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Lithium battery of solar street light  production process
Lithium battery production process
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Testing the18650 lithium ion battery with my solar light
The 18650 3.7v lithium ion battery gives me an alternate power source for my solar light. I was using AA eneloop batteries before and I thought I would give this type of battery a try. The battery is about $2 a piece. You can buy it from a US supplier on ebay or overseas. It is essential you use a lithium ion charge controller with this type of battery. Do this at your own risk. Click here to subscribe to this channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=wtam69
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How does a Street Light work? Solar LED Street Light
Su-Kam’s Sun way is India’s best and most-innovative solar street lighting system. It has in-built lithium-ion battery and Battery Management System which makes the installation and maintenance very easy. It is especially crafted to give 30-50% more brightness as compared to other outdoor lighting systems and functions even during cloudy days. Do you want to know more about… solar street light/Su-kam Sunway GSM … watch this interesting video next- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EIaDyaN8sM? To watch more videos on inverters, batteries, solar power and upcoming technologies subscribe to Su-Kam's YouTube channel- https://www.youtube.com/user/SukamIndia Check out our solar website to know interesting facts about solar inverter/batteries- http://sukam-solar.com/ To buy this product link on this link- http://sukam-solar.com/sukam-solar-street-lighting-sunway/#buynow To download brochure of this product click here- http://sukam-solar.com/wp-content/uploads/Street-Light-GSM-1.pdf To know more about other products, visit & follow on: Follow us on LinkedIn- https://goo.gl/joPsyW Follow us on Youtube- https://goo.gl/1caovw Follow us on our Twitter Solar page- https://goo.gl/ncP5We Follow us on our Facebook Page- https://goo.gl/SH8c11 Follow us on Instagram and check out interesting pictures of solar panels/inverters/batteries - https://goo.gl/GwbJ5p Check out our international solar projects 1MW and much more- http://sukam-solar.com/solar-projects/ Sukam-Solar: https://goo.gl/MroXSd Sukam: https://goo.gl/XApnCh Sukam Blog: https://goo.gl/3NE87A Contact us Form : https://goo.gl/purPjk Contact Dealer: https://goo.gl/tyxtvn Please comment below with all your queries we would reply back within 24 hours. • Category o Science & Technology • License JPB - High [NCS Release] https://youtu.be/Tv6WImqSuxA SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/anis-jay Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jayprodbeatz Twitter https://twitter.com/gtaanis Instagram http://instagram.com/gtaanis ––– Main Playlists: • Artists: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCht8... • Genres: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCht8... • Moods: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCht8... ––– Top 10 Playlists: • Happy Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2HzE... • Silent Partner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTwn6... • Bright Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzO4z... • Pop Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wlbB... • Inspirational Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8iyp... • Dance & Electronic Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixy_f... • Cinematic Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NstTz... • Top 10: Best Happy Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HjQ2... • Top 10: Best Bright Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzO4z... • Rock Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzO4z... ––– Follow us: • Facebook https://goo.gl/OnhrRO • Twitter https://twitter.com/YTAudioLibrary • Google + https://www.google.com/+YouTubeAudioL Feel free to comment below with all your queries we would reply back within 24 hours.
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Battery charge hack for solar light
Charging my solar security light with an 18650 AC battery charger after leaving the solar panel to get too dirty to work properly. The Evo Solar Security light from The Solar Centre has been working extremely well for around a year. But rainy season came and I got a bit lazy cleaning the panel. I noticed the light was barely lighting anymore and wanted to bring it inside for a full charge before putting it back out for solar charging. After opening the unit I saw what looks like an 18650 battery. Although I couldn't spot any charging regulator, it's possible that it's an extremely small circuit under the blue plastic wrapping. Since I already have an 18650 charger for my torch batteries, I figured it makes sense to use that to charge the solar light. After working out the polarity of the barrel jack connector, I used some crocodile clips to hook it all together. A quick and easy hack and a good reminder to keep your solar panels clean. SUPPORT ME: If you enjoyed this video, please remember to give a LIKE and click here to subscribe to my channel - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=philstuffs
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Solar Home Lighting System
Solar Home Lighting System with Solar Panel, LED Light, In Built Charge controller with Lithium Ion Battery and Mobile Charger.
