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TRT Optimum Protocols & Estrogen Control Methods w/ Dr. John Crisler

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When it comes creating the most normal hormonal landscape inside the body, what protocols, substances and dosages make the most impact and ensure that the body benefits? This week, we discuss this with TRT expert, author and founder of All Things Men Dr. John Crisler and discuss optimal treatment protocols and estrogen control. Three Takeaways Entropy is part of youth, the more variability you have in your hormones, the younger you are. We’re all biochemically unique, there is no one size fits all approach for any of us. The goal of TRT is for a man to be on it and not have his body notice it. The aim is to recreate a normal hormonal landscape deep inside the body. At the start of the episode, Dr. John told us about his background and how he became involved in medicine with the aim of building a practice that would take care of body builders. Next, we discussed how doctors are managing endocrine systems and what it was like in the early days of the practice. We also talked about estrogen management and the reasons for the high estrogen problem a lot of young men are facing. John says, “all males are being assaulted constantly by estrogen substances whether it’s soy products, pesticides, BPAs etc.” We discussed optimal treatment protocols and how Dr. John starts with the medical history, “80% of your diagnosis is going to be made on your medical history.” We also discussed how to stimulate the system for patients under 40. We also talked about Clomifene, DHEA, HCG and aromatase inhibitors. We also discussed the choice between transdermals and shots when it comes to TRT. For a young male, gels mimic normal hormonal levels more closely that shots. They are variable through the day and stable across the week, whereas a shot is variable across the week and stable through the day. Towards the end of the show, we also discussed subcutaneous injections. HRT for males under 40 requires system stimulation. Whatever protocols you employ should take into account the fact that hormones in younger men are more variable. The best protocol is a combination of HCG, a testosterone and some estrogen control along with DHEA. It’s important to remember that we’re all biochemically unique, so there is no one size fits all approach for any of us Guest Bio "Dr John" Crisler is a world renowned author and expert on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), having created several treatment protocols which have changed the way physicians everywhere care for their patients. There are good reasons why men have travelled to be seen by him from every state as well as dozens of foreign countries: "Dr John" successfully treats the tough cases. Learn more about Optimizing Your Health, Reversing Your Aging Process and All Things Testosterone and TRT: http://trtrevolution.com/. To Get Your FREE Copy of the Amazon Best Selling TRT MANual: http://trtrevolution.com/pdf To GET Your Blood Levels CHEKD From Your Home or Office: http://chekd.com/trtrevolution To Sign up for the Ask Jay and Jim Podcast http://bit.ly/2a88YEX To Optimize Your Life from Every Conceivable Angle http://trtrevolution.com/coaching
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D. Dasco (9 days ago)
People : Dr. Crisler is not doing anything special, in fact, he is basically a salesman, continually trying to appear uniquie; he was the one of the few HRT doctors many years ago that pulled men in offering additional compounds but looking at his meducation selection now, this nothing you cant get from a regular doctor and many you can simply purchase on your own like DHEA.
Juhana Tegelberg (10 days ago)
What is the proper range for the LC-MS/MS estradiol test for a man in his 30's?
Jay Campbell (10 days ago)
There is no such thing. Smart Doctors go by symptoms and side effects. If you have none, the lab measurement number is meaningless. All of this is explained in the TOTBible.com. It should be required reading for every Man over the age of 25 on the planet interested in maintaining his health for life.
Jay L (12 days ago)
How can I see that doctor
The Dude (5 days ago)
Jay what are your thoughts on Dr John starting a patient out using several drugs at the start of treatment? I know you've said before you just want to see someone start out with just testosterone only for example to better be able to tell which drug is causing side effects.
D. Dasco (9 days ago)
Jay L: Dr. Crisler is not doing anything special, in fact, he is basically a salesman, continually trying to appear uniquie; he was the one of the few HRT doctors many years ago that pulled men in offering additional compounds but looking at his meducation selection now, this nothing you cant get from a regular doctor and many you can simply purchase on your own like DHEA.
Jay Campbell (10 days ago)
TheDJRStyles (19 days ago)
I was on hcg and gh and ended up with hyperthyroidism
Jimmy Desir (12 days ago)
TheDJRStyles don’t give up bro, go back and make sure you get a bloodwork to make a baseline and make sure to get monitored bro
Jorge carrejo (5 months ago)
Your checkd link doesn't work.. I would like to have my estrogen level checked..
Odin Aesthetic (5 months ago)
Bought both their books. The top guys. Along with Nelson vergel they are the holy trinity.
Ben (9 months ago)
There's life before TRT, and after; it's like a caveman discovering fire...great work!
Homegrown Health (10 months ago)
Dr John is my friend
The Lifting Dermatologist (46 minutes ago)
Homegrown Health mine too !😎
Ryan Comstock (11 months ago)
Such a great podcast. Jay Campbell asks amazing questions.
