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My REAL Arm Size - Let's Measure!

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Text Comments (190)
Joe Anzal (25 days ago)
damn huge nice!!!
covenboy (1 month ago)
woof two hot men
Joe Lauricella (6 months ago)
A good honest measurement 21” is huge!!
Frank Wilhelm (6 months ago)
Absolutely incredible!!!❤ Your hard work has truly paid off!!!
Jim Kay (9 months ago)
Give the man props..he's got big and impressive arms but if I remember correctly Arthur Jones took measurements of bbers back in the early 70's and Arnolds were slightly under 20". The measurement only means so much. How low is the muscle insertion and how round are the muscle bellies. A 17" arm can be extremely impressive on some guys, sometimes look much better than a fat 20" arm. Just saying from seeing a lot of the comments, most are fixated on getting their arms to a certain measurement.
Sir (9 months ago)
i be more impress if he got a job and can read the first page of Harry Potter
cole simons (9 months ago)
I m genetically gifted I have 18 inch arms but I lifted more than peeps with 21 inch arms lolol
joe momma (9 months ago)
I challenge any 54 , year old to have arms that size ,like that 54 ,year old does
Chad Crokie (9 months ago)
mine are A fucking terrible 16". no muscle belly. total shit genetics.
Bracer Jack (9 months ago)
You are one of the biggest real deal here in YouTube and bodybuilding, I don't care what anyone else says.
Clowin (9 months ago)
The white Kali Muscle.
Rofix (9 months ago)
he did not put the tape on the biggest place probbably around 22, thats olympia standards wow my shits are barely 15 lean :(
jason hay (10 months ago)
I have never been ripped like you but in my younger days I had 23.5 inch arms. Seeing how usually size= strength what is the weight you can do with Dumbbells at 8 reps per arm with minimal movement? I was at 100 lbs per arm ez bar I had 2 45 lbs per side for 6 reps. Just curious what size my arms might have been if I was ripped as you my height is 6'3. Anyways love your videos 👍🏻
David W (10 months ago)
21 James, but (I don't even lift, but I can spot this) good proportion and with a good peak. Looks good - not small, and not absurd or just fat without definition. I got 13 1/2s that have no definition!
TsabaronSecron (10 months ago)
And here I was all happy I got mine to 19"
I like Potatoes (10 months ago)
Thats how I like it man, no Jason Blaha shit
imtheman451 (10 months ago)
GROW UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Josh Spiv (11 months ago)
Big deal. Mine were 21 inches when I was 12 after training for 4 months
Tuff Bud (11 months ago)
But you are 5'4--yes? You look HUGE. :)
Sam Colville (1 year ago)
But he has some narrow ass calivicals puts the bicep in mechanical advantage
surfkillen (1 year ago)
Whats the unflexed size?
Croatian Warmaster (1 year ago)
You didn't even measure them on the biggest part of your triceps,you are massive
nice bro im in Baltimore i may have to come on out and train one day with u
Armin Sayyah (1 year ago)
it's not 21 its 22,5 i think
Gulag Loving Leftist (1 year ago)
That's a fake tape measure. If you look closely, you can see the measurements are not full inches.
rstreets (11 days ago)
You're an idiot if you think James would use a fake tape measure. Have you even been on this channel before? If so, I guess you don't pay attention.
I like Potatoes (1 year ago)
Damn, those are some big guns
VLAD THE IMPALER (1 year ago)
Bigger arms than good ol Sergio Oliva back in the day.
Jpm King (1 year ago)
what if its a rich piana fake measuring tape
Jpm King (1 year ago)
seriously i bet its legit.....im just talking shit....
Jpm King (1 year ago)
yeah my dick is ten inches....
jim dandy (1 year ago)
Easy to believe as they are massive, for anyone to get 21 inch arms its amazing but to maintain at your age even more incredible, you got some great genes Jim
edups (1 year ago)
probably bigger than Rich Piano without synthol and implants
QueensNative (1 year ago)
21 is an awesome gun size.. That's exactly what I thought your arm size was before your pal measured even measured your bicep..
