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Text Comments (872)
Dylan Gde Guapollo (6 hours ago)
damien stop tweakin yo shes a female like get down and do them she got yu fair and square 1st round
lalannie singleton (10 days ago)
You don't throw do high
Jolee Hammie (1 month ago)
Hi Bainnc jolee
Meka Byrd (1 month ago)
Then you turn down water bottle way too hard that's why you are not getting no points
Kenisha Burton (1 month ago)
Everybody scrolling down the comments is beautiful and handsome
BECC SQUAD (1 month ago)
I love your blog so so much can y'all do the Bean Boozled challenge please you and Bianca please
Keyarrow Baker (3 months ago)
And him
Keyarrow Baker (3 months ago)
She flip to high
Tamara Dawson (3 months ago)
Who ever lose have to take a cold shower or get prank with shaving cream
Tamara Dawson (3 months ago)
I'm teambiannca
Terrsocray Trotter (3 months ago)
Team Damien
Ronnetha Baldwin (3 months ago)
He did all that and didn't get anything
Emonnie Garcia (3 months ago)
To much water
Sory Romero (4 months ago)
o and team biannca all day every day
Sory Romero (4 months ago)
team biannca and my name is elyanny
Janya Life (4 months ago)
Y’all flipping to high
Linda Payne (4 months ago)
Qüêêñ Çrøwñ (4 months ago)
Is not that much water you need more water and you cant do it to highe
Nyliah Fleming (4 months ago)
Dashawn Holloway (5 months ago)
Team Biannca in the script below
Ulrick Daniels (5 months ago)
Damien making excuses
GABRIELLIA MYERS (5 months ago)
A trick for that game is not to flip it so high that it won’t land and you kinda wanna twist your hand on the bottle.
AW Squad (5 months ago)
You guys should do the eat it or wear it challenge
Jackie Nelson (5 months ago)
Team Damien
Isaiah Chavez (5 months ago)
Isaiah Chavez (5 months ago)
Team biannca jackie
Riah Banks (5 months ago)
Team Damian You
Awesomenes56 (5 months ago)
Sanaa Turner (5 months ago)
Team b all day every day
Linette Holman (5 months ago)
Do a part 2
Genesis Gibson (5 months ago)
It’s team Bannacia because you said rematch and she already won and plus it suppose to be 20
RhaShawn Wells (5 months ago)
You don't have a lot of warter
Reaction Tamara (6 months ago)
When Biannca flip that water she feeling like wet like water
Team damien
Samuel M. (6 months ago)
team damien every day
Dexter Moss (6 months ago)
Team Bianca
lola sales (6 months ago)
She looking fine in that dress man sassy
Andre Bolt (6 months ago)
Yall was filping to high😒
Kinnedy Stapleton (6 months ago)
Jerzey Sanders (6 months ago)
I watched all you guys voids and love them 😁😁😁😏😁😁
Emerald Williams (6 months ago)
I'm teambianna all day
wayne phillips (6 months ago)
Jessica Green (6 months ago)
do the ice bath challenge
Reaction Tamara (6 months ago)
Gaming With Chris (6 months ago)
do a hot wings challenge
UNICORN NATION (6 months ago)
Damien:let’s do twenty tries Biannca:no ten Damien:20 Biannca:10 Damien: 20 Biannca: fine
Daniel Grimes (6 months ago)
Biannca fat ass fagot
venesha pinkney (6 months ago)
Brian watkins
venesha pinkney (6 months ago)
Dalbert Long (6 months ago)
Allyesia Williams (6 months ago)
biannca should sit on Damien's back and do push ups
Kaleigh Higgs (7 months ago)
I thank she won
Savage Presley (7 months ago)
Bruh damian cheating biannca won like if u team biannca
pretty gang squad (7 months ago)
Birth simulater
Patrick DeLisle (7 months ago)
D&B nation for life but yall grown ass udalts doing some childish shit😂😂😂
Amire Washington (7 months ago)
She plucks
zoe ugwuadi (7 months ago)
3:12 Bianca was like yes bitch I just made it,🤣😂
Hi Hi (7 months ago)
Traonna where is Dj and baby kirey
Blah Blah (7 months ago)
When she looks in the camera I get chills 😥😍😍 D lucky asl
Iazias Davis (7 months ago)
First of all Bianca flipping water bottle wrong you don't flip it sideways flip it frontways
Shanticia Harris (7 months ago)
she is a cheater team d
Tanyia Thompson (7 months ago)
Wet head challenge plz
The Dude (7 months ago)
Bianca gave me a great idea to flip the water bottle side ways thank you Bianca but d oh no man😍🤗😊😉😚😝
The Dude (7 months ago)
They are acute Copple like really
Devon Love (7 months ago)
That sound at 4:29 doe.........
God’s Lite (7 months ago)
She a cheater
Michjohnna Bailey (8 months ago)
And I'll put y'all should do the hot sauce and Cheetos Hot Cheetos Challenge erase
Bianca lepis (8 months ago)
Like it
Stefan Batausu (8 months ago)
pula mu
Jamir Legrande (8 months ago)
saskia osbourne (8 months ago)
you are amazing people enjoy this week video
saskia osbourne (8 months ago)
saskia osbourne (8 months ago)
saskia osbourne (8 months ago)
trem bicnnnca is best
saskia osbourne (8 months ago)
saskia osbourne (8 months ago)
trem bicnnnca
saskia osbourne (8 months ago)
you are amazing people
Larene Kirby (8 months ago)
Team bianca all day every day
Christie Porter (8 months ago)
And this zerik boyd
Christie Porter (8 months ago)
DAMIEN you should do a prank on baby DJ.
man biannca shut the fuck up snd do 10 push-ups it's nothing
miranda castro (8 months ago)
I like this show😎😎😎
harvey huggins (8 months ago)
no offence but look at biannca's face 0:52 love u d and b nation
cham corbette (8 months ago)
You vs my ex
Miya and kiya FAM3 (8 months ago)
J squad (8 months ago)
Yall aint no how to bottle flip the water suppose to be a little higher and you flipping it to high😂😂😂😂yallfunny❤
sedrickoni carter (9 months ago)
i love b so much
King Cly (9 months ago)
y’all flipped it to high 🤦🏾‍♂️
that girl Jay (9 months ago)
when u pour water out it gets lighter
Supreme DyMond (9 months ago)
Ataija Clark (9 months ago)
by the way Bianca Damia put a pointer at you said you cheated the game water bottle flip
SEMAJ SO COOL (9 months ago)
Jacob Santiago (9 months ago)
Bianca why u flippen bottle side ways
TSM_gold (9 months ago)
Throw it low
Kim Rey (9 months ago)
Do the 24 hours in my closet challenge
CJ Squad (9 months ago)
September 17 is my favorite day because that day is my B-DAY
Bankroll Nuskii (9 months ago)
You should do this prank call don't go to sleep and if there sleep /for example like hot sauce eathier rub it on their lips and see there reaction or you can slap them I do it to my brother all the time 👌
Ivori Glover (9 months ago)
b won
Char And Court (9 months ago)
Have too much water

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