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LTE 60 LED Solar Powered Security Flood Light Review
LTE 60 LED Solar Powered Security Flood Light Review Product Link: http://amzn.to/2r3cPyC LTE Waterproof Outdoor Solar Powered 60 LED Security Light, Dusk to Dawn Flood Light, 300 Lumen,120 Degree Beam Angle White Solar Lamp for Wall, Patio, Garden, Landscape, Shed, Lawn Specifications: LED Source:60pcs LED Lumen:300 LM Waterproof : IP65 Beam angle:120 degree Solar panel: 4W/6V. Photoelectric conversion efficiency:17% Lithium-ion battery: 4000 mAh. Cycles charging 500 times Working Temperature:-30℃ ~ 45℃ Energy Saving No electricity cost, Recharged by solar panel under sunlight. Easy to install Equipped with 16.4ft length cables between solar panel and the lamp. You only need to connect the cable, adjust the angle you like ,place solar panel under sunlight. Wide application. Smart and sensitive detector Auto-induction. This light will automatically turn on in darkness at night and turn off in bright area at day time. The lamp can continuously be lit up to 8-10H (fully charged) http://twitter.com/AwkwardHamster https://www.facebook.com/AwkwardHamster https://plus.google.com/+AwkwardHamster/
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Do it yourself Solar Night Light using TP4056 Board
I used TP4056 lithium ion battery charging board on this Solar Night Lamp project with Auto On/Off. There are two types of TP4056 board, one with battery protection, the other doesn't have. I used the board with battery protection. I hacked the TP4056 board in such a way that the built in protection circuit becomes auto on/off switch by putting jumper wire on Pin 5 of 8205 MOSFET to the blocking diode towards negative output of the solar panel. So when there is sunlight received by Solar panel, pin5 of 8205 mosfet is negative which turning the LED light Off. When there is no sunlight being received by solar panel, the pin5 will be pulled up to postive voltage by the internal resistance of the board itself, turning the 8205 MOSFET on and the LED light on. I used 6V/3.5W (0.54Amps) solar panel, 3 pcs 1W LED with 5Ohms/2W in series limiting the current to 0.20Amps total. This is enough that the light lasts overnight. Doubling the battery is preferred as the LED light will consumed around 2.4Ah of capacity of the battery. Solar panel will harvest energy around 2.9Ah assuming of 5 hours full sunlight exposure of the solar panel. PS: In case that auto on/off function did not work, add a 1N4001 (1Amp/50V) diode in series with the solar panel to the input of TP4056 board. You can connect either on the negative or positive side of the solar panel. Happy DIY
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💥 I LOVE❤ THESE LIGHTS! https://amzn.to/2NjHsIi 👀 ADSION SOLAR TORCH LIGHTS! THEY LOOK LIGHT FLICKERING CANDLE/TORCHES! NO WIRING LANDSCAPE LIGHTS. 👉SEE OTHER OUTDOOR LIGHTS👈 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLm46WBJXV_8W93pfK8p3QdOHcNcz3zxr3 TORCH LIGHT SOLAR FLICKERING FLAME - ESPIER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fB4PrbKXp4 SOLAR ICE CUBE PATH LIGHTS BY4OUTDOORS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKC4w1ea6Dk&t=5s SOLAR MOTION SENSOR W/REMOTE BY ADSION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3HGGOPxbH0&t=2s AGLAIA COLOR CHANGING SOLAR LIGHTS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wML07DuGY6A&t=2s We offer the best YouTube Reviews featuring the best products on the market: hot internet finds, instagram sensations, As Seen on TV products and Shark Tank products! 👉FOLLOW THIS CHANNEL👈 SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuHDo8M8AAPTnA40WuWaX0w FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/YouTubeReviews2/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/YouTubeReviewsV Solar Lights Outdoor, ADSION Landscape Lighting Waterproof Flickering Dancing Flames Torch Lights, 96 LED Tiki Torches for Outdoor Decorations Garden Patio Backyard Pathway(2 Pack) Royalty-Free Music Kevin MacLeod "Luminous Rain" "Ranz de Vaches" "Lighter Thought Var. 3" Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Realistic Flame Tiki Torch: These stylish solar tiki torches have realistic flames due to special light bulbs. The landscape lighting is made of ABS ( thermoplastic polymer material) that is strong, durable, and offers good resistance to heat and chemicals. 2 Optional Ground Spike: The landscape outdoor lights come with 2 optional ground spike for garden or decks, if preferred. Besides, the landscape lighting come with 6 screws for installation. Solar Powered & Waterproof: The top of each flame torch light has a solar panel that will power the torch for 6-8 hours. To keep them working well, simply wipe off any dust or dirt from time to time. Each torch is also waterproof and can be left in the rain without worry. Outdoor Decorations: The outdoor solar lights add a fun aspect to any outdoor party. They are also a romantic choice as a permanent fixture in your patio or yard. Easy Installation: To install the solar lights outdoor pathway, simply grasp the sharp stake and press it into the ground. If working with hard ground, a hammer may be carefully used. Description: Bright and very realistic flame tiki torch and it is solar! The "dancing flame" or flickering LED path lights use high-efficiency solar panels, which can provide energy to the torch lights for shining overnight. The realistic flame can automatically lighted in the night. The flame is incredibly realistic and its portrayal seems improbably faithful as to resembling what a real torch flames performance is really like. You deserve every romantic night! Specification: Item Brand: ADSION Material: ABS+PC Size: 33.2*4.9*4.9 inches Li-ion Battery: 3.7V 2200mAh Charging Time: 8-10 hours LED: 96LEDS Waterproof Rating: IP65 Question: Can you replace the rechargeable battery when it no longer works? Answer: Yes, you can replace it. The built-in battery is 18650 lithium ion rechargeable battery. Package Contents: 2*LED Solar Torch Light 2*Plastic Ground Spike 2* Extension Rod 2*Stent 6*Screws 1*User Manual We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.
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DIY Solar Night Lamp / Mini Solar Street Light using TP4056 board
Another circuit of do it yourself Solar Night Lamp with TP4056 board with Protection Output. I bypassed the TP4056 IC and leaving the DW01 IC for Overcharged and Low Voltage Protection functions. Solar charging current has improved while batteries are still protected. External components transistor, diode and resistor act as auto on/off function. LED will turn on when there is no sunlight received by Solar Panel. I used 3.5W/6V Solar Panel that gives around 0.55 Amps of charging current. 3 pieces of 1W LEDs consumed around 220mA (current controlled by bias resistor connected on the base of NPN transistor). They last overnight with 2 pieces of 18650 lithium ion rechargeable batteries. Note: remove the 2.2k ohms resistor if the transistor is so hot. Solar panel has already an internal resistance that will turn on the transistor.
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High lumen Solar Motion Sensor Security Light:SL-1140
www.Evensolar.com Can we save our environment with a limited daily efforts and almost zero cost? Definitely yes. SL-1140 solar security light with motion sensor is offering a very simple solution. This light has a 40 super bright hi-lux LEDs that give 320 lumen light output. Its 2.4W detachable solar panel can be placed on wall, on roof and any position with different angles for maximum solar charging. Its charge efficiency is guaranteed by this detachable mode of panel to be 100% while those fixed immobile solar panel may lose 80% charge if the panel does not face the sun directly. Its Li-Ion battery supplied by Kayo Corp of Japan can be used for 3 years without too much loss of performance. All these advantages are ensuring this light to work 365 days a year, rainy or sunny.
