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Reps Over Weight for Hypertrophy

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What does this mean and why is it true or false?
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Celluler Sweller (1 month ago)
,, mix the rep range up high low keep the muscles guessing
Corey O'Hara (1 month ago)
You're right, James. The weight that is applied is one aspect of the exercise that produces hypertrophy. I look at the weight on the bar as an applied tension, which when combined with the controlled eccentric and concentric parts of the movement (The stretch and squeeze), and all performed in an attempt to achieve perfect form results in the isolation, stimulation, and along with nutrition and rest results in increases in muscular size. The trick is to make the exercise as difficult as possible through constant muscle tension and strict form, making the lighter weight harder to lift. This thinking in the gym leads to a battle within the reps themselves than with the battle of the weight on the bar that comes with progressive overload. I like the "rep way" better because you can push yourself, if you want it bad enough, through more reps. You just have to know how to do it!
xanthromera (1 month ago)
Simply stated, but true.
rickyleeufc (1 month ago)
I can't lift light weights and feel satisfied with my workout.. Not now I'm natty!
mdk truth (1 month ago)
Are u still trying natural, or are u juicing again, because any smuck can put muscle on while using steroids
JEFF RICE (2 months ago)
I want to know how your joints feel?
Craig Sips (2 months ago)
I always told myself that it's not about the weight on the bar but the stress on the muscle.
Craig Hall (2 months ago)
Diplay of manhood and youre sitting there no shirt telling everyone how to do shit
Daniel Holt (2 months ago)
8-12 rep max ranges are ideal to muscle hypertrophy. In that range you start with what you can do 12 times, and do 3-5 sets in all shooting for 12 reps each set but it may go down to 10 reps to 8 reps. You don't want to initially shoot for 8 reps, you want to shoot for 12 reps. If you want less muscular size, more strength, more hardness, and still have cuts 6-8 rep max ranges shooting for 8 reps which some women may prefer this, that's what Lee Priest does but I preferred in 1997 and 1998 when he did 8-12 rep max sets. In those years and others he looks way better in contest prep than competition, in competition he cuts down way too much losing a lot of muscle where he would have placed much higher if he retained most of his muscle before competition. Some bodybuilders like to shoot for the 15 rep max because it's easier on their joints. You can also get muscle hardness by shooting for 4 rep max sets. You can only do one 4 rep max set a lift, and it has to be the first set of each lift. You have to have it well planned for the exact amount because if you fail the set you can't do it over again, you can but it tears apart your central nervous system and takes a long time to try it again and if you get in the habit your lifting routine takes much longer because you have to wait 6 minutes again to hit that rep range. You only have to wait 30 seconds to a minute per each 12 rep max set. You do 1 set of 4 rep max, followed by 2-4 sets of 12 rep max sets. You do the 4 rep max set for each lift for however many routines until you plateau at it and then go back to focusing on just 12 rep max sets. You can periodically do 30 rep max sets of 3-5 sets a lift, and this can shoot up your strength amounts by growing ignored areas of muscle to baby them into growing much bigger. You stick to 30 rep max sets until you plateau, and then go back to 4 rep maxes with 12 rep maxes until you plateau, and then go to 12 rep max sets. Then repeat these patterns. 4 rep max works strength muscles, 12 rep max works hypertrophy muscles, and 30 rep max sets works muscular endurance and joint strength.
Ultimate Warrior (2 months ago)
Pick up that dam weight none of this light stuff you'll never grow
Ultimate Warrior (2 months ago)
Arnold always said pick up that dam weight, none of this light shit you'll never grow
rubik28 (2 months ago)
Ugh. Yer so sexy
Robert222 Lewis (2 months ago)
totally agree James, doing all that low super heavy 3-5 reps is BS, ive allways been natural and everyone says naturals need those super heavy ass weights, I disagree, I never grew or anything from under 8 solid reps. Feels like it doesn't hit the muscle deep until u do that 8-9-10th rep to me, and no people that isn't "light" weight, hell even 15-17 hard ass reps isn't "light" to me light is around 20+ reps. all these people saying 10-15 hard reps is light, idiots. They wouldn't know a REAL set if if it bit them in the ass lol, I can do super heavy 3 rep sets all day and not even work the freakin muscle or grow! been there, done that lol
PCL Outdoors & Bushcraft (2 months ago)
How are you doing natural update James? I've not heard you talk about the previous pain and recovery you first had talked about before.