Audit The Fed (1 year ago)
Hey Rex, your voice sounds exactly like RussianVids
J. Allen (1 year ago)
What was that about a 'troque' of DHA ? spelling?
J. Allen (1 year ago)
+Thats Wright obviously I am aiming to be under the E2 production level using cypionate and DHEA...without the need for an AI... I'm still titrating the T dose yet. Who may I ask is this strength coach and possibly a YouTube link to that DHEA discussion if you have time. I'm a strength guy myself. Thanks 👊
Thats Wright (1 year ago)
J. Allen Dr. Recommends higher dosage. The protocol I provided comes from a highly regarded Strength Coach. You could use with TRT as TRT reduces natural DHEA production. However, watch your E2 levels and adjust your DHEA dosage, or use an Aromatase Inhibitor to control excess estrogen spill over.
J. Allen (1 year ago)
+Thats Wright very helpful thank you. I understood everything. So Dr. C is recommending 5mg morning and 5mg at night...avoids the bolus dose correct? I have a powder pill... Have you found breaking a cap and using 5mg subL works better? Also, are you using this with TRT? Results with both if you are? Thanks again.
Thats Wright (1 year ago)
He means sublingual. If you buy micronized DHEA in a capsule, you can open the capsule and allow the powder to dissolve under your tongue. Anything over 10mg is a bolus dose and can inhibit your body's natural production and could cause hair loss or prostate issues. Use 5mg once or twice daily... did wonders for my libido and exercise recovery.
Halse82 (1 year ago)
Hey trt-doc great talk! how many units of hcg a week when injecting 300mg of test e a week? Is it to be used from first week of test until the last week?
mnags57 (1 year ago)
Idk I was taking only 12.5mg clomid eod with defy and my labs were all perfect. Total T near 1000 and Free was double the top end of the range. Felt no difference whatsoever.
The Dude (5 days ago)
mnags57 are you still using defy?
Ray Cartagena IV (5 months ago)
mnags57 do you mean DEFY out of Florida?
Halse82 (1 year ago)
tons of info over there,thanks again!
mnags57 (1 year ago)
I suggest you go to reddit/testosterone and read the wiki and then make a post there
Halse82 (1 year ago)
could you please list me what to check for when doing blood? My doc here in norway is not very into this kind of treatment/usage,but he would prescribe me the aromasin clomid and nolva that i need.
Shawn C (1 year ago)
I just purchased the book and sent you an email Jay. Looking forward to hearing back, great stuff!
Digiclear 333 (1 year ago)
Grew video guys.. pleasure to hear from Dr. Crisler
Lucent Index (1 year ago)
Having moved from Tostran Gel to Sustanon 250 (14days inn protocol) after two years I'm now not feeling great again and has some gyno symptoms. Uk doctors are terrible with this. I seeking some advise regarding lab work and AI usage please.
Oliver Wilson-Hall (1 year ago)
Andy D self Inject and split the dose. You'll aromatase far less. :)
TRT Revolution (1 year ago)
Andy Diamond Send me an email. Jay@trtrevolution.com
Anthony Shaw (1 year ago)
Great video.... just had a question...I recently switched from pellets to injections...my doc has me taking one injection per week...starting off with 250mg a week...will probably lower it after we see blood work...my doc gives me 4 needles per month...if you split your dose in half .do two injections per week...can you use the same needle...use half of the cypionate, and inject the other half later in the week. with the same needle...just clean it really good with alcohol....and also, what size needle is he using? did Dr say 21 or 29
Shawn C (1 year ago)
Bro go to liquidationsoutlet.com and get them super cheap. it's less than $20 for 2-3 months worth
Anthony Shaw (1 year ago)
Okay....thanks Jay
TRT Revolution (1 year ago)
No Man. Buy more needles. This is silly stuff. And please read my book. TRTRevolution.com/book
Jamal Mirzada (1 year ago)
A question, if you have secondary hypogonadism and decide to take clomid, can you still reach optimal levels of Testosterone??
Jaddy Jacobs (1 year ago)
TRT Revolu
Jamal Mirzada (1 year ago)
I appreciate the quick response, I have purchased and read both your book and Dr. Crislers book. I have an appointment with Dr. Saya in one month. I just want to be at optimal levels if I am going to be on TRT or TT for the rest of my life. Another question, if I am on HCG longterm, won't that downregulate the LH receptors throughout the body??
TRT Revolution (1 year ago)
Potentially but every individual is different brother. Impossible to say honestly without clinical dosing and evaluation by a progressive physician.
Umer Malik (1 year ago)
Need more of dr john crisler please
Umer Malik (1 year ago)
Great wisdom!

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