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Self Conscious & Afraid

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self conscious & afraid
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Daniel Walsh (2 months ago)
Don't let the Bastards get you down!!!
vern schock (3 months ago)
Great video brother
bud row (4 months ago)
Well said. Sir
Peter Walsh (4 months ago)
Great video man
Wade Chroninger (6 months ago)
Love This Brother!! All Acts of Kindness are Worthwhile :) !!
mario cox (6 months ago)
You are a fucking legend man! I love you outlook on life. I started off as a victim..but grew up, big and tall, but not like you. It's soo true you can understand this shit when you've been the underdog. God bless man!!
Amber Gray (1 year ago)
Sorry but I want to give a perspective that you may not have considered if I may. Not meaning to be rude at all, just saying. Whenever I see guys with gigantic muscles like yours I instantly assume he must have really low self esteem issues. To want to be so huge you must feel vulnerable in some way and need to over compensate to ensure you are protected. ( I get it... I have a lot of piercings as my own 'body armour' to give the impression I am not a victim, when really Im as soft and scared as a little girl). Just wanted to say that I asked many of my friends and family, and they all assume this too. Or perhaps you live in a dangerous town so it makes sense to look frightening.? Anyway hope its useful
James Osborne (1 year ago)
James, I stumbled upon your YouTube postings and you are so refreshing and honest that's really cool in this modern Age of bodybuilding with all these people lying about anabolic steroids , HGH etc .. Your workout tips and nutrition tips and overall attitude is really motivational. Your not like that 99% Synthol bobblehead douchebag. I look forward to more of your YouTubes information.
Chris Miller (1 year ago)
Your an inspiration James, appreciate your positive approach to tough subjects.
On the road (1 year ago)
One of the best videos....thanks Tiny
101patapon (1 year ago)
One of my favorite videos that you've made, always on my recommendation video and though all this time I was subbed. Very very useful information and deep too
Harry Garret (1 year ago)
peace and love and health!
6672rock (1 year ago)
There will always be haters out there who's sole mission in life is to try to tear you down and make you feel worthless all the time. Don't internalize their bullshit and live your life to the hilt!
Emil L (1 year ago)
Team Guerilla!! 100k subs in no time! James you the man. Keep it up!
Bill West (1 year ago)
Great message! New to your channel, past two weeks, find it so up beat and inspiring. I have implemented a few nutrition points just this past weekend. Thank you for your time and your channel.
Bruce Mayberry (1 year ago)
james... Im 6'4 230lbs. my body fat is fairly low but no matter how hard I train my core I can never get my abs to pop out from how long my torso is.. any recommendations?
Madmike 636 (1 year ago)
i really appreciated that video. in a slump myself, trying to get off the night shift. havent lifted in a week. longest ive been out for over a year. but im gonna hit it hard tomorrow morning. try and get my 17" back
Leo Mumford (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video :)
bossmanali (1 year ago)
I'm really glad i found this channel :)
Luke Richards (1 year ago)
honestly my favorite youtuber you are
toddzillaaaaaaaa (1 year ago)
great videos i watch everyone
I like this guy.
Jamie Fitz (1 year ago)
You sound so much like Jerry Ward in your voice man, I bet you've had that before.
Tommy Guglielmo (1 year ago)
the best way to gain confidence, is to talk to women. just easy going flirts here and there. haha as i type this, james says "i talk to people, it means something" haha so true. it has to be real though. boost urself confidence, by boosting others. surround urself with postive people! and women. a womans smile opens the door for men to walk with a meaning. if u have ever had a special friend, hell even if u havent! u should know that laughter and contact is great for progress. if u find urself alone, take that mug off ur face, day by fucking day. go to a groceru store, buy some veggies, and smile with ur eyes at people around u. go to a pet store or animal shelter and pet some fucking animals. il shut up now :L
Steve Borowsky (1 year ago)
great inspiration for all people of all sizes and ages!
vikingrob811 (1 year ago)
Probably the best advise on Youtube comes from this guy. Thanks for the videos James.
Michael Breard (1 year ago)
Hey my friend. I became a subscriber a week ago and I have greatly enjoyed your honesty and humility, which are among the many great offerings you share on your channel. You are a great man and thank you so much for giving the way you do!
Mike Gilliam (1 year ago)
great video. when I was younger I had the same lack of confidence. I was 6'9" @ 175#'s. I found weights and never looked back. now weighing anywhere from 245 - 255#'s and still have issues but way better than it used to be.
D3AD M073l (2 years ago)
Thanks lad
Tomazo (2 years ago)
Nice video !
Kanaka Maoli (2 years ago)
This is a powerful message, love it brother
Mike Fu (2 years ago)
If you allow negative people to Get to you, they CONTROL you essentially....because they're Getting you to react on command, they're getting you to stoop to THEIR level...they do this on purpose, because they are pathetically hopeless and it's the last act of a desperate person!
bm ak (2 years ago)
Great message
Niko Friis (2 years ago)
Damn, you sound just like Ray, you know who it is if you have watched trailer park boys. Love your stuff.
randy marsh (2 years ago)
thanks for the video bro...real as fuck and such a nice guy.
