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D&B Nation (12 days ago)
Subscribe To Our Family Channel: https://goo.gl/X8TXFy LETS GET IT 50,000 LIKES & WE WILL PRANK BIANNCA & ALEXIS AGAIN!!!
Lul Wavy (1 day ago)
Jawaun revill (3 days ago)
D&B Nation k
Ambriea Armstead (27 days ago)
D&B Nation squad
Janay Patton (1 month ago)
D&B Nation
josh brown (1 month ago)
I subscribe to all the channels and this one
*Starshotko * (4 hours ago)
ik damnwell Biannca sis boyfriend got blue balls since they could'nt fuck right then and there
Luner Flare (8 hours ago)
ITsQueen Karieca (23 hours ago)
Bianca is killing me
Valary Joaseus (1 day ago)
Does anyone else notice that he sits the same way on all the Viagra pranks on b
Francisco Navarro (2 days ago)
I would hot that so hard
Daniel Williams (2 days ago)
Damein bro is funny
David Altamirano (2 days ago)
She is just so fat and uglier then my grandma
David Altamirano (2 days ago)
James williams
David Altamirano (2 days ago)
Her but is very thick
David Altamirano (2 days ago)
What’s your address
David Altamirano (2 days ago)
Yo Damien your girl is so so ugly bro and fat
David Altamirano (2 days ago)
Yo Damien James Williams fat fat fagit
James Williams (2 days ago)
Dude im not tryin to argue or no beef but she not fat tht is my opinon sorry its on me but dont spread negativityonly positive
David Altamirano (2 days ago)
James Williams shut up bro your fat to
James Williams (2 days ago)
David Altamirano u trying to get clout she not fat
Amaya Smith (2 days ago)
I busted out laughing the minute Biannca said,” hey zzaddy”, and they came in!? And biannca became hormonal with the slaps!? Lmao omg!?
Slime And Asmr vids (2 days ago)
She slapped the mess out of him!
LEORIO highwind (2 days ago)
Did I look at them look at me I am the price now
Kelis Smith (2 days ago)
Surprising my wife with her dream car d&B nation recommended for you 😹😹😹😹😹
Kelis Smith (2 days ago)
Caught getting top from your sister Alexis prank on wif😐😁😮👾😁😄😹🙄🙄
cory kenshin#2 (2 days ago)
It's a prank
damein and hunter (3 days ago)
She tried to give head 👉👌
kyto fly (3 days ago)
kyto fly (3 days ago)
Sidney Joseph (3 days ago)
B is wild I would fuck her hmp
Lucille Tilley (3 days ago)
he always get it the worst bra
Jose Olivares (3 days ago)
Bro honestly why he still with her he hits em alot she takes it too far
Divinefist 90 (4 days ago)
Damien no the js stay on, he's more focused about his jordans than his wife 😂😂😂
Baby Zaezae (4 days ago)
Roni Nikkinen (4 days ago)
They left when they were horny sooo i think they went fuck somebody
A&P Sqauddd (5 days ago)
Thor 123 (5 days ago)
Mary Jefferson (5 days ago)
SO 😎
JayLovessXo (5 days ago)
Damn Alexis always be wearing some low ass shorts to the point she shows her coochie😂 Do y'all know if she wears bra cus her Chichi's be from left to right
pizza60y vlogs (5 days ago)
Rodney was getting that work
Royalty Sims (6 days ago)
Y’all some haters
King Savage for life (6 days ago)
Biannac is funny
Alphonso Hudson (6 days ago)
Nigga will have a new girlfriend now stop texting Bianca
Mitchell Jackson (6 days ago)
I bet they had a good night 😍💯
Cj 2k (6 days ago)
I’m going to be a little too early yo I’m gonna I is the
Joseph Williams (6 days ago)
The girls Definitely went to fuck the side dudes on that little trip.
