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Contemplations on Friendship as Iron Sharpens Iron

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A few thoughts between sets for the lost, lonely, and downtrodden.
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iZZyBVaPn (1 month ago)
Well spoken my friend 💪👊
Rene Jakobsen (1 month ago)
Good stuff James👍💪
Keith Drummond (1 month ago)
It took me many years to realize it's ok to be alone. It's ok to not be social. I have many people I'm friendly with. But that's where it ends. Not one of those people knows where I live. And I couldn't be happier. My house is my sanctuary from the world.
ALEXxpress (1 month ago)
Not sure..but looks like your on gear. Getting huge and outa breath when u talk like before
Brandon Mcdonald (1 month ago)
Can you do a video about music and training?. not sure if you already have. I just think its kind of funny, on the radio a couple months ago they said that less than 10% of people can get goosebumps from listening to songs, off of the emotional and physical response from it. And i realized that atleast once a week i give myself goose bumps at the gym listening to songs that get me going,
Brian Walker (1 month ago)
Great video Jimmy
Chosen Won (1 month ago)
Ahh, shit. It's bad enough when you talk about building muscles ya old deranged fart. Anyone listening to this bullshit needs to be committed.
SHELBY MUSTANG (1 month ago)
Big man with an even BIGGER heart.
Mr. Bass (1 month ago)
Great Talk ,, Thanks
Swolace Ferrari (1 month ago)
No such thing as friends just acquaintances and enemies!
Some are driven by faith, some are driven by fear. Those driven by fear love to see others fall, because it relieves their fear for a while. Ultimately they're not to blame for it, no one choses to live in fear.
Shannon Monroe (1 month ago)
A wise man once said, man who go to bed with itchy butt wake up with stinky fingers. I feel like I just spent a minute with Ed handy from SNL.
Ed C (1 month ago)
Judas Priest Baby!
My Cardboard Box (1 month ago)
Some people see kindness as a sign of weakness.
KatanaBart (1 month ago)
True, but the one thing I see as the biggest sign of weakness is those people who spend their life looking for signs of weakness.
Slim56 (1 month ago)
Great video man, I am 44 I’ve lost over 40 lbs and transformed my body. My wife is very supportive but I don’t have any real friends. I just can’t relate with my old circle anymore. The say I lost too much weight. So I’m fine alone. I’ve never felt better in my life.
Bulldog 70 (1 month ago)
love the judas priest in the back ground
leon pelt (1 month ago)
Body mind and soul. It's all important.I like your philosophical way and honesty. A real dude, thanks for the sharing.
Ken Jataimu (1 month ago)
I needed this. Thanks James. Looking forward to the next video.
Steve MacInnis (1 month ago)
Thankyou James,i really needed a friend today and you filled that void. Ihave depression OCD,and anxiety disorder, have injured vertebrae i my neck and an underactive thyroid. Have no income,waiting to hear on long term disability. I'm 60 yrs old,overweight and underloved,BUT ,IWILL Get THRU THIS !!. My past ,when i was in my teens ,i drank ,fought and was not a nice guy at times. Shrink i go to says i have PTSD ,i say shrink cause i can,t spell psychiatrist .anyhow ,thanks again ,i'm going to watch your video again.peace and friendship fromSteve from Cape Breton. Just a side note, listen to some Stan Rogers music if you get a chance,you won.t regret it my buddy
billy bierbuik (1 month ago)
damm good advice tiny
doubanjiang (1 month ago)
This could well be the most bizarre video I've seen on this channel.
Ken Jataimu (1 month ago)
doubanjiang makes perfect of sense to me.
Alain Swanson (1 month ago)
True story dude.... I lost two ‘good friends’ over some work related shit, I have probably two friends left and I’m happy with life 😃
knowwe (1 month ago)
How's the diet going chief? 7kg lost so far, got another 5kg to lose over the next 5 or so weeks, all going to plan. Hope you are doing well. Please give us an update when you can
John Kolinoff (1 month ago)
NICE BACK ground music check out TIM OWENS THE RIPPER he kills this one and desert plan's unreal.!!
