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Bulky Guerrilla Advice

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Bulky Guerrilla Advice
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Tracy LoveMuscle (5 months ago)
Mr. Vest, do you know any open minded 'bouncers' in the New Jersey area? I need a discreet bodybuilder/bouncer for private parties in hotels after bodybuilding contests. Please contact me 973 388 8526
Ornell Waters (7 months ago)
Lmao just found this channel. Tiny you alright homie....
tomas lopez (10 months ago)
Thank you!!!!!
Tuff Bud (10 months ago)
"So...forgive me if I do not feel like going upstairs to put a shirt on..." NOT A PROBLEM, James. In fact, you could even step back a bit more to give those of us who are appreciative a fuller view.
A Mc (1 year ago)
Under one percent of ingested fructose is directly converted to plasma triglyceride. 29% - 54% of fructose is converted in liver to glucose, and about quarter of fructose is converted to lactate. 15% - 18% is converted to glycogen. Glucose and lactate are then used normally as energy to fuel cells all over the body.
Spencer Johnson (1 year ago)
11:00 coffee kicked in lol
Joseph Lesko (1 year ago)
aѕ υѕυal greaт vιd jιм and pleaѕe ĸeep тнeм rollιng ιn ιтѕ ѕaιd тo ѕay тнere ιѕ ғew greaт qυalιтy ιnғo gιverѕ on тнe weв тнeѕe dayѕ вυт yoυ are ғew and ғar мy ғrιend тнanĸѕ agaιn
joachim singh (1 year ago)
hahaha love your ways man. great video and info !
stuart mc mullin (1 year ago)
Hi man , just wanted to let you I am not a body builder but I enjoy your honest approach to life , now I am 300+lbs and after watching you for a while now I am almost ready to get the weight off, a few more Dr appointments and I should be good to go, Thanks again for the content , I am 50 and thought this is just the way it is, now I thinking , not happy so I will change it, so thank you man, slow and steady for a while lose the weight with a little diet, cardio and some weights, and then we will go from there, Stuart, A friend from Cape Breton , Nova Scotia , Canada
RoughHands Co. (1 year ago)
Hey James! Guerrilla making progress here. Little update, been following your guidance for a few weeks now. 4 Weeks straight, 5 lbs lost of fat lost a week. (and some water weight I'd presume) Started 245, down to 225 man. You helped a lot, best channel on YouTube. Cheers from Poland!
Vlada Rodic (1 year ago)
hey James,what do you recomend in regards to last bit of fat. introducing morning cardio as you said,and later in the day im doing weights can i put carbs pre and postworkout or just postworkout? thanks
UnrealTournamentSERB (1 year ago)
nice vid dude
ken buchanan (1 year ago)
taking advice from steroid users is so silly.the grim reaper is waiting for all of them.you smile now,but so does the grim reaper smile and he wait
MrGijom (1 year ago)
Thanks for advising
Canna Medication (1 year ago)
I am 50 started to train back 6 months agao after 20 years. I was 355 pd out of shape obese !!!  After 6 months of hard work and ketogenic diet I am now 265 gain lots of muscular back....... Its all about how bad you wonted and how much effort your going to do!!!!
Tero Pasanen (1 year ago)
Excellent videos! Absolutely some of the best advice on YouTube. A quick remark on the fructose not converting into glycogen, where did you see that said? I quickly checked a few articles and didn't find that. In PubMed article 26606271 (I don't think I can put a link here), for instance, glucose + fructose post-cycling-workout resulted in the same amount of glycogen as with glucose. So, if someone takes blueberries post-workout, it doesn't seem that bad.
Denny Medeiros (1 year ago)
solid advice!! like always.. no B.S...... thank you for your video's, keep them coming!
jason parmelee (1 year ago)
its milk not melk ! I laughed when you said take a dump.Love ya bro! Thanks always for the advice.
Leo Mumford (1 year ago)
I found out recently that you can convert lactose milk to lactose free, using lactase tablets
Drama (1 year ago)
thats so funny i was thinking about trying a liqiud diet earlier when i start cutting again.
Kris Martin (1 year ago)
ken buchanan yeah what he said. James is like 53 and looks better than most IFBB current guys so yeah it goes without saying. that is why you should stfu.
ken buchanan (1 year ago)
hris,this guy tiny is on steroids big time.he's swollen and veins popping out.i grew up in a medical family of doctors and pharmacists and know exactly what it looks like.these youtube guys will never admit it.
