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HUSBAND REACTS TO OLD PHOTOS OF WIFE & HER EX!! Subscribe to our Reaction Channel: https://goo.gl/WGL9kE Subscribe To D&B Nation For More Videos: https://goo.gl/gpXF1n Watch MORE from D&B Nation: https://goo.gl/TXzrJf If Your Reading This Comment Below "Relationship Goals" Follow Damien's Social Media: Instagram: https://instagram.com/DamienPrinceJr/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/DamienPrinceJr SnapChat: https://snapchat.com/add/DamienPrinceJr Follow Biannca's Social Media: Instagram: https://instagram.com/x_bianncaraines/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/bianncarraines SnapChat: https://snapchat.com/add/BianncaRaines Biannca Prince YouTube Channel: https://goo.gl/iCz7K8 BUSINESS INQUIRIES: damienprincejr@gmail.com
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Text Comments (5106)
Annamarie Garrity (8 hours ago)
“Pruberty” 😂😂🤣💀
Kajionte Davis (9 hours ago)
Julissa Chavez (22 hours ago)
And Bianca was in fith grade when I was born.
Julissa Chavez (22 hours ago)
I think since y'all met in 2010 and I was born in 2008 I was 2 when y'all met and now I'm 9.
Lilly Booth (1 day ago)
Is it me or are they always fighting
Nalan Ray (3 days ago)
U stopped growing in 7th grade I’m going into 8th I’m 5’9 5’10 and I’m supposed to be 6’5
Tory Smith (3 days ago)
Watermelon Juice (3 days ago)
BIG LEX looked pretty in those pics lmao she really do tell her I said that plz
Zyon McDowell (3 days ago)
Did she say “the age of 7th grade”
Imani McDonald (3 days ago)
Marie Brown (4 days ago)
Omg her neck and her teeth lmao XD
Marie Brown (4 days ago)
I subbed
Tae Army (4 days ago)
"Scroll back up, I know you in the comment section" I was reading the first 10 comments thoroughly😂
Kayla's loving hearts (5 days ago)
Feb 25, my birthday is on Feb 26
alfred igweze (6 days ago)
i love your hand shake
vittoria &val (6 days ago)
Cherrae Wilson (8 days ago)
Cherrae Wilson (8 days ago)
Demari Osteen (10 days ago)
kaden joned (11 days ago)
Lily medicine (11 days ago)
He be judging her in almost every photo
Destiny Harris (11 days ago)
Jay Alonzo (12 days ago)
I got you Snapchat can u add me as a friend back plz
CryBaby Studios (13 days ago)
Aww man den caught meh in the comments
Lilly Dekle (13 days ago)
If any of y’all haters on dem back off why y’all have to do this👎🏽 it’s suppose to be 👍🏽 you wish you was at cool as dem 😎
Luna Boo (13 days ago)
It seems like damen only cares about teeth 🤦🏻‍♀️ this is how men/boys are.
puppy lover (13 days ago)
I came here to see the reaction of him to seeing her ex
Averi Pendergrass (13 days ago)
What Elementary did you go to Biannca? I wanted to know bc I’m in elementary and I live in Fort Wayne.
Zach gardynski (14 days ago)
bro who else noticed Damien's lion chain search it up
Rayshawn Guy (14 days ago)
matt tosi (14 days ago)
2008 i was born!!!!
Juli Evans (14 days ago)
Annie Allen (14 days ago)
That picture on 5/30/2008 was the day before the day I was born
KJR THE SAVAGE (15 days ago)
Skyefliper9 Harris (15 days ago)
my ? is where was her ex in those photos?
