like?
Emilion Clark (1 month ago)
The shortness of this man's range of motion on these exercises is horrifying, I'm sorry but holy shit man fucking squeeze your fucking back on these reps for Pete's dragon I'm not going to lie though for a steroid user I like his body, becsuse he still looks somewhat natural, unfortunately for him he doesn't see it that way
KitStuka (1 month ago)
Bryce Eisner (1 month ago)
This dudes shooting protein shakes
ORYX X (1 month ago)
I keep forgetting how tall he is.
mindaugas bulotas (1 month ago)
Chicken shit legs
steroidsR4losers (1 month ago)
Jonas Bezzubovas (1 month ago)
beard looks sick
kookieless (1 month ago)
is he doing shrugs or rows at 3:30
thelaurels13 (1 month ago)
Dick head! He’ll go same way Rich Penis went!!
Magnum Johnson (1 month ago)
For how big is he lifts pussy weights
Silas Smith (2 months ago)
Boston looking more like a natty here than ever before.
Matthew McGee (2 months ago)
So juicy, B!!! Fuck yeah
john2earth (2 months ago)
I love how people talk so much shit about Boston about this or that body part that looks bad on him but they always fail to realize not everybody has Supreme genetics and I'm sure he busts his ass to get his body parts all up to par but believe it or not even though you guys look at all these top are bodybuilders with gifted genetics that look perfectly proportioned all the way around that's not normal for most of us. I can bust my ass in the gym killing chest and my chest is not going to be on par with my biceps or my legs or my traps because those are my gifted body parts. There are other bodybuilders who are gifted everywhere like Phil Heath that will always be perfectly proportionate and have muscle bellies everywhere but that's not normal for most people so to talk shit about Bostin when he obviously does not have Supreme genetics (which he even openly admits that but still looks better than 95% of you) is stupid as fuck and you look like a dumbass because you don't have any idea how bodybuilding genetics and muscle proportions based on those genetics are. I love the fat Couch Potatoes who sit back and talk shit about Bostn like the sad fucks who can't get laid that talk shit about those of us who have 5-7 new women a week that we're bedding.
john2earth (2 months ago)
Seriously anybody who hates on this guy when he's so brutally honest about everything can get it.
Jack g (2 months ago)
He ruined his physique...he looked great here
Go Away (2 months ago)
Now ive seen it all... straps on a 20 pound dumbbell
Jamesy TheReDevil (2 months ago)
re uses the needles!! haha wondered why he stabbed him self so hard lol needle isnt even sharp anymore, hardcore af
Dude is gonna melt hardcore when his body gives out. Gonna need help spooning apple sauce into his mouth by the time he hits 50... if he hits 50.
J P (3 months ago)
All needles and syringes are free in the uk.
Karl Flysjö (3 months ago)
no wonder to got necrosis, your pretty big these days but you acting like a dumbass and cant do full reps
Tony Scaccia (3 months ago)
You said you save $5,000 on insulin syringes?!?!?! Man, if you have decent insurance a pack of 10 cost like 3-4 Dollars!!! Maybe your math is a little off?
anonymous user (3 months ago)
I’m almost that size natty and just started serious
Zeke Burns (3 months ago)
He should do injections till he's hospitalized then we will no the true limit a body can handle
Zeke Burns (3 months ago)
He keeps to himself but you have team 3cc on the jeep lol major cop magnet
xhiltonx (3 months ago)
Trying to hard to be piania
Jo Peters (3 months ago)
Guy looks like a little bitch when he lifts. What was he using on the pulldown, 50 lbs? Looked like he was in agony lol...what a joke!!
Colleen German (3 months ago)
For the amount of Gear he's taking he dont Evenlook good at all and I'm ingnorent when it comes to bodybuilding lol
kenneth bell (3 months ago)
im sure hes going to get hiv at some point RE USING NEEDLES. you know people talk about how these guys are on gear and how its bad for them in the long run but theirs alot of guys out there who take the bare minimal and look great but then the guys who take an excessive amount and look like crap, i believe those guys shouldn't be taking anything at all.
