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Ideal Penis Size For Women - Find Out The Perfect Size

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Ideal Penis Size For Women - Find Out The Perfect Size
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N S (15 hours ago)
Sory guys . But i speak with couple of girl and they say the normal penis to give good sadisfaction is around 16.5 / 18 CM . this size is not to big and not small . Small is Bettwen 0>15 CM . standart medium size is 15> 17 CM . Large is 17 < ,
Mark R. Hanson (1 month ago)
Jelking? I'm happy with mine that's just shy of 13." I've my own nutritional guide to keep myself big while it's limp. As it erects, it exceeds 13". Creates an issue in social situations when I'm near women. You'd think at age 66 it would've decreased. It's the opposite! When I walk in my Armani suit, it fits perfectly. While approaching a group of women they turn to stare.
Mega Deuce (2 months ago)
im slightly under average at 5.5 inches. hope bathmate and jelqing give me half inch to an inch length
Lizard (3 months ago)
Wow mine is literally like right at the average. Good thing I’m doing PE though to get a 9 by 6. But I’m doing it for me. It will increase my confidence and that’s invaluable.
Ged M (5 months ago)
I'm 20 years old guy and no sex experience yet
m f (6 days ago)
Ged M dont worry, many 25+ like me never get sex
John Cain (5 months ago)
I like reading this penis enlargement technique *4PenisEnlargement. Com* ! Each and every man is always worried about how big his manhood in both size and this book will give a man the natural methods to promote penile growth. The techniques in this guideline is healthy and effective.
Hancy Aarush (6 months ago)
Chris Randal (7 months ago)
that mental chat will get cray cray once you show her a big pickle. Size is not everything but trust me, size always helps :)
SakonTube (7 months ago)
my dick is 17cm long (6,7 inch) and 14,3cm girth (5,6 inch) I know my penis is above average , should i try jelqing to increase it just a bit ?
Sudipta Das (7 months ago)
Dik man.bt nice.
Fernand Polara (8 months ago)
1 inch in length. I will continue to buy, I will suggest everyone to try it. It deserves price. You order and sit back and watch its miracle on your performance and your size. I found Prolargent size in internet by reviews
Ron Burris (2 months ago)
Fernand Polara
John Tom (8 months ago)
my penis size is 13.5 cm in length or 5.3 inch 10.6 cm girth or 4.1 inch can I satisfy a girl? I am depress thinking about my penis size and fear having sex
Nyevero Matizanadzo (8 months ago)
lmina Scort
ray media (9 months ago)
it's true am big it's hard get anal
Giuseppina Massa (9 months ago)
*Ich konnte es vergrössern* es war 15 wurde 17,5 es hat dieser Artikel geholfen schauen Sie an https://t.co/yuJym8cthy#
JD Thomas (9 months ago)
Not credible video gentlemen, disregard.  For accurate information about penis size ...    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_penis_size
Vega Light (10 months ago)
i am 7.1 lengh and 5.5 girth i guess its bad :(
underwater (3 months ago)
Bad indeed. For a woman, anything less than 6" in circumference is like throwing a hot dog down a hallway. They'll only pretend to feel it. You're definitely below the dicklet cutoff point. You might as well cut it off and transition into a woman.
bababooey7576 (10 months ago)
not in the slightest
Julien Castle (10 months ago)
Boy if you know how to use it you gonna give pleasure to girls! It's about exciting them, it's in the head not just a mechanical thing.
Jamesint Willakers (1 year ago)
I'm on the weird side of YouTube again!!
Thrifty star (20 days ago)
Help me 😑
Rblx Aljj (10 months ago)
Jamesint Willakers XD
Kit Kat (1 year ago)
what about 5.9 inches girth thats 15 cm is it too much?
arizaliit (2 months ago)
The Keyboardslinger (11 months ago)
Depends on a girl. I'm 5'5 and I've been too big sometimes, too narrow some other time, perfect another time. Every woman is different. You're definitely too big for some, but on the other hand perfect for others, and considering you're well above average, you might be the first one to be big enough for some woman with a looser vagina. But don't forget that you have fingers and your tongue. Using just your penis would sooner or later become boring, no matter how good she'd feel at first.
Dax Brook (1 year ago)
Kit Kat Too much? Lmao no 😂
Kit Kat (1 year ago)
what about 5.9 inches girth thats 15 cm is it too much?
SeeF (7 months ago)
yea u have to cut it off now
Yashwant Kumar (1 year ago)
what is your full name dear?
Brand (1 year ago)
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Gulden Caliskan (3 months ago)
Der Mann ist süchtig auf penis
Hal Newsome (7 months ago)
Jimmy AlvaRenga
Jimmy AlvaRenga (1 year ago)
It is a good suggestion. I will check ….Prolargentsize website…..
0NeedHelp (1 year ago)
i don't care what woman ideal penis size... but but as a gay male, my ideal penis size for guys are 7-9in 5 around, 6 is tooo thick some times....
bababooey7576 (10 months ago)
mine's 7 when hard as a rock. Never had a complaint, always compliments and I had no idea it was a little longer than most..atleast most that i've seen. not super th ick...only seen one or two longer...maybe around 7..5...One of the most perfect cocks/balls I've ever seen was on a fit indian guy. 6 inches, good thickness, uncut and lovely balls that matched his perfect cock. smallest was on a fellow white dude...it pointed downwards (which i think is kinda cool), but it was thin and not long...if it had been thick and the same length, or longer and the same girth, It would have been better...wasnt ugly, just didnt do much for me....certainly better than some brutally tiny ones ive seen online
Jay Low (1 year ago)
i'd like to know you ex-girlfriend's ex-boyfriend, hahahaha, ...it's a joke:-)
Lone Wolf (1 year ago)
woman love slow and deep on the cirvex, gets there eyes crossing
malak tv (1 month ago)
Lone Wolf 😈😈
Mark R. Hanson (1 month ago)
Lone Wolf, my eyes criss-cross when I approach a small group of women who "dress to kill." It's intentional on their part, as most men already know this.
Luiz Vinícius Thomaz (5 months ago)
That is true? 😮
Vega Light (10 months ago)
man stop bitching around and work with what you get, sex is not everything in our lifes
Zachery Nicholas (1 year ago)
4.2 inches here, also lackin' in the girth department. I can't reach the cervix and it's too skinny to "fill" her if I cannot even touch her vaginal wall--or when I do it's more like, I don't know, a brief brush with one side of her as the rest of my penis aches to feel her *all* of the sides of her inner-will against me...to no avail. And it can never change. I am permanently incapable of making a woman cum--not with penetration, anyway. Not gonna lie: I kinda hate men like you. I envy average-sized guys too. Like, a lot. They give my partner something I never can; but well-endowed alpha men like yourself can smell under-endowed betas like me from a mile away--and if a hung masculine type walk in a room and my girlfriend's with me, they instantly detect my passive nature and before I know my girlfriend's flirting and behaving in ways she doesn't with me; which is bullshit and frankly disrespectful--especially when you're twice the length AND the girth of guys like me. It's not fair. Last year my ex's manager, whose dick was rumored to be big and magical (he fucked my girlfriend's best friend's brains out, which she heard about constantly from then on) and it because the rumors are true he texted a dick pic to my girlfriend. He fucked her at some point. His roommates all confirmed it. The worst part is...this happened with my last FIVE exes, my high school sweetheart and now Genna, the love of my life. And I have learned not to ask about it--if I'm being cuckolded. One mention of suspicion and it's never the same. So I just take it. Again and again, over and over. Because the human genome gave me the middle finger--and, you, an advantage over me that's not only lucky but a form of brutality and ruthlessness we all accept because deep down everyone know the truth: Average-sized men sexually out-compete me. Above average-sized men "obsolete" me. They know it, my exes knew it, my girlfriend knows it, and now I do too...more than anyone. I'm being designed out of nature--out of existence. In the eyes of natural selection, that's how it should be...and if I am honest with myself...I agree.
Lone Wolf (1 year ago)
I'm 7 long, 5.50 mid, 6.25 base girth, I'm well above average.
Mega Man (13 days ago)
Proof xD
Mega Man (13 days ago)
Sure you are
Rad Roach (21 days ago)
Get cucked lol
Teo Stjärnfelt (1 month ago)
Im 14 and im as big as you😂
JAWES OIOAT (3 months ago)
Lone Wolf how sway?
Msjanythailnd Gg (1 year ago)
lol miss u add my line msjany29
Siva Krishnann (9 months ago)
Msjanythailnd Gg my whatsup number 8056746467
Siva Krishnann (9 months ago)
hiii dr
Ryan Flynn (1 year ago)
Average is between 5-6
Madison Finley (5 months ago)
Hi I. Love your sex
Ged M (6 months ago)
here in our country average penis size is 4.6" and I've got 5.1 but average may differ from their races and their body size
Adam Rioswrtuopb (10 months ago)
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