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SMADZ SL21A 4 in 1 LED Lamp Kits - Solar Lamp x 12 LEDs Camping / Emergency Light
Amazon Order SMADZ SL21A 4 in 1 LED Lamp Kit Link: http://amzn.to/2eyFUh5 Order other LED lamp kits solar here on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2gic1QE Check out Robert’s new Amazon influencer page to see what other products he recommends: https://www.amazon.com/shop/jeffgrave A gift from Robert - get $15 off your first groceries Boxed order of $60 or more using this special link: https://www.boxed.com/invite/DJN3G SMADZ SL21A 4 in 1 LED Lamp Kits - Solar Lamp x 12 LEDs / Water Powered Lamp x 18 LEDs -Dimmable Function with an infrared remote control-Solar Barn / Camping / Emergency Light Sold by SZSMARTWIN AN INDEPENDENT MOVABLE LIGHTING SYSTEM with built-in high capacity and durable rechargeable battery, after recharged, one lamp by solar panel, the other lamp by water, both lamps can be taken anywhere. Can be used for home lighting, camping lighting and emergency use when there is no AC power at home or in the office. 12 LED Lamp Function KEYS: DC is an emergency function, OFF function is turned off, AC is used as an ordinary lamp. Solar Bulb socket: 6V DC socket for the solar panel, 5V DC jack for the USB cable. It can adjust three kinds of different brightness levels with the remote controller within 5-8m. Charge CONVENIENT DESIGN: Hook bulbs can be hung using, such as hands free while your work. your mobile phone at emergency condition. SOLAR PANEL: 6V 2W Monocrystalline solar panel with 9ft cable / Internal Battery: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 3.7V, 2000MAH / LED Beads: 12 pieces 0.06W LED beads / Fully Recharged Time: About 6-10 hours / Lighting Time: 9-20 hours. 18 LED Water Lamp With 450 LUMENS EQUIVALENT.: it turns on by touch or contact by hand, water, or hanging socket after the inserted Li-battery has been recharged by a lamp socket. E27 lamp holder can then use lamps with E27 base. LED light source, low power consumption, high brightness, with the opening of light perception, can guarantee the lift of the light source. Transparent plastic shade, clear, transparent, high transmittance.
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Rugged Solar Charger 10000mAh Portable Power Bank Battery with LED flashlight and compass by Absone
Get it here... http://geni.us/bifwNrY Protect your trip with travel insurance here... http://www.tkqlhce.com/click-8839272-13236396 Book a tour of New York here... http://www.kqzyfj.com/click-8839272-13156520 Absone Solar Charger, Solar Power Bank 10000mAh External Backup Battery Pack Dual USB Solar Panel Charger with 2LED Light Carabiner Compass Portable for Emergency Outdoor Camping Travel-Orange 1. Outdoor solar charger: water-resistant shock-resistant and dust proof solar phone charger, equipped with compass and 2LED flashlight. Perfect for outside activity as camping travel hiking constructions and many other emergency use. 2. Dual USB covered by the side: universal 5V/1A and 5V/2.1A outputs are available for most digital devices; 2.1A port for iPad/Tablets, 1A ports for phone/Bluetooth or other 5V USB supported devices. Automatic Smart Identification, more convenient and practical. 3. Superior portable design: made of durable and reliable material ABS+PC+Silicone, power bank come with hanger and compass, easily hang on bagpack and hands free on the go, never worry about losing your way. 4. Powerful LED light: 2led lights can be used as flashlight with Steady-SOS-Strobe mode. Five pilot indicators show the status of battery charger timely. Green light on when charging by solar, blue light on when USB charging. 5. External battery charger with solar panel can recharge by solar or outlet. But please do not take solar as main power source as it mainly for topping off. It's subject to sunlight intensity and panel conversion rate, which may take long time to charge. About compass: Please put the compass flat on the floor for the accuracy, any tilt would affect its direction. About the flashlight ,Please kindly follow our steps to use SOS and strobe mode. 1. Long press the side button, two LED light will lit on. 2. Continue to shortly press the side button, it will enter into SOS mode. More once, it will enter into flashing or storbe.Next short press will turn off the charger. Advantages 1. External battery pack for iPhone Smartphone HTC Nexus Gopro Camera GPS and Tablets. 2. Equipped with single crystal silicone solar panel, where there is light, there is power. 3. Portable light weight durable reliable high quality Lithium-ion battery. 4. Water resistant dust proof and shock proof, ideal for outside use. 5. Dual super bright LED light with 3 mode for emergency. 6. Compass and hook as gift, get your way on the moving. 7. 100% customer service satisfaction and product warranty. Specification Battery type: Li-polymer battery Solar panel: single crystal 1.5W Material: ABS+PC+Silicone Input:DC 5V/1.0A Output: DC 5V/1A DC 5V/2.1A Packaging list: 1*Solar power bank 1*Hanger 1*USB charging cable 1* Manual Kind note: 1. In order to fully activate the battery, please charge it via outlet or computer for 10 hours at least at the first 2-3 uses. 2. The energy transformation from solar to electricity is rather slow and the solar charging speed is subject to sunlight intensity and panel conversion rate. it could take 8-21 days for a full 0-100% charge.In daily life, we highly recommend charge it via wall outlet. 3. Fully charging by outlet takes approximately 10 hours. Do not charge it all day nor over voltage. 4. For safety, DO NOT leave the power bank charging in car in case of high temperature and avoid crashing. Do not make charge while charging itself.