Rana S (3 months ago)
What’s with all u reps police man. do u guys even realize that u have more tension on the muscle when you don’t go full range of motion and more like 70% of the motion and yes I’m 6ft 190 very lean guy so I know my shiit
Micheal Munoz (4 months ago)
BOSTON YOUR A SMART GUY...I've only seen several videos of you talking and I can tell this guy has great knowledge about the human body, muscles, medication and even nutrition.... but does nothing in his power to use it for GOOD! Boston please change your ways and help others not by showing them how to do cycles or what drugs are the best but the other way of helping... you have people that follow your every move and that's why you get messages of people asking why are all these side effects happening to me and not you, it's cause everyone is different, there bodies react different from yours, your a HERO to some people but HERO'S save others, they don't KILL THEM SLOWLY...
Micheal Munoz (4 months ago)
Hey Boston Lloyd, you already have the body that you've always wanted by using roids, why don't you stop but continue to work out, cause you chose to use steroids so you can get the body transformation ASAP, right....? well you got it so there's no need to keep juicing, just keep working out and your NEW CONTENT will be your journey to getting clean....
myloag (4 months ago)
Respect your honesty 👍👍
All In (5 months ago)
Bostin what would you consider the best DHT blocker?
james88 (5 months ago)
Anymore Oil and America is going to invade Boston
james88 (5 months ago)
Is he the next to drop looks like a Young Rich piana
Hugo Hernandez (5 months ago)
Garfit Gar (5 months ago)
Bostin what about these pro hormones they say all natural
Scott Hughes (5 months ago)
Brah,I look as good as this on 250 mg of enanthate per week @ 41 years old and I train propah not these half rep shit
Chris van der Merwe (5 months ago)
uses straps to do half rep chin ups??
Apti oskanov (5 months ago)
why people fellow these steroid takers, the only here to make money on u and they doesn't give a fuck about u
sz42781 (5 months ago)
Instead of upping the dose,try upping the R.O.M on those pullups.
Fat Drake (5 months ago)
20lbs dumbbell curls WITH STRAPS?
Lee Scott (5 months ago)
Why would you even upload this?? Good job 4 all the gear mate or them half reps would get u no were!! And little weight??
So, youtube is being selective and deleting channels that actually offer education regarding AAS, yet this is still GTG? I don't think youtube should be deleting any of them...but it's just....
Shane Madison (6 months ago)
I've got needle broken off in me from using same syringe (ex heroin addict)
Kenny Miller (6 months ago)
no fucking wonder this guy is so disproportionately small compared to the amount of gear he takes. this video says it all
jon derin55 (6 months ago)
I saw u in the past with zyzz in a video
Randy Tully (6 months ago)
Dude is 24 and looks 54. Must be all of the drugs
Michael T (7 months ago)
incline dumbell curls with 20 lbs? C'mon Bostin - what are you grimacing for? You should be doing at least 40's bruh. I get the partial reps - Ferrigno used to do those back in the day.
Philippe Vujosevic (7 months ago)
I can do more pull ups and two plates more on pull downs and with full range of motion and I never re use needles they give them for free at the shelter but I just shoot up in the alley instead of the car cos I don't own a car I love heroin too much
Greekfinesser (7 months ago)
Your not natural
Ryan Karall (7 months ago)
I️ honestly respect this dudes saving habits
AspiringPyramidBuilder (8 months ago)
I mean He takes a lot of steroids a but at least he's jacked now...
Juvelen siitos (8 months ago)
Hahaha everybody hates on this dude? Half reps this and that. Why so much hate on half rapping. Some people have some sessions with half reps to just target one point of the muscle. And look at this dude. Then look at yourself. And I can guarantee that no one of you internet fucks who hating on people everyday will say anything if you met this guy in person. The world is turning to an dark and disturbing place. This dude is very motivational for me. Fuck hate and make love ffs.
Tony Turner (8 months ago)
when i want a joke i look at this video
Tony Turner (8 months ago)
when i'm feeling down i come look at this and it makes things a lot better because i could be this guy
Jason Thomas (8 months ago)
If you put in the same effort into your training as you did with your beard there would be some real gains. Why even record this session?
