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Excited to share with you my PCOS weight loss success story! You are not alone! I would love to hear your story in the comments. --------------- INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/nutritioncure/ FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/yournutritioncure Holistic inspirations, recipes and plant-based living
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Philly G (2 months ago)
Thank you for this video and speaking or eloquently! Nothing annoys me more than watching a video on a serious matter when someone is talking like a damn valley girl!
mariam mohammed (2 months ago)
I have PCOS and I'm a 3rd year medical student...stress is in our lives no matter what!!
Aishwarya v (4 months ago)
Niceeeeeeee I'm ur new subscriber
Snehal kele (4 months ago)
Did you lose all that belly fat with just food ? Or you had to add exercise?
Egor Savchenko (5 months ago)
This is the best diet book I think, on WooPep website.
TooBlessed 2BStressed (6 months ago)
My nutritionist told me that olive oil should never be heated...It actually becomes poisonous to our systems..Should always be used and stored cold. I was told to use grapeseed and coconut oil for cooking 😉
Paula Cameron (6 months ago)
I've just started to change my diet because of pcos..yea the weight is really annoying
Shayna Smith (6 months ago)
JiGzSoSweet (6 months ago)
I think it's the diary in the states in Canada they are not allowed to put hormones in diary cows it's illegal.
uma pipdika (7 months ago)
I m 36 yr female..and 78 kg and have pcos...will i look manly or bulky if i lift weights..?
bella tague (6 months ago)
uma pipdika it takes so much weight lifting to get to the point that ur manly or bulky. I do cross fit an hour and a half twice to three times a week and walk a little more than 30 miles a week for a while now and it doesn't make you bulky it makes you more toned though
Vanshikha (7 months ago)
I have pcod. I want to know what exercise I should do? Doctor has asked me to reduce 5 kg weight. I need to know if we actually get fatty or like more chubby after sometime when we leave the gym
Ana Rangel (7 months ago)
I’m currently going through this, It’s extremely frustrating, I’ve been trying so hard but to no success, thank you so much for your videos( channel) 😊❤️
Your Nutrition Cure (7 months ago)
Ana Rangel Hi Ana! Thank you for your kind words and stay strong ❤️❤️
JemiQui77 (7 months ago)
I was diagnosed with PCOS about a year ago. Since then I've started doing the Keto diet and yoga. Glad to know I'm on the best track. Since I started trying to be healthier I've lost about 75lbs. Just looking around for some little hints and tricks to boost the belly in particular. Thank you for making this video!
JemiQui77 (7 months ago)
Rupsa Banerjee I did a mixed variety of different types of yoga. There are tons of great videos on YouTube.
Rupsa Banerjee (7 months ago)
JemiQui77 That's really great to know, what kind of yoga exercises did you do to aid weight loss?
Scarlett Rock (8 months ago)
My weight is 86 kgs and my sugar is 103 and I am 27 years old I am unmarried ..... And I am fed up with my weight . I knew this by my doctor a week before that I am suffering with pcos..... Plz tell me what should I do to lose my weight ? And yes forgot to mention about constipation problem?
Scarlett Rock (8 months ago)
Hi there I have a question plz answer it. Are oranges and other citris fruits ,and boiled eggs are good in pcos diet?
Carol Turner (4 months ago)
These types of results we’re never foreseen by me. I never thought in days that I would be able to shed 9 pounds. All it took was a google search just for this diet “sowo hope site” for me to learn all of this. You need to give it a go. Google and study on the topic.
Aliyyah Aslam (9 months ago)
I was recently diagnosed with pcos and i felt so depressed and alone but your channel helped me to learn how to manage it naturally. I really appreciate that. Anyway may i know if doing crossfit will aggravate or helps me with my pcos symptoms?
Your Nutrition Cure (9 months ago)
Aliyyah Aslam Crossfit 3x a week is great! Such a good workout:) Glad you're enjoying the content 💗💗
twinkle star (9 months ago)
You are very honest very genuine god bless 😊
Your Nutrition Cure (9 months ago)
Thank you girl!! <3
Talia Cohen (10 months ago)
Hi! Thanks for the video. Can you share what your macros were/are to transform your body? I have been doing a lot of weight training combined with HIIT for the last few months without seeing results. I'm not sure if it's my diet or what. Thank you!!
Anna Skovmand (10 months ago)
Thank you! I was diagnosed today and your videos are really helping me!