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Solar Out Side Light With Lithium Ion Battery  Said To Be 6 Hour Run Time
Nice led pole light. One day full sun = 6 hours run time. Thank You for watching. SUBSCRIBE If you would.
MicroSolar - Super Bright !!! - Lithium Battery - 180 LED IP65 Solar Floodlight
MicroSolar - Super Bright !!! - Lithium Battery - 180 LED IP65 Solar Floodlight.Find complete and helpful reviews, click here : http://amzn.to/2gTJjHb link to this video : https://youtu.be/oItzKczn23w MicroSolar - Super Bright !!! - Lithium Battery - 180 LED IP65 Solar Floodlight
18650 Solar Shed Light
Part list: Solar Cell - As an upgrade: Next time i would buy the 18v one and use a MPPT dc-dc charger. http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Solar-Panel-12V-3W-High-Efficiency-Mini-Solar-Panel-Module-solar-charger-for-Phone-2015-Hot/32460665760.html?spm=2114.13010608.0.92.54kPFG PIR 12v-24v http://www.aliexpress.com/item/J34-Free-Shipping-DC-12V-24V-Body-Infrared-PIR-Motion-Sensor-Switch-For-LED-Light-Strip/32398027838.html?spm=2114.13010608.0.76.k7ziAR LED 5m 12v - White + 5050 5M IP20 http://www.aliexpress.com/item/DC12V-RGB-LED-Strip-Light-SMD5050-5630-3528-3014-2835-Fita-Led-string-Ribbon-tape-Bar/32437648526.html?spm=2114.13010608.0.84.k7ziAR BMS 3s 18650 http://www.aliexpress.com/item/30W-Professional-Welding-Tip-Soldering-Solder-Iron-ElectricTemperature-Gun-Heating-Pencil-Electric-Tool/32275826078.html?spm=2114.13010608.0.92.k7ziAR
Battery Replacement Solar Post Light
This is an inexpensive battery replacement, and how to do it yourself. buy replacement battery here;http://amzn.to/2ttOvsT
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DIY Solar Garden Light Hack - Solar Battery Charger
Make a solar battery charger using some dollar store path lights. Using 4 cheap dollar store garden lights you can make a very good solar AA or AAA battery charger for one or two batteries. This is a simple solar garden light hack which gives you a decent solar charger worth about $20 if you were to buy it retail. http://www.thedoityourselfworld.com/articles/article.php?id=11504
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Lead Acid Vs. Lithium for Mobile Solar Systems
Need help building a vehicle mounted or mobile solar system? Check out this website: http://www.mobile-solarpower.com/ To learn more about the benefits of lithium vs. lead acid, check out these pages: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/lead-acid-vs-lithium-ion-batteries-robert-bean https://www.powertechsystems.eu/home/tech-corner/lithium-ion-vs-lead-acid-battery/ https://greenlifebattery.com/content/9-lithium-ion-vs-lead-acid-batteries ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out my "ultimate vehicle dwelling" website: http://www.vehicledwelling.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These videos are for fun. What I do for a living is write health books on physical therapy and nutrition (and general health). My latest health book: http://amzn.to/2a0tFbz If you are interested in seeing other books that I have created, check out my author bio, on amazon.com, by clicking here: http://amzn.to/2kJTSL5 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want solar for your RV or van? Check out this page: http://www.vehicledwelling.com/solar-systems.html Micro and Lightweight Solar Systems for travelers: http://www.vehicledwelling.com/light-weight-solar-systems.html Want my awesome solar powered unicycle? Go here: http://www.vehicledwelling.com/electric-unicycles.html Vehicle Friendly Solar Powered Computers: http://www.vehicledwelling.com/rv-friendly-computers.html LED Lights: http://www.vehicledwelling.com/lighting.html Vehicle Security Products: http://www.vehicledwelling.com/security.html Van and RV Refrigerators: http://www.vehicledwelling.com/rv-refrigerators.html Kitchen Tools: http://www.vehicledwelling.com/kitchen-tools.html Useful RV and Van Gadgets: http://www.vehicledwelling.com/useful-gadgets.html Mattress Pads: http://www.vehicledwelling.com/sleeping-pads.html Vehicle Dwelling Construction Tools: http://www.vehicledwelling.com/helpful-construction-tools.html Important documents to show to the police if you are a van dweller: http://www.vehicledwelling.com/important-documents.html --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My camera: http://amzn.to/2khYbR8 Thanks for watching! :) If you have any video ideas, let me know in the comment section.
