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EXCLUSIVE: Karabo Mokoena's last moments with her killer

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The last footage ever captured of Karabo Mokoena shows her dressed in a pink long-sleeved top‚ with a clearly despondent expression on her face. Subscribe to TimesLIVE here: https://www.youtube.com/user/TimesLive
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Text Comments (1887)
Phyllis Lowe (3 hours ago)
Ole Dude needs the Death Penalty.
Mammy Bigsby (1 day ago)
Bring back the rules of the Wild West. Hang him
G Buk (2 days ago)
this story doesnt make sense
Grace Jegels (2 days ago)
thank you god for freeing me from a bully i pray for all woman who are in that situation its awful and soul destroying.
Nombuh Bosslady (5 days ago)
I also blame Karabo she hav told to leave Sandile bcs he used to beat her to death her mother used to warned her a lot .....u know when our parents tell us to leave or not do something they know better her mother knew that Sandile was gonna kill Karabo .....Sometimes we love things/money toomuch n forget to prioritise our health. Sandile is a Devil bt Karabo was too damn
siningwow (9 days ago)
Low IQ
Zacharia Glory (10 days ago)
Mmmm people are so evil. Jesus cover we girls
Lara Eskandar (11 days ago)
Fuck you
Black Beauty (11 days ago)
Wow sad
Valerie Riddy (11 days ago)
This looks like a premeditated murder Where did he get the acid to burn her? He must have bought it before he killed her
Hangaya (11 days ago)
He is a waste of oxygen kill him the same way
Nhlamu.229 (12 days ago)
nah I can't watch this, it's so painful, how could u do that
onmybest behavior (12 days ago)
subtitles please
Felic Tettey (12 days ago)
Sometimes i really blame women a lot why cos women always prefer bad instead of good. They fall in love with a man cos of how handsome the man his. But they forget that handsome his not in the body, it's the light in the heart. They fall in love with a cos of the height of the man, the cars, houses. But they forget that all those things are material things. Women change your ways that's my advise for you.
Merry Chavez (13 days ago)
Why all these crazy abusive murderous men always ugly ..women if you pretty quit gettin with these ugly ass mfs
Diamond Daniels#J4K (13 days ago)
32 years?? You get life for selling drugs smdh😔😔
Rasiha Msangi (13 days ago)
Mongo tonga tonga sarija tonga na moto wayo twabaki na Mrungu wa kweri moto wa kweri weshota kikweri baki hetu
MM A (13 days ago)
Evil diabolic monster. Hope he doesnt pick a soap in jail. Now he can someone bitch!!! Or queen evil.
Boston Cole (13 days ago)
This nigga has fat balls, He didn't even show remorse. He looks so calm as if he is watching soccer in a stadium 🏟
Slap yo momma (14 days ago)
Weak ass nigga!
Victory John (14 days ago)
where did this happen ? what a sad story😐
Problem's Child (15 days ago)
Take That (15 days ago)
That boy needs 212year in prison
32 years ain't nothing... He will be out soon..... 64 wr going to be better....
Quita Trice (15 days ago)
His ego was probably as big as his damn ears. Clown looking ass
Shermaine Brown (16 days ago)
Gorgeous woman gone!! Why isn't he dead? Just 32 years he need to be put away
Anais Martinez (17 days ago)
DearMakeUpDiary (17 days ago)
Too sad.
Olwethu Gumede (17 days ago)
Karabo was my best friend's aunt and she was devastated to know that her favourite person in her life was murdered May Karabo Mokoena rest in peace😭💔
Ich und Ich (18 days ago)
I think He must die to
Yas Shi (18 days ago)
ooooh ruth kamandeee come see your twin lol
Fredericka Bell (18 days ago)
This is so sad people is fuckin crazy"
Fay M (18 days ago)
I’m so glad there are so many cameras now days. The footage doesn’t lie.
Southsideman (18 days ago)
Why do african speak so slow
Doctor MindBenDa (18 days ago)
THIS guy knew from DAY 1, if he can't have her beautiful body, nobody else will..! Some dudes are desperate CRAZY like especially when they know they cant get a queen, if they luck up and do get a beautiful woman that they know they shouldn't be with, that's recipe for so deadly psycho SHIT to happen if she tries to get away! BEAUTIFUL MEN, DONT LEAD UGLY WOMEN ON, BEAUTIFUL WOMEN, DON'T LEAD UGLY MEN ON!!!! someone can get killed!!! Simple.. stay on your level!!
john freeman (19 days ago)
Anying you do most u kill fake love asking God to forgive u
Bicept Boy (19 days ago)
He dont deserve to live
Controlling boss Lady (19 days ago)
That dick was good. That’s why she couldn’t let go
Harry Jimerson (20 days ago)
He's a coward
Pamela La Roda (20 days ago)
*@**1:05** Is that him carrying out her body in the trash can?*
Tope Samuel (20 days ago)
Crimes loom in South Africa because there are no death penalties just life or jail terms. It's sad to know how horrifying some South African men can be. Girls, I think you should consider foreign men. 63 women killed in 2 months? Terrific!
kelly Wilkerson (20 days ago)
wow she was beautiful
samantha costa (20 days ago)
Death penalty for him
Psyops Blow (20 days ago)
Why do these people not get full life sentences or death ? Come to my country we will FRY you bitch!!
fiona merry (20 days ago)
So sad
eleemosonary redhead (20 days ago)
she was a beautiful woman...