Southern Fun (2 months ago)
Been cutting back on the weight in most of my workouts, except deadlift/legs/back stuff. Might even do it for that if I can talk myself into it. But... heavy weights = sore fucking elbows over time. Edit: I should say, it feels like I'm doing more, now, with less weight. I can get a better form. I can actually get that "burn", again. I mean, I guess it was good to get my strength up with lifting heavy, I'm not even sure, but it's time to change it up. Honestly, I kind of hit a plateau, anyways. I was barely gaining an extra rep a month, and some days, even losing a rep here and there, compared to previous workouts. I workout at home, so it really wasn't about impressing anyone else. It was just... what I thought I wanted to do at the time. Again, though, it was time to change it up. I'm not even a week into my new routine of lighter weights, higher reps, but I'm already feeling refreshed and looking forward to working out more. Change can be good, I reckon. Funny thing is, I had been pondering about going lighter/more reps for a month or so, now... maybe two months if I'm being honest. THAT'S how hard it was for me to take off the weights that I had tried so hard to build myself up to lol.
Chickennlettuce (2 months ago)
The most effective training method i personally have found the most effective is dorian yates blood and guts training videos. Reps 10 to 12 to complete failure, making sure you go extremely slow on the negative of the exercise.
Andrei Vlad (2 months ago)
Dorian and Ronnie used very heavy to extreme heavy weights, while Jay and Phil used moderate weights. What each group have in common besides the weights? Or how a bodybuilder said - its not about how heavy is the weight, but how you use the weight to grow the muscle.
Jeff Siebert (2 months ago)
I feel it’s all relevant put a large lifter on a surfboard see how great he can paddle or swim . Put a surfer on a deadlift bar . Being all around strong fast mobile and fit is goal for me . That is never fulfilled period .Everyone is diff Yet the guy next to me at gym still wants to do more weight and looks over at my weight . So weird past the age of like 15 . Maybe cause I’m 6 ft 2 225 got a little size not much . I’m never lean enough or strong enough but I’m enough to be in competition with lol . Bruce Lee could not Bench 400 that I know yet he could do things with a dumbbell that some one that could couldn’t do in 2 yrs of trying lol I except men are simpletons at times lol .
Lbolting005 (2 months ago)
You went back on the juice 🥤 💊💉🏋️‍♂️💪
MASTER BLASTER 3000 (2 months ago)
You speak the truth.. You have lived and you have larned..
Chosen Won (2 months ago)
And put your fuck'in shirt on.
Chosen Won (2 months ago)
Your views are already falling off since you almost killed yourself juicing. Inanimate, mortal, tantamount, malice, etc. Put down the thesaurus. Simply put, your vocabulary is very, very limited.
Chosen Won (2 months ago)
This clown's biggest muscle is his brain.
Southern Fun (2 months ago)
And if you don't juice, stfu, you have no idea.
Southern Fun (2 months ago)
Ronnie Coleman... Lifts heavy weights/low reps. The other black guy that's on pornhub with his dick in a grapefruit (his name escapes me)... he says lighter weights/higher reps. What's his name? Starts with a K or something? But the one thing BOTH do the same? They keep the tension. They do "half reps". I'm not even sure if that fucking matters. I truly believe that juice > training. Yes, you need to lift, but it doesn't matter how you lift or what you lift when you take the amounts of juice these big guys take.
Chosen Won (2 months ago)
Ya stupid shit.
Bub 66 (2 months ago)
Chosen Won Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out
Ptah Adam (2 months ago)
Heavy compounds and light isolation accessories is my typical workout plan.
Will Taylor (2 months ago)
I've started doing a forth set with lighter weight and high reps to failure (between 20-30 reps) after doing my 3 x 10-12 sets for each upper body exercise. Man it's one of the hardest things I've ever done in the gym. I walk out with every muscle limp and absolutely cooked.
Angels Place (2 months ago)
I would say that form goes over anything. I see to much young people struggling with to heavy weights and they can't do the exercise right! Next thing is what Arnold said, you got to confuse the body. Mix it up in any possible way. Followed by the Shadow, go beyond what you think is possible in terms of reps at anytime. James for one of you next video's. Can you tell how you got injured? Was it an accident? Did you ignore your body? Where you trying to break a personal record? What would you recommend to avoid injury like a peck tear. Thx for the vids man, I am enjoying them. Tell your wife she is a good cook:)
spookywas (2 months ago)
I love the part about deadlifts. Always appreciate your thoughts. Keep it up brother!
wizard 423 (2 months ago)
dude you puttin size back on - i almost thought this was an old video. not bad old man - keep it up... on the subject - i always do heavy compounds first - then medium weight or intensity for moderate reps - and finish with high rep work
Steven Kane (2 months ago)
Heavy fucking weight and as many fucking reps as you can do - Ronnie Coleman......Do the hard shit or you'll look like you do the easy shit. Not a single pro bodybuilder is benching 145 other then a warm up or 50 rep set lol
When you think about it all the sanctioned fighters are natural. That is true in the military, police or athletes.
Well except 4 captain America lol
Adolf Hipster (2 months ago)
NotYour AverageGunny (2 months ago)
gustavo arteaga lol
D Dude (2 months ago)
he's back on the gear
LiveOrDie (2 months ago)
I do between 30 & 50 reps.. Is something wrong with me?