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How to power your TV using 18650 Li-Ion batteries in 12v offgrid solar setup
Approx 100Ah+ (DIY) 18650 Li-Ion battery array made off old ebike batteries and laptop batteries - charged by small solar system 200w - Slow charge but deep capacity that is enough to store energy for the night. Enough to power a 50inch LED TV + TV Box for the whole day. The video was shot in the evening when there is no direct sunlight falling on the panels , but with direct light the charging current is 6-7Amps. (1.5A in the video...on the left) RECOMMENDED ! Buy solar charge controller: Solar power kits (AliExpress): http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/n2RZZvb MPPT Charge Controllers http://www.100w-solar-panels.com/shopcategory/charge-controllers/ Inverters: http://www.100w-solar-panels.com/shopcategory/inverters-off-grid/ Recommended Shop: http://www.100w-solar-panels.com/
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LTE Solar Powered Motion Sensor Outdoor LED Flood Light Review
LTE Solar Powered Motion Sensor Outdoor LED Flood Light Review Product Link: http://amzn.to/2r3shL4 Security Light, LTE 60 LED Solar Motion Sensor Light, 6000K, IP65, 300 lumen, Waterproof, Solar PIR Lights, Outdoor LED Wall Lights, Solar Rechargeable Flood light Specification LED quantity: 60LED. 300 lumen. Beam angle:120 degree Lithium-ion battery: 2000 mAh. Cycles charging 500 times Solar panel: 2W/6V, Photoelectric conversion efficiency:17% Continuously light up to 280 minutes when fully charged. Working Temperature:-30℃ ~ 45℃ Single Time: range from 10-180 seconds Detection distance: 8 - 15m(50 feet) Detection range: 180° twistable up and down, left and right Equipped with 16.4ft length cables between solar panel and the lamp ON/AUTO/OFF switch mode: "ON" mode, the lights will steady on. "OFF" mode, the lights will be turned off. "AUTO" mode, which is motion sensor mode. The lights will be automatically turned on when motion is detected. It will be automatically turned off when motion is not detected. http://twitter.com/AwkwardHamster https://www.facebook.com/AwkwardHamster https://plus.google.com/+AwkwardHamster/
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Lithium Iron Phosphate Rechargeable Battery For Ultra Bright Solar Lights
You can find this product at DecksDirect.com: http://www.decksdirect.com/lithium-iron-phosphate-rechargeable-battery-for-ultra-bright-solar-lights-1400ma.html In the rare case that a replacement battery is needed for a Ultra Bright solar post cap light, get it here! Available individually in 1,400 mA capacity.
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How to replace Lithium Battery in All in one Solar Street Light?
For more information please visit our website http://www.solarlightsmanufacturer.com/ or send us an email at export@chinasunmaster.com
Do it yourself Solar Street Light
Solar street light using 18650 lithium ion batteries from laptop battery packs with BMS protection board that protects batteries from overcharged and overdischarged. Using 10W solar panel and a 1.5W 12V LED bulbs lasts 2 overnights on a full single charge. Lighter than the previous 7AH Lead Acid batteries and last longer. An air gap between the solar panel and plastic enclosure to prevent the batteries from direct heat of the solar panel when exposed to sunlight.
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HELIO Emergency Solar Light & Power Bank | 5200mAH Li-Ion Battery
HELIO: Solar Light & Powerbank for Adventures & Emergencies. You get a great Adventure & Emergency light, and Makers4Good uses ALL profits to send light and power to people in need. For the more info on our referral site https://goo.gl/Gkzanb - Get more gadget and tech reviews at http://www.reviewrounder.com - Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/reviewrounder Twitter: https://twitter.com/reviewrounder Google+ : https://plus.google.com/+reviewrounder
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A simple AAA powered light, HACKED with old Lithium-ion cell phone battery! - SOLAR charges too!!
First off, THANK YOU BOB!!! Bob sent me the charge controller for this project. Works better then the charge controllers i had! Hacked this simple light to use an old Lithium-ion cell phone battery from a time before smart phones and it works great and lasts many hours! In the video i started with a fully finished device and then took it apart to show how I built it. I have included the Lithium-ion charge controller to Li-ion battery and device wiring diagram for your viewing pleasure... I tried to record the whole process but I ran into so many issues that the video took up all the memory on my phone and it was not even done yet. I took the device outside with a solar panel to show it charge from the sun as well. I hope you enjoy the video.
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Easily charge an 18650 Li-ion battery directly with a 5V Solar panel
Fast and easy way to charge a single (1S) Li-ion battery pack with a 5V Solar panel. The living proof is at 7:55 showing this light I made over 2 years ago and it's still on it's original 18650 I put in back then. That also means this LG 18650 cell has been through almost 1,000 cycles (365 days x 2.3) and still going strong. See how dusty it is now with spider webs and dead bugs on it! Here's the link to the video I made in March-2016: https://youtu.be/yhx27VfmNDo
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DIY Portable Solar Generator - (515Wh Lithium 3S 12P 18650's)
