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One Day Food Prep What I Eat

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Mark Macintyre (23 days ago)
U need cardio. U lose your breath. Must suck
Mark Macintyre (23 days ago)
How many times a day do u shoot steroids. 1 or 2
Garfit Gar (25 days ago)
Nutrition is key because without it we cant build the foundation junk food everyday wont cut it we need fuel repair growth
Fritz Nietzsche (29 days ago)
do you know how Farm Salmon gets it's red colour? They feed it drugs. Farm Salmon meat is naturally grey. They have to feed it dyes just before harvest to give it colour. otherwise no one would buy it. Though all fish is a toxic shitstorm of industrial waste. There is simply so such thing as safe fish consumption - so polluted is every single ml of water on this planet.
PaulBodyBuilder (1 month ago)
Go Vegan Get Off the drugs
Jim Rabbitt (2 months ago)
Dude that shit costs a lot of money holy shit
Sunny meadow Walker (3 months ago)
You’re awesome
Fernando Pinto (3 months ago)
damn, hes just standing there talking and gets out of breath, gasping for air the whole time...
Peters World (3 months ago)
tilapia fish is bad 2 in my humble opinion , greetings from the Netherlands
Remember when gym rats went crazy over tilapia lmao?! Now we read that it's worse than McDonald's hahaha!
redsnowgoon (5 months ago)
Man!! what about fats?? how much does he consume??
David Caballero (5 months ago)
Look at rich piana as an example saying god dam it do whatever it takes where did that take him six feet under I believe in training heavy eating food that you enjoy and you will see great results
jim355749 (5 months ago)
How's come you seem like you're always struggling to breathe? Not being a smart alec but are you doing your heart any good ?
Eddie Gonzalez (5 months ago)
Always watch your videos and learn something new, thanks.
Eddie Gonzalez (5 months ago)
Always watch your videos and learn something new, thanks.
choppertj1 (6 months ago)
I miss this jimmy 😒
0000 (8 months ago)
I can’t believe the difference in taking in 6 meals in a day religiously once I hit all the bullshit outside the gym like still eating garbage still drinking beer and sugary foods it changes drastically I still train the same but now I’m seeing all the benefits I haven’t started taking and drugs yet it’s not really time for that I’m pushing as far as possible natural first it really is something you can’t cut corners with it takes discipline and a lot of mind power
harley1969chuco (8 months ago)
Dude you eat so much when do you have time to workout?
Bunthan Sephieroth Kong (9 months ago)
Is those flavored oatmeal
henk spermatank (9 months ago)
great video
Daniel Carroll (9 months ago)
Great video bro thanks....
Mari Tovar-Castillo (11 months ago)
Love your videos thanks! 😘
Alpha Macho (4 months ago)
Mari Tovar-Castillo yes?
Digital Logic (11 months ago)
I've only watched a few of his vids.. and I AM impressed by his size.. but damn... the guy is just mellow as hell and down to earth. That to me is the truly epic part..
Bill Lunebach (1 year ago)
Great advice,great videos.You give advice from 30 years plus of experience and what really works.Tell it like it is,no b.s. and in a nice way even to the haters.
alpha asfuck (1 year ago)
do you partake in any herbal smoking? you look hella high😂
Lichtblick (1 year ago)
The animal products will destroy your health!
Steven Blackford (2 months ago)
Lichtblick you'll get hit by a bus
ak47ava .dman (1 year ago)
James thats a lot of food. im betting you laying down bricks in the toilet.
strecharmstrong uk (1 year ago)
That's fuck all food for some1 yr size i would add another 2 meals on to that for me wat u just showed I would of eaten that by 5-6 o'clock and have my last meal by 11 o'clock
clif keen (1 year ago)
Liquid aminos. What does that taste like?
Simba Matso (1 year ago)
Honestly everyone talks about this salmon that salmon this protien that protien, vitamins and so on...... no everyone has deep pockets certainly not me... so i just use multivitamins and whey protien and for food home brand tuna cans and rice and sometimes i meal of chicken a day...never used any other products but steroids and i get the best results everytime....101kg 14% bodyfat..never used creatine amino acids all this other bullshit they all advertise that ur body needs...liver support multi vitamins and preworkout t hats it....u dont need to spend alot of wasteful money people..