Lloydy (2 months ago)
I do high reps with low to moderate weight now. At 35 I don't want to walk around like a big oaf that looks like he has shit himself. Athletic look is where it's at even at 55. There's nothing better than being agile, able to move without aches and pains, to have stamina and it's grear for the heart. Walking around like a big mongoloid meathead cries out to people that you are a dunce without about as much depth in your mind and soul as a puddle. Unattractive traits to anyone from the opposite sex worth anything, or the same sex if you putt from the rough.
QueensNative (2 months ago)
You seem to look a little bit fuller Tiny.. Your shoulders and arms look like they're starting to come back
Jason Dinkins (1 month ago)
True but his eyes say he’s back on. Not hating but when James was off he just looked healthier to me.
QueensNative nitrogen retention from gear
C Morello (2 months ago)
It’s not the weight, it’s how you use it.... sorta like.... well.... you know, haha
MASTER BLASTER 3000 (2 months ago)
C Morello well put
Groggen Andersson (2 months ago)
I prefer looking on total week volume for certain exercises/muscle groups for progression, it could be that I did 5x5 for an exercise then next time I try to do 5x6 or 6x5 etc and sooner or later you will hit a plateu and you try to evaluate if you eating/sleeping/water intake is enough, do you need to include a secondary exercise?
Wayne Forni (2 months ago)
I think with new people they need to get form down and be smart cause they'll just end up with issues down the road. But again it all comes down to what works best for you. Trial and error in this game. After having 11 surgeries in the last 8yrs, I can't do alot of what I use to do so I do what I can and focus on mind muscle connection and time under tension.
Jeffrey Dotulong (2 months ago)
I allways trained for strength, i just went with how my body felt. Didn't count reps. got a really good physique, but never really trained to look good. You are gonna look good after a year or two anyway
Noor Noor (2 months ago)
what do you think about rack pulls ?
FitLife (2 months ago)
They are good. Just be careful as this exercise can injure you. I switch to the Smith Machine sometimes.
plantsinspace (2 months ago)
with you being natural now... dont you think those higher rep ranges will start to stop working for you as time goes on?
Groggen Andersson (2 months ago)
Ye that is true hehe
FitLife (2 months ago)
Groggen Andersson staying off test will make you smaller, for sure!
Groggen Andersson (2 months ago)
Cardio dont make you smaller if you eat enough, the cardio itself will make you need to eat more calories to stay in calorie surplus
plantsinspace (2 months ago)
i just know if i do work in the 10-15 range.. ill end up getting smaller from all the cardio :)
FitLife (2 months ago)
he said he is going back on Testosterone. He cannot stay off of it for good, especially at his later age.
Carnal Carnage (2 months ago)
At my gym, for the really old guys, it is a display of manhood. What's up with that? Just nude and loitering!
ctfcNIG (2 months ago)
Carnal Carnage its.. so.. gross... we have that one guy at our swimming pool.. inches from a communal area chooses to shower with his junk out
Carnal Carnage (2 months ago)
Imagine... Oops, just put on 20lbs of muscle at 10% body fat. Lol.
Operation Truth (2 months ago)
Reps and sets with progressive overload work. Spot on
Khalid Shgair (2 months ago)
It’s almost impossible to build good amount of muscle with light weight and high reps. for most Natural lifters.
M2J2X (1 month ago)
Mathieu Mansire wrong. Most dont give a fuck what you lift. Looking like you lift counts.
Corey O'Hara (1 month ago)
start doing 1000 pushups a day and get back to me in a year about how reps cant build muscle.
Jason Dinkins (1 month ago)
What you are referring to are the two main key components to gaining muscle and strength...Consistency and Intensity. Most people do neither to the point that they should if they want to be as big and as strong as they can be.
FitLife (2 months ago)
Joe Hollow agreed man.
Joe Hollow (2 months ago)
Khalid Shgair my experience was that you need a mix of both. But what you do and when depends on where you are in your training. Change once in a while helps build muscle. Arnold did high rep, few times a day, on steroids. I tried it, and no steroids, and within a week I had to stop. By that point I was burned out. I couldn't sleep. I was way overtrained. Dorian did a bit lower, yes he too was on steroids, but his approach also worked for me. It all depends on where in your training you are, how old you are, how much rest you need. You have to test it. It's not all clear cut.
Badger bush (2 months ago)
Good advice Correct stable movement gets overlooked a lot.
John Romaine (2 months ago)
7 minutes. Much better than a 28 minute video James. Cheers
Adolf Hipster (2 months ago)
I enjoy long videos
Jay Williams (2 months ago)
🤔 I enjoy longer vids when hand digging trenches. 💪
Badger bush (2 months ago)
John Romaine He should make a A.D.D Playlist of 20second videos for people with low brain activity.
Badger bush (2 months ago)
John Romaine Lol

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