Canis Sinistre (2 years ago)
Thanks for this, James. Powerful.
Joe Dirt (2 years ago)
Good shit brotha peace and love
Bu Rida (2 years ago)
You're a good role model. Not only for kids. Teens. But even adults. Your life experience teaches us all something. Keep it up brother. And thank you for reaching out and trying to touch so many lives in a positive way
Umut (2 years ago)
If i had the power to put you there as president of my country,i wouldn't hesitate not even for a fucking milisecond to do that.Even if you had demons from your past,anyone can see that in your heart you are fucking real and good and honest.Wish more americans were like you.
Wladimir (2 years ago)
How the fuck has this guy only got 7k Subscribers? This is golden.
Physical Culturist (2 years ago)
Can we hear you play that 12 string guitar and the keyboard (behind you, oftentimes in other videos) Would love to hear you play and sing brother. Peace!
LuciusZeus (2 years ago)
Thank you James. Your videos are genuine and uplifting, always such a thoughtful, straightforward and positive approach. Peace and strength to you brother!
Simply Realistic (2 years ago)
I'm 6'2" 320 myself down from 334 and your videos are inspirational to me. How can I get a guerilla shirt? Also, can you make a video about somatypes? What is your somatype, and do you think it really matters?
how about a shout out
John Doe (2 years ago)
Such a humble, cool guy keep the great videos coming James, I appreciate your honesty.
clubx123 (2 years ago)
We Love You Tiny!
bitnercbr (2 years ago)
Too True James! I went through a nasty divorce with 4 kids, went bankrupt, lawsuit after lawsuit, lost my business, got into shit shape and almost lost everything. Life sucked a donkey d*** for two years. It was hard to get out of bed as I felt some days there was no reason to move forward. I tried to continue to push through it. I was finally able to rebuild, got my kiddos back, rebuilt business, met a wonderful woman and life is better that ever! Push through the bullshit and find the courage to fight your battle
eamonn cole (2 years ago)
you sir are a beast
SoCalCook (2 years ago)
This dude is real and down to earth. keep up the great vids and the great advice. Thanks man!
Kramer McEleney (2 years ago)
really glad I stumbled across your videos man. I've been struggling with loneliness for a while because i never get to interact with anyone whom I can respect really respect. please keep making videos about life I love to hear you speak about these issues
Mark Burford (2 years ago)
Illegitimi non carborundum
Roy tucker (2 years ago)
great video, karma man.
Hyperr9 (2 years ago)
That description you gave of your friend 2 and a half minutes in is me right now except my falling out happened over a distal bicep tendon tear. I stopped working out after the injury, gained a lot of weight (6ft highest weight was 297) and lost most of the mass i had built up for years. It's been 2 years since I've stepped foot in a gym. I'm trying to find the motivation to start all over again. Been doing push ups and side later raises and curls with the milk jug. I just cant get back in there
Ragnatos (2 years ago)
you seem to be a humble and honest guy. Subscribed
Dean (2 years ago)
i know i've already commented but this really got me choked, i love this kind of content. it's what it's about.
Dean (2 years ago)
respect.we all been through bad times. don't let them get you down.
Red Beard (2 years ago)
you have one of the best YouTube channels around. Keep up the good work. this really good stuff.
Lex Middleton (2 years ago)
Hey James, Great work man keep this up, like everyone else I appreciate what your putting out there! So, question for you, I'm 24 been lifting seriously for about 7 years, and I'm wondering. If you were 24 again, what would you change about your lifting habits? What would you have done differently knowing what you know now? like some of the mistakes you see people make or bad habits that catch you down the line?
Donovan McIntosh (2 years ago)
The Guerrilla Army is growing!
Imovaneful (2 years ago)
congratulations...seems like u are able to keep haters away...didnt think that was possible..or maybe pianas shitmob hasnt discovered this place yet
Matthew Spino (2 years ago)
Great video.
You were scrawny!? Damn, you have good words brother. Watching all your videos.
IronMover Always (2 years ago)
Hey James,, how hard would it be to get one of your new -Team Guerrilla With a Cause- T-shirts?
horseman1968 (2 years ago)
I agree with what you are saying, but I think that anyone can do the same ...I mean that it doesn't have to be a big guy acknowledging another person, it can be anyone doing that and making a difference in another's life. I appreciate the sentiment involved, however...and that is something we all need to do to make this a better world.
Michael Jovan (2 years ago)
Thanks so much for sharing awesome advice I work in a hospital and see elderly every day so when you mentioned how they walked and conduct themselves it really hit home! I also work with people with strokes young and old and neurological disorders through accidents or other means, So this shed a whole new light to my perspective. Sometimes when I see people like this I think to myself if given a chance? they would trade their problems for mine in a heart beat! And elderly people when the see someone fit, they give motivational comments like man what do you eat to get that big? or wow i wish I had arms like that? Really cool! Thanks Mr Vest!
reznated (2 years ago)
Damn good video brother I knew I subscribed for a reason you got a lotta heart bro your thanks for being real
He is right...you can lift anything at home! I used my ex wife's corpse till I got caught...whatever it takes!!!