SAM FAASUAMANU (1 year ago)
Hey Tiny how do I find your email to email you stuff like this ?
Nelson Quinnell (1 year ago)
What kind of protein were you getting in your liquid diets? How much milk were you drinking per day with this liquid diet?
Nelson Quinnell (1 year ago)
You da man Tiny! I appreciate your no nonsense videos. Also, thanks for introducing me to Fairlife chocolate milk! My wife would like to choke you for it since it is a bit pricey and I'm drinking 2-3 jugs per week, but it is great. Thanks and keep on keeping on!
Ross Angus (1 year ago)
Hey James do you have any experience with people that are lifetime naturals and how big they can get? I'd love to see a video on that 👍
ken buchanan (1 year ago)
hris,this guy tiny is on steroids big time.he's swollen and veins popping out.i grew up in a medical family of doctors and pharmacists and know exactly what it looks like.these youtube guys will never admit it.
tinpandawg (1 year ago)
J.T.V - Thanks for the inspiration Brother appreciate all the vid's!
What What (1 year ago)
can e-mail me if easier. plus have bunch more questions too. Rick42784@yahoo.com. thanks
What What (1 year ago)
on creatine is all im taking and still cant gain weight
What What (1 year ago)
honestly only doing cardio once a week for 20 min. i know i need to do more but im wanting to bulk up rite now and lose fat later. im stuck at 190 and cant seem to get past that. its been almost a year of training no less than 4 days a week for and hour+. i Just started the gallon a day thing and seems be helping with a lil fat.. i try and eat 4 times a day 150+protein, carbs are still there at prolly 80g or so. should i cut the carbs? so honestly thats my real question is how do i get past this 190lb weight? thanks tiny
Nige Ridley (1 year ago)
its normal for the body to eventually get stuck when bulking, its the body once to know what weight its is and once its comfortable being that weight you don't have to eat as much to keep that weight keep that weight for a month or 2 then hit the bulking hard again, I'm 250lbs and being bulking/bodybuilding for14 months, like you I found it easy to put weight on at first then got stuck until I used same plan I said to you.
Maverick (1 year ago)
One of the best fitness channels right now with solid, no bs advice..thanks a lot.. hv noticed the same thing with rapid fat loss after reducing drastically the food at the beginning of the diet.. just not sure if I got it right..u mean reducing the total calories or just replacing the solid food with liquids aka shakes..thanks man
ken buchanan (1 year ago)
hris,this guy tiny is on steroids big time.he's swollen and veins popping out.i grew up in a medical family of doctors and pharmacists and know exactly what it looks like.these youtube guys will never admit it.
JJ JJ (1 year ago)
I was wondering the same thing...reducing calories and/or replacing solid foods with liquids?
What What (1 year ago)
great advice!!
What What (1 year ago)
i need lose some fat my self. im 5.7 190 working out for 5 years and can't seem lose my little gut lol. help
Jody (1 year ago)
I'll add to what James said, coffee! I personally drink coffee just about 24/7. why you ask? I love the taste of coffee. Now perhaps that's why I stay so lean? Maybe.
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
Are you doing effective cardio?  How frequently - how long?  I believe it is best first thing in the A.M., empty stomach except maybe some black coffee and l-carnintine.  Liquid l-carnintine - highest potency available, nice swig 15-20 minutes prior to cardio.  Go 20 minutes in the beginning - 2x a week (believe it or not) will get things moving.  minutes spent getting your heart rate into the fat burning zone do not count toward the 20.  Gallon of water daily a must if you are dropping body fat.  So - out with it brother, what are you currently doing?
Vox Koshka (1 year ago)
This sure was a ramble but oh boy I learned a lot about it. Damn I'm building up brother. Thank you for the encouragement and guidance over the last few months.