L33TTechReviewer (1 year ago)
just came from Steve Shaws vid as you were linked in a comment and just have to say nice arms and amazing forearm development.
Scott Murray (1 year ago)
Timonium MD? I would love to workout with you. Huge fan
Mean Dean (1 year ago)
21 is huge
Mumon (1 year ago)
we all love james, hes like my big santaclause ❤
what is your REAL SIZE WITOUT ROIDS BRO You have a huge heart FUCK FAKE SIZE
Gordon Brown (1 year ago)
beast brother !!
O O (1 year ago)
not even surprised, I was thinking you were 21-22" since day one. Awesome arms for sure. not just big but aesthetic too
Tommy Sargeant (1 year ago)
How tall are you? My arms are 18" and I'm 5'6"... bodyfat 9%.. that's as big as they are ever gonna be I'm afraid. I've been doing this thing they call 'bodybuilding' my whole life. I'll be 55 this year. People always comment about my arms being huge, but I think it's all relative. They just look huge on a little dude... a short dude. My triceps are responsible for the majority of their size.... only ONE arm has a bicep peak, the other... not so much. I figured that if I was 5'10" my arms (to look the same) would have to be 22" or so.... I dunno. It's all relative.. subjective, whatever. I've seen some really big dudes with unimpressive arms (as far as looks) yet their arms are big, but they are over-shadowed by a huge chest or a massive back, large waistline... or even NOT having forearms. Some guys think that small forearms will make your upper arms look bigger. NOT TRUE! I have good sized forearms (always have, just like calves.. born with em) I think of Casey Viator and Sergio Oliva. Huge forearms... Mentzer....the bigger the better
MrJules39 (1 year ago)
hi James, have you seen smashing weights-jeff wright YouTube channel? if not you should check him out. very funny guy and seems really upfront and honest like yourself.
The Sentinel (1 year ago)
The guy measuring needs a new job
rubik28 (1 year ago)
Omg I'm all 😍😍😍
lifted0422 (1 year ago)
Almost as big as hulk hogans famed 24 inch pythons
Tiny, your arms look awesome! Nice work!
interceptor0166 (1 year ago)
looking good. I seen your vitamin c video, got me thinking about some white pine needle tea. supposed to have 5 times more vitamin c then lemons. might be the vitamin c you were talking about too.
Whatwasadam (1 year ago)
Yr my hero James .
olderloverxx (1 year ago)
Huge man, huge - and the size, the peak - the forearm... forget the 21 - the whole arm just looks incredible man - not freaky, just fucking pumped and beautiful. Respect.
d fernandez (1 year ago)
Shouldve measured the other arm too
SmOkEy (1 year ago)
back in the gym from years out. busting 15's here lol
EcceSignumRex (1 year ago)
look'in jacked, son!
Joseph Lesko (1 year ago)
wow 21 and your best days as far as mass are behind u so I would say in your big boy days you probably had 22-23 inch arms but 21 is like my wife's waist lol unreal
StrengthAndHonor777 (1 year ago)
That is much larger than I expected. I was guessing 18". 21" is fantastic.
Mark Pikas (1 year ago)
Not as big as expected... let's be realistic, that's huge. I'm 6'4" and 260#, my triceps are disproportionately bigger than my biceps and I can still curl a bar loaded with 135 for a few reps (not great form but not crazy cheating either) and I would be thrilled to see 19 or 20... I think I measure somewhere around 18. Put that on very long arms (7' wingspan) and I wish I had arms that looked as big as yours. James, how big are you otherwise? Height, weight, maybe even a chest and waist size?
Drama (1 year ago)
wow bro your a beeeraaast
Robert222 Lewis (1 year ago)
what a beast, even though he is takin a little gear, got to remember he is in mid 50's and I'm sure he isn't takin 1/10 of the drugs pro's are using. And you would still have to work ur ass off to get arms that big (most cant even with a shitton of drugs btw) ive knows guys that take gear and cant get past 17.5 or 18 cold, just not in their genetics. without gear they would be 16 cold.