Maggie Wyckoff (10 months ago)
This is probably the best video for this I've found so far. Almost every other one I've seen either involves going vegan (which I can't do because of blood sugar problems related to my PCOS) or discreet ways of starving yourself. This is actually helpful and healthy things that can be done. Thank you so so so much.
Your Nutrition Cure (10 months ago)
Yay! So happy to hear you enjoyed it. Connect with me on Instagram:) I share a lot of nutritional info on a daily there!
Emi Gaitan (11 months ago)
I would like to know your journey to college and education since I am very interested in nutrition
Hattie Cole (4 months ago)
My partner and i tried this diet program myself having seen how my buddy benefited as a result. At first I of course wanted to accomplish this and I have lost a grand full of 10pounds from the “sowo hope site” (Google it). This really was a life changer for me and I feel much healthier.
Sadé (11 months ago)
thank you ❤️
k k (11 months ago)
hello...could u pls tell some exercise to do, which will really help with pcos..Pls make a vedio on that too..with some exercise....Pls
KA I CA (11 months ago)
Hi. Just found this channel! I find it very helpful 👍🏼! Are you vegan?
Leigh Booker (11 months ago)
I was diagnosed with PCOS on Tuesday. Your channel is really helping me understand my condition. Thank you❤️
Miriam R'kik (11 months ago)
Can you do a day in a life with pcos
Joe and Naomi Krepfle (6 months ago)
Miriam R'kik wake up tired, then mood swings, nausea along with breakfast, bloating and intestinal upset with lunch, fatigue in the afternoon, gut wrenching ovary pain in the evening, and a night of insomnia. Life.
Sarah El-Gohary (1 year ago)
What do you think of Intermittent Fasting? I did it for 30 days and I noticed that my period wasn't that late like it usually does! And I kind of lost a little bit weight..
Sintija Str. (1 year ago)
Did you ever got pregnant after pcos? Thanks
Sintija Str. (1 year ago)
I totally agree with stress thing. I actually believe that stress caused me pcos.
Haley B (2 months ago)
You’re born with PCOS
N. Ali (5 months ago)
Same here
Sintija Str. (10 months ago)
Stella Anais M everybody is saying nobody knows the cause of pcos. But I think stress caused me this and I believe it could be a strong reason for pcos. Because, stress ruins your hormones. I was fine before. But then I got so much stress, I could feel this electricity in my body I cried every day. And after I got so painful period, I felt like I gonna die from pain. And I discovered pcos. Best advice I can give you is try to manage your stress, be calm.. Have a healthy diet, little but exercise and you will be fine. Other thing that helped me is Acupuncture. I had painful period, ovary hurt every day, for one year. I went to 2 Acupuncture sessions and since that day I haven't got any pain. My period is more regular and it really, really helped. Try that if you want.. But don't take those birth control, it just masks the problem it doesn't solve it.
Stella Anais M (10 months ago)
Sintija Rudene is that possible? Because I kinda supect that with me too, maybe that I was always prone to it but that I got after a really stressful year
Christie Cline (1 year ago)
Hey! Are you vegan or were you able to lose that weight without a vegan diet?
NayleeOnTheDaily 12 (1 year ago)
I have Endo and PCOS and this video helped so much i feel so alone because i dont know anyone that has this so no one knows the pain i go through and how much it bothers me about my weight and also infertility. Thank you!
Your Nutrition Cure (1 year ago)
I am so happy to hear the videos are helping you! There is a very supportive community of ladies under these videos, we can all understand each other :) Wishing you the best :*
Myra Heath (4 months ago)
I only tried this weight loss diet after my friend bragged about it. Then I decided to join in because she lost 18 lbs from this. Have a look at “sowo hope site” on google.
Toral Varsani (1 year ago)
Your channel is seriously amazing! I started showing symptoms of PCOS when i was 16... excess facial hair, hair fall, terrible acne, depression, stress, mood swings, painful periods when i got them once in a while.. I never got my periods and it took 6-7 months for it come so i visited a doctor and she recommended for a healthy diet and that meant having less carbs and sugary food stuff which i loved..she prescribed metformnin 850 mg and this was in the year 2015 when i was 84 kg but after exercising and having a regular diet that is peppermint tea in the morning with a nutritional breakfast, a good lunch(all veggies) and a light dinner for about a year..i managed to shed 15 kg!! It was a life changing moment for me honestly... But recently i gained 5 kg all due to lots and lots of carbs and chocolates and other junk... i realised my periods stopped for 3 months and today my report scans showed multiple little cysts in my ovaries... its like going through the same process all over again and its damn agonizing having to hide all that facial and all that acne...but after watching a few of your videos makes me feel im not alone... and youre really giving hope to women with PCOS which is a great deed so thank you so much!
