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YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Genie (Official Video) Reaction!

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Text Comments (1892)
D&B Nation (3 months ago)
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corey clark (6 days ago)
D&B Nation t
Trey wales (7 days ago)
D&B Nation tht hand shake tho
Phyllis Futrell (26 days ago)
D&B Nation he is 18 born 1999
Lady Karma (28 days ago)
D&B Nation he 18 and yes bhad bhabie went out wit him 2x
Alejandro Florez (1 month ago)
Bad and Boujee_21-Yt (6 hours ago)
Why you hairline so far back😂💀
Nana Bear (9 hours ago)
; Y'all thumbnail made me mad 😭
Quintay Glenn (17 hours ago)
Yes he did
Jonthan Mark (20 hours ago)
He is 18
alex Boyd (1 day ago)
sumpreme e (1 day ago)
NBA young boy used catch me outside girl for her fans and money
Alexis Gonzalez (3 days ago)
You got to react to more of his videos
Dayaa Armon (3 days ago)
Please react to Astronat kid
Wendy Williams (3 days ago)
He is 18
Gabby. All the way up (4 days ago)
Y’all should do overdose by him he made it the day after he got if jell
DarkFreeSoul24 (4 days ago)
yo hairline pushed back
austin Shannon (4 days ago)
He 18
Paris Brown (4 days ago)
He is 18 but that was last year when he got arrested
LIGHTSKIN Barbied0lls (4 days ago)
yh he use to mess catch me outside
LIGHTSKIN Barbied0lls (4 days ago)
Keisean Brown (4 days ago)
I know this song by heart
Jordan Davidson (4 days ago)
NBA youngboy he wins in a fire bro he is 18 years old I don't know if he's 17 and that video he was 18 but they just said when he was in jail he was 17 so that's why I was right there bro if you are ask Google hit that will tell you he's actually 18 teen Bianca
Manemane Frost (5 days ago)
Yea catch me outside girl and nba young boy use to go together she went with Kodak Black to
DaReal Youngin (5 days ago)
Nbayoungboy is litt as f
Ziryelle Scott (5 days ago)
He 18
Renee Murray (5 days ago)
He 18
shoot Down Clantv (6 days ago)
Youngboy 18
Michelle Mowatt (6 days ago)
I listen to his music it awesome
Landon Waller (6 days ago)
That’s old
Tatiyanah Carmicheal (6 days ago)
Candace Miller (6 days ago)
He 18 but the case was a long time ago
YoFavv. Ariii (7 days ago)
That incident was when he was 17 that’s why it say that
YoFavv. Ariii (7 days ago)
Naw he not banned and no he not 17 he 18 and no he did not mess with Danielle bregoli they smoke together that’s it
Jaliyah Sims (7 days ago)
Damien and Bianca young boy sound better then y'all🤕😮
Simone Jennings (7 days ago)
Yes they was friend then she my sister
It’s lil E (9 days ago)
Why do you talk so fast
Yung Kelvin99 (9 days ago)
Are YouTube couple channels even relevant any more?
Darlene Minnis (9 days ago)
Can yall please listen to before the fame
Erica Jackson (9 days ago)
He 18 now
Gretrece Fields (9 days ago)
He’s is 18 this was when he was 17
Jayden Robinson (10 days ago)
that was in 17
Jayden Robinson (10 days ago)
he is 18
Quenten Graham Jr (11 days ago)
he 18 or he now 19 go to lil yatch And see
Malisse Harding (11 days ago)
yes they did go but that charge is old his 18 now
Melanie Crayton (11 days ago)
Aziya Hale (12 days ago)
I love nba youngboy 😍😘😗😚😚😗
Caria Holland (12 days ago)
he is 18 that was a long time ago
Hakeem_FaZe (13 days ago)
In that aggravated assault he didn’t have any tattoos on his neck but when he is singing he does have tats
Shaterica Hughes (13 days ago)
He 18 year old
Now he is 18
VJ socool (13 days ago)
@D&B Nation his is 18 teen now
Ac Holmes (14 days ago)
He 18
xp xp (14 days ago)
has anyone heard traumatized
almighty.bryannn (15 days ago)
there a video of him laying in her bed recently
almighty.bryannn (15 days ago)
They still mess wit each other
Queen Newnew (15 days ago)
Danielle and nba young boy dated
Adrienne Spradley (16 days ago)
That's my favorite song by hi
William Berrones (17 days ago)
Ambrea Villarreal (17 days ago)
love this song
T0X1C V1RU5 (17 days ago)
He has a 6 mouth probation so he can't post on instagram within those 6 months is what I was told.