This is my DIY solar powered generator. It is comprised of a custom made lithium Ion battery pack. The pack utilizes 36 brand new NCR18650B cells which are connected in a 3S 12P configuration for a total of 40.8 amp hours at 12.6v when fully charged, which comes out to a total of 515 watt hours. See below for a full parts list of what was used in this build along with prices in Canadian dollars: 1 x Small Gear Box (Flambeau Cases) - $6.95 CAD https://www.flambeaucases.com/small-gear-box-black.aspx 36 x NCR18650B batteries - Bought in several batches averaging approximately $5.00 each cell. Pricing changes often, search Aliexpress for best deal 1 x 3S 50A BMS (Battery Management System) - $14.82 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/3S-50A-BMS-Protection-PCB-Board-For-Li-ion-Lithium-18650-Battery-Pack-W-Balance/32810557083.html 1 x 150w 12v DC to 110v AC inverter - $23.99 https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B06ZYHQ2BJ 1 x 30A inline 12v breaker - $5.95 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/30A-Car-Audio-Inline-Circuit-Breaker-Fuse-Holder-12v-24v-System-Protection-Black/32796258113.html 1 x 10A PWM Solar Charge Controller for Lithium Batteries - $24.97 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Lithium-Battery-10A12V-24V-LED-solar-charge-controller-solar-charge-regulator-timer-and-light-control-IP68/32714720651.html 1 x 10A LTC3780 Buck Boost 1v - 30v DC to DC converter - $13.11 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-Shipping-LTC3780-DC-5-32V-to-1V-30V-10A-Automatic-Step-Up-Down-Regulator-Charging/32705657596.html 1 x OLED Electrical Parameter Tester 33V 10A - $8.48 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/100v-10A-7in1-OLED-Multifunction-Tester-Voltage-current-Time-temperature-capacity-voltmeter-Ammeter-electrical-meter-white/32570250500.html 5 x 19mm 12v Blue LED latching switches - $2.33 x 5 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/19mm-12V-LED-ON-OFF-Black-Waterproof-Self-locking-Latch-Push-Button-Flate-Switch/32777842189.html 28pcs Universal adapter jacks - $3.64 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Universal-28pcs-5-5x2-1mm-Multi-type-Male-Jack-for-DC-Plugs-for-AC-Power-Adapter/32630635763.html 5 x 5.5mm x 2.1mm DC power jack - $3.04 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/5PCS-LOT-DC099-5-5-2-1-5-5-x-2-1mm-Metal-socket-DC-high/32731810682.html 1 x OptiMATE Cable O-40, Weatherproof SAE socket, panel mount - $12.51 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N57XLNS/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 10 x Waterproof caps for 5.5mm x 2.1mm power jack - $1.65 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/10PCS-LOT-DC-power-Waterproof-Cap-For-DC-022B-Jack-All-copper-Material-Charging-Socket-Connector/32732747112.html 1 x 12v waterproof Car cigarette lighter plug power port - $2.19 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Car-Accesories-Waterproof-Heat-Resisting-Plastic-Power-Socket-DC-12V-24V-Motorcycle-Car-Cigarette-Lighter-Plug/32598363931.html 1 x Waterproof US style 3 prong 110V AC Socket - $5.48 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/IEC-320-C14-United-states-3-prong-plug-Waterproof-AC-POWER-plug-AC-socket-Removable-US/32815851286.html 4 x 12v 30A Heavy Duty Blue LED rocker switch - $4.02 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4Pcs-Lot-12V-30Amp-30A-3Pin-LED-OFF-ON-Rocker-Switch-Heavy-Duty-Car-LED-Illuminated/32807929315.html 1 Meter Red & 1 Meter Black 16AWG , 12AWG and 10AWG High temp flexible silicone wire - $4.46 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1meter-Red-1meter-Black-Silicon-Wire-12AWG-14AWG-16AWG-22AWG-24AWG-Heatproof-Soft-Silicone-Silica-Gel/32706999352.html 7 Feet 150mm Black Heatshrink for Battery pack - $7.83 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/7ft-150mm-Black-Heat-Shrink-Tube-for-Battery-Batteries-Pack-Building/32708201727.html 5 x XT60 Connector pairs - $5.19 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/5pair-lot-AMASS-Ai-Maisi-upgraded-version-with-a-jacket-XT60-plug-the-new-high-current/32717859357.html 100pcs - 18650 Battery holder 3P/3S - $19 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Li-ion-18650-battery-3P-holder-cylindrical-batteries-plastic-case-18650-lithium-ion-cell-holder/32716866919.html 2 x waterproof dual USB charge port with Blue LED lighting - $5.23 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Waterproof-Dual-Usb-Port-Car-Charger-Adapter-Dust-Proof-5V-2-1A-1A-Universal-Car-Charger/32782085664.html 1 x TK15 DC 8v - 80v 50A Battery Coulometer Precision Battery meter with digital backlit display - $28.23 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/50A-New-TK15-Professional-Precision-Battery-Tester-for-LiFePO-Coulomb-Counter-Free-Shipping-with-Tracking-Number/32702066121.html 1 x 12.6v 10A lithium Ion Smart Charger - $37.57 (Optional) https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Smart-charger-12-6V-10A-Charger-128W-12-6v-with-fan-for-3S-11-1V-12V/32842832554.html 1 x 65W folding Solar Panel - $147.20 (Optional) https://www.aliexpress.com/item/GBtiger-65W-USB-and-DC-Output-Solar-Panel-Foldable-Sunpower-Solar-Charger-Waterproof-Foldable-Emergency-Bag/32815321895.html
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Open Source MPPT solar Li-Ion LED light
More details about this video available at this link. http://www.circuitvalley.com/2016/10/solar-led-light-li-ion-mppt-battery-status-msp430.html
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OUTDOOR Lighting | Power Provided by The SUN | ViVii Solar Lights
Created by: twHomeShow.com VIEW MORE of My Channel HERE: https://goo.gl/qCigfe ____________________________________________ BUY THE PRODUCTS IN THIS VIDEO $30 -ViVii 30 LED SOLAR LIGHTS-Super Bright-4PACK: http://amzn.to/2Fp4DwG $16 -Plastic Copper 6 X 6 Outdoor 5 LED 78 Lumens Solar Post Cap Light: http://amzn.to/2FohiQF ____________________________________________ In this video I describe the new product I purchased and show the quick and easy installation by just 1 - screw! The ViVii Solar Lights contain 30 super bright LED's and a Lithium-Ion/replaceable battery. These are great for lighting pathways, outdoor seating areas, shed, doggie areas, and docks. Also good for lighting driveways, entry, and patio. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! I'd love to have you join my community.
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Solar lighting rig with Li-Ion battery
It has like 2 or 4 LED lights that come with it. Made to look like screw in bulbs. that's one of them beside the solar panel.