HeeJin Kim (1 year ago)
Would be awesome if you could share your references!
Sahib Kaur (1 year ago)
love u girl thank u so much for dis informative video😘
inspiredmom824 (1 year ago)
I'm glad I found your channel. When I was first diagnosed with pcos I didn't struggle with weight. Now I'm 60 pounds over weight and it is so discouraging to try and not get anywhere.
Loving Shiel (1 year ago)
I am PCOS patient but I love to it. 😢😢😢 my stomach is craving like hell!, every now and then.! 😣 And I feel lazy doing exercise. 😭
Ankita Choudhury (1 year ago)
u keep me motivated.. <3
Your Nutrition Cure (1 year ago)
so happy to hear!! :)
Patricia Jackson (4 months ago)
Within the seventh day mark I had already shed 7 lbs from just following “sowo hope site” (Google it). Google provided me some amazing tips.
Brittany Thomas (1 year ago)
Can I cook fried food with PCOS?
chachisweetie91 (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for this video it's very helpful!
precious chukwu (1 year ago)
i got diagnosed 2 years ago ive done a lot of weight loss journeys i feel really awful i tried losing weight but my stomach looks bigger i didn't loose abdominal fat .. i really look disgusting ... i don't know if i need a special diet ..i love the video but im just at that point i may just give up .. but thanks for the tips .. subbing now i guess i need to watch your videos frequently ...
precious chukwu (1 year ago)
thank you soo much .. ill try to reduce the pressure i put on myself
Your Nutrition Cure (1 year ago)
Don't give up! Focus on slow progress, there is no rush! You're not in a race:)
cheyenne • (1 year ago)
I'm so glad to know I'm not alone! 😭💗
Patricia Jackson (4 months ago)
In the seventh day mark I had already shed 9 pounds from just following “sowo hope site” (Google it). Thanks to Google, I could find this great plan
jalouxdelabanane (1 year ago)
Youre so inspirational 🌟🌟🌟 Could you maybe do a video about your exercise routine because youre like my PCOS body goals 😍 Also anyone with PCOS, drinking a cup of mint tea 2 times a day supposedly helps with androgen levels - for me after starting this I haven't had any new acne ☺️
Deborah Adeboye (1 month ago)
jalouxdelabanane what’s pcos
lazycatlux (10 months ago)
jalouxdelabanane Sadly that won't help me... I already inhale mint tea
Dina Ibrahim (1 year ago)
I thought HIT would increase cortisol?
Your Nutrition Cure (1 year ago)
Dina Ibrahim Yes, every exercise does briefly. That's why it's important to take rest days:)
Valeria Sanchez (1 year ago)
I just got diagnosed yesterday!! It makes so much sense now why I have such a hard time losing weight. Love your videos!
Caramel 35 (1 year ago)
I went gluten free and noticed a HUGE difference. I lost belly fat and felt so much better.
Your Nutrition Cure (1 year ago)
So happy to hear that!
H. S. (1 year ago)
I have a lot of issues with dairy. Once I took it from my diet I started to feel better.
Your Nutrition Cure (1 year ago)
H. S. Good for you! It's amazing to find out what you're body doesn't tolerate. It helps you feel amazing! I can have minimal diary but if I have a yogurt a week I would break out the next day! Crazy!
Team Jadine (1 year ago)
Starting to love your channel 💓 Thank you for such a beneficial info! I've been diagnosed with pcos for 4 years until now and I hope you will be the answer for all my struggles and get rid of my pcos! Hoping for more motivational videos 💓
Your Nutrition Cure (1 year ago)
Thank you girl! I am so glad you're loving them. I will share everything I know helped me in this channel:) Stay tuned!
Lily Bae (1 year ago)
Is me consuming whey protein something you think I should switch to vegan protein?
Carina (1 year ago)
Lily Bae vegan protein is definitely better. So so much healthier for humans!
Sonam Mahapatra (1 year ago)
I watched all pcos related videos on ur channel...they are really helpful...I m having pcos from past 1.5 years and still struggling... thanks for the tips... do checkout my channel if you like...lots of love for helping out fellow pcos victims ❤
Kush Garcha (1 year ago)
I'm just curious too much cardio will raise cortisol levels? I use to do 1 and 1/2 hour at the gym with weights combined. Only lost 10 !bs after 3 months! :(
Raquel Pupo (1 month ago)
This happened to me. I was doing HIIT and gained a ton of weight because it was increasing my cortisol stress hormones from the adrenal cortex. Now I do weights first then a nice long cardio session that won't tax my adrenal glands.
KDLC (11 months ago)
Kush Garcha I agree with Cristina. When I did spin class or kickboxing, I would get margarines and I wasn't losing weight. I did barre, lagree, Pilates, and yoga and my body surprisingly responded well to it. Best of luck to you!!
Cristina Popa (11 months ago)
Kush Garcha I dont know but I used to do loads of cardio until I figured out it wasn't working at all. Now I combine short high intensity cardio workouts with resistance training and it makes such a huge difference. I feel better and I'm burning fat a lot faster because muscle training will keep burning fat long after ur done exercising.
Doaa ahhmad (1 year ago)
How long does it take to loose the belly fat It's really annoying
Shari_ moh4d (4 months ago)
hey, hows it going? u still using birth control?
Polarxized (1 year ago)
Your Nutrition Cure what did you do for a month to lose weight? :( I was recently diagnosed with it and now currently am on birth control..
Your Nutrition Cure (1 year ago)
It depends on how hard you work and your body:) It took me a month of strict adherence to my diet to see a big difference! Good Luck!
Ghfg Aaaa (1 year ago)
hi ..i.like your videos ,these are informative. I am pcos patient since I was 17 year old I take allopathic medicine once I recover but after few months later I again diagnosed with pcos that time I was stuck in my studies so I don't take too much attention and have lack of knowledge about healthy diet.. I maintained my weight during these years but after 5 years now I'm 22 I got my regular periods this time I.cutoff all my medicine and only trying to heal my pcos with diet and exercise but I am not able to lose my weight to last 4 months even not a half kg .my weight is 65 kg and I have to lose 13 to 15 kg.. I found your channel ..can you help me to reduce my weight...
Your Nutrition Cure (1 year ago)
Ghfg Aaaa Thank you for stopping by! I will be posting a meal plan idea for PCOS tonight. That may help you get some ideas about healthier meals:)! Just stick to exercise and diet and it will pay off!!
Jessie hamilton (1 year ago)
Since I was little I have always had a bloated stomach, at First they thought I had a bowl problem but last year I went to the doctors after my sister got diagnosed with PCOS to see if I had it as I had all of the symptoms it turns out I do at only the age of 15! This video and all of your videos are very helpful and it's good to know that if I needed any info I can just come here! 💕
lazycatlux (10 months ago)
Jessie hamilton I just got diagnosed at the age of 18. But I've had the symptoms since I was 12-13 I also have a bloated stomach but I don't know if that's due to my PCOS or my weird intestines...
Malini S (1 year ago)
Jessie hamilton me 2!
Fanny Persdotter (1 year ago)
Thank you so much. You gave me the hope back <3
Your Nutrition Cure (1 year ago)
Fanny Persdotter Thank you Fanny, means so much to me!! You can do it:)!
Ankita Bharadwaj (1 year ago)
what should a lean women with pcos do to control the hormonal balance?
Your Nutrition Cure (1 year ago)
Ankita Bharadwaj Hey! Watch my supplement video or PCOS morning routine, it will give you ideas!! ❤️
Lea Helen Alieva (1 year ago)
you would recomend interval training vs running for as long as you can (myself 3-4 minutes) and then taking a long steady brake but repeeting that for atleast 4 times during say a 30 min cardio workout?
Lea Helen Alieva (1 year ago)
Thank you so much!! very helpfule!
Your Nutrition Cure (1 year ago)
Interval training is the best! I would do 45 sec very intense and than 45 seconds rest. I would keep doing this for 8 minutes -- than take a minute rest.I then would do that three times! Once you work up your endurance you can do 45 sec high intensity and just rest 20 sec:) Three to four minutes is just a little too high to push to the max! Hope that helps, good luck!! <3
Venkatesh S (1 year ago)
thnx fr video im also suffers with pcod pls tell wat u eat and wat is avoid,.
21mateuszek (1 year ago)
Albo coś mam z oczami albo focus się czasami gubi... Może by go tak na stałe ustawić na twarz?
Joanna Georges (1 year ago)
I'm so thankful I found your PCOS videos. I never knew there were solutions to living with PCOS. Seriously thank you so much for your videos and keep up the great work!❤
Your Nutrition Cure (1 year ago)
Joanna G Thank you so much!!! You're kind words just made my day:):) ❤️
MiuNya (1 year ago)
Hi, do you have help/tips for people who live far away from the gym/ can't afford it anyway and has no weights at home... should I invest in a dumbell set ? any weight lifting videos you use? my tummy fat is ridiculously stubborn I'm starting to look decent other places apart from my tummy and look so out of proportion. I eat pretty good 90% of the time. I'm very mindful of what I eat. I maitain very well but losing is next to impossible...
Jessie hamilton (1 year ago)
MiuNya blogilates is a good YouTuber for weight training and loosing weight and fat! She does beginners calendars and intense and gives you the workout calendars each month for free!
Your Nutrition Cure (1 year ago)
MiuNya I would invest in 5lb and 10lb dumbells to start. Lifting weights increases your metabolic rate so you're burning more calories even when you don't exercise! I would definitely try the dumbells and learn the weight lifting form through YouTube videos! Pick a YouTuber that you like most and stay consistent! You can do it!! ❤️🙆
Teade Mae (1 year ago)
You are such a god send. I was diagnosed with PCOS last year. I was on Metformin, but I really want to take a holistic approach. I was already overweight, but since PCOS, I've balloon to over 300 pounds. I am so desperate to get my body in control again. I'd be happy even if I lost 50 pounds, I'd feel more normal again. I do have a question, in a previous video I saw, I believe you said that someone with PCOS should be careful how intensely they exercise, meaning don't exercise 5 to 6 days a week. Then in this video you were saying that a person should try high intense interval training. I"m a little confuse. How intense and how often should someone with PCOS exercise?
TooBlessed 2BStressed (6 months ago)
Hi there...please don't feel badly...we're all here to help and encourage each other. Trust me that 50lbs will fly off and the scale will keep going down way past that. Please be encouraged and motivated!! 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️cheering you on
linda LinA (7 months ago)
Try Vitex, I was diagnosed with PCOS long time ago and was given metformin. I searched and searched and came through Vitex, it brought my ovulation and period back. I was regular again and I think it helped me lose weight because it’s an adaptogen. This is a miracle herb and I have so much trust in it, especially ladies who want to conceive its perfect for you. This will bring your ovulation back and not just a period. If you have any questions, you can ask me.
Your Nutrition Cure (1 year ago)
Teade Mae Hi girl! First of all, thank your for watching and sharing your story! I am sure with some trial and error you will find a way to shed your weight easily! In terms of exercise, high intensity training is working very hard to 60 sec (ex: running on treadmill as fast as you can) and then walking 30 sec. In my other video I mentioned exercising too much which would be not taking any rest days! 5-6 times a day is great and focusing on interval training will give you results even faster!! Keep me updated on your journey! ❤️
Lipstick on my Plate (1 year ago)
Your YouTube is exactly what I've been looking for. I was diagnosed with PCOS about a year ago and my weight is really starting to bother me. I think in the past few months I've put on about 20 pounds. I am doing everything I know I can go. My acne has been a huge issue too. Thank you for your videos.
Liset Perez (6 months ago)
I hate pcos... and stress is not helpful... I loved her video as well.
Your Nutrition Cure (1 year ago)
Lipstick on my Plate You don't even know how that warmed my heart! I'm truly passionate about nutrition and PCOS, that's the reason I went to school for nutrition. If you have any things you would like me to talk about, let me know!! I would love to clear things up for you:) I gained 20lbs in 3 months before! It's difficult but don't stress to much and really focus on one day at a time 💕
Lauren Holden (1 year ago)
A higher fat diet is amazing for my body when dealing with PCOS! Thanks for the vid, great info, can't wait for more! :)
Your Nutrition Cure (1 year ago)
Lauren Holden Thank you so much!! Healthy fats are amazing 😉
Katie Duggan (1 year ago)
Thank you for this video, I've struggled so much over the past year with PCOS and currently trying to live a happy and healthy life with it :)
Your Nutrition Cure (1 year ago)
Katie Duggan Thank you!!! 💚 I'm so glad you have adopted a healthy lifestyle! All the best for you 😊

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