Damnationization (1 year ago)
Were does he live? I recognize the eggs.
mirrorworldx (1 year ago)
the only problem is, the majority of people could never even come close to affording all this stuff. sucks
Adrian Quijano (1 year ago)
600g of protein at fucking day?
michael boskovich (1 year ago)
I Need A Good Protein Powder ...
tim dean (1 year ago)
damn that is crazy $200 a week just on meat, that is why for me even though I have lifted for many years I just am not prepared to outlay that type of money on food to get that big, props to guys that do that, just not my priority.
Mulu Sifuentes (1 year ago)
seem like a great guy , keep up the great content.
growinandmowin (1 year ago)
Thanks for the videos very informative and very motivational !
ufoimtc (1 year ago)
James, how much money does it cost to sustain yourself for a month? I live on a fixed income & am trying to get into better shape on a shoestring budget, any tips?
SeanPMLeviathen (1 year ago)
I've been learning a lot. Thank you for all the time u put into these vids. I'm just starting bodybuilding after being over 300 lbs and tired of it all. I definitely have the genetics for this. I'm putting in the work in the gym and the kitchen so I know I'll get there.
Gia Guruli (1 year ago)
Hey James, I don't know how it's in the US, but over in Europe the farm raised salmon is very dark and orange, but the wild salmon is very pale and natural looking. IDK, maybe it's different species. Just sharing.
Jackie Patterson (1 year ago)
Gia Guruli in the US we had food coloring added in our meats
cbond99 (1 year ago)
Do you buy the MHP Power Pak Pudding & Bragg Amino locally? I can only find it online.
Tristan Blaze (1 year ago)
LOL. I shop at Wegmans too from time to time!
jorge valenzuela (1 year ago)
good stuff man clean food is the way to do it, good stuff bud.
bigtonutz (1 year ago)
tiny with that amount of food you are eating you should be flat as fuck and losing size not gaining.... bro. unless your a genetic freak.. so this shit wont work for everybody. your very disconnected. let me ask you can you take someone and make them look like you??? come on give us a break...this is not rocket science. some people will not grow!!!
34th RLight (1 year ago)
bigtonutz You're kidding right ?? That's more than enough food to grow on.
Mobydick (1 year ago)
That v8 juice is not going to help you very much. Fresh juice has all the benifits, but once you let it settle of a long time, most of the vitamins breaks down.
LiveOrDie (1 year ago)
This is nuts, I eat loads and I only weigh 60kg! I have 150g bag of kettle crisps to snack on throughout the day and they contain 750kcals, 42g of fat, 85g of Carbs and 15g of protein. I have a FULL saucepan of porridge oats for breakfast made with a cup of full fat milk & a spoon of honey.. Then a cup of full fat milk with 3 tablespoons of hemp protein.. Quarter of a bar of 90% dark chocolate. Lunch is battered chicken or beef with fried eggs and half a tin of baked beans.. Dinner is 150g of rice cooked in 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil with 250g of mince with onions and lentils and chopped tomatoes. I don't know where i'm going wrong but I'm not gaining any weight. I had my testosterone levels checked and they were 16.1 or (380) in whatever measurement you use.. I am in my mid 30s so this level isn't good from what I gather.
LiveOrDie (1 year ago)
Man.. You get bonus points for the Gibson beanie.. It would be disappointing to hear you didn't actually play one.
KiLL DoZeR (1 year ago)
cool guy and good vids but come on dont go the full natty route you are on the juice and its ok
Ove Lumiste (1 year ago)
you look pretty shit for such a try hard lol
Ross Singo (1 year ago)
u do realize they tested smart water and its so bad. they tested aload of waters and normal tape waters safer than smart water...
chris miller (1 year ago)
really good video's man! I don't really watch this shit, but this version of learning about building has worked for me. Thanks man
even though you say its healthy and nutritious you look not far away from a heart attack, its to extreme
drugs are just important we all have excess to the same foods don't down play the drugs
The Catacombz (1 year ago)
You would make a hell of a Hagrid. ( Harry Potter character. ) You would be perfect for that roll. P.S I'd rather watch your channel opposed to the mainstream sources. You really know your shit, and break it down pure and simple. Peace and Strength.