Heavy Bag (2 years ago)
I'm 6'6 and have lost a lot of muscle and gained fat. Luckily I have a huge frame to spread it around on. But still I need to get my lazy ass back in the gym.
shar pi (2 years ago)
From Bolton England keep it up spot on what u say james spot on cheers simon💪👍
david joseph (2 years ago)
Thanks for this video. it has helped understand my situation. you are a great man.
Steve's Uncle Rick (2 years ago)
reading the comments. Interesting to read when someone has an honest moment others are drawn into this and share their own sttuggles. I think everyone struggles but some are good at hiding it when others are to stupid to realise how shit everything is. Im the latter! see! i feel a need to turn everything into a joke so i dont have to deal with anything
boulderdash112 (2 years ago)
first time listening to your videos i like your videos
Chris (2 years ago)
101 on a being a GOOD PERSON RESPECT ! Your progressive training style is some what refreshing , Sort of a total mind and body progression ! Good Shit , you cant work one out without working the other muscle ! lol Good Shit
Gabe Garcia (2 years ago)
damn fucking meaningful as fuck i love this video man
dRb33f (2 years ago)
Great channel. Stumbled across it now I'm a subscriber. Very informative and honest. Keep them coming James.
David W (2 years ago)
Central PA or Maryland accent (No offense, of course, I'm from there and recognize it - new to the channel, too, so if everyone else knows where you're located, I don't yet).
jj johnson (2 years ago)
i like your videos... you seem honest. keep it up
BarkmanAdventure (2 years ago)
Amazing video James it takes someone who's been through tough times to talk about it like you did.
Mohammed (2 years ago)
I love watching your videos, just subscribed! I hope your channel grows to millions! =) Keep up the great work!
Chris Minor (2 years ago)
Your a good guy James, I'm really glad I came across your channel and wish there were more guys like you in the world
Derek Nelson (2 years ago)
Keep up the good work dude
Lyon Mngu (2 years ago)
Dude you need more followers this wise/hippy like monster (all compliments) is so uplifting. Hope you keep reaching more people.
Tuxcz (2 years ago)
Wise words man, keep up the good work.
Jon Focker (2 years ago)
pushups all day does a lot. military taught me that. focus your mind as u do them. the mind can help u grow faster.
kd47730 (2 years ago)
Good speech, but no matter how big you are doesn't judge your mentality.  You can be the biggest badass ever but inside you could be very mentally week.  There is no problem going and asking for help from a professional to deal with demons.
miles webb (2 years ago)
Great videos man, keep it up!!! What are your thoughts on a keto style diet for large bodybuilders, i.e. dropping fat and continuing to build muscle?
John Unger (2 years ago)
Thanks big man.
Albert Argibay (2 years ago)
you are down to earth man i'm your size and I work with some people that are the worst of the worst and I agree with you the bible saids the meek will inherit heaven . But you know what man the world is upside down ripping at the seams and racially divided so if we can use our size to inspire people and instill confidence then do it you are always going to have your haters but when you think about them you give them the power. Bro great video just started washing recently don't watch rich or kai muscle that much any more take care man
Marcio Pereira (2 years ago)
I just had a flashback ... I use ti do the same thing , could not look people in the eye , social anxiety mixed to it , still have a bit to this day , at one point i used to avoid the busiest streets so just i could stay away from people :( Still battling with it but as u said its a journey , gotta believe yourself , the gym helped me imensly .... Im bigger stronger , small steps ... Still long way to go ... But no one bullying me now ... Much love Tiny You just become my favorite channel , not even watch anyonelse nowadays to be honest ... Truly inspiration man ! 🙏🏻 Thank you
ViNtErZ (2 years ago)
go vegetarian.
Mark. edfordef (2 years ago)
these vids are like listening to a muscle bound Buddha, great!
Barry Indiana (2 years ago)
he's real as fuck
Lyon Mngu (2 years ago)
Mutual thought!
Mark. edfordef (2 years ago)
i have social phobia, getting outside is hard for me but I've turned my home into my own gym, I only have a medium sized apartment but what i need (for now) fits in there, I find it hard speaking to people, thank God for the internet!
Jon Focker (2 years ago)
take small steps. most people suck now. facebook and gaming is making people really self centered
paul snr occ choppers (2 years ago)
good video james. keep up your good work. helping others .
Mike D (2 years ago)
your my favourite YouTuber Tiny!! Keep up the positive posts cause that what we the viewers need!
HOODWORKOUTZ BezzyB (2 years ago)
Powerful words !! 💪👍
Daniel Lukic (2 years ago)
thanks, your a good guy.
Braddozack (2 years ago)
You sir are a genuine Champion!
Gregory Douglass (2 years ago)
James, Just found your channel (and subscribed) a few days ago;I love it and all the great information and philosophy. So far, this is my favorite....so well said!! Your finest hour! CHEERS, Greg Douglass
Matthew Harris (2 years ago)
James, you're gaining thousands of followers by the day and I hope it continues so you can do all the good for people that you wish to do

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