Anbra Oliver (7 days ago)
Make a part 2
Jowanda Mclean (7 days ago)
that prank was amazine love uguys
Sincere Sims (7 days ago)
😂 lol 😂
Elijah Washington (7 days ago)
Damien just go with the flow
Brynaisha Dugar (8 days ago)
That was a good prank. 👅👅
Brynaisha Dugar (8 days ago)
That was a good prank. 👅👅
Brynaisha Dugar (8 days ago)
That was a good prank. 👅👅
Shamora Taylor (8 days ago)
You and Your sister is so pretty
Jhenaro (8 days ago)
Jhasden hernandez (8 days ago)
he was hecka worried about rodney and Alexis going upstairs and he kept looking at them when they were sitting on the couch to
Jessica Moonlight (8 days ago)
Hi i love you
Sermed Javaid (8 days ago)
Biannca such a hoe
That boi Jerry (9 days ago)
Relationship Goals. Read The Description.
Aaron Spence (9 days ago)
Obviously she gets fuckin crazy wit viagra
Ajani Joseph (9 days ago)
🍒🍌💥💥 the frick
Courtyney Sherman (9 days ago)
Team Bianca
Ashley Barrett (9 days ago)
This is too much.
Why 20 pills bruh
Michael sims (10 days ago)
Aaliyah Ray (10 days ago)
Joey Esco Jr (11 days ago)
Ik they smashed after😂
Nicole Perez Gomez (11 days ago)
What!!!!! I just saw the title!!!!!! They got pregnant
Sunny Kiss Channel (11 days ago)
Why her sister be coming to their house dressed like that tho
AbdulAziz Salim Juma (11 days ago)
hi Iam sumeya what app team biaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanca 👩👩👩
AbdulAziz Salim Juma (11 days ago)
I mean team daimen iam adul aziz, s sister
AbdulAziz Salim Juma (11 days ago)
what app team biaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanca
Ryan Bailey (11 days ago)
Nice video
Bianca is not playing
Yo crazy I'll put 20 pills in their drink no
Jaliyah Hunter (11 days ago)
Bianca rough and Alexis chilled😂💀
Trinity Robinson (11 days ago)
Relationship goals 💕
DJ DOGG (12 days ago)
REDxFLAASH (12 days ago)
Pill Cosby has become Pill Damian
νєє ღ (12 days ago)
Gianna Haas (12 days ago)
this video was hella funny
Amija Head (12 days ago)
I love u b and dJ and ky ky and Damien
Andrea Reyes (12 days ago)
Bianca a fuckingggg Tripp I live her
Shana Artis (12 days ago)
Yes prank
Ziko niyoh (12 days ago)
Where can I get some lmao
Tony Rbinson (13 days ago)
I think Damien is screwing Alexis in real life.
Michael V (13 days ago)
Damn they fine I want lexx I'll take her
tyvon is a lit boiii (13 days ago)
Mani-Jah Johnson (13 days ago)
i am the prize salihah
Mario Ramirez (13 days ago)
What do you guys do after the video
hernando alvarez (13 days ago)
Where can I buy one of those Chicago jerseys ??????
susan johnson (13 days ago)
Cameron Peterson (14 days ago)
My Nigga Said Fuck That Prank I’m Fenna Hitta Why She Hype😂
pressure Fade (14 days ago)
He said Rodney gonna get mad because his dick is bigger 😅😅😅😅
Giovanni Remy (14 days ago)
Bro if he did the v pill on her peroid how would that end up
Tatyana Scott (14 days ago)
Damn, biannca the nigga in the relationship lol
Tatyana Scott (14 days ago)
10 pills in her drink? 🤦🏽‍♀️
Phillip C Richard (14 days ago)
Wooow smash it !!!
Anthony Dahl (15 days ago)
'You want me to choke you😭😂' im deaaaaaad
senia lagu (15 days ago)
B's sister looked at the camera straight up dude she gave them out lmao 🎭
The jays stay on!!$
DaNeesha Fisher (15 days ago)
I was sceaming the whole video😂😂😂lol
Je'kenzie Simpson (16 days ago)
Roney on that fine shit
Jack Hughes (16 days ago)
How he get the Jordan’s back on
king quiet21 (16 days ago)
I am a big fan
Lonnie Jeffries (16 days ago)
It's your boy Jeremy Evans
Lonnie Jeffries (16 days ago)
B Bianca Beyonce
Anji Harrison (17 days ago)
"Hate your stupid little dick ass"

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