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Lithium battery Pack for solar lighting
12V 11.1V etc
Solar Street Lights in Quezon City
Did you know Quezon City Local Government have started pilot installations of solar powered street lights? Aside from the potential long term savings, the ability to stay lit even when the grid goes down is a huge bonus. It makes installing new lights extremely easy because all you need is a pole. There's no need to run electrical wires to the lights because they have a built in battery and solar panel. They're extremely power efficient since they're using LEDs. In this video I showed two different types of solar lights. The first one has a 20W solar panel, an array of LEDs and a 192Wh lithium-ion battery. The second has a 10W solar panel, a lower-power array of LEDs and what I suspect is a lead-acid battery. SUPPORT ME: If you enjoyed this video, please remember to give a LIKE and click here to subscribe to my channel - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=philstuffs
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Video LED Light DIY 18650 Battery Hack  (2018)
Light - http://j35.us/Viltrox-VL200 Batt Holder http://j35.us/4bay-18650-holder Cells - http://j35.us/LGABB41865-2600mAh ******************************************************************************** FAQ: 1) Where can learn more about batteries? http://j35.us/DIYlithiumBatteryBook 2) Where can I buy Lithium Batteries http://j35.us/LithiumBatteriesDEC 3) Where Can I buy Solar Panels? Flexible - http://j35.us/136wFlexSolarPanl Glass - http://j35.us/100w-100-solar DIY - http://j35.us/DIY-Solar-cells 4) Where can I buy a Battery Management System? http://j35.us/Batrium 5) What motor does your VW bus use? http://j35.us/HPEVS-AC51-Motor 6) How do you charge your batteries? http://j35.us/Elcon-5Kw-Charger ******************************************************************************** Disclosure: When you click on links to various merchants on this Videos and make a purchase, this can result in the earning of a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, eBay Partner Network, and Amazon.. ******************************************************************************** My video gear - https://kit.com/jehu/vlogging-essentials ******************************************************************************** Follow me on Instagram http://j35.us/insta-jag35 Follow me on Twitter http://j35.us/twitter-jag35 Follow me on Facebook http://j35.us/Facebook-JehuGarcia ******************************************************************************** If you would like support my Projects Buy some of My Merch http://j35.us/Jehus-MERCH-Store you can donate: http://j35.us/helpwithcash Donate BitCoin - 1PjhLF2vPueywwaoUMetZCLbC6rQiniyj7 or you can become our patron https://www.patreon.com/jehu ******************************************************************************** sponsors http://j35.us/jag35-2016 http://gabvwkey.com http://j35.us/indiespot-2016 http://evwest.com http://www.rode.com/products ********************************************************************************
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DIY Solar Night Lamp using TP5100 board
Another version of Solar Night Lamp / Street Light circuit with auto on/off function using TP5100 board. TP5100 is an efficient lithium ion battery charging board equipped with buck converter. When used with a 6V to 9V Solar Panel, it matches the voltage to the battery being charged, thus maximizing charging current compared when battery is using the TP4056 board predecessor.
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Large Solar Flood Light Review
Large Solar Flood Light http://www.topfrogenergy.com.au/product/large-solar-flood-light/ available now. This is the brightest and best looking solar flood light in the Top Frog range, easily capable of lighting up an entire backyard, billboard or remote carpark. The solar flood light features an on/off button to converse power but also has a handy sensor that switches the light on at sunset and off at sunrise. With a full day charge the quality lithium ion battery used in all of the premium Top Frog solar lights will run for approximately 10 to 12 hours. The light also has some other handy features including overcharge/discharge protection, 5 metres of cable to allow for prime positioning of the light and a quality 18v/10W solar PV panel. 120 superbright LEDs in cool white (IP56) are the LEDs that power the light, which have an impeccable lifespan. The kit itself weighs about 4 kilograms and is extremely easy to setup as solar lighting doesn't require an electrician to install them. If you want to know more about our solar flood lights then jump over to our website or ask a question via any of the social media profiles below. Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/111322310797062584301/+TopfrogenergyAu/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Top-Frog-Energy/1536262009925584
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1000428 LED's light Solar LED garden torch
Solar torch with flame effect Our new solar garden light with flame effect. This garden torch is equipped with a solar panel and Lithium Ion battery. Put the gardenlight on a sunny spot and the battery will be charged by use of the solar panel on the top of the product. The modern and elegant design, the warm orange glow and the realistic flame effect make for a wonderful moodlight. The spike on the bottom of the torch can be used to put it in garden soil. You can find our solar torch here: https://www.shada.nl/products/4534/solar-torch-flame-effect Solar tuinfakkel met vlammeneffect Onze nieuwe tuinfakkel met zonnepaneel en vlammeneffect. Deze fakkel is voorzien van een zonnepaneel en een Lithium Ion accu. Plaats de tuinfakkel op een zonnige plaats en de batterij zal gedurende de dag door het zonnepaneel aan de bovenkant worden opgeladen. Het moderne en elegante design, de warm oranje gloed en het realistische vlammeneffect maken dat dit een fantastisch sfeerverlichting voor in uw tuin is. De pen aan de onderzijde van het product kan gebruikt worden om het product in de grond te prikken. Je kan onze tuinfakkel hier vinden: https://www.shada.nl/nl/producten/4534/solar-tuinfakkel-met-vlammeneffect
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Outdoor Solar Motion Lights Built in 2200mah Rechargeable Lithium Battery Motion Sensor Review
Thank you for watching video! For more information, please find on: http://amzn.to/2snlBst
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Inside a USB and solar rechargeable camping light.
A newer variant on the solar charged camping light, with the added feature of a standard micro USB socket for charging the internal lithium cell with either the solar panel or a standard USB charger. Here's a general purpose (buy it now, cheapest first) eBay link. http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_sacat=0&LH_BIN=1&_nkw=130lm+LED+solar+lamp&_sop=15 The solar panel that comes with this device is terminated in a micros USB plug, so it has the potential to be plugged directly into a low quiescent current device to keep it topped up. If you enjoy these videos you can help support the channel with a dollar for coffee, cookies and random gadgets for disassembly at:- http://www.bigclive.com/coffee.htm
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Lithium cell capacity test on a solar charged lamp.
This started off as a test to see if the re-purposed lithium phone cell in a solar charged LED lamp did have built-in overcharge protection. It then evolved into a lithium cell capacity test with an improvised USB charge hack. By request, here's a link to the ebay listing for this lamp. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/351467607543
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Solar-Powered 3.7V Lithium Battery Charger
I soldered a 2x 3" 5.0V (make certain you use a 5.0V solar panel- on eBay/ Amazon) solar panel to a TP 4056 ( on eBay) lithium ion battery charging board. The output is soldered to a 18560 battery cradle (holder). No need for a diode- the motherboard will shut down at 4.2V which is considered a fully-charged cell. Good project for a young person interested in STEM or an adult at home. I have my students carry this project out in my 'intro. to fuels' lab course .