Melanie Rodgers (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing your time and life I needed this.
jimakosgian26 (1 month ago)
i have 1 question for you ! do you believe that now you are off gear you are natural ? and also you show signs of low T psychology ive been through that i quit gear after 12 years of using and i much like you started realising all these things you talk about
miamistomp (1 month ago)
The more people I meet- the more I appreciate my dog
viking dad fitness (1 month ago)
"Diamonds and rust" one of my fav Judas priest songs. Originally a Joan Baez song
Sean Ward (1 month ago)
I tend to keep people at arms length. The more people enter the equation, the more things can go wrong. I mean Ive got friends sure. But as you say, I’m not willing to let myself be available/vulnerable.
TheMaharishi (1 month ago)
You're not someones friend until it costs you something.
Qasim Shah (1 month ago)
Well said brother James, very important
how canwe save the youth from the illuminati concoted adn accelerated gay epidemic ?
Judas Priestening!!!!...
Irfan Khan (1 month ago)
Wow,This is deep in a late 60s early 70s psychedelic way,,,, It's hitting a chord with me,,given up drink a couple of weeks,cigars too,,also the copius double strength coffees I drank,,,this vid helps as I spend a lot of time alone,,sure I had drinking friends in the pub but as I give up drink there falling away,,,,great vid James,,,have a great day,
Sean Madill (1 month ago)
Some good stuff to think about , love that old Judas priest playing in The back ground too thanks brother
James Brace (1 month ago)
God Bless you Brother James!
Roidrage Smith (1 month ago)
Replaced prop with weed there bro lol? The best vids are your morning routines and macro eating tecknics. U said it. That shit is more anabolic than tren. My take. Forget the analizes and thougth. EAT. Then u will fall in love with yourself. Then ur ready to sosialize.
Mark Fawn (1 month ago)
"The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts." - Bertrand Russell
his book : philosophy of all ages is a good read : shows how relative all the morality within humanity has been and how it changed and fought eachother all the time... nothin was and is set in stone but its in flux and we are actors in this maelstrom of flesh and spirit
Matt In The Hat (1 month ago)
I wish i had the mental emoional strebgyh uou do 🤙🏻 maybe onwday 🙏🏻
Wade Chroninger (1 month ago)
Wise Words, Great Message Brother James, Thank You!!
Good shit big Chief. "Alone With The Alone". Humanity sucks. We are literally living in Zombieland.
Master ON (1 month ago)
Bless you , James. I really needed this video. Btw, Can I message you on instagram ?
Master ON (1 month ago)
Thank you friend
springfield03sniper (1 month ago)
Master ON don’t quote me, but I think he mentioned emailing him is ok.
SoggyCow (1 month ago)
*James! You have ruined my life!* I took lots of testosterone injections and eating lots of breads and sugars to build mass. I was lifting for 3 months on this diet!!! You have made me gain only fat! I have gotten 78 pounds heavier! I even took freezing cold showers for that "thermogenesis" you made a video about. I have never been so big in my life and my girlfriend left me!! joking, keep up the great videos!
billybats36 (1 month ago)
Fix the word friendship in ur title mr vest
hcshaka7 (1 month ago)
Thanks for keeping it real brother. The content is meaningful and inspired. Thanks for following through on your conviction to share.
BroBeans 1979 (1 month ago)
Words of wisdom indeed!
Tom McGivern (1 month ago)
I've been a lone Wolf since I got sober almost 5 years ago. Upon my awakening I am an observer. This world has gone mad. I'm sharpening myself , ready, awake and aware.
billy bierbuik (1 month ago)
Tom McGivern (1 month ago)
billy bierbuik ... Alcohol?
billy bierbuik (1 month ago)
hope it will thx
Tom McGivern (1 month ago)
billy bierbuik you don't have enough time yet to read the benefits of sobriety. Stay the course and the rewards are Guaranteed
billy bierbuik (1 month ago)
im sober for 7 months now still struggling
Steve Borowsky (1 month ago)
John Kocevar (1 month ago)
Thank you brother. Keep shining and making the world a better place, don't let the busters bring you down.
Dominique S (1 month ago)
Your gettin delusional again back on that juice
FitLife (1 month ago)
weird. A man can sharpen a man.

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