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How the World's Softest Wool is Made

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On a remote island miles off the coast of Scotland, Mati Ventrillon makes hotly sought-after Fair Isle sweaters according to traditions that are centuries old. Made is a series of simple, gorgeous short films that demonstrate how everyday luxury objects are made, and honor the process and artisans behind them. ---------- Like this video? Subscribe to Bloomberg on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Bloomberg?sub_confirmation=1 Bloomberg is the First Word in business news, delivering breaking news & analysis, up-to-the-minute market data, features, profiles and more: http://www.bloomberg.com Connect with us on... Twitter: https://twitter.com/business Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bloombergbusiness Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bloombergbusiness/
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Text Comments (82)
Mr. Tarafder (14 hours ago)
This series should be named how useless pricey stuff are made for the rich 1%
farhan zainan (23 hours ago)
If I lived in a country where it requires a wool jumper. I will definitely buy one from this lady. The amount of work and hours spent from the sheep to the final products deserved a respects.
Nelson Gonzalez (3 days ago)
Some things are just best left to traditional methods, industrialisation has its limits. Wonderful garments.
waseeem M. (3 days ago)
the softest wool in the world is found in Kashmir known as Pashmina or Cashmere.
Kogaion78 (4 days ago)
softest wool is from.....saxon merino ?!.....
Abhishek Soni (5 days ago)
"Softest wool" on what criteria? Are there any scientific numbers to support this claim? Or it is supposed to be best just because white people are making it? Best wines, best cheese, best pasta, best this best that.. European propaganda.
noah lawrence (7 days ago)
Cuts the sheep with scissors uses machine to knit for her
Shoulders of Giants (13 days ago)
by totally keeping a whole landscape barren & empty.
Pranai Menon (16 days ago)
Softest wool is pashmina wool
Enso ,LLC (17 days ago)
Wow worth the price I think.
Liljana m (19 days ago)
Polychromos ♡
Dark Soul (20 days ago)
So beautiful life 😊😊...
Cynthia Lee (21 days ago)
What a dream job
manjeet singh (23 days ago)
I love the place more than wool.
Waheed Rafiq (26 days ago)
Where can I buy one of her items from ?
Hendy Hans (1 month ago)
I just can say You are wonderful
Graham Connell (1 month ago)
This is awesome
Dewata Awan Berapi (1 month ago)
Ant T (4 months ago)
Beautiful piece, no wonder Chanel wanted to copy your work.
bostero y boliviano (5 months ago)
I wish I could caress mati's wool...😜
Adrian Weber (5 months ago)
cute sheep!
1evanc (7 months ago)
No problem using the wool but those jumpers will be so itchy, we've moved on from this!
Jorg Cooper (4 months ago)
greenknitter (9 months ago)
Nicely made jumpers but not as authentic as the film would have you believe. Lots of slick marketing going on for her "brand". There are those on the island who disagree with her using machines as Fair Isle jumpers are traditionally hand knit, not made on machines. The hand knit ones are the real deal and will cost $600 and have a waiting list of 3 years to get one. Funny how she never mentions them LOL
greenknitter The documentary was about my work not about the island therefore the focus on my things and not on what other knitters do in the island. I will advice you to check the information you got about the making of garments in Fair Isle, because all the other knitters make their garments using the same machines. Hollie Shaw and Triona Thomson from ‘Fair Isle made in Fair Isle’ and Elizabeth Riddiford from ‘Exclusively Fair Isle’ all knit with machines; in fact the island has been producing garments with hand frame knitting machines for over 30 years. I am the only business offering a truly bespoke service and the only wanting to grow and expand to create a made in Fair Isle label in order to make the real product accessible to most markets. Since the documentary we now have 2 new projects, Fair Isle Artisans which focuses on passing on skills and creating competitive jobs in the island and MV Collection, making the garments accessible to younger people and promoting Shetland wool commercially.
Sigkim (5 months ago)
Fair enough but how much more would they be if the entire process was done by hand? How many could she produce in a "season?" Not to mention, she is in no way hiding the method of production and I would bid, using this machine might make for a more consistent product. You might better answer that question of course, I have NO idea what it takes to make one by hand. What would be a fair price for the "sweater" she showed at 160 "euro"...if made completely by hand? OH..im not commenting all the above to try and "argue" with you, I'm just curious AND, in awe of the process:) Cheers!!
차미숙 (11 months ago)
Thea O'Grady (11 months ago)
Great video! I loved it all-scenery, music, sheep, wool, knitting, yarn.... All of this filmed with great understanding. Thank you!
pamela fromenthal (11 months ago)
Your information is very awesome thank you for taking the time to pass on tradition.
Malik Jalal Ud Din (11 months ago)
kevin007515 (1 year ago)
So she's French? Anyway, I'm tempted to buy.
Chuy Morales (1 year ago)
I thought she made them by hand very big let down
Sigkim (5 months ago)
LOL...160 would soon be 360.
vivek kailash (1 year ago)
Shetland..i loved that serial..