Robert222 Lewis (1 year ago)
you will give ct fletcher a run for his money actually
Robert222 Lewis (1 year ago)
my arms are smooth and 17.5" cold , with prob 16-18% bodyfat and people sometimes comment that I have good arms, 21 1/2" with low bodyfat is insane (they are over 21, didn't measure at peak of tricep)
Robert222 Lewis (1 year ago)
actually 21 1/2 big guy, he didn't measure it at the lowest part of the triceps, to be honest, so yea you have nearly 22 " guns man
Egidijus Grabauskas (1 year ago)
big.......21 inch ....big.....
I'm a small fry to this beast
Thanks James. I appreciate your approach and your information. The Industry needs more men like you.
I'm sure you've seen your fair share of pretenders in this industry. There are so few guys, such as yourself, with true 20 inchers. Videos like this only help the men out there who are listening to these fake YouTube channels that talk about 20 inch arms, 500 pound reverse bench presses, and other nonsense.
robowarriorx xx (1 year ago)
21 gun salute! You know what's funny, I finally hit 18 on my upper arm and my wife says my upper arms still look small...I'm like, that's a foot and a half! Yeah what's real funny is the old Hulkster always said he was 21-22 inches, but he was about 19 and a half, pumped. Most everyone does totally exaggerate, absolutely...and what's more, most everyone still has a little fat padding those arms as well, but I think we can safely say, that ain't your problem! lol
doubanjiang (1 year ago)
Big-ass arms, but you still got cheated. George is a real spaz with that tape.
Joe Morales (1 year ago)
haha....holy shit
ANGRY KOALA (1 year ago)
I'm upto 18 inches but I'm a fat fuck does that count?
Robert222 Lewis (1 year ago)
um no LOL, prob be 13" when u lose weight lol just messin wit ya =)
louis knox (1 year ago)
Charlie M (1 year ago)
Pecs are xtremly underdeveloped. Just sayin. Genetics???
M. H. (1 year ago)
Charlie M The big dog mentioned in one of his videos, that he was dealing with a shoulder injury causing instability in the joint during pressing movements! Maybe it's still a problem - I hope not - but that could be the reason?
Guy Graham (1 year ago)
Tiny has integrity/ honest. commodities sorely missed in bodybuilding personas.
rscmrcmd (1 year ago)
Watched it several times already. Beautiful arms. The guy doing the measuring starts out on point but then he lets the bottom of the tape drift slightly to the side missing the deep under sweep of the tricep. My guess is you probably need to be standing directly in front of the arm making sure you measure it at it's fullest circumference. That's the only sure way to get the actual measurement. These guns are 22 inches around. At least that's the way it looks. :14 - tris are amazing.
HiFisch94 (1 year ago)
Ha, my arms are 22cm! Take that!!
MrInzombia (1 year ago)
he didnt measure it right, he didnt wrap the tape around the peak of the tricep. your arms look 22 cold
tim0306 (1 year ago)
this dood is jacked
archilonshadowheart7 (1 year ago)
Sure, i have bigger arms but they certainly arent as lean or vascular as yours are so i guess that's the trade off. you plan on getting them to 22 cold?
growinandmowin (1 year ago)
Yikes !! I could only dream of an arm measure like that ! Thank you for the positive vibes you send out - love your vids : )
Anthony Hatt (1 year ago)
i thought they be 18 19 tbh but 21s are huge fucking arma. phil only has what 22 23 inchs? and hes a 6 time mr o
Anthony Hatt (1 year ago)
J Hawk there huge ether way
J Hawk (1 year ago)
Anthony Hatt ur crazy I could tell 22s by all his videos but I'm no rookie
GDRKW TANONTRTAT28 (1 year ago)
21", nice. Almost as big as Vegan Gains!
Your wise cousin Joe (1 year ago)
mrswolls (1 year ago)
they're bigger that guy didn't measure at widest part...
RaceGun75 (1 year ago)
big guns
Snake Roberts (1 year ago)
Nah...he never got the widest part. 21.5in fo shure!!! Awesome shaped arms GODAMMIT!!!!
Training Tall (1 year ago)
Don't get too excited folks.. 21 is of course impressive but is virtually impossible to achieve naturally while maintaining a fairly low body fat %.
franchstar1 (6 months ago)
the deffenition of big boned lol
soulstormyweather (10 months ago)
Two words, dude, LEE PRIEST. He had 23 in his prime and is only 5'6. I am also the same height and I have just under 18.5 inches. So I have no idea what you mean. Shorter, stockier guys have the propensity to blow up easy due to the RoM being so short for virtually all movements they do. For me, biceps were always a problem getting bigger back when I was first starting out. They wouldnt budge and then boom, they just took off out of nowhere where other dudes would be like 'I want my arms like his!' James has some killer guns too btw, great brachialis and great shape and aesthetics.
Tuff Bud (11 months ago)
WHY don't these short naturally thicker guys SEE that taller, leaner bodies may actually achieve larger size than someone much shorter, but WON'T LOOK IT.
Ant Cooney (1 year ago)
Dale Brook that's still 8 years of training how ever you want to look at it .
DEATH-TO-THE- LEFT (1 year ago)
Ant Cooney I'm sure you've heard of vegan gains, he is 6 feet 3, and has been training seriously for only 1 year, Although he's been training for around 7 years messing about and not taking it seriously and not eating enough etc. but he's got 19" arms now in no time at all, and has got a YouTube video of his girlfriend measuring them, check it out.
Super Naut (1 year ago)
Well respected sir.
HeartPiece4u (1 year ago)
1:40 you didn't go around the biggest part of the triceps. your arms are probably 22.5
Ronin (1 year ago)
man's a monster
streets buchanon (1 year ago)
I'm sitting at 17 trying to get to 19 salute you Janes
Coyote 796 (1 year ago)
Those are some beastly arms, but I am happy right now with my 16 inch arms because I weigh 102KG of fat/muscle, mostly fat, and I can still do 3 full clean chinups and to me that is a great achievement. Never want to be anyone but yourself, but always make yourself a better person than you was yesterday in one way or another.
Mat M (1 year ago)
Paul Lewis good for you bro, keep it up.
Eddy Delgado (1 year ago)
Kali Muscle; 26 in.
marshallpulham (1 year ago)
I'm so sad I went to sign up for a 90 day session with you and it's sold out :(
Snook West (1 year ago)
How do you get bicep definition like that? Probably would make a good video.
Slixbrah (1 year ago)
lose fat
theripper7675 (1 year ago)
the trick is you cut the 6 and 7 inch mark off on the other side,then tape back up,then bingo huge arms.not saying james did it,but had many friends do this trick.but something you all should be aware of,quote the ripper.
Cellar Door (1 year ago)
that's nothing my arms are 15"
Chad Ashton (1 year ago)
How tall are you? My arms were 20" in 2015 before I stopped lifting and yours look WAY bigger unless 1 inch makes that much of a difference (that's what she said). I'm 6'2" and back in the gym now and I'm back up to 18" cold on the road to 20" again and I feel like I have spaghetti arms. But then again...my biceps suck and always have. But I have massive tris so that might be the ticket since I have absolutely no peak so I don't get any additional illusion effect of a bigger than real life arm.
hades angelos (1 year ago)
My best was 21-22ish pumped but never much over 20 cold and i never get that peak, just looks swoll but no definition.
onceuponthecross1 (1 year ago)
Badger bush (1 year ago)
your arms my be 21 but they are noting compared to the size of the big dogs heart change the world by one act of kindness at a time.
David Wright (1 year ago)
didn't look like he put the tape on the biggest part of your tricep. I think your arms are a half inch bigger bro
james yager (1 year ago)
Didn't look like he measured at the widest part of your arm. I'd say you are probably 22.
ansujeet panda (1 year ago)
james yager exactly 22 or 23 I guess
joe (1 year ago)
And he was much bigger at one time....
Snook West (1 year ago)
james yager yea James is rolling on 22's cold, 23's with a pump. MONSTER!
james yager (1 year ago)
Snook West seen what I seen.
Snook West (1 year ago)
james yager I seen that also. he wasn't on the peak of James tricep.

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