Ray's gone SuperSaiyan (15 days ago)
I'm so stressed out I look up Devin marillo on Google and I found out he died he was my best friend I'm trying to fine ways to relieve stress I feel like I'm dying his mom was crying I heard of people losing best friend I always thought I would never be one😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Mubrix (15 days ago)
She’s fucking 20
Martha Perez (16 days ago)
Love you guys
Mrs. funny (16 days ago)
I love you matching shirts
Annesta Simon (16 days ago)
I meant second
Annesta Simon (16 days ago)
The second to last for biannca someone's hand was on her leg
Amber Jamison (17 days ago)
i liked
JaNeese Johnson (18 days ago)
He be over reacting
Cizzy T (18 days ago)
Biannca: I stopped growing at the age of 7th grade Me: WTF IS THE AGE OF 7TH GRADE?!? EXPLAIN CUZ IM CONFUSED ASF RN
Anth Graves (18 days ago)
You looked pretty
Sydney Watson (18 days ago)
He just a hater cracking on her
SAVAGE BOI (18 days ago)
No offense though Biannca I love you
The Quinn (18 days ago)
Wow i love your videos
Zaria H (18 days ago)
"I stopped growing at the age of 7th grade"😂😂😂
damienjones vlogs (18 days ago)
Jayla Coe (19 days ago)
You are the best love y’all 😍😘😍😘😍😗😘
Isaiah Haynie (19 days ago)
I was born on may 29th 2008 so the day before the picture
Alasia Coyle (19 days ago)
Your husband have ugly teeth the mom don’t
Ricky Anderson (20 days ago)
Nigga B Been bad since back in the Day!!
Teresa Grass (20 days ago)
i stop growing at the age 7grade
MAKE-UP ADDICTZ (23 days ago)
Lol boy her theeth was like that bc thats the age u loose em lol silly ass boii
MAKE-UP ADDICTZ (23 days ago)
Damion next yall
MAKE-UP ADDICTZ (23 days ago)
Yall so damn cute sub fucking scribed yaahhh
Love Life (23 days ago)
I love yall vids and all but he just MEAN
Obviously.yonnie (23 days ago)
we went to the same school‼️. i went to lane .
john killem (24 days ago)
In the big photo I found alexis
J Aneiya Thurman (24 days ago)
Y'all I'm trying to get me a man so I'm single
goku nation (26 days ago)
Biannca- at the age of seventh grade Nerds- thts not even an age to be scientifically acurate
Marquiva Neal (26 days ago)
Was Biannca the girl with the blue shirt🤣
amyiah p (27 days ago)
Jay Culb (27 days ago)
Oh no no no no
Sparkle Peterson (27 days ago)
i stop growing at the age of 7th grade
Francia Almonte (28 days ago)
I wasnt in the Comment but you tell me to scrool Up so now imágenes in the Comment
chris johnson (28 days ago)
A white dood grabing her leg
Tristan Earl (1 month ago)
relationship goals ❤️
Tristan Earl (1 month ago)
i love their intro how she just flows right into her name like that. idk what it is y’all help me
Raven Jackson (1 month ago)
Raven Jackson I 💓
Koala Gaming (1 month ago)
Look at lexis she had muscle
Kezia Banks (1 month ago)
Dis My Account (1 month ago)
Age of seventh grade😂😂😂
JustinGaming YT (1 month ago)
Who thought Damien face was like that in the thumbnail because that was Bianca and her old boyfriend
Charles Willis (1 month ago)
I was born at 2008
Beancca look like kirie damine look like dj
Deandrea West (1 month ago)
No team Damian team Benicia 💜💜💜💜❤🍉🍇😚😙😗
Deandrea West (1 month ago)
No team Damian team Bianca 💜💜💜💜💜💜
Johnathan Bell (1 month ago)
She do Look like a boy
Jasmin Villasana (1 month ago)
Your so pretty when you as so little
Milanya Lamar (1 month ago)
Relationship Goals
Amareuna Smith (1 month ago)
I love yours video doe so much because you are the best video ever
Xavier sanchez (1 month ago)
James Singleton Sr (1 month ago)
I'm just playing you look beautiful
James Singleton Sr (1 month ago)
She look so ugly when she was young
Anijha Harrington (1 month ago)
I was born in 2008
Nadene Reid (1 month ago)
I can swear Chanel
Michelle Hampton (1 month ago)
? Dat is ugl
Antwain Drake (1 month ago)
Marcus Ray (1 month ago)
I was 4 in 2012
Kameron Kyles (1 month ago)
Celeste Moore (1 month ago)
Omq_ ItsDanielle (1 month ago)
Timileyin Destinee (1 month ago)
Bianca so cute
Maiya Cruz (1 month ago)
Why the fuck is he judging her so much for, that’s fucking disrespect asf yo.
Jordi Dela Rosa (1 month ago)
Yo Damien when you gonna do another prank to Bianka 😿😿
Jordi Dela Rosa (1 month ago)
Lataye Thomas (1 month ago)
When I smash the like button my phone broke
Jaydon Crawford (1 month ago)
You guy's mach alot :)

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