Eldar Tokov (1 year ago)
Hi from Karachay, Caucasus!) very inspiring, keep it up! I find a lot in common between our native culture and Scottish culture.
Marc Ben (1 year ago)
she's not actually knitting, the machine is. although i do like the idea of being able to program the machine with the punch sheet. doing this by hand is more authentic but quite time consuming.
xeepromx (10 days ago)
and the hand knitters aren't actually knitting either. the knitting needles are.
Ariff K. (1 year ago)
It looks like it doesnt itch
fd11fd33fd99 (1 year ago)
Looks pretty boring life to me....
Austin Massey (1 year ago)
how the wool is made *ten second video of a sheep*
El Presidente (1 year ago)
I don't know about you people but has anyone ever heard of Kashmiri​ wool !
Marvin Cadigal (4 months ago)
El Presidente *Cashmere
Joshua Peng (1 year ago)
Avitar Magnus (1 year ago)
Its good but not as good quality As Irelands Erin isles made by nuns or the Marino sheep in new zealand or southern chile do your home work and buy and test and you will see!
anon (1 year ago)
lol thtey probably inbreed there
BiBiN DaS (1 year ago)
i will pay upto 350 euro fore that natural hand made dress
BiBiN DaS (1 year ago)
thats very much intresting and very passionate and fells like more close to earth
Rommel V (1 year ago)
Im sure she lives a happy and fulfilling life with a lot less stress than the rest of us. This is life like nature intended.
FaultLine (5 days ago)
Nature intended us to die at 30 what the fuck are you on about
anon (1 year ago)
lifes better if you have money
Chloe Bell (1 year ago)
The sweaters are gorgeous and worth every penney!!!
White Mail Privilege (5 months ago)
Chloe Bell Mmm Penne pasta. I'm getting hungry 😩
Zinger (1 year ago)
That's one very ugly sweater for 160 euros.
greenknitter (9 months ago)
Keeps them in it you mean. How much of a $5 sweater do you think does to the person who makes it? watch some documentaries about the wretched lives and working conditions of those slaving for 12 hours every day in third world sweat shops before talking such nonsense. I have and most barely have enough food to eat and often have to choose between eating and having medicine for their children just so you and other Westerners can have your crappily made cheap clothing.
anon (1 year ago)
you can afford it. most people are happy with their 5 dollar sweater which lifts millions of women out of poverty.
Raj Lowkie (1 year ago)
Zinger, It's free trade, unique, warm, wonderful, and I don't look like part of an army of robots, I'll pay more for the latter.
TheAstronomyDude (1 year ago)
I wanna buy 10!!! 160 pounds for a Shetland sweater?! I pay that much for chinese made cashmere monochrome sweater in toronto, if I'm lucky and it's on sale.
C. Lincoln (1 year ago)
Over rated, terrible design, itchy as fuck, garbage shirt. Give me a jumper made in Asia for $20 thank you very much.
Rifky Husein (10 months ago)
C. Lincoln that's because you got the cheap ripoff Chinese wool
C. Lincoln (1 year ago)
Nope, and I have no intentions of ever trying one. I did own a sweater when I was a kid ..... and I remember how fucking itchy they were.
Ariff K. (1 year ago)
C. Lincoln have you ever tried one?
Training Grounds (1 year ago)
This is what life is all about. We just need to live with the earth. What a remarkable woman! A breath of fresh air. Would that we all lived with the earth. Praise God and bless you from on high!
Mati Ventrillon (1 year ago)
Training Grounds thank you for such lovely comment. Fair Isle has given a new purpose to my life...
Spooksandooks (1 year ago)
Wool seems softer when the source is remote 😂
melonbarmonster (1 year ago)
Subs needed
J.R. Smith (1 year ago)
Everything is beautiful about this video! Perfection!
Banka (1 year ago)
weird accent almost sounds swedish
Lukasz S (1 year ago)
mcgeebag1 I always wanted to visit unfortunately I have not :(
wallacepearse (1 year ago)
+mcgeebag1 "Ventrillon – a French-Venezuelan designer who has been working on Fair Isle for eight years – lives on the island’s far southwestern corner. She knits and sells bespoke Fair Isle sweaters, continuing a tradition passed on by generations before her."
wallacepearse (1 year ago)
+mcgeebag1 Sounds more like South American to me with a slight Scottish influence.
mcgeebag1 (1 year ago)
Lukasz S I lived in Orkney for a few years (just south of Shetland). The Shetland accent is a mix of a Scottish and Norwegian accent, which is not surprising given its location. Her accent is fairly typical of the Shetland accent.
Lukasz S (1 year ago)
I lived in Scotland, Edinburgh for almost 10 year. Different part of a country have slightly different accents however that was my thought as well immediately after I played this video :)
Orlie John (1 year ago)
tarek alsaidy (1 year ago)
Sigkim (5 months ago)
Great, now you have to buy a sweater:)

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