itz ya boi (18 days ago)
damien mad viben and B is like KK
Litle Tra 1221648144 (18 days ago)
React to qundo rondo abg
Nishs Lee (18 days ago)
He was 18 when he made genie he went to the cell when his age in the cell was 17
Javiana Price (18 days ago)
they are right now
Vanessa Shabazz (18 days ago)
He is 18 but when he made Genie he was 17
rich king40 (19 days ago)
Lilbaby freestyle
Jamia Swan (19 days ago)
Yes Danielle went with nba
markaz moye (20 days ago)
He 18
nikkie lawrence (20 days ago)
He is 18 now
never hate me !!!!!! (21 days ago)
Hi is 18 that's wen he was 17
He stated he might quite rapping and go back to school because so much has happened
He changing his wyd because alot of shot been happening wit him
Yes they did nd he went jania
Senpai Yamhy (22 days ago)
Nba Youngboy Graffiti
Danylah Janvier (22 days ago)
He's 19
Aria and Bj TV (22 days ago)
He is 18
Edwin Pinchback (23 days ago)
Youngboy 18
Takima Wysinger (23 days ago)
This my song
Mrs.Tamira Brown (23 days ago)
the mess with each other
Ana Fonseca (23 days ago)
React to nba youngboy villain and traumitized
Amir Tate (23 days ago)
he 18 that charge old
Samantha Murray (24 days ago)
Alex Ramos (24 days ago)
Younboy is my favorite rapper he is so real about what he talks about in his songs. Who can relate
MAM 4L (25 days ago)
Nba youngboy used to mess with daniel (cash me outside girl) and then Malu stole him and Malu and daniel where bsfs so when Malu stoke him from Daniel tht had beef and then nba left both of them and yes he was 17 when he messed with them and after he was done with them and went with Jania and while he was with her he turned 18 and jania is 18 to and he went to jail for wht he did and they ain’t aloud to be together now
React to sad by xxxtentacion and fuck love by him too
Renata Washington (25 days ago)
Youngboy is 18 and yea he use to mess with her
Raymond. lowk (25 days ago)
Never Broke Again mean NBA and yes nba and bhaid bhaby was dating
Aziza Guy (26 days ago)
Her name is bhad bhaie and yes they used to date
Antionette Robinson (26 days ago)
React to overdose
Nevaeh (26 days ago)
Best song ever!!!!!!!!💗💖
Kei'laiah Smith (26 days ago)
He bid yust mast with. Dainule
Kei'laiah Smith (26 days ago)
Hes 18ten because that music is old he did that music whwn he was 17 but now his 18ten the rely anser is that his 18
eric jones (26 days ago)
Nba youngboy traumatized
boygotsauce no smoke (26 days ago)
My fav rapper
NYLA Drummond (28 days ago)
Are y'all retarded? It's bool if so just askin
Alasia Coyle (28 days ago)
Tracey Clarke (28 days ago)
They use to be with rachother
Ms.L Lindsey (28 days ago)
He just turnes 18
Khai Knowles (28 days ago)
He is 18 years old
Jaysen Panter (28 days ago)
I'm on my brothers phone but they dated
Roman Sibrian (28 days ago)
He is 18 now
Li Mya (29 days ago)
He is 18
Robyn (29 days ago)
he’s 19 because he was born in 1999 and his 2018 they showed a old time when he went to jail

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