pingp0ngpaul (1 year ago)
James what's ur daily macros for bulkin, also what carbs u eat
Mike Nosyt (1 year ago)
mans got aminos in his sauce
Mike Nosyt (1 year ago)
2:03 lol the transition from frustrated to calm was great
Joe Bate (1 year ago)
He's natural
ghettobeats (1 year ago)
93 Bucks just for that tiny pack of meat? Daaaanm!
Edward Wolski (1 year ago)
All fruit and vegetable juices are very tasty,but sorry to say- useless. They are pasteurised to the point,all enzymes and most vitamins gets killed...
Edward Wolski (1 year ago)
Bragg Liquid Aminos are made off soy beans too. Red Baron of Schweidnitz.
Burl - (1 year ago)
Mr. Vest, I just want to say this video helped me a lot to organize a meal plan for myself. I literally just didn't know what to eat. I don't have the funds to purchase the same exact foods you do, but I have substituted to the best of my ability. The gallon of milk a day idea was awesome. That really helped too.
Keith Beacham (1 year ago)
You sound like you live in Philly or somewhere in the Delaware Valley.
sukrit dobhal (1 year ago)
AWESOME VIDEO MAN...The real deal..the diet!
Sal Oregel (1 year ago)
what does this guy do for a living!!?? so expensive !!!!!!
Ely Overennay (1 year ago)
what do you do for work?
Vinchetti Spagetti (1 year ago)
Do you Think it Matters What kind of Whey Isolate that you use? I started Training Strongman, a a legit Facility Wednesday/Friday/Saturday Training Crossfit for mobility and endurance (supplementary, to be faster in competition): Monday, Tuesday Yoga, is Sunday Mornings (Again for Mobility, and Recovery) Thursday's is Always off, I work as a waiter for 12 hours So the reason I wrote all this, Is I want, and I'm trying to create a way of eating so that I can Train hard, recover, and progress efficiently..I love Low Carbs, for mental clarity, and its effect on my overall mood.
joesph gallo (1 year ago)
its a known medical fact that if your going to use steroids you have to keep your protein intake high and calories high , testosterone first then ,and so on
Tom Maitland (1 year ago)
Do you have low carbs every day james?, I've been putting on Abit of fat lately and I feel it's to do with having carbs with every meal
BigRich ! (1 year ago)
i love this channel, you're the most real down to earth guy on the internet. thanks for the knowledge. 💪🏋👍
dieselcoc (1 year ago)
You obviously know what you're doing and I am also very smart about what I put in my body and the risk vs. reward...but smart water is absolute garbage. Tap water is better for you. You should look into it. Get the test strips or testing liquid and see for yourself. I do a gallon to a gallon and a half of distilled water a day...you put out great content. Keep it coming!
bakedown (1 year ago)
Thank you for this, sub'd
adamwilson301 (1 year ago)
Very informative video! Thanks I need to get my diet in check and track it more like this.
James do you suffer from sleep apnea due to your size?
Adam Rogowski (1 year ago)
James is built like Marcus phoenix. You really buy $100 worth of beef and salmon each week? That is cray cray and out of my budget : ( I get most of my protein from lentils, eggs, and chicken breast and probably spend $30 a week max on that.
Ali Carter (1 year ago)
@James Tiny Vest your a legend 😍 could you help coach me ??👌🏻👌🏻
Adrian (1 year ago)
Hey James, what can I do about all of the gas when eating all of this food?
VegetaFlex4Fitness (1 year ago)
James, you could probably save a hellluva lot by making your own pudding. Use protein powder, I use something a little less premium than what I use post workout, so rather than BPI maybe use something a bit cheaper. Mix it with some of that Milk until you got a "butterscotch pudding" kind of texture, you have add some blueberries or in my case, grissini sticks (for crunch) and your on your way. I might be wrong though as I'm not a US resident so I don't know what you can get and for how much but hopefully thats helped :) also if you have a couple of flavours....you can mix and match :)
Jono Fade (1 year ago)
wegmans is expensive!
adam morin (1 year ago)
love fairlife, it's godsend for a sick mofo like me.