MGTOW lyfe (8 months ago)
I like his legs.
Ubber Nub (8 months ago)
Boston do you have sex this poorly too? Doin half thrusts must really be boring for your gf!
Don't Tread On Me (9 months ago)
Pathetic. lol  Get a trainer to show you how a rep is done.  What a joke.  haha
World Wide United NYS (9 months ago)
damn man you start the video off by not doing full reps? you will never get big with this sort of training... must not be taking enough drugs
Robf3433 (9 months ago)
He looks like pj braun
Robf3433 (9 months ago)
Barely moved any weight
Big crooked Dick (9 months ago)
What if I want puffy nipples, what’s the fastest way to get them?
Stuart Dando (9 months ago)
What a fucking idiot and people actually listen to this fool his training is the worse I have ever seen he thinks he is Mr olympia
Karl Plummer (9 months ago)
God bless you for your honesty
Alexandru Ion (9 months ago)
hey Bostin , great progress man , best version of yourself
Jorge Sanders (9 months ago)
can someone explain me why he looks so small despite all the gear he takes?
i lovecars (9 months ago)
hes gonna explode
nicolaisb2 (9 months ago)
Damn you are lookin good bostin! This is freakin bodybuilding :D!
mrcatfish2100 (9 months ago)
He looks like a woman in those panties...
steroids wholesell (9 months ago)
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R. K. (10 months ago)
i watshed first 30 sec of this video and i think it shuold be banned
Billiam Bill (10 months ago)
Dont skip leg day....hahahahahaha
Solid Snake (10 months ago)
his dick pic lol
adam R (10 months ago)
Bless this dude he is honest ...every bdy else lying about shit ...they keep ya breaking ur bodys in gym takin iso gold standards bca etc when they r making em gains on g.h nd deca nd equipoise nd vars
FW Ges. (10 months ago)
Look'n natty.
Chris Blansit (10 months ago)
Not for nothing but I am a firm believer in full range contraction. I think you would be bigger if you reduce some weight so that you can fully contract the muscle. Just sayin
Vitor Azevedo (10 months ago)
fucking preagnant bodybuilders
jessie arreola (10 months ago)
i've been using the leg press machine wrong this whole time
Carianne R. Hixson (10 months ago)
Bostin Loyd is essentially a human GMO. All of the toxins he puts in his body will undoubtedly increase his risk of multiple cancers, will shorten his life span altogether, and will make the process of aging alone much more painful. I've watched so many of his videos, and it is clear that his obsession with bodybuilding is fueled by his negative body image as he called himself "fat" many times in videos when he clearly is not. This is the testosterone fueled male version of the eating disorder. It has no end, as it is a vicious cycle unless it is stopped. The obsession with injecting yourself with anything for an instant result is an addiction. I admire his honesty with what he does, but I hope he can see the bigger picture one day.
JCash (11 months ago)
Looks like someone has been skipping leg day.
robert allen (11 months ago)
i was running 900ml straight test and looked like that, this guy is a joke. I am from boston, i need to know where he lives so i can see him and laugh.
G Coy (11 months ago)
Turd! It's totally legal so I'll look like a moron and shoot up here in the parking lot. Dudes a pure dipshit.
Jesse Morace (11 months ago)
I'm a recovering junky. I will advise against using needles over and over again, especially until they bend. If you have to, rinse them out with bleach first. Especially with subcutaneous shots, as abscesses are more likely to form that way and they're no fun at all. Really. They suck. If you can afford the weird shit you're shooting into your body, you can afford the 10 cents a piece for a sack of fresh rigs. Other than that, have fun!
Frank Zane (11 months ago)
he looks amazing
song anyone
Bill Ding (1 year ago)
people talk so much shit on this dude he doesn't look that bad at all stop comparing him to guys ten years older then him who get pharm grade shit he's in his 20s and does shit off the streets
Chris Ballard (1 year ago)
Bostin actually looks really good here.
Danny jay (1 year ago)
All the drugs skin is terrible scars everywhere squint as fuk and the worst genetics in the world
Jack Peters (1 year ago)
When is he gonna use a full range of motion

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