Beastt OfRage (1 year ago)
Completely agreed. Complete bullshit about having to lose all your gains when you go off a cycle. You will if you stop eating as you did on the cycle. If you feed the shit and train the same you should only lose some water weight. Maybe if you built a massive amount of extra muscle with drugs and dont have a solid foundation of drug free training. In my case I make permanent muscle memory gains, even if I let myself downsize after a cycle. As soon as I eat and train for it I can get right back to where I was again and usually without having to take anything. Never went heavy on anabolics though. Leaning is new to me, but Im trying it out now. Gut was pushing up acid in my throat 24/7. Hiatal hernia too. I figure losing 8 inches on my gut cant hurt with that. Then I will rebuilt from a cleaner slate. It just accumulated when my metabolism slowed and I had various injury breaks. I learned now not to force feed on breaks. Just eat sometimes when I felt like it. I thought I needed to continue force feeding to minimise muscle loss but it doesnt work. The muscle deflates when its not trained and just got fatter. Ive never had an issue where my muscle didnt re inflate back to where it was after breaks. I took 2 years off and 10 months off before. After 10 months I regained what I lost in about 4 months. Though it was more like I trained for 2 months, took another 2 months off, then came back for another 2 months. So its hard to estimate exactly. I was on HRT only. That helps but I get it back just by training and eating anyway. When I had dental surgery I did a liquid diet for atleast a week. I got much leaner and kept most all my muscle. It wasnt intentional but it does work. KILL THAT SHIT
Beastt OfRage (1 year ago)
+James Tiny Vest Makes sense to me. I dont really have any issues when it comes to the intensity department. Massive volume and most sets to failure. The issue I have is not controlling myself and damaging my fuckin body. So I have to get myself to back off sometimes to keep shit rollin. KEEP KILLIN THAT SHIT !!
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
Right - also, the muscle you have gained is SELF PERPETUATING.  Meaning that as you've gained that muscle, you have also gained strength, and when you come off, if you keep using that muscle by lifting the poundages that muscle can support, then it should be rather easy to keep - gotta support the muscle to keep it.  Clear you plate and lift your weight.
hairfarmer07 (1 year ago)
Enjoying your vids more and more. Thank you.
Jody (1 year ago)
I have never had a fat or over weight problem. But what I do not understand is this.. if a person gets or is fat and wants to loose weight.. you have to move, be active, sweat your monkey ass off. Burn calories.
Seb K (1 year ago)
It is what it is .
YouTube And Chill (1 year ago)
Sometimes the truth can hurt, The advice given was very direct but it was very constructive. Staying fit is much easier then getting fit. I'm coming from over 30% body fat to just under 17% now. Nearly cut my fat in half and maintaining the loss for more then 6 months now(cutting took lots of effort but maintaining is just common sense). Thanks again for your time and efforts.
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
Congrats - we DO around here.
Zero Trace (1 year ago)
Hey Tiny, When you are dieting to become lean, you said you don't eat much and drink lots of liquids. My question is this. How do you deal with hunger? Is there a way you can stave off hunger or do you just live with the hunger pain and press on? My biggest problem with losing weight is dealing with hunger. I have never been good at it and I always end up giving in and eating when I get hungry. Thanks for helping us. Much respect to you.
Zero Trace (1 year ago)
Okay friends, I appreciate the encouragement :) I am going to take everyone's advice and give it a try.
Jody (1 year ago)
+James Tiny Vest See.. the Boss has spoken. You'll get over the urge to eat.. just start out slow and steady. . ease back off the food.
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
Well, truth to tell, that is one of the several reasons I begin so ridiculously extreme like this - because going this restricted, I get over the hunger pangs within a week.  They gradually diminish and my stomach actually begins to shrink, then, when I resume the workload and bring the nutrition back up a bit, I am good and can more easily proceed.
Jody (1 year ago)
What ultimate pumpsays.. fight the urge. You do not have to eat everytime you are hungry. Try this.. you get hungry.. go for a walk. Do some pushups.. anything but eat. You have to want it to get it! Meaning if you want to lose weight.. you. have to stick with a routine!
Robert B (1 year ago)
Dude of coarse ur gonna be hungry when ur dieting, it's something we all have to fight. Just hang in there and fight the urge the best u can. Keep at it Man U can do it
NPC Bodybuilder (1 year ago)
hey bro could you please post a few training vids? I'd like to see some of your old school training. thanks
pelikhano (1 year ago)
Hi there big guy. What you said about fructose at 21:00... There's a study (yes I know.... there always is lol....) that says otherwise. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/9781312/ GREETS FROM BELGIUM and keep it up big man. Love your content!
James Tiny Vest (1 year ago)
Absolutely, brother.  There will be a lot more and a lot more intensity - in about another week (due to my "diet" right now) until then, I may posy some thing in the gym (like the "handle" arm video I posted last night) but please forgive my shite appearance and performance.
Chris_ Chandley (1 year ago)

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