J j601 (20 days ago)
AmericanSicilian girl (20 days ago)
Who cares.
Use him to feed animals like him, why will this guy be give 32years in stead of dead ?
maligi marie (21 days ago)
He’s uglier than my monkeys 🐒 ass
METHOD ONE (21 days ago)
Judging by how slowly these cops talk, it's a wonder any case ever gets read out, let alone solved!!!
olichka de piero (21 days ago)
This is pure wickedness :( 32 years for this kinda evil act, common this should be life sentence
I DinDu Nuffin (21 days ago)
Match made in heaven
Shamaneika Johnson (22 days ago)
I hate men !
Lisa Georgeta (22 days ago)
Just kill,the MF😡
YoursTruly S. H (22 days ago)
Trust Nobody not even your closest friend u knew for yrs. People turn and betray people everyday
Keyla Diaz (22 days ago)
Sad Nigga Hours (22 days ago)
R.I.P. babygirl💔
USAxVENONxNY (22 days ago)
Wow sad
nadia Ko (22 days ago)
Not human!!!!pfffffffff.... very sad!!!
I am a man, I don’t understand how you can do something like this to a woman. If you kill a woman, you don’t respect your mother, it’s like killing your own mother. It’s on the same level. Worst thing in the world you can do.
Cwenga Zozo (23 days ago)
One cold mofoka..
name family (23 days ago)
You Africans are stupid as hell. History tells us not to trust all of you. You guys sold us to the white man. That's why Africa is still suffering and they all want to come here
name family (23 days ago)
Fkn foreigners are just as bad as Americans
Seth Poirier (23 days ago)
WTF only 32 years he should of got life !
OneFatKitten (23 days ago)
he looks like the devil himself..
Jose Albino (23 days ago)
32 years?! That’s insane! The system it’s so broken it’s not even funny
sick 😰😥😷💔💕... rip Queen.
rey reyes (23 days ago)
why niggas be killing the bitches?? why why>>>?? why cant you just fuck them real good and leave nigga danm
Johnny2419 (23 days ago)
32 years, life is so cheap!
Panzer Faust (23 days ago)
The worst enemy a black person has is another black person.
Mark9117 0 (23 days ago)
A white judge in Africa? Rip karobe. But a white judge on black soil. Y’all better get right in africa
Keneisha Thomas (23 days ago)
Why does the judge look like that...he looks like a joker... what a joke up there
Ruth Mapazu (23 days ago)
32yrs????? Really ? Which country is this
Gemstar 382 (24 days ago)
The audio was recorded using a potato apparently.
Gentleman. LOWS (24 days ago)
Eyes are the mirror to the soul.
Jahcure1fan (24 days ago)
Prison life is what he deserves
f19ure (24 days ago)
This gon sound fucked up to say given the circumstamces. But what a complete waste of perfectly good ass.
King Delamuela (24 days ago)
Ugly ass
Frankie Raman (24 days ago)
He looks just like a cockca roach with big big lips.
Dawn Schnack (24 days ago)
Kill the piece of shit burn him like he did her
Frankie Raman (24 days ago)
Those lips. Well he'll be sucking dick for a while.
Frankie Raman (23 days ago)
nurdin ahmed so I say this to you fuck you and that piece of shit that killed that girl
Frankie Raman (23 days ago)
nurdin ahmed if I'm the devil what does that make you asshole
nurdin ahmed (23 days ago)
+Frankie Raman thr is no point replying to an assitant of the devil
Frankie Raman (24 days ago)
nurdin ahmed and so are you bitch
nurdin ahmed (24 days ago)
you are evil
Terrance Conley (24 days ago)
Trash Audio
Jay Frazier (24 days ago)
What a sick sob, my god!
Rain Revere (25 days ago)
Piece of fucking psychotic shit. Should be tortured to death instead of essentially receiving tax payers money for 32 years.
Marshall Choto (25 days ago)
That was a mild sentence come on!!! Really??
donna field (25 days ago)
He should have got the death penalty!
terimontgomery1980 (25 days ago)
Kill him 😡😡😡
cheri steelersgirl (25 days ago)
So sad 😓 they need to hang him 😠
MseeF (25 days ago)
Another soul lost on a quest to gain the world.
Smami Yende (25 days ago)
Please hire me to do your sound.!!!!
joe momma (25 days ago)
Luckily for us..black lives matters jumped in and handled this cause they care! Lmfao. Couldn't say that with a straight face sorry
fireblast 744 (25 days ago)
The BLM was a protest for racist cops to stop killing unarmed black youth and adults. This is a different story you Trump sheep.
frank rizzo (26 days ago)
Death for death that's the way it should be
dronetalk 316 (26 days ago)
Who cares its just a chick
fireblast 744 (25 days ago)
I hope no one cares when you face the same situation one day.
Una Roberts (26 days ago)
New subscriber to your channel! Thanks for sharing this story with us. God bless everyone 😇
jarocla66 (26 days ago)
he always conducted himself as though he was on camera and he stayed in cool look at me mode, I'm on the big screen, and the people are watching
Hugo Malice (26 days ago)
Evil Narcissistic sociopath
BlueOval You (26 days ago)
Wtf he kill her for???
Hallee Levy (26 days ago)
Sad, and she look like she didn't have any inkling as to her murder.
gstevens866 (26 days ago)
She was so beautiful. Why would you do something so evil?

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