Radioactive Smith (1 year ago)
Go hunting when you're off work. If you use a Bow or a Spear (I know, a spear sounds fucking crazy. But, with the right license that's easy to get you can do it). Why I recommend a bow or a spear is because the running and arm work involved is intense, especially with a spear. Then, if you can skin and do everything yourself you can get your meat for free if you sell the hide, if you keep the hide the actual hunting cost would be a good 50$ (Here in Canada anyways). I'm sure fatty natural meats would build immunity like fucking crazy and have a lot more vital nutrients.
arthur r. borquez (1 year ago)
Eating and drinking clean for the most part .are you ever having any problems with ED erectile dysfunction because of your age , or effects from tap water consumption ,or from other chemicals in the meat products . Or does this diet help keep in good health . Thank you Brother , keep up the great work , Love the videos , very helpful.
Poppa Stiffy (1 year ago)
I'm the beauty, your my beast James
jean paul franken (1 year ago)
Gono rrhea im an ass, and your the crap
Brian Washburn (1 year ago)
wow! im over the road truck driver. i stop every three hrs to feed. i thought about preparing my meals like that so it dont take away from my driving time. Good video, thx man for sharing. God bless
jakob (1 year ago)
are you really both lactose AND gluten intolerant? :O wow..
Chosen Won (1 year ago)
It's kind of ironic you go through all this trouble to eat healthy and then turn around and shoot yourself up with roids and probably growth hormone. Come on, James, this isn't in any way healthy.
King Majin (1 year ago)
Bro I spend like close to 100 for all my groceries.... there is no way in hell i can go buy samon and that other meat for 100.. holy crap.
greg ousley (1 year ago)
Thanks for taking the time to do these videos
Dave Atkinson (1 year ago)
Fuck me... if I spent this much money in a week on food, we would lose the house ><
Someguyto (1 year ago)
He does not look that old.
BASryder (1 year ago)
Where did you find that high protein lactose free milk?
Phoenixman (1 year ago)
Wow, dude you are experienced, intelligent in your approach and a monster. I will take your freakin advice and consider it a great source.
Big Ed Scaggs (1 year ago)
Great video bro. you're a breath of fresh air. If you don't mind me asking, How tall, how old, and how much do you weigh ??
Fran-Sez I'Magina (1 year ago)
I recently subbed you Jimmy. I agree with Your all natural approach to nutrition. You blew me away with the 600 grams of protein daily; that is about 10 times what I eat. However, I am not a body builder. I have never seen such an incredible diet like you have, Wow. I have used Bragg Liquid Aminos also, but it does not list MSG on the label like another commenter said. My favorite Sauce has reduced sodium 700 mg per Tablespoon instead of 960 mg in Bragg. I love organic Tamari by San-J and it is Gluten Free and NonGMO. Most of the foods I eat are organic and I buy them online at thrivemarket(dot)com. Good prices. Wishing you well, Frances
looks like he does construction....I would love to find out what he does to pay the bills
+Carlos Domenech LMFAO
Carlos Domenech (1 year ago)
Jackie Williams i bet thats not all u wanna know about him. queer
love the video's bro
robert delamare (1 year ago)
800lb Gorilla (1 year ago)
Check the label on that Bragg's Liquid Aminos. Compare to Kikoman's Lite Soy Sauce. What I found is that if you take the same volume, Kikoman's Lite has less sodium. Bragg's uses a smaller serving size to make it appear to have less sodium. So I've stuck with the Kikoman's which tastes better and is less expensive (especially when purchased in bulk at Costco).
Dave Crouter (1 year ago)
awesome videos man i wish i had of stumbled across this before all the gear hype and piana bullshit love it just had my second boy and been in a lull from the gym after watching a tonne of your vids today i feel empowered to get my diet back and hit iron currently 6'2 and 36 yrs old
Dave Crouter (1 year ago)
was 235lbs before now 215 after being off for 2 months
Materva 1974 (1 year ago)
no beer and french fries? i think ill stick to being out of shape

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