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Justin Bieber Portland,OR 14th July 2010

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This is the very opening to the show.
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ZBlacktt (6 years ago)
@ToriNations You mean that whole group of who were 16? Strong looking much older then that. Everyone 5'8" and up. Blocking all the little girls view. They would not like me hold my daughter up or let her stand on a chair to see over you guys. Oh well, it what it was, lol. We taken her to concerts often and buy the best packages they have. So she'll be up front every time. Thanks for replying and congrats on the tickets won. :) It was nice to hang out backstage and the sound check that day.
Alexis Lechnar (7 years ago)
You guys are so lucky. i live in lincoln city oregon, and i'm like his BIGGEST fan. i love him. i heard he's coming next year ;DD
Sydney Fucciolo (7 years ago)
I was there((: section 113((: Best Night of My life(: <33
ZBlacktt (7 years ago)
@mdrucker14, Yes and the whole time I was like dude. You are like 20 years old. Get out of the way of the real Justin fans ( like my daughter who couldn't see around him ). Then he stood infront of me and I said something. He moved back over.
mdrucker14 (8 years ago)
i was here! i remember that guy with the hat standing in front of you, i was behind you to the left a little. isnt he the one who got justins hat? haha.

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