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LightHarvest Solars Lithium battery for our urban off-grid solar showroom in Portland.
Lightharvest Solar has officially entered the age of LITHIUM, and we're never going back. We just decommissioned our huge, trusty, 650 pound Lead Acid battery bank that powered our off-grid showroom, and replaced it with a lithium bank. Made with 4 CALB CA180FI, 3.2 Volt, 180 AH Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) cells http://www.lightharvestsolar.com/catalog/item/8735074/10310342.htm, Wired in series, it makes a "12 Volt" battery which weighs about 55 pounds. Absolutely incredible performance, particularly with regard to discharge rate (360 Amps for the CA180FI, which seems to be about 6 times better than AGM batteries. That's the magic with these, such a high discharge rate allows us to power bigger loads with a much smaller, lighter, battery, plus get a lifespan 4-5 times longer. The significance of this, with regard to off-grid power systems, cannot be understated. There are other enormous advntages, the biggest being that they are very light so if you are in a RV, you now can enjoy many of life's electrically powered pleasures that were impossible before, think microwave, coffee pot, toaster, hair dryer, hot plate, etc.. If you have the solar panels to recharge it, even air conditioning should be possible. This is going to be big, very big! -PLEASE NOTE THIS PACK DOES NOT HAVE A BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, DO NOT DO THIS! We are doing a test and monitoring the cells closely for an out of balance condition. ALWAYS USE A BMS.
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DIY: Home made Portable 12V Li-ion solar power system
Home made 12V Li-ion portable solar power system small enough to fit in a small back pack.
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Rechargeable Camping Lantern 6 LED With inbuilt Power bank
3 in one portable folding light has a USB charging port can charge with solar power or electricity neatly folds,6 led solar camping lamp outdoor lighting portable camp tent lamp rechargeable lantern solar rechargeable 6-led portable camping lantern outdoor light equipment with usb port waterproof led solar camping lights outdoor 4v/12w usb portable folding tent lamp emergency lights utilized the power of the sun, solar camping lantern lamp provides unique night time lighting. Suitable for border lighting or on your next camping trip, the solar camping lantern lamp is a versatile and environmentally friendly way to light up your evenings! Feature: unique stretch switch, pull up is switch-on, press down is switch-off, easy to use with two flexible handle for easy to hang and carry capable of standing up securely on a flat surface to serve as a candle solar panel: 5v 1000ma 1w super bright 6-led 300 lumens charging method: solar powered, rechargeable batteries included or ac adapter (220v) - included dimension: 87 x 87 x 130mm (approx.) Please charge the solar camping lantern lamp and your smartphone separately. (do not charge the solar camping lantern lamp and your smartphone at the same time) package contents: 1 x solar lantern lamp - rich gold color only (as in image) 1 x ac charging cable
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Ptronics All In One Solar Street Light English
All In One Solar street light is a new age and compact lighting solution integrating Solar panels, LED light, Lithium-ion battery and a PIR motion sensor.
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LED Light with Laptop Lithium Battery 18650 Rechargeable - How to make Emergency Light at home   DIY
This video will show you how to make a powerful Rechargeable LED Emergency Light at home out of old laptop lithium 18650 batteries. This is a very cheap LED light & can be easily made at home. You don’t need any special skills to assemble it. You can use it in different places. If you have any question about the project, feel free to write in comments and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!!! Categories: LED Light - USB LED Light - Emergency Light, Rechargeable LED Light Components used: - Two 3.7 Volts Lithium 18650 Batteries - On/Off Switch - Recharging Socket for Nokia (small pin) - 3 volts LED Plate - Diode IN4007 - 100 ohms Resister - LED Light (Charging Indicator) Video Title: LED Light with Laptop Lithium Battery 18650 Rechargeable - How to make Emergency Light at home - DIY Homemade Video Link: https://youtu.be/rV351iH8q_M Youtube Subscribe here: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCa6fqc9c8wdzjgg55Fe30w Facebook Link: http://www.facebook.com/scientificthemes/?ref=bookmarks Google Plus: http://plus.google.com/114591819226313316682 Please SUBSCRIBE our channel to see new videos in future! THANK YOU FOR WATCHING.
The Future is here! Li-ion solar controller to charge Li-ion batteries
In this video, I'll show you how to charge a 12V Li-ion battery using nothing but sunlight! This is a newer technology that allows you to use a solar charge controller to charge Li-ion batteries. We have been using these controller to charge Lead Acid batteries but time has changed!
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Solar Camping Light LED Rechargeable Hand Lamp Tent Light USB Port Charging for Mobile XIESHENG
E-mail: mhjiusheng@jscraft.cn Website: www.jscraft.cn Features: Fashion design,100% Brand New,high quality! LED solar lighting, outdoor camping tent lights, rechargeable with USB port, bright, scalable. Can be put put can be hung. Can be widely used in the outdoor camps, tents, night, hunting and other outdoor activities can also be placed in the home when the night light use, is a good tool for travel home. Specifications: Product Name: Multifunctional Solar Lantern retractable Material: ABS Size: Without stretching (H146 * W80mm) After stretch (H240 * W80mm) Power Specifications: Built-in rechargeable battery Switch Type: Button Charge: DC straight charger, power input 220V Product source: 6LED Sunshine time: 7-8 hours Product weight: about 272g Package includes: 1x Solar energy multifunction retractable